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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Cain Rosewall
Race: Vampire // Age: 327 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Odd Jobs
Freelance, fuck-mothering vampire
159 lbs
Face Claim
Blackbird from Carciphona
Appearance Extras
-built like a brick shithouse
-sharp canines
-hair has started slowly turning white since being turned into a vampire
-eyes are usually a pale gold colour and glow in the dark from certain angles, like an animal's
Fail-Not: A worn, wooden recurve bow. It's enchanted so that anything shot from it will not miss its target (unless something gets in the way). Will ask for OOC permission to use it in barren places.

Curtana: the "sword of mercy" that has been passed down to each Rosewall heir. The tip is broken off, making stabbing maneuvers useless. Legend has it the sword was broken by an angel in an attempt to stop a cycle of vengeance. Although Curtana still has use as a slashing weapon, Cain barely uses it, having kept it purely for sentimental reasons.

-though she doesn't let them get long, her fingernails are insanely hard so they could be considered weapons.
Darkflow: Cain's inherited magic that allows her to create and manipulate something akin to dark matter. It's different in that it's visible during the daytime (a black substance that varies in form and does not reflect light of any kind), but not at night. It's extremely dense/heavy and seems to draw everything else toward it -though this depends on the quantity Cain creates. The most she can create in one go is two feet in diameter and this is especially draining. She mostly uses this ability to make arrows and enhance her hand-to-hand combat, making her attacks unblockable for most as the matter will break through even the hardest of metals (excluding bellicosa, high level enchanted weapons, etc.).

Captivating: an aura-type ability Cain unknowingly gained after becoming a vampire. Usually activated when she starts talking to someone, it'll often make the other person like her more as long as she's not being obviously rude/malicious/etc. Even in awkward situations, she'll often come across as likable.

This aura has been known to make people fall in love with Cain early on if they spend a lot of time together. It's such a slight effect it seems like she's simply an interesting person and adept conversationalist.

Supernatural: since she's a vampire, Cain's physically faster, stronger, etc. than humans. Her senses of hearing, smell, and sight are advanced. She's also been around for a long time, so her fighting skills and instincts are honed to a point that wouldn't usually be possible. Although she seems carefree, it's extremely difficult to catch Cain off-guard. Most notable of all is her speed. She can move so quickly (in short bursts) that she becomes a blur.

Tracking: Intuition, experience, and heightened senses all come together to make Cain an expert tracker and hunter. If she needs to find someone out in the wild, there's no question she'll accomplish her goal. It's harder to pull off in populated settings, but her ability to easily make connections will then come into play to help her along.

Blood Empowerment: Cain can drink the blood of another to become slightly stronger and heal injuries. The more she drinks, the better - but this doesn't work with non-sentient creatures or those that have been dead for more than ten minutes. Her refusal to do this without permission (and the fact that barely anyone knows she's a vampire) renders this ability mostly useless for now, however.

It's also notable that her canines secrete a painful poison that turns humans into vampires upon entering the bloodstream.

Other Vampiric Traits:

-heals fast
-night vision
-burns in direct sunlight. can block this with clothes, but is still weaker during daytime.
-weak to fire but immune to cold.
-weakened by silver
-if she goes without blood for too long, she can go berserk. eyes turn red and the rest of her teeth also become sharp. loses her mind and kills until her thirst is sated.
-extremely durable. can be temporarily put out of commission by major injuries but won't die unless staked through the heart, decapitated, or trapped in sunlight for 30+ seconds.
-can turn into a large grey wolf with gold eyes and a single white streak on its forehead or a bat with similar colouring.
-has potential to learn other vampiric abilities but currently has no desire to.
personality/fun facts
-straightforward and says what she feels. Sees no point in beating around the bush or bottling up negative emotions. If you do something wrong, she'll tell you. Then you stop doing that thing. No hard feelings. She expects the same honest treatment.

-knowing there are always three sides to a story, Cain's not entertained by gossip and other such nonsense. She makes snap judgments of those who try to make conversation that way - they're annoying and obviously have boring lives if they have so much time to focus on other people's private matters.

-she'll sometimes say odd things just to make people laugh. In other words, she doesn't take herself all that seriously. What's the point in being so serious and miserable all the time? She'll show her good qualities with actions, not cheap words.

-Cain is a total slob and will throw shit all over the place as if it's easier to find on the floor. She doesn't see the point in constantly cleaning something that'll just get dirty again two days later. Luckily, she doesn't live in the same place for long...

-still fairly ashamed of the fact that she got turned into a vampire and finds "feeding" disgusting, so she's extremely secretive about it. She has herself under control and so feels no need to make that information known.

