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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.

Jonathan Artes
Race: nephilim - sin // Age: 936 // Gender: Male // Orientation: ??? // Occupation: deadly sin - sloth
Poena Damni, deadly sin - sloth
165 lbs
Face Claim
Jolly from La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia
Appearance Extras
- The iris of his right eye is shaped like a crescent moon with a star at the center.
- A tattoo on his back in the form of six black wings.
- Actual six black wings protruding from his back.
- Vertical slits at the back of his jacket to let the wings out.
- A pack of cigars in the inner pocket of his jacket.
- Another pair of tinted glasses in case he loses the current pair.
- A meatloaf sandwich.
[Blade of the Ancients] : [Einzig] - A blade made through methods forgotten, it is capable of channeling Jonathan's powers through its edge and multiply their effectiveness, even making normally harmless attacks look like they could level a building in one strike. The blade itself lacks a guard, having nothing but bandages around the hilt to denote that end from the rest of the weapon. Jonathan explained that Einzig is this way because the collapse of the city and the falling rocks of the mountain destroyed the beautiful hilt that once adorned it, leaving it as nothing more than a piece of silver with the shape of a slim longsword and a crude grip. Which is fine with him. He considers it to be a nice reminder of what happened to all the great things lost with his people.
[Acedia Inmoderatus] - After he was given the power of Sloth by his new benefactor, Jonathan felt his inner self shift at its very core, whispering him into inaction and instead, to save his energy for when the occasion may actually rise to use his power in full. For he now believes in using his energy wisely and just when needed, not just at every time his whims ask him to like it happens with his fellow sins. As a result, Jonathan has a large amount of energy stored inside him, ready and waiting for the moment he calls it out to destroy Poena Damni's enemies.

[Acedia Maledictum] - Having gotten used to the overwhelming will exerted by its given sin, Jonathan is unaware of the aura Sloth pressures everyone around him with. Any species of Sium within range of Sloth's Curse will feel themselves slowly getting tired around him. The active range is about ten meters around Jonathan.

[Acedia Exitium] - Basically an ability Jonathan prefers to not use unless the situation is irreversible. The energy stored inside the deadly sin is focused on a single point in his body to be expelled at the call of its master, successfully acting like a bomb capable of destroying everything around him, including the sin itself. Once used, the rule of [Death by Pride] is applied and Jonathan will reappear once more in Alptraum... just that, you know, without any energy left. A way to recover it would be to sleep the entire week inside Alptraum away without doing a single thing (seriously, even the most inane action will slow down the recharging process).

[Darkness Manipulation] - The only other thing left, aside from his sword, from the days of yore when he wasn't the representation of Sloth, are Jonathan's Nephilim powers to manipulate the sillage in the light... only that after his corruption, it became the manipulation of the sillage in the dark. He can use this power to manipulate the sillage in the darkness itself to do his bidding and either use it to defend or attack his enemies. Be it by giving shapes to the darkness or just by using the darkness in, on or around the enemy/enemies to consume them from afar. It doesn't work to attack from long distances but it does help him when he wants to scout ahead.

[Nephilim Heritage - Deadly Sin Corruption] - Previously a Nephilim like his people, Jonathan was already a being gifted with long life and unnatural strength, speed, stamina, and endurance, aside from the holy power to vanquish anything evil and the wings on his back. Those gifts were twisted once Pride granted him the abilities of Sloth. He is now immortal unless his master kills him, and his already tremendous strength, speed, stamina, etc., were augmented even more and his wings turned a deathly onyx. His power to vanquish evil is now an instrument to corrupt or destroy anything and everything that obstructs his path.

[Master Swordsman] - Having spent more than seven hundred years protecting the old ruins of his old home from any trespassers that may come in its vicinity, Jonathan is quite adept with the blade he possesses, even as far as knowing more than just one way to fight it. The passing of time and the different invaders that it brought to his lands, he learned more than the style he was taught when his people were still alive. And he is quite proficient in all of them.

