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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Asher Blythe
Race: Human // Age: 16 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Undecided // Occupation: rebel
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125 lbs
Face Claim
Kamui from Gintama
Appearance Extras
If he's acting on behalf of Apocrypha, Asher will often have his face covered in white bandages, with only his eyes and hair visible. [reference]
Four Kings: a demonic weapon that can be summoned in dire situations, it takes the form of silver-coloured hand claws. There are four blades on each hand, all of which are a foot long. They're secured to the user by chains that wind tightly around their forearms.

Barbatos gave Asher access to this weapon as an extra means of defense.

Animal Mimicry - Influenced by the demonic properties of Four kings along with Barbatos' will to see him reach his agreed upon lifespan, Asher's fighting style changes while wearing them. He seems to become more desperate, but unpredictable, brutal, and ingrained with hand-to-hand combat skills well beyond his years.
Memory Manipulation: This is Asher's innate magic that he himself isn't aware of. It's specific to his second personality. Basically, it makes himself and others unaware of this alter ego, even if they have encountered him before. When Asher's second personality comes out, those who've had past interactions with him will suddenly remember -but those memories will immediately fade when Asher comes back to his senses.

Demon contract: Barbatos,

Voice of All - Asher can understand what animals are saying, and they can understand him.

Enchantment Break - Glamours of magical persuasion (illusions, spells designed to hide something or someone, muffling, etc.) won't fully work on Asher. Novice mages will be discovered immediately -as if they hadn't done anything in the first place, while more skilled users will only set off the detection to a small extent. At the very least, he'll get the feeling that something is "off".

Order of Vertues - Once per day, Asher can gain the ability to see into the future by two seconds. This allows him to predict the movements of his opponent and possibly outfight them unless they are too fast/strong/etc. for it to matter. This ability currently lasts twenty seconds.

Bestial Strength - thanks to his contract, Asher has the strength of a demon. His punches can easily crush bone if he fails to pull them. He also heals twice as fast as normal humans.

Cost - In return for Barbatos power, Asher paid half of his remaining lifespan. Once he dies, Barbatos will possess his body and live out the remaining half as a human.

personality/fun facts
-on the surface, Asher comes across as friendly and social. He does take his goal seriously and attempts to do the Cross' job for them by protecting the populace. He's not all that experienced however, becoming overly sentimental and depressed when something bad happens/he fails/etc. Sometimes though, his actions are tinged by anger and spite towards his enemies. He fails to see the big picture (sins, cult, numerous other threats), and blames everything that is wrong with the world on the Cross' incompetence because he's seen it first-hand.

-he's an incurable cynic, having no problem with belittling those he doesn't like and making sarcastic remarks when he sees fit. The way Asher sees it, if he lets people know they're acting stupid, they'll learn from the experience.

-is unable to stand idly by when someone is being mistreated, Asher will go out of his way to help others even if it compromises his own safety. His conscience often hinders and gets him into trouble. Even with his attempts to conceal his identity, he's probably made enemies.

-doesn't respond well to authority. If he's given an order he doesn't agree with, he simply won't obey it. Basically, he's a loose cannon who doesn't see much point in respecting his elders. He comes to respect people from the exploits he's seen -not their rank, age, etc.

-stubborn. Once Asher sets his mind on something, there's rarely any chance it'll change. Even if he knows he's wrong, he'll rarely admit it because he doesn't want to lose face.

-has a hard time asking other people for help. Thinks that if he's not weak, he should be able to do everything himself and learn from unfamiliar experiences. He and his brother tend to function as a single unit, but even then, Asher will sometimes leave him in the dark. This is due to his guilt complex. To some extent, he still blames himself for not being able to protect his family. As his mistakes start to pile up, he'll only become more reckless and eager to prove himself.

-impatient. Waiting around feels like a massive waste of time to him. Can't sit still for long periods.