-tends to over exaggerate often.

-smokes like a chimney. She also likes the liquor. Experimenting with drugs is fun, but sometimes disappointing as many don't effect vampires.

-though Cain has no formal education, she has compiled a lot of knowledge on random subjects. She's the type that might use "a cat's penis is sharply barbed along its shaft" for conversational purposes. She's also highly intuitive and perceptive. Perks of living for three centuries.

-demeanour tends to change depending on the perceived gender of the person she's talking to. Around men, she pokes a lot of fun - almost to the point of abuse - and generally can't seem to take them seriously. With women, she's a little more awkward and her previous "knightly" persona becomes more evident. This mostly pertains to those she'd deem "acquaintances" though. Good friends will of course get a more "real" version of her, while those on Cain's shitlist with receive savage and demeaning treatment.

-since she's so old, you'd think Cain would be keen on giving advice to her younger peers. That's not the case though. She'd rather let people do their own thing and learn the hard way. She has no desire to interfere with free will. Plus, people are stupid. If they want to do something, they'll do it regardless of what other people say.

-Cain has a bit of a sex drive. She's not one of those people who find sex to be a big deal and in the right mood, she'll get down with just about anyone she finds even moderately attractive. It's just fan activity. She has to be extremely careful to not nick partners with her teeth, however, and prefers there be no strings attached. She runs the second someone starts going on about having "feelings" after a one-night stand because that's just ridiculous. Lately she's finding herself preferring women, but "pretty" boys are fine too. One thing though: she's pretty much always the dominant one unless dealing with someone very special.
From the moment of her birth, Cain was burdened with heavy expectations. Her mother, Vivian, died during delivery. This was Vivian's first and only child, leaving Cain as the sole heir of the family.

The Rosewalls were known for producing excellent knights. The expectations for this generation were no different. Cain's father did not wish to see his family lose face, but he didn't believe a woman could possibly have what it takes to fill his previous spot. However, he had no other options. So he raised Cain as a boy, throwing her into especially rigorous training and completely convincing her that she was male. Her hair was kept short, she would never own a dress, and she was barely even exposed to women other than household servants.

Conditioned for this life from an early age, Cain easily accepted his situation and worked hard. He trained, ate, slept, and learned what was necessary. His life was dedicated to becoming his father. He was a serious child possessing excellent discipline. Constantly hounded by his father to reach greater heights, he worked harder than most. He sought nothing else - if it did not bring him closer to the sun, it was useless and he did not do it. He was absolutely perfect. Some said Cain would not have become and sharp and imposing man he did if he had been born male. Being handicapped means you have to work that much harder, after all.

At the end of the day, Cain still possessed a girl's body and couldn't hope to surpass the other men in terms of physical strength. It was frustrating and a constant source of angst. More obsessive training ensued. He didn't want to just meet the expectations, he wanted - no, needed - to exceed them!

And Cain did just that, though in a more roundabout manner than he would have liked. He learned to use speed and thought to overwhelm aggressors, redirecting brute strength with calculated movements.

By the time his father passed on, Cain had already been deemed to fill his place. He did so, and feeling the empty honour of having finally reached his goal, pledged his loyalty to the queen.

Cain was quickly taken aback by the atmosphere among the other knights of the Legion. One thing he had never been taught much about was camaraderie. Cain didn't have friends growing up, and wasn't used to being treated like one. Now with loyal friends at his side and his position as the Rosewall family's successor secured, there wasn't much holding him back from becoming whoever he wanted. Eventually, the glamour dropped and Cain started to figure out who she was without someone telling her. Her cold demeanour changed for the better and she started to become more open and friendly. She was introduced to happiness and acceptance.

At some point, the kingdom had a vampire problem. For some reason or another, one named Daedalus attacked at an unexpected time. Cain was determined to stop him and defended the queen alone. She was easily defeated and Daedalus started drinking her blood with intent to finish her off. But then another knight dropped in and distracted him. Cain, having lost a lot of blood, fell to the floor, motionless. She would have died if not for the vampire virus. She woke up while Daedalus and the other knight were fighting and all she could think of was how much she wanted their blood. She resisted the urge and left while everyone was distracted, subjecting herself to seclusion so she could not hurt her comrades. Most assume Daedalus grabbed her while he was fleeing the scene, but some believe she's still alive and out there.

By the time Cain became able to control her vampiric instincts, the kingdom had already fallen. Bur recently, she's heard whispers of the knights she used to consider her brothers in arms. She wants to approach them but feels it's been too long. That, and she'd have to tell them why she was gone for so long and that she's a disgusting vampire.

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