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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Roux Zaynesworth
Race: Demon // Age: 26 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Librarian
Freelance, Librarian
179 lbs
Face Claim
Akira Kurusu (Persona)
Appearance Extras
>Wedding ring on his left hand. Has several runic inscriptions on them.

He has a large scar across his body – going from his left shoulder down to his right hip. The scar is also visible from his back. He also has several bite marks on his right shoulder.

He also has several other scars across his upper body from when he was cut to pieces by Soren.

His eye color is normally golden, but they turn red when he uses any of his demonic abilities.
Phoenix Demon – Once physically weak, he's become stronger, faster and more durable than most people in general. He can take a hit, and he can certainly dish out far worse than most people can.

The biggest change is honestly his demonic abilities. He can create, control and manipulate metal. In addition to this, the demon he bonded with was a phoenix and it's bestowed upon him with incomprehensible regenerative abilities. He can regrow entire limbs in a matter of seconds, and attacks that would normally be fatal are not so. He can also create wings with pitch black feathers.

The metal he creates is usually used for bladed weapons, and he can weave them together to create all sorts of intricate constructs. In addition to this, he can transmute parts of his own body into blades - allowing him to turn his fingers into razor sharp scissors for instance. He can also create chains and other various things, and he can control the metal he creates with a pseudo-telekinesis.

Electromaster – Having been born with a high affinity to Sillage, Roux's natural magical abilities from his human side has afforded him the ability to generate and manipulate electricity that now manifests as red and black lightning due to his bonding with Anubis. Having spent years in Riparias honing his craft, he's actually quite a skilled mage and his talents in regards to electrokinetic combat are second to none. If someone was to ask him, he'd claim to be the strongest electricity user in all of Sium due to his maximum voltage being able to double that of a lightning bolt. And because he's a conduit for electricity and his natural 'voltage' is quite high, touching him even casually can result in light, harmless shocks.

His skills encompassing such effects as altering electrical currents and enticing a wide variety and range of discharges. Roux's body, inside and out, is a quintessential conduit of unnaturally high levels of electrical charge. His ability to manipulate the electrical forces extant within his body enables the prowess of being able to alter internal stimulation of all neural functions.

Being able to create high voltage blasts of electricity, his discharges can range from a harmless jolt to completely vaporizing organic and inorganic matter with electric blasts. In addition to this, he can momentarily become pure electricity, allowing him to cover short distances with great speed. The extent of his powers has also increased. He can call down violent lightning strikes on target locations, and his electric discharges can effect an entire town, and when charged, he can increase the range past this. He also has gained the ability to manipulate electrons, as well as an affinity for electromagnetism, allowing him to fire lasers capable of disintegrating objects. Though due to the power of this, he tends to use it sparingly as he inadvertently damages himself as a result. He can also redirect and bend the electricity of others so long as its not being channeled through an object.

In addition to this, his electricity is demonic in nature, making it slightly more harmful to anything that'd be conventionally considered holy.

Supernatural Physique – His body is extremely durable, strong and agile. His enhanced physique allows him to fight on par with most inhuman beings and even outclass some completely. He has perfect eyesight (he’ll still wear glasses from time to time when he’s not fighting because they’re nice, though the actual lenses are fake) and enhanced hearing. His most unique trait is his incredibly regenerative abilities, which allow him to heal from anything – even curses as he can rebuild his body from scratch and completely 'control' his body.

Skilled Detective – Not only was he a talented student at one of the best schools in Riparias, having spent most of his life keeping to himself constantly studying, but past experiences over the years have seen him become a talented detective. With a keen eye, he’s able to notice things most would maybe glance over, and his book smarts gives him knowledge of a broad variety of topics. This typically allows him to figure lots of stuff out when given time to analyze a scene, and he can formulate plans on the fly. (If I’m threading with someone and think Roux may know something about a subject/topic, I’ll clear it OOC before just assuming he knows to avoid coming off as a pretentious smarty pants and ruining any mystery or whatnot.)

