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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Akh(Spirit) // Age: 34(Appears 22) // Gender: She/Her // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Commander-Charity
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Face Claim
Appearance Extras
First thing, you are probably curious about is those animalistic ears on her head. Is she a bunny girl? No. Those purplish ears serve zero purpose. She has human like ears like you and I do and, hears from them instead. She didn't initially have them when she was "alive" in her human form. She gained them after she died and returned as a spirit. Hares/Rabbits in her culture(Or Egyptian in our world) symbolize being athletic and intelligence.

She has red markings on her face and her long hair has two side-pony bangs. The rest of her hair is tucked behind her ear and she also has bangs. Her eyes and hair are the same color, although they were brown in her previous life. Her skin is a very dark brown or as we would say, "African" in our world, but not necessarily through rp.

Abayomi wears a variety of ethnic flowy-sheath like clothing that is an off-white or cream color. It usually seems to show off her midrift and arms. Abayomi also wears brown platform gladiator sandals. However, she is known to wear a lot of gold and bronze jewelry despite the occasion. She also owns turquoise. She does like jewelry....a lot.
Belicosa: Abayomi's weapon appears as a gold toned was-sceptre that is several feet long, using it as a staff. Via sillage usage, she can also have it turn into a khopesh or an Eygptian sword/scikle. An addition to having the capability to choose from a sword or staff Abayomi has the ability to have it return to her. The weapon cannot be used by anybody without her permission and thus, will travel to her if needed- attacking or launching force at anyone who removes it from her and will try to get back to her.
Feeling/Mind Status Manipulation:

Abayomi can make someone feel a certain way in summary. This appeared after she became a spirit and was not a magic she was initially born with while living.

Emotion/Feelings- Abayomi can make people feel a certain way emotionally or portray it herself. This power is not physical. She can send mental wavelengths showing or reminding someone she, herself is happy, sad, mad etc. She can sense someone’s emotion as well. However, she can control someone’s emotions and make them feel happy, sad, mad etc. HOWEVER, do not confuse it with changing someone’s point of view or thoughts.
As such, she can even talk her way to an enemy though this all depends on the person’s character. Someone who is a killer who wants to assault her she may make happy, but could easily backfire and only want the killer to hurt her more.
Doing it through eye contact or touch is the only ways for this ability to work. She can use it on one to two people at a time. Though doing it through touch is much more “strong” and “bold” and likely to have an “impact”.

Using this ability without touch, requires OOC permission.

Mind Status- Don’t be scared, no, Abayomi cannot just randomly make you die or something. But she can make yourself feel like you’ve been stabbed and your losing blood(though that is the biggest limit of her power). It’s really all in your head. While you think your blood is spewing out of your torso it’s really not. It’s an illusion.

This is mainly for negative affects and is difficult to perform if the status is extreme.

However, Abayomi has given people of the Crux who have fallen in battle the opportunity to feel perfectly fine as their body naturally shakes and jolts.

Some ways Abayomi can change your mind status is: hearing voices, being shot/stabbed, throwing up, nausea etc. She can also have allies feel like they have no pain at all thus, ignoring any sort of wounds on them. Although, if it is a major wound(such as a limb removed) the body can still naturally die, but you will not go through shock and black out. Again this is a mind-related ability, not overall body.

Require OOC permission without touch.

Spirit Manipulation

Abayomi uses her soul/mind power for combative reasons. Although, it sounds rather easy perform the way Abayomi performs it causes her mind to be in a “never ending frenzy” and also describes it as “requiring a lot of focus”. Although using the soul for attacks is rather easy, enhancements are rather atypical and in excessive amounts can cause recoil by making her mentally and physically tired.

Abayomi can use this ability for two applications:

•Physically for Offensive/Defensive Attacks- Abayomi can let out a bright white light that causes pain to the touch. This is generallu in the form of beams, spheres, and domes(to shield herself). It must, however, start from her body and reach a destination directed from her. She cannot randomly conjure beams of spiritual power in random places or convert it to solid objects. The pain is blunt, thermal, and piercing damage only. This ability is not auto-hit move and depending on the circumstance can play whether the spiritual beams hit or not.

•Spirit-Body-Mind Enhancement- Abayomi can use her spirit and strengthen her body or mind power. It is easier to perform on the mind, then the external world/use on the body. For example, for a few additional seconds or few minutes(generally less than 5) Abayomi can give herself superhuman agility, speed, or strength. Or in terms in mind can momentarily apply it to give herself immense amount of willpower, but for a few seconds or minutes at a time.

