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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Adalbert Falk
Race: Reanimated Corpse // Age: Twenty-Six // Gender: Male // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Hallowed
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5 feet 7 inches
125 lbs
Face Claim
Juuzou Suzuya - Tokyo Ghoul
Appearance Extras
His body has various scars on it from fights. His right arm is missing from his elbow and down. His left eye, which was once a stab wound, is now a glass eye.

When he is on an official mission for Crux he will change his style to mainly white variations of his normal clothes, but will mostly stick with a gothic lolita style.
Bellicosa - Stasis - When inactive, Ada's Bellicosa has the form of a metallic prosthetic arm. He can move it on his own, but his motions with it while inactive are awkward at best.

Once Stasis is activated it takes the form of an Arm Cannon. The inside of his cannon is highly pressurized and has a locking mechanism that allows him to pack up to three small objects in there and launch them at will. The canon on his arm is very heavy, but after years of practicing with it he has learned to maneuver it with ease. It has high recoil from the amount of force it uses to launch these objects. The objects launch with a large amount of force, allowing them to shoot through brick walls and other similar objects.

It also has the ability to channel his inner magic and allow him to use it more effectively. He can launch blasts of pure electricity on their own or cover an object already inside his chamber in electricity and launch that instead. He can shoot blasts of varying sizes from his chambers, but has to wait between each blast of equal size. The larger the blast it, the longer he has to wait to shoot it. Small shots from his chambers feel like a current of electricity rushing through the person's body for less than a second and he can shoot them in succession. The largest blast he can do has enough capacity to cause a large electric explosion, but requires a long wait time to do again.

-When his Bellicosa isn't active he has one single dagger made of pure silver.
Spark - Adalbert has the ability to channel electricity from his real hand and use it for a wide variety of uses. He can simply keep it in his hand and use the electricity to amplify his hits or he can shoot small bolts of lightning from his hand in order to affect the world around himself. If anyone gets hit by his electric currents then they will feel a surge of electricity running through their body for a few seconds, causing pain and muscle spasms. The electricity travels through objects like normal electricity would.

Weapon Proficiency - Due to his training he is accustomed to be able to wield various one handed weapons if he is given the opportunity. He is by no means a master, but is very efficient in many one-handed types. His hand to hand combat it weak and he relies heavily on hard hits rather than precise ones. He leaves precision to weapons.

Durability - His training had him build up his durability, allowing him to take more blunt hits than normal.

Pain Sensors - While training his durability he learned to ignore pain until it becomes too extreme to bare. Even then, he is able to ignore most extreme pains for a short while.

Agility - He trained to be more agile than normal humans in order to dodge attacks precisely. He is at an acrobatic level currently.
personality/fun facts


He believes respect is something that is earned, so he respects those who have authority over him and has nothing but ill words towards those with none over him. It is easy for him to acknowledge when he can learn something from someone and will kiss their ass until he learns and perfects whatever it is so he can continue his holier than thou attitude with whomever has a skill he needs.

Adalbert keeps his head up and uses his personality to intimidate others. His face, however, leaves more to desire in the intimidation department. He had an idea to dress in a gothic style in order to scare others, and firmly believes it was a good idea. To him, all his ideas are the best possible ones until he thinks of something better. He sees no flaws in himself and feels his mere presence is proof enough of his perfection.

He believes that his hard work will grant him a spot in the ruling class in the afterlife and is using his time living as a résumé. If his hard work and dedication to keep those who are unfavorable in the eyes of his leader in check are anything to go by, then he is the number one person to be in a management position in the afterlife. His main goal to destroy all that is not seen as ideal in his own eyes. The sins, the rebels, the executioners, all of them have left unsavory spots in the world and he feels he is one of the few that can help with cleanup.

One of his flaws is his absolute belief in Crux. In his eyes they can never be wrong. To him everything they do, everything they have done, and everything they plan to do in the future are all the absolute will of the world. Anyone who opposes the Cross will have to suffer penalties, either through imprisonment or death.

Ada does have a soft spot for underdogs with a sense of justice. They remind him of himself when he was younger. Mainly they remind him of losing his arm and he doesn't want those who can't defend themselves to go through the same pain he went through, but he tries to not let his sympathy be a weak side. He tries his best to push it all inside of himself and ignore his feelings.
Being part of Crux Fidelis was in Ada's blood. His parents met there, they were married while still serving the Cross. They spoke nothing but good things about it, held it to high standards, and painted an unrealistic image of absolute correctness to their children. They were the heroes, the ones keeping everyone safe, the ones protecting the world. Ada wanted to be just like the false heroes painted in his mind.