[Master Hand-to-Hand] - Not at all disgusted at the prospect of getting his hands dirty, Jonathan is well-versed in the ways to immobilize, put down, or even kill opponents without the need of a weapon. This he came to learn due to the necessity. In order to take down large groups coming to his homeland, he learned hand-to-hand techniques to be stealthy in his killing and prevent the large group from knowing what was hitting them until it was too late and he could deal with them as with any other trespassers.

[Death by Pride] - Like his fellow Sins, he can only truly die by Pride's hand. The many, many various attempts made to kill him only result in his being thrown into the depths of Alptraum for seven days before reappearing once again to continue inciting madness and mayhem in the world of the living... that is, if he ever gets around doing that.
personality/fun facts
A lazy man with a curious streak, Jonathan is an odd character in between the Deadly Sins because of his ability to get himself dragged into problems he wasn't looking for in the first place. Like the time he wanted to see what a volcano looked like and went to a tropical island to find out. The result? The local law enforcement found out his identity and the island disappeared from the maps.

His doing? Most likely. As lazy as he can be, Jonathan is not adverse to using the powers he possesses to either destroy whatever annoys him or fulfill the orders given by Pride or any of the other sins. This is due to the strong attachment he feels towards them. Having lost his family and anyone from his tribe in the past, he is very fond of his new, evil family and doesn't wish to lose them. If he can help it.

When spoken to, Jonathan is not a very responsive individual unless the conversation is of his interest. He believes that all conversations start and end the same so he prefers not to waste time in them, even if they are with new people or are done with different words than usual. So he prefers to keep to himself unless one of his brothers or sisters address him.
The story of Jonathan Artes is one of struggle and irony.

Many centuries ago, if memory doesn't fail him, there was a city built inside a mountain in the farthest reaches of Sium that lay still uncharted at the time. A thriving place that had no desire for conflict of any kind, with its own religion and people, happily going through eternity as their deities willed it. Their work set on spreading their word and to help everyone in need, regardless of past, present or future. Which is obviously why it was made a target for greedy/envious men and other species as soon as it was found.

There is little of those days that Jonathan can remember; there was war, that much he can recall. Large fields around the city were burned or corrupted by the blood and bodies of the fallen, villages left in shambles after armies fought inside and around them, and when the fighting reached the mountain city itself... ah, that's when the memories get hazy.

He recalls a large explosion, several screams, the people running, the soldiers falling back, and large pieces of rock falling from a sky that should not be seen from inside the mountain. After that, there's darkness, a stifling coldness that he only remembers because he spent a lot of time feeling it. Was it death? Or was it the lack of warmth from around? He doesn't know.

Next time Jonathan opened his eyes to see daylight was, as he found out later, many centuries after the great war was over. His people were slain, their city was destroyed, their deities desecrated and their peace brought to a more permanent state. One they could not enjoy while breathing.

At first, this angered him, brought him to lash out at his saviors and whoever else he found in this new strange world in which he was in. For in his mind anyone alive was with the invaders and they did not deserve to live this peace and prosperity he knew they were enjoying at the expense of his people's demise.

So he took it upon himself to punish, harass and kill any and all who dared to try and repopulate the area where his people used to live, or those wishing to obtain the secrets of their abundance. They did not deserve it, not after what was done. If it had been before the war, he was sure his people and him would've shared everything without a second thought, but now? Their cries of anguish still rung clear in his ears. And they demanded he kept their secrets as they were.

That is, until a fortuitous meeting happened not long ago, one that would change his objectives completely. It was a tempting offer all things considered and it was, by the words used, in his best interests to accept it.


Because for the last century he had been terrorizing humans and protecting his old home on his own, with no one to back him up, and certainly no way to exact his revenge on those living beyond the holy place he once called home.

This person, if it could be called that, going by the name of Pride offered him a new place to call home, people to call his kin, and the promise to finally put an end to mankind once and for all.

How could he refuse? Especially when the stranger promised to send its own people to protect the grounds of Jonathan's old city.

It was stupid to even consider it.

Jonathan took its hand and its gifts... and joined his new family in Alptraum, where he would be able to finally bring about the destruction of the species he hates the most: humans.
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