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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Aspen Kailasa
Race: Valkyrie // Age: 21 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Homosexual // Occupation: n/a
Poena Damni, branch - judgment
131 lbs
Face Claim
Veloce Visrin from Carciphona
Appearance Extras
-always smells faintly of cedar smoke

-typically wears fancy and expensive clothes picked by Ophelia. She looks well-to-do even though she doesn't even have a job.
Asgeirr: a great spear that Aspen, as a Valkyrie, can summon at will. It boasts extra penetrating power, able to plow through tempered armour with ease. It's mostly decoration, however, as she doesn't excel when it comes to using weapons of any sort. She has physical strength, but no technique to back it up.
sin abilities

Browbeat: an aura Aspen can radiate for long periods of time. It'll cause people to be instinctively afraid of her - more in a sense that they are afraid she doesn't like them than fearing for their lives. And yes, it makes them think they care about her opinion. Most under its influence will actively avoid the Sin. At the same time, it gives her some persuasive power. Those that are particularly weak to Browbeat will unthinkingly do whatever Aspen tells them to. It will rarely work on stronger entities like Deadly Sins and Executioners.

Purity of Conviction: she cannot be swayed by tricks of the mind such as illusion, emotion-inducing powers, or mind control. Strong entities such as Cardinal Sins may be able to break through her mental barrier, however.

Guilt Detection: it is by no means absolute, but Aspen can often tell whether someone is feeling guilty. It goes beyond watching for physical signs like shifty eyes. She gets a certain feeling from that person and is drawn to them. The closer she gets, the more she can learn about the source of their guilt.

Dimensional Travel: Aspen can move between Alptraum and Sium via swirling, grey portals.

valkyrie abilities

Death Sense: Aspen can sense when someone is close to death, and in certain situations, she can even tell how it's going to come to them.

Wings: Aspen can grow grey, feathered wings from her back. They are tattered and unkempt - sometimes with bone poking out from the tips. She can fly freely with them, but it hurts to do so.

Intangibility: she can make herself invisible, undetectable, and intangible for short periods of time. While invisible, she cannot harm or be harmed. She cannot interact with the physical realm in any way nor can physical objects (including magic) interact with her. Basically, it's like she's in a different dimension.

Death Magic: Aspen can curse people to death to make her choices come to fruition. It's akin to probability manipulation in that it heightens the chance of fatal happenings. Large-scale manipulation requires OOC consent.


Soul Destruction: she can interact with the fourth dimension to destroy the soul of a person she has killed, preventing them from moving on/reincarnating/reviving/etc. This will not work on other Sins.

Soul Salvation: Aspen can absorb the soul of someone she has killed, granting them eternal bliss that can be likened to the Heaven of legend. Doing so temporarily increases her sillage.

Immortality: she doesn't age and is immune to earthly diseases. Only Lucifer can permanently kill her.

Enhanced Condition: inhuman as she is, Aspen is considerably stronger and faster than the average person, able to rip trees out of the ground with her bare hands.

Fire Magic: she can create and manipulate white-hot flames. They will continue to burn until she wills them to disappear (unless affected by certain abilities, like water magic).
personality/fun facts
Positive: confident, creative, farsighted, independent, passionate, protective, reliable, sociable

Negative: amoral, barbaric, cantankerous, childish, conceited, condemnatory, decadent, escapist, impatient, irrational, opinionated, possessive, sadistic

-her name comes from the yellow colouring of aspen leaves, which matches the colour of the lightning that brought about her conception. Uncaring about notoriety, she kept that "human" name. It also has to do a little with nostalgia.

-due to her sheltered childhood, she's somewhat emotionally stunted and can't handle certain things like criticism, defiance, new opinions that she doesn't exactly disagree with (but feels she must fight so that she's seen as right), people not dying when she wants them to die, etc. She's twenty, but liable to act like a teenager at times.

-fairly serious; you won't find Aspen entertaining any sort of nonsense unless she likes the person a lot. She prefers not to beat around the bush and will call bullshit as she sees it.

-due in part to her power over death and conditional immortality, Aspen has developed a bit of a God complex. She sees herself as very important, unbeatable, and generally better than most people. As one might guess, the fact that she was never made a Cardinal Sin is a sore spot for her (she thinks she'd be better suited to Wrath and probably has a special hate-on for the current one).

-bit of an authoritarian, too, when it comes to the other Sins. She might nag her allies for following their vices to excess as this leads to a hard lack of productivity (ie. Lust for being horney all the time or Sloth for never doing anything). Despite this, she respects her fellow Sins (even Wrath) and remains loyal to them and their cause no matter what - because they are the only reason she has a purpose. If she badgers them, it's because she wants them to reach their full potential.

-she loves nature and often travels to remote, untamed areas to get away from everything. In that world of trees and solitude, mystery lies in every shadow and her eyes become bright again. This is where Aspen will be the most approachable, but if you corrupt that peace, she'll fucking kill you.

-she has a lot of major pet peeves and when people guiltlessly prod them, there's a good chance she'll get extremely violent. Even if she wanted to control it, she can't. She has to punish them as her nature dictates.

-despite Aspen's typically composed/laid-back demeanour, she has caused a lot of destruction and heartache for a Branch. Never has she felt guilty about her "crimes". Aspen firmly believes that her cullings are to benefit the world by cutting off dead-weight/ridding it of unseemly people. "Judgment isn't a Sin - it's a concept that must be carried out." Maybe she could be a little more humane about it, but hey, she is a Sin.

-Crux is her natural enemy, of course. Still she can't help but admire them in a way. The methods that most consider too harsh, she feels are their most productive. Still, they threaten her family so she kills them when she finds them. The other factions aren't much of a concern to her, but she thinks the Black God is ridiculous as are his followers.