-normally isn't willing to act cruel to or kill his enemies, unless his brother is threatened. Then he'll blow his stack. Otherwise though, he's not quite ready to stoop as low as the lapdogs of Crux Fidelis.

-makes a point of seeking power. He'll need it to overthrow the government. It goes beyond beating the Cross, though. As the days go by, Asher becomes more fond of fighting and the triumphant feeling he gets when he manages to outdo his enemies. Amassing power just for the heck of it appeals to him.

-ridiculously naive. [i]Thinks[/i] he knows a lot how the world works, but his outlook is a little too idealistic to be practical. If he tries hard enough, the results will flow in his favour. If he's always moving forward, he'll be rewarded. That's what he thinks.

-likes to say that his demon contract using his lifespan stunted his growth, but he's actually just a manlet.

-has a second personality that surfaces when his brother is in mortal danger. This nameless persona revels in violence and stops at nothing to kill who or whatever pushed him to come out. The alter ego is aware of his position and Asher's experiences, often speaking of them in a mocking manner. When it comes to Asher's brother, however, the alter ego is somewhat attached to him. After all, if Alder didn't exist, neither would he.
-Asher and his brother, Alder grew up in Linden. As most siblings tend to be, they were attached at the hip.

-In the boys' early teenage years, their family stumbled upon hard times. Their parents couldn't afford to keep both of them and struggled with the decision to send one of them away to join the Cross.

-When his parents spoke of it with Asher on the promised day, and he was faced with the reality that he would be separated from Alder, he lost his composure and his sillage activated for the first time. Unable to control the sudden output of magical energy, he killed both of his parents.

-When he realized what he had done -and that on some minor scale, it wasn't entirely an accident- Asher snapped. His mind went blank, and a violent second personality surfaced just in time to greet the Crux officers that had arrived to pick him up.

-There were two of them, so the ensuing battle was destructive and demolished a good portion of their neighborhood. In the end, Asher was taken down and left for dead while the two officers had to retreat due to one of them being seriously injured.

-Asher's magic reconfigured his own memories of the incident to prevent the guilt from overwhelming him. When Alder returned from his errands, all Asher could tell his brother was that the Cross had caught everyone in the crossfire while fighting a demon. Even though it was a fabricated memory, he believed it with utmost certainty.

-To some extent, he did blame himself for not being able to do anything, but he also developed a burning hated for Crux Fidelis. He started to look into the organization almost obsessively and focused on every little negative point he could find. Compiling everything he hated about the Cross, he decided that they were unfit to act as police, government, or anything really. They were a bunch of control freaks who cared only about their goals -not the people they were sworn to protect. Anyone who went along with that regime was fucked in the head.

-As orphans left with little money, the boys had a hard time. They were forced to develop various talents to survive -odd jobs, hunting, fishing, etc. They eventually became self-proficient, but it simply wasn't enough. Asher still felt wronged. He wanted to pay back the people who had taken his parents away from him.

-Naturally with the research he'd done on the whole scene regarding Crux Fidelis, Asher knew of Apocrypha. Instead of stagnating in Linden and living an unfulfilled life, they decided to join the rebellion. Apocrypha was hesitant to admit children into their ranks -especially considering they weren't even defectors- but their resolve and knowledge saw them accepted nonetheless.

-Asher was quick to adapt to his new way of life and made a contract with an old demon named Barbatos as soon as he had the chance. He rushed into it and took the first one he managed to summon rather than seeking out a demon that would work well with him. He ended up paying a hefty price for Barbatos' power, agreeing that his life span be halved. No matter what, he'd die at the age of 33, and then Barbatos would take over his body, living and dying as a mortal. However, this contract would be rendered void if he died before that time, and so, Barbatos quickly became fairly protective of his contractor.

-Finally having a taste of power (that he's actually aware of), Asher is determined to interfere with the Cross at every turn and help in building a better future for Sium so that no one else need suffer like he and his brother have.
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