Skilled Combatant – Roux is a skilled fighter, both in hand-to-hand combat and with his supernatural abilities. It’s inarguable that he has a mastery of his magical and supernatural abilities. As he has demon contracts, there’s little to no issue with him adapting to his abilities and they’re almost second nature. And he’s spent his entire life studying, practicing and mastering his Sillage-based abilities. He's also adopted the skills and experience of Anubis, who has most notably fought several Arbiters in the past.
personality/fun facts
Five years later, Roux is a far different person from who he used to be. He's no longer afraid to show emotion and he can typically be found laughing, smiling and generally enjoying life and getting along with the people around him. He's grateful for the friends he has and is always willing to help those in whatever way he can, so long as it doesn't involve him having to fight.

In a lot of ways, Roux has become something of a pacifist. He goes out of his way to avoid fighting. He'll generally try to resolve any potential issues that may arise between him and others with words instead of violence. Roux doesn't want to go back to the person he used to be, so he's more likely to turn the other cheek or take a beating rather than fight back. The only time this changes is if his wife or son is involved.

Incredibly overprotective, Roux can be called a 'hoverer' in the way he's constantly checking up on his wife and son. He tries to not be too overbearing, at least where Solencia is concerned, but he's usually fretting over the smallest things when it comes to Zane. As they're the two most important people to him, their safety and happiness is his primary concern. Because of this, if their safety is ever threatened, he'll lose any pacifism he may exude.

Despite his friendliness and effort to put his past behind him, there's a part of him that will always be the Demon Knight Blackbird. He hasn't grown any weaker outside of parting with Anubis, and his understanding of magic and his own abilities as well as his experience means he's still a threat when pushed. But so long as you don't intentionally antagonize him, this will never be an issue.

[*] Still says 'Jinkies' to the point it was his son's first word.
Coming from a long line of Demon Hunters, Roux had several self-imposed expectations. Yet, as a child, being the youngest of two children, he struggled to keep up with the physical abilities of his older sister, Ariadne. But, what he did excel at was magic - his affinity for silliage far exceeding his sister's. As such, he spent most of his time pushing the limits of his magical ability until the death of his parents.

While his sister was capable of taking care of herself, she chose to send him to a school in Riparias that specialized in the development of magical talent. Spending his formative years in the school, he was constantly pushed to overcome his own ceiling. This resulted in a young man whose only goal in life was to be the 'best', an arrogance forming in him as he began to be viewed as a prodigy by his teachers. This arrogance eventually turned into an indomitable confidence and formed a person who believed in himself above all else.

As he came of age, feeling as though he had fully mastered the full extent of his abilities, he had been recommended to join The Cross. While he had no true personal interest in doing so, he considered the opportunities it would provide him with. And, surely it would be a noble goal? Besides, what higher prestige could there be besides becoming a Commander of Crux Fidelis?

Yet, it wasn't something he was comfortable with. The thought of being subject to mind control - to having his agency taken are away was something that terrified him. He wanted to help people but that wasn't a price he was willing to pay. Thus, he chose to create his own path. He wouldn't join The Cross - he couldn't put himself in a situation like that. No, he'd strive to better the world using his own abilities. He was strong, after all. He was the most skilled of his peers, and he had no doubts about his mastery of his magic.

And, for a while, he was more than capable of handling threats on his own, relying purely on his magical talent. But, even a 'magical prodigy' can get in over their head. His own confidence got the better of him and he tackled a task too large for him to handle on his own. The end result being him forming a contract with a demon not only to save his own life, but also for more power.

And with a new power, he continued on his goal of combating any wrongs he came across. Which, inevitably led to him joining Apocrypha. He came across Mikhail Hildebrand and the man took him in, treating him much like a grandson while providing him with a place where he belonged. Eventually, Roux became his assistant, the cambion taking on the moniker 'Blackbird' as he vowed to assist Apocryopha in any way possible.

