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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Eleftherios and Orpheus
Eight-hundred years after sentient life began to exist in Sium, a benevolent creation God from another world broke an important rule. While travelling, it had seen a race of humans, so similar to its own creations, being tormented and slowly picked off by demons and monsters. Imbued with supernatural abilities, the beasts were a threat to the continued survival of the powerless humans. There was no balance. The world would soon be shrouded in darkness at this rate. The foreign God intervened, unaware of the presence of a less powerful, but much more malicious God - Orpheus, the Bringer of Night, Dreams, and Demons and the one who held dominion over all of Sium. Seething, this vengeful deity watched from obscurity as the creator God invaded its world for a short time and left its essence behind. Orpheus did not challenge the greater God directly, but left a tiny point of darkness in the other God's essence.

This essence would later become known as Sillage. Soon after its endowment, this Sillage would affect select individuals, giving them the ability to use magic, and by extension, the capability to protect themselves from supernatural beings. Humanity had been in its greatest time of need at that point, so the first magic users were seen as saviours rather than freaks. People worshipped the mysterious higher power (now dubbed Eleftherios which means "liberator") that had saved them, unknowingly abandoning their true God which had been watching over and testing them since the beginning of time. Orpheus watched spitefully as certain individuals were influenced by the night god's corrupt root, falling into depravity and losing their minds. This was Orpheus' Curse of Hunger. Not all mages would suffer this fate. However, for those burdened by excessive negative emotions, or even worse, a lust for power, depravity was inevitable.

Over 200 Years Later
Before the divine intervention, Sium used to be a world very similar to 17th century Earth. Technology at its best was steam-powered and sparsely distributed. Trades like agriculture, mining, and fishing took up much of the economy. These industries are still thriving today in year 1042. However, sillage has made a significant impact on the world, slowly but surely guiding Sium into a more fantastical future.

Much chaos was caused by the introduction of magic. Even with the demon threat mostly abated, the residents of Sium soon found that humans were even more dangerous when given too much power. Related events gave rise to an exorcist group known as Crux Fidelis. The group became famous for their mystical weapons that could use pure sillage while filtering out the curse. This meant that warriors of Crux Fidelis could grow powerful without being corrupted. Not only that, but the weapons were effective against magic. What began as a vigilante force grew swiftly in size and power. Eventually they rebelled against and took the place of a corrupt monarchy in year 991, effectively becoming Sium's government. While most are content with the safety and order that the Cross provides, some would be inclined to disagree with their forceful methods.

Faction-wise, everyone seems to be at odds. However, Crux Fidelis, Weltschmerz, and Apocrypha all have two common enemies. The main priority right now is Poena Damni, a group of Deadly Sins in physical form. Much like the demons of old, they terrorize humanity - no, the world as a whole - for no conceivable reason. Unlike the aforementioned demons, however, they are immortal and much more powerful. Worse yet is that even more Sins have been appearing. Lesser in ability but higher in numbers, these curses known as branches can give Hallowed and mages a run for their money with unique abilities and immortality.

The creator of these curses is still at large. The self-proclaimed "Black God" of the Black Sun Cabal has been running amok with his followers, leading to many disappearances over the last few months. However, the Cross has not been able to focus on apprehending all the cultists due the allegedly greater danger that the Sins pose. Since no one on the outside knows of Poena Damni's origin, the Black Sun Cabal has been made a lesser priority.

Needless to say, things in Sium are becoming chaotic again. Will balance be restored or will the world be flung into darkness? That is up to you.

“Edge Champion”
I'm looking for a place I'll never see again.
Aug 29 2017, 05:47 AM
Sushi Slut
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played by Hiraeth

- Orpheus creates Sium
- the birth of sentient life

- creation of Weltschmerz

- Eleftherios trespasses into Orpheus's domain
- bestows Sillage upon humanity
- humans begin to fight back against the supernatural entities that have preyed upon them for centuries
- Orpheus slightly tampers with Sillage, allowing it to corrupt those who use it

- a small exorcist group appears, known as Crux Fidelis
- through the usage of their unique Bellicosa, Crux Fidelis began to provide safety to the residents of Sium - fighting corrupt humans and demons alike. Over time, they accumulate more manpower and grow in size.
- at this point, the demon threat is all but quelled, but another threat still exists in the form of the corrupt monarchy.
- after what could have been considered a civil war, Crux Fidelis topples the monarchy and takes the reigns, becoming the new 'military' government of Sium.

- creation of The Black Sun Cabal

- creation of Apocrypha

- creation of the first Ephemera

- creation of the first Enforcer

- the birth of the Deadly Sins

- the birth of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


- Living Nightmare - The Arch-Demon Nybbas escapes from its prison in Domhnall and begins to trap the denizens of Sium in living nightmares through its ability to replicate itself. Yet, as more and more copies of it are destroyed across Sium, it is forced to retreat to Alptraum. Yet it vows to get revenge for being imprisoned, and you can be certain this will not be the last time it terrorizes Sium.

- Parallax - Buried deep in the tropics of Pluviall, in ruins lost to the ages, an ancient staff named 'Silence' rested upon an alter. Made by unknown hands, the artifact, in the right hands, allows whoever wields it to nullify all sillage in the immediate vicinity. And while many sought it, only the Black Sun Cabal and Crux Fidelis found it. Coming into conflict, the two forces battled until a victor was decided. With a Commander and Hallowed slain, one forced to retreat and the other two defeated, the Cabal's victory, off the back of the Horsemen, was undisputed. Despite the gag order placed on the result of the conflict to prevent this from becoming public knowledge, Crux Fidelis's morale was undoubtedly shaken while the Black Sun Cabal was emboldened, resulting in higher than average cultist activity.

- Coup D'etat - Despite the victory of The Black Sun Cabal, there was still discord among their ranks. The Horseman of Famine, Augus Rainstar, sought to claim Silence for himself in an attempted mutiny against The Black God. With his own followers who believed him to be the 'One True King of Sium', he rose against the Cabal and his creator in defiance. Yet, standing in opposition of him was his own brother - The Horseman of War, Nekros. Their battle resulted in the mass destruction of the western portion of Pluviall, to the point certain areas have become 'Sillage Dead Zones' that monsters have begun to flock to and create nests. The result of their battle was the death of Augus, ending the coup, but also the separation of Nekros from the Aspect of War. Down two Horsemen, the Cabal has fallen into slight disarray. In answer to this, the Black God has invoked Aphelion earlier, not only to raise the morale of his followers but also in hopes of finding new candidates capable of becoming his new Horsemen.

- Aligheri - 5 Rebels and 5 Sins entered the city, a considerably smaller amount left out. After an ancient relic that bore a direct connection with the souls of an ancient primal demon was opened, the town was reduced to a hellish landscape. After a particularly violent battle that involved casualties on both sides, the astral remains of the demon was thought to be slain. However, as the spirit was destroyed the resulting hellish energy destroyed the entirety of the town. In its wake was only vortex brimming with eldritch energy, and soon a tower rose from the depths. And with the tower, came several, you and old, demons that spread out throughout the region, demanding attention from the various factions whose interests were the protection of Sium. And now, the Tower of Joy, as it’s been dubbed by some of the people who’ve heard its call, beckons out to the citizens of Sium – drawing them to it with promises that descend only to a hellish fate.

- Aphelion - Through direct influence from the Black God, Aphelion struck earlier than anyone would have anticipated. The lack of preparedness and suddenness