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In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Tobbias Carter
Race: half-elven-werecat // Age: 26 // Gender: male // Orientation: heterosexual // Occupation: Blacksmith
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Appearance Extras
He is a 1/4th elf human hybrid that took the appearance from his human side more than the elf side. He stands roughly 5'11 feet tall, shaggy scarlet hair with grey colored eyes.  Near pale complexion of his would give you the impression he never left the indoors while in reality he has spent many days and nights outdoors but his skin refuses to tan. His body is a fairly wiry-lean build to him from years of blacksmithing. Tobbi's eyes are a faint bluegray color but when he uses his ability his eyes turn a bright gold color. His hair is ginger with a messy bedhead style to it, while his skin is slightly pale. He is fairly average in looks aside from a few small elvish hints here and there, such as he has smooth facal skin and tapered ears. He wears common clothes for his time mostly of the nutural colors but will throw in a splash of color usually of the blue and red colors.
Most of his weapons that he keeps in his shop while at home. While out of his shop he normally keeps either a short sword or forging hammer at his side
Abilities: Their abilities are: beign able to go into werecat form, harness light and then use it as if it were a solid object, and enchant items as they are being forged.

When they enter their hybrid form both minds have control over the body and are in sync. Their claws are made of Tobbi's light and they have anti darkness/demon properties, they can jump much higher than normal, be much faster, better hearing and scent tracking as well as higher eyesight. the limit for the time they can be in were form depends on how in sync the two are. the more in sync the longer it lasts.(few minutes to several hours if need be)

Their ability to harness and control light comes from lessons taught by Tobbi's father as a family trade. His abilities include, conjuring up light, shaping light into a solid object and warding off the darkness as well as demons. His ability to conjure light isnt very limited but his light does become brighter and more powerful when a light source is near. Shaping light into a solid object is bound by size, and complexity. The more complex the harder it is to keep same as size the bigger the less he can do with it. The powers are also effected by his will power, think like he is a green lantern but no ring jumpsuit or greenness.

Tobbias also learned through both his parents the art of combining forging metal with light enchantments. The enchantments include: decreased injury to user,increased darkness resistance, as well as increased damage towards those that live in the darkness, demons ghouls and such. This ability is governed by how much work he puts into forging the item be it armor, weapon or small jewelry, the more he works on them and perfects them the stronger then enchantments.

Now its not to say he doesnt have any weaknesses, he does have them. He isnt a master at his powers so sometimes they will fall apart or the enchantments will break, alot of it comes from his will. If he falters his power will weaken or give out on him. If you can get into his head and cause him to doubt his abilities he will fall, but beware an animal resides inside him and wont give up so quickly on the fight.
personality/fun facts
Tobbi is a fairly care free guy he doesn't have many things that would send him off the edge. While he can have laser when it comes to the forge and enchantments, as well as using his other abilities he is rather lacking in the focus department when it comes to things he doesn't really prefer. Like the old classes he took while at the school he would often times drift off in thought forgetting where he was until a teacher came by and smacked him in the head. Caring for others comes easy for him as well as helping others to the best of his ability.

He does have another side to him though, when he isn't around his friends and its a calm night he likes to climb onto his forge and just think about his life and the world often times feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders from the negativity he bottles up inside to prevent it from leaking out and the chance of hurting a friend. While he can be a fun loving cheerful guy without a care in the world every once and a while he takes the time at night to vent all his thoughts out and clear his mind. He rarely shows that side of himself to others unless he knows he can trust them fully. After his death and time in hell he did change slightly due to the demonic influence, it didn't do much but press his buttons the wrong way and you might just see him angry.
Tobbias was the son of a human metal smith mother and a light bearing half-elf. He had one older sibling who was his sister whom had taken much from the father's side with the part elf, while he took after both his parents human side. He was brought up being taught how to work the smith, makeing everything from jewelry to weaponry as well as armor. When he wasnt being taught to forge his father taught him to read write and when he came of age he was taught to be a bearer of light. Being a metal smith as well as being a light bearer allowed him to give the items he forged a light enchantment giving the user a higher resistance towards darkness.