Ghost Life:

Abayomi cannot permanently die by normal means. Yes, she can die. Any fatal strike to her body will kill her. Anything really can temporarily kill Abayomi- crushing, slash, magic etc. However, she will immediately turn to the location of her town in the coffin she woke up in. In a day, her body will heal and she will wake up in the desert as she is bonded to this coffin. She then will travel to The Crux Headquarters somehow on her own, but generally will require assistance as she only takes with her-Belicosa and clothing.

There is a way to kill her. That is to have her pass on. The 3 best ways to send her off on her way to the afterlife is:

A.Via Gifts and Respect- bring her some gifts such as flowers, candles, fruit etc. She will immediately be summoned and will probably wonder the what fuck your doing. But if you have an understanding of her pass you can coax her to move on peacefully. However, the chances of this working is really small.

B.Via Magical Fire-Burn her coffin with some sort of fire spell.

C.Via Fire with Religious Chants- does not matter what language it is in per say but if you light her coffin on fire and say something about moving on in an ethnic related language she will move with ease out of Sium.

The main problem is locating her town and her coffin. Only higher-ups such as Pontifex, Archons, and the commanders, truly know where her coffin is located in the case she were to die in battle. This way someone can meet with her and have her back at the headquarters for more work.

Medjed: Abayomi can turn into a ghost. No, she doesn’t become intangible, but can shift back forth from invisibility and being visible. The ghost form keeps her height, but only shows her legs and eyes. The rest of her body looks like a white drape.
The way to tell where she is located is through hearing, breathing, and noises she makes such as footsteps.

The blanket and legs are her actual body and has organs and what not. So don’t try to pull on the end thinking she is literally hiding under there, ok?

Abnormal Speed, Agility: Abayomi’s speed and agility is comparable to highly trained human Olympic athletes.
personality/fun facts
Abayomi means “brings joy”. And she does, or so, she likes to think she does.

She goes by several nicknames due to the 4 syllables in her name. You can call her “Aba”, “Yomi”, “Mimi”, and her favorite “Yo-Yo”. You could also call her “Stupidass”. She wouldn’t really care.

Abayomi is one to turn the cheek and always be there for those who are of the Crux faction. That is not to say she doesn’t dislike anyone in the Crux, but as a representation of “Charity” in the organization sometimes she has to be there for those who still show her smack.

Needless to say, she is very giving and occasionally forces her help onto others. She feels blood and dopamine pulsing through her veins when she gives someone that extra little push to help them through their day. Or so, she likes to think.

She is a positive spirit outside of combat-literally. She is nice to those she believes that deserves it regardless of their species. Although, she relatively keeps this to herself as she knows some others wouldn’t agree. She is non-judgmental, but analytical and speculates consistently in her head. Sometimes she will share these thoughts either as a casual joke or for importance due to her job, but for the most part comes to those with open arms and expects nothing in return.

She is intelligent- despite her attitude and joking manner…..she does know when to shut up and talk how to make Sium a better place.

She is not necessarily clingy, but is extroverted, is very outgoing, and does like the traveling factor of her job. She is merciless on the battlefield and front. If she is assigned to kill or thinks it’s best to kill if she is allowed in her position she thinks it’s for good reason. She is cold-hearted to those who take the lives of other and therefore gives their punishment, as others tend to describe of her.

Abayomi is mature for her age though knows how to have a bit of fun and her youthfulness and playfulness is very evident at times. But her power to manipulate others is seen as handy and therefore she is The Crux Commander of Charity.
In the Sonorax Desert, there was an immensely small village less than 10,000 that was near an oasis. It was very troublesome to survive, even though the village comprised of only a couple thousand people. As irrelevant as this village sounded to be, it was. The people who made usage of the oasis and did agriculture could grow exotic fruits and vegetables that only grew there due to the environment. They also provided specific types of gemstones due to the climatic factors, but would have to go searching for them and part from the oasis. They also had salt. If you assumed correct, they also had a different culture due to being incredibly isolated. There were only so many pools of water in a desert that could let some amount of people survive. How did they survive? Well, they used these exotic products and would travel outside of the desert to sell them every few times a month. That’s how they lived.

However, this village no longer exists and is no longer on modern maps.

This is the story of the only known “survivor” of this village. Or is she even considered a living person? I don’t know.
Abayomi was born a bit more than 2 decades ago in Sonorax Desert. She was 1 of 3 children, being the middle child of a very friendly and normal acting mage-human couple. Like most characters of Bambam, both parents do not exist together or if any, or they were incredibly warped in such a way it affected their child’s health in a majority of their childhood. Abayomi was incredibly fortunate not to be born in such a way. She was well taken care of-her siblings as well. The problem with Abayomi’s guardians is many similar in our universe it were not that they were mean, it was that they refused to reprimand their children.

