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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Aeryanna Valestine
Race: Human // Age: Twenty-five // Gender: Female // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Commander - Charity
Crux Fidelis, Commander - Charity
5ft 4in
Face Claim
Winter Schnee (RWBY)
Appearance Extras
Her hair is naturally blonde, but she has a love for changing the colors constantly. Currently her choice of color is a snowy white.
[Cordis - Bellicosa] In it's natural form Cordis remains as a pendent upon a very long chain. The Bellicosa hangs around Aeryanna's neck with a vibrant gold color and distinct blue diamond shaped gem within the middle of it. When released the pendent's blue diamond with transform into a deep red color. The pendent is capable of acting as an amplifier for her abilities as well as being capable of projecting barriers capable of defending Aeryanna and those within range of her for defense.

[Stigmata] - A lance she tends to carry with her.

Weapons - A variety of other tools that she may use in battle range from axes to swords depending upon what is at her disposal.
[Sanguis Imperium - Blood Control] Aeryanna possesses the ability to manipulate the bodily fluids (mostly the blood) of other beings (PLAYER CONSENT IS REQUIRED). With this ability she is capable of taking control of her victims and turning them into fully conscious puppets. She can force her victims to move (although stiffly) and manipulate them into using their own abilities for her own purpose. This skill requires a great deal of effort on her part and is quite taxing on her body to the point that it may cause her to pass out after being used for an extended period of time.

[Rigo - Moisten] The ability to draw water from the world around her. Rigo allows Aeryanna to create and control water outside of a physical body in liquid or several frozen forms (Snow or Ice).

[Sensus - Senses] Aeryanna possesses an acute ability to manipulate the senses of other beings (REQUIRES CONSENT FROM OTHER PLAYERS). She can only do things like temporarily blind someone for a few seconds, or numb small sections of the body to sensations like pain.

[Corporis Regina - Physical Queen] Born from her ability of Sanguis Imperium this ability allows Aeryanna to manipulate the fluids within her own body to enhance her own physical prowess primarily in her field of strength and endurance. When sustaining a blow which may cause bleeding she is capable of stopping the flow of blood to the area for long periods of time depending upon the damage caused. Though much like with its parent ability this skill can become quite exhausting on the body and even be fatal if abused for too long.

[Sanguis - Carnage] The most destructive of all her abilities. Sanguis allows Aeryanna to break down fluids within a body at a cellular level. In many ways it essentially causes the body to rip itself apart. Limbs basically melt off and it almost always proves to be fatal for the other party involved when used due to the basically acidic like breakdown of the body as she manipulates the fluids within it (REQUIRES PLAYER CONSENT).

Cellular Reformation - Just as she is capable of breaking down most cells with her manipulation of water molecules Aeryanna has over time learned to rebuild them gradually over a span of time which can aid in the healing of wounds, but is not a complete healing method that she has mastered.

[Praesidium - Protection] The ability of her Bellicosa that provides a temporary defense around her form for a short period of time. It can be used to block attacks from a distance, but often shatters after a few powerful close range strikes.

[Basic Combat] Aeryanna is quite skilled with the use of several weapons in combat as well as with hand to hand fighting due to her years of training as a member of the cross for most of her life.

Expert Tracker - Her time as a valor granted her skills with being able to hunt down enemies and taking in minor observations as clues.
personality/fun facts
- Social
- Friendly
- Patient
- Reliable
- Warm
- Comforting
- Supportive
- Motherly
- Protective
- Couragous
- Smart
- Classy
- Crafty
- Innovative

- Pissy
- Realist
- Manipulative
- Cheeky
- Unforgiving
- Blunt
- Short-tempered
- Reckless
- Independent
- Willful
- Brutal

Fun Facts:
- Hates cats
- Loves sweets
- Likes flowers
- Enjoys reading
- Struggles with wearing shoes, but has learned to accept them.
- Stresses easily
- Her cooking could kill even a demon probably. (Yes, it is that bad.)
Aeryanna was born in Emprean to the noble and highly regarded Valestine family. Unlike most families of nobility, the Valestine were known for their foundation of a matriarchy in which the first daughter born inherited the role of head of the family. All men who married into the family were forced to take on the name of their bride and thus the bonds would be solidified between the couple like many marriages.

Aery’s mother was quite young when she gave birth to her child, the second of two. Just barely over the age of twenty at the time of her birth and prone to frequent illness, having a child was an extremely high-risk situation for the young mother. Though both of her parents were quite excited to greet their daughter upon her birth a happy day quickly turned tragic as her mother was unable to withstand the stress her body experienced. On the second day of her life Aeryanna attended the funeral of her own mother as the guest of honor.

Raised to be an heiress she wanted for nothing, but in her youngest years she reflected her heritage from her mother and often fell ill quite easily. She spent much of her youngest years sheltered within the safety of her family home only to be surrounded by her several servants. Her father was quite over-protective when it came to ensure Aeryanna’s heath and thus had her checked over several times a month by the best medics possible. Still to help strengthen her body as she grew physical activities were encouraged.

Aeryanna took a liking to areas of dance at first which helped to improve her hand and eye coordination. As well as being educated in courses relating to etiquette, history, mathematics, and anything that the best tutors could provide. Her grandmother began to personally see to her teachings as she neared the age of ten. As the future leader of their noble family young Aery needed to be groomed properly and thus she was removed from her protective father’s care and taken under the wing of the old woman.

While with her she was trained to become a warrior like many of the women in her family before her. Her own grandmother was a celebrated Bellicosta holder in the many years before Aeryanna’s existence. She was trained in magic and began to develop her skills quite young in order to prepare her for a future within Crux Fidelis.

At sixteen she left the safety of her home in Emprean to settle into a life of bloodshed. Early on she found herself under the wing of many far more experienced hallowed. Among them was one who would grow to be her greatest confidant and another her most trusted partner as time went on.

After a few years she found herself in the shoes of her mentors to a child without a proper name. She quickly developed an attachment to the boy and made sure to keep him close to her side for quite some time, until he betrayed Crux Fidelis and abandoned her in the process. This incident sent Aeryanna over the edge.

Following his desertion, she entered the valor program with the sheer intention of gaining more power. Having endured the weeks of torment and struggle she managed to graduate to the desired position. She then used her position within the two man team to hunt down not only the deserter, but several members of Apocrypha over the span of a few months. This certainly gained her a bit of recognition among the higher ups withing Crux Fidelis. Over time however, Aeryanna was recognized for her skills and within the weeks following the loss of vital members among the commander ranks she was advanced to the position of the Commander of Charity (Effective after June 3rd), due to her rather giving and loyal nature to the Cross.

This is a position that is extremely new to her and providing help not only to her subordinates, but for the protection of Sium has become her very reason for living.
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