Outside of his studies he didnt do much because if he wasnt forging metal he would be studying trying the best he could be. He had a few friends and they would have fun when they were able to meet up about once a month when it came time to trade with merchants and travelers. You could say he had a good life, He didnt have much to complain about. As he advanced through life and got older to about 14 he was taught the advanced art of being a light bearer which gave the user the ability to take light and turn it into a solid object or to manipulate it to the user's imagination. About a year later at 15 he was told by his parents that he would be going to a school for the gifted. His parents had bought him a horse some new clothes and some basic gear for his smithing, as well as enchanted items that would allow him to further train as being a bearer of light. This was their gift for him reaching manhood and for him to continue the family legacy.

He was a bit sad when it came time to ride off but he was also excited to his wildest dreams. He would be going to a place with people just like him. He traveled to the school on the horse with the gear and when he reached the school he immediately enrolled into it and became the school's smith as he forged the training armor and weapons and enchanted them to allow the user to take minimal harm from the attacks during training. Although it wasnt easy to get to be the schools smith, he had to literally prove his metal to the school by going though multible tests to see his skill. From making buster blades to making fine jewelry and armor. He was judged but detail design and dexterity, after a month and a half of trials he was awarded the rank of forge smith and given the forge as his home and work place. He enjoyed his job as it allowed him to do the family trade and express himself through the items he made, he would pour his heart into what he made. The school and students respected him from his works and would on a few occasions pay a bit extra that what the items were worth and would fix items if they became damaged.

Now he didnt spend all of his time in the forge, he would often times when not working would be seen interacting with people and showing them his light powers as long as he trusted them. He didnt have any enemies that he knew of most of the people were happy to be around him and talk. His time at the school was pleasant and he loved being there....until one day a group of nobles came into the forge asking him to forge them a weapon that could pass the enchantments in order to take their opponents quicker in the tournament that was to come soon. Tobbias of course refused to make it for them and threatened to get the head master. The group of nobles left but promised they would be back. About a week before the tournament the nobles came back and asked him again to forge them enchantment breaking blades but he refused them and went to go tell the head master of the happening, when suddenly the nobles tackled him to the ground and took some rope to his neck and silenced him as well as putting a curse on his soul sending him into hell.

Tobbias after getting cursed into hell he landed onto a spot right next to a demonic cat. Out of the flames came a lower demon towards the two, he laughed, having a great time. As he reached the two he bellowed and pointed at the two, "Welcome to my home, the two of you have been sent to me either by curse or capture. I will make sure that the you are given special treatment and one deal. If you try to escape i will have it so that your bodies become one and the same." he smiled wide "have fun~" he said before disappearing in a large flame.

Countless amounts of time passed for the two as they were stuck in the depths of hell together. As time went by the two decided the only way out would be to work together. Tobbias did most of the talking while the demon cat would nod if he understood or would shake his head if he disagreed with him. They came up with a plan to escape Hell and when the opertunety came they bolted running as fast as they could towards the portal that let demons walk between the worlds. When they got close they became surrounded by countless demons, the two tried to get past but were thrown like ragdolls. "we are getting nowhere feline" said Tobbias breathing hard as he had landed on his back, while the demon on his pads. "I know we can do this but we must act as one, i know it means we will be of one body but i think its worth it to get out of hell dont you?" he asked the demon whom nodded in reply and Tobbi using his light the two somehow became one into a almost werewolf looking beast with claws made of pure light. They fought through the demons with all of their hearts and souls , they finaly made it to the portal and without thinking they jumped into it. As they passed through the portal they changed into Tobbi's human form and both of them blacked out.

Waking up Tobbias found himself in the cold lands of seracier in the middle of nowhere. To a small surprise however he found himself not as alone as it appeared. He cold clearly hear the voice of the feline still in his head. the two in one body permanently bound together made their way into the closest settlement where they ended up calling their home, taking over the old smithing shop whos owner had died on a hunting trip. So if you are in need of something made or enchanted the Blessed Blacksmith can be found in a small settlement by an old ore mine, just ask for Tobbi and the locals will point the way.
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