She’d learn to read, write, and do arithmetic. There was one small school in the village for children. She did well.
Then her family was banned, when Abayomi was 8. At first, they had been given a warning to fix themselves, but many other people wanted them to leave. Do you know why?

It was her brother.

Her much older, and fully grown brother, had assembled other men from various ages to form a bandit gang. They had been during ill-human related trade at the borders and kidnapping anyone who entered the desert. They also had been secretly stealing from the few people in the village as well as others surrounded by an oasis.

Abayomi was much too young to fully understand what had happened at the time-that her brother was a very dangerous person. So, mentally she was glad that she had heard he managed to escape the night they had to leave.

So, they changed their background and moved to Caersewiella. Her parents were still fairly young and they had magical experience. They also were fairly athletic due to living in a desert most of their life. All was well-Abayomi would live their with her sister, father, and mother.


Then in combat, both of her parents had died when she was at the age of 12.

Abayomi had been hit with a dose of reality. She and her sister were put in a foster home.


For the next 4 years of Abayomi’s life, she went through living in a foster home. Eventually, her sister would be adopted a year in. Abayomi was left alone.

At the age of 16, Abayomi decided she’d return home and runaway. A spontaneous move, but the young girl was practically mental right now. She wanted to see if there was any chance of her brother or maybe someone she knew still in the desert.

She’d deposit some money out of her inheritance and map out her travel by researching navigation through books in libraries.

The location of her village was not too away from the border letting the people leave to other parts of Zhyphire, but again she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t look lost. She’d hit a library to work with navigation and purchase maps.

It’s not like there are street signs in the desert of course. Even people in our times, still use primordial instruments to navigate the sands through sundial and maps.

Eventually, she would find herself roaming the town and it still existed. Through further persuasion she was accepted. It was assumed her brother had gone missing and was dead anyway. She lived there for next 6 years.


At the age of 20, people noticed there were malicious demons in the village.

These demons were hybrids that also had human blood and had the option to eat flesh. Although, they hadn’t eaten anyone people finding out with this new information were scared. Many of the townspeople decided they wanted the family banned or killed. The parents were killed, but many people thought their one child shouldn’t have been and should have the option to be raised.
Although, this should’ve been a decision for the Crux this story is the result of those being unnecessarily scared and taking matters into their own hands and not letting those in charge make the decision a.k.a the Crux.

Due to the immensely small town statistics, those who ended up as orphans were generally sent out of the desert to a major city of Zhyphirel and ended up in an adoption facility over there. However, the townspeople were scared that the Crux would do something to them despite them banning the man who had impulsively killed the demon parents. Abayomi would find herself relating to the child, and would volunteer herself to raise the child. Although young, the townspeople would give the 3-year old to Abayomi. It’s not like it was atypical in this time period for 16-year olds to raise children due, to the lack of technology.


Together, they were- Abayomi and this human-demon child.

The very species that had killed all of biological family was now in her arms, dying and mourning with her.

She was content though. She’d be home soon, with her family.
What had happened? Abayomi at the age of 22 and demon child at the age 5 were dying in a fire. Her brother’s gang was raiding the village. His gang was bigger, very big. He had become criminal leader. Either way, he raided their village and burnt it to the ground taking all of their property.


Abayomi would awaken in a coffin that was buried under some debris.

She had been reborn as an Akh-or a spirit/legend of the town she had lived in. Akhs were just a legend she had thought. Perhaps not, as she resembled the essence of a good spirit. In most situations, in order to become one you’d have to be a good person despite a harsh life and be buried. For some reason, there was no one around when Abayomi woke up. She never to do this day knew if someone buried her burnt body or if she died and just randomly was in a coffin.

She didn’t know what to do. That was for certain. She left Zhyphire completely and behind. No matter where she went, especially the desert, it reminded her of pain. She wandered aimlessly unsure of what to do. Then she settled upon Caersewiella.

Either way, she had the chance to make a difference.

This was a place she had successfully and peacefully had called ‘home’ at one point. She’d rebuild herself here and join the Crux. This way she could do something with her ‘life’ once more.
She quickly moved up in ranks quickly. Her cheery and mature, yet charismatic nature charmed many in the headquarters. Her quick-learning and intelligence caused her too earn respect.
She moved up in ranks and in 12 years earned her current title.

Thus, Abayomi would become the Commander of Charity.
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