Since he was too young by his parent's standards to serve the Cross that he was told were the essence of absolute justice Adalbert decided to purge the world of evil in his own ways. He'd pick fights with bullies on the streets in attempts to deal his own justice. For the most part it worked. The neighborhood kids were getting the picture not to bully the weak when he was near. Not because he was strong and commanding, but because in their eyes a little girl was screaming at them and it was annoying.

He loved it when the other kids did what he said. He got a taste for power and a knack for bossing others around. A little over a year passed with the kids doing what he said just to get him to shut up and Adalbert decided to move on to bigger targets, people more unsavory than playground bullies.

He wandered into a slightly abandoned location looking for trouble and he found some. Adalbert saw someone being robbed at sword-point. He couldn't just hid behind a trashcan and watch, either. Ada was a doer, and doers do. So he did. He rushed over to the men and demanded their crimes come to a halt. They didn't. In fact, the person sliced at Adalbert, cutting his small arm clean off, and then cut the other man's throat. Adalbert wasn't sure what to do other than cry as loud as he could and cradle his detached arm to his chest. Soon enough help came, but they couldn't do anything about his arm. He was just going to learn to live without it.

The only bright side was that his parents allowed him to join Crux Fidelis after his incident. He wasn't seen as very useful by the ones training him, but he was willing to show them otherwise. He worked twice as hard as those around him, aiming to be the best. He wasn't willing to accept anything other than perfection. He worked tireless hours striving for the idea of perfection, even without his arm, and he was nearly able to achieve it.

When he was used to fighting and surviving without his arm he was given his Bellicosa. As luck would have it, it formed the one thing he was striving to forget he lost, an arm. He vowed to not lose this one this time. He was going to use his new arm to save the world.

Even with his Bellicosa, he continued to train himself without it, just to make sure he doesn't rely on it. There may be a battle in the future where he loses it, and he doesn't want to chance being unarmed when that time comes. To Adalbert, nothing is absolute, not even the power given to him by the Cross. He doesn't want to depend on anything without other options; because of that he trained with various different weapons, trying to get a feel of what he could use around him just in case something were to go wrong. He felt that there was no such thing as being too prepared, making it so he tried to prepare for everything that was possible.

After a few years he tried his best to let it be known to those near him how dedicated he was to the cause. He fought for Crux Fidelis, he bled for them, he lost for them, and he won for them. He had many run-ins with death, but he was never scared away. He would live and die for the greater good. Sadly, there were a few others within the group who refused to take him seriously because of how young he looked. He tried changing his appearance to gain more respect, but it never quite worked out for him.

Through his time in the Cross he went through several appearance changes, but the one he stuck with was a gothic style. The mismatch between his face and voice caused confusion in both allies and enemies, offering him an advantage during his initial fights, plus it suited his uncaring antics more than his initial image did.

Adalbert worked hard in hopes that he would be rewarded for it eventually. He did everything while keeping the consequences and rewards in mind, not wanting to do something that might make life harder for him. He went on several missions, not caring what he lost or what was at stake. He even ended up losing his left eye, but didn't think too much on it. It was just another sacrifice he had to make for the greater good.

He didn't care too much for others in Crux, opting to ignore their existences until it came time to fight with them. He cared so little that as soon as they were injured they became liabilities. He was dedicated to his work, not the people who were too weak to be soldiers. Soon, Ada realized that the more that survived the missions the better it would look on his part. That was the only reason he saw to put effort into missions without death, injury, or even mentally scarring experiences. The lives of others only were worth his time if it was required of him. He was dedicated to the Cross and only saw those who couldn't go on while injured as weak, inferior, and unfit to stay beside him, but he tolerated and protected them because it would look better on his part.

Adalbert dedicated his life and everything in it to the Crux. Even when his parents died he knew it was because they were weak. They were the ones who brought him to the place, and they were too weak to stay. It was shameful, really. He cringes at the mentions of his parents.

When the spot of Diligence opened up Adalbert spoke to everyone around in order to show his dedication to the group. He knew that spot was rightfully his and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Luckily it wasn't much. It seemed that he earned that spot. He is only very recently a commander and is still getting used to his new rank.


After a battle with a particularly annoying person, Adalbert happened to lose his life. His corpse was found and brought back to life by Crux Fidelis, only strengthening... tbc,
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