-she absolutely hates people that don't have manners; that especially includes pushy men.

-liable to switch demeanours almost instantly. One moment she'll be calm, the next, she might be screaming and burning everything.
cw - suicide

Aspen's mother, Aela, was part of Crux Fidelis. Despite being a woman with average sillage, she was hailed as a brave and noble warrior. Her skill with the blade was matched only by her tenacity. On one particular occasion, Aela was cornered by demons after her comrades were killed in front of her. She screamed with fury as she was struck a killing blow. Stabbed through the heart, she had mere seconds left to live. Aela could do nothing but stare up at the sky framed by wide yellow leaves as her vision slowly faded into blackness.

To this day, she doesn't know what caused it. Some intangible spirit, a fairy, or maybe even a god - something was captivated by the courage burning brightly in her eyes and called lightning down from the sky to match it, violently striking the dying maiden. The flash was blinding and slow to fade. Fearing such powerful interference, the demons fled.

Completely healed, Aela woke in her bed. Although she herself was still mortal and a virgin, she would soon bear an immortal daughter named Aspen. She never questioned the strange circumstances of her daughter's birth, knowing that she was a gift from God. She adored Aspen - a little too much as she would later find.

Aela took leave from the Cross to raise her daughter in a remote location. Her time as a Hallowed warrior had taught her the dangers of the world and the corruption of its people. She wouldn't allow Aspen to be exposed to it. She was never allowed to go out alone or make friends. She had her mother, her tutor, and an abundance of books. That was all she needed, right? Whether the fantasies portrayed in these books were good or bad influences is subjective. There were stories with heroes that went on adventures and amassed large circles of loyal friends. Everything always worked out in the end, for them. Eventually, this led to Aspen having high expectations for the world. Things would get better for her someday. She would go outside, have friends, and go on epic adventures. Her life would be given purpose.

Fearing that she was losing her grasp on her daughter, Aela cut the books off, switching fiction out for more educational material. It only took a week for Aspen to run away after that. She eventually found herself in Aryoch, loving the antiquated look of the town. Her first few years there weren't as exciting as she would have hoped. Despite her lack of physical activity for most of her life, Aspen was uncannily strong, so she eventually found physical labour and was able to pay for food and board. But that was it. She just worked and existed. There was no sense of satisfaction in anything she did. She didn't have any friends. She didn't love anyone and no one loved her.

Aspen became more and more lonely, so when she managed to become friends with a girl named Damia, she latched on. Damia became the centre of her universe - the only person she could talk to about anything. No matter how she was feeling, she always broke into a smile when she saw her. She couldn't control it. Aspen soon realized that she was in love with this girl, and she couldn't control that, either. She knew that her feelings were one-sided. It slowly became apparent that Damia only wanted attention no one else would grant her. Aspen gladly gave it to her. Even as the lies and warning signs became more and more apparent, she ignored it because she could only be happy around Damia.

When the final betrayal came and Aspen was finally forced to accept it, she lost everything. Her sense of wonder, her childlike innocence, her yearning, even her will to was all gone. It was all pointless, she realized. She didn't want to exist in a world where people did such terrible things without remorse. Aspen entered a blank, zombie-like state and stayed in it for a few months.

At the end of the trance, there was a clarity which proved to be deadly. Aspen thought it over and decided that she was done. She was going to kill herself. She happened to be taking a nice walk at the time and came across a cliff that overlooked the ocean. The bloodred sunset and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore instilled an eerie sense of calm. Yes, this was what she wanted. She wouldn't be bound by this tainted earth any longer. It would never meet her expectations, so there was no point in waiting. She knew that now.

When Aspen hit the water, there was no pain, but she knew she hadn't died, either. For a brief second, rage overtook her. But something was wrong. Even though there was air in her lungs, she sunk rapidly. The fiery sunset disappeared, replaced by an opaque darkness. Dull, red light started to filter through, and suddenly Aspen could breathe again. Before she could piece everything together, she had entered a world of dreams and was kneeling before a radiant, golden-haired woman. All she knew at the time was that she was immediately captivated. It was Lucifer, who upon sensing the girl's hatred and potential, had reached through the veil to drag her into Alptraum and use her. It couldn't hurt to have a valkyrie on her side.

Lucifer asked Aspen why she thought she needed to leave the world. No, she needed to think bigger. She was the one who had been let down, after all. The unapologetically bad people were the ones who needed to leave. As a valkyrie, she could play Sium's judge and help create an ideal world. Even had the idea been unappealing to Aspen, she would've been unable to say no. For some reason, she felt the need to make this woman proud. It was like Damia all over again, and just like back then, she didn't care if she was being used.

Lucifer spent some time telling Aspen about what she was. She'd had death premonitions come true before, but assumed it was just paranoia/coincidence. Now everything made sense, and better yet, someone was being honest with her.

Aspen's newfound powers and her time in Alptraum twisted her further. Her personality changed for the better in some ways, but mostly for the worst. She became more confident in herself at the cost of her former kindness. More than anything, she became closed off and hateful, believing that no one could possibly meet her expectations. She has no faith in humans and thinks they're a waste of time for the most part.

For now, Aspen's only goal is whatever Lucifer wants. Sow chaos. Create an imbalance. So she drifts from place to place, doing whatever she pleases. She is just in that she usually requires a reason to act out. Unfortunately, she's very particular about what's right and what's wrong and easy to piss off. So she's already made a bit of a name for herself. But this time, she is truly happy - or at the very least, she thinks she is. She's part of something big now. She's important. Just like in the stories.
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