He spent years as a rebel, further training himself and developing his abilities as he adapted to his new state of being. The contract had changed him biologically and he was no longer just a human - he had become a half-demon. A strange irony for someone who came from a family of demon hunters.

And it was this that deterred him from seeking out his sister, no doubt in his mind that she didn't stray from the course they were both supposed to be following. While she fought to rid the world of demons, he was becoming one.

As time went on, and his exploits as 'Blackbird' became more notorious, he began to shut himself off. He hated the self-imposed pressure he was putting on himself but it was something he couldn't help. The thought of failing others or not being able to meet their expectations resulted in him becoming a recluse. He was used to being alone and it was impossible to disappoint or let anyone down if he was never around... Right?

Eventually, as more people began to join Apocryopha, he was tasked with helping new recruits on their first missions. It was something simple but it also resulted in him becoming something of an enigma. He'd show up, give them pointers based on his own experience, assist them with their mission and then leave.

The only divergence from this was with his mission in Aryoch with River Grimwald. He wound up understanding her and feeling a kinship with her he couldn't properly explain which inevitably led to his fondness of her. In a lot of ways, he views her as a legitimate friend even if they're not that close.

And while he's still mostly enigmatic to most other members of Apocryopha, he can usually be found hanging out with River when he's not on a mission or when he's not working.

He's also been caught talking about opening up his own detective business. While something like that would normally be quite expensive, one of his closest friends just so happens to be an infamous sky pirate who owes him tons of favors.

Lately he's been looking into the truth of his parents' deaths, though he's not sure he'll like what he finds.

Ever since the Aligheri incident, Roux has become even more aloof and flighty than he was initially. Having been missing for almost 2 weeks, when he did show up again he was more withdrawn than ever before. While most escaped relatively unharmed, Roux wound up being sucked into the vortex that connected Sium with Alptraum. There, he was stranded and traveled for days in the hellish landscape until collapsing and falling down a large ravine. At the bottom he found a demon – several wards kept it pinned to the ground, and a conversation revealed the demon to be Anubis, an Arch-Demon that once served the Monarchy.

Being extremely difficult to kill, he was eventually cursed by Crux Fidelis and was forced to live the rest of his days out of sight and out of mind. And with both effectively trapped, time seemed to warp as they spent the entire time talking. For a demon, Anubis was quite amicable, as one would expect of a creature that once willingly served the monarchy. And when it learned of Roux’s affiliation with Apocrypha and their end goal, to restore the monarchy, a deal was struck. Anubis would grant Roux his power, becoming a part of him as it would be the only way to free him from Alptraum, and Roux would continue to fight for Apocrypha and restore the monarchy.

It was honestly a win-win but making a contract with an Arch-Demon has effects, even if they’re not blatant at first.

Once the contract was formed and Roux was back on the surface of Sium, it wasn’t long before he informed a director of his contract with Anubis. And this led to the leaders of Apocrypha, the elusive remnants of the monarchy, designating him as one of the Four Demon Knights of Apocrypha.

Timeskip Update

3 dead Commanders and 1 dead Valor later, Roux was left reconsidering his decisions. Despite being imprisoned by Kalidas Sardana and ultimately freed by Freyr Aldrich, Roux was tired of the life he was living. He was tired of fighting and killing. The stress eventually built up and he crumbled emotionally and mentally. He hated himself and the things he'd done -- none of it was something he ever wanted. He had only ever wanted to be a hero who helped people. Not a murderer.

Ultimately, with help from Corvyx, Roux faked his own death -- transferring Anubis over to Corvyx, Roux simply slipped into the background of Sium. He refused to get involved with any of the happenings in Sium, instead choosing to focus on himself and his family. He married Solencia and had a son, Zane, and he went back to being a librarian.

Even now, Roux still continues to enjoy and live his mundane life, feeling a happiness he thought he'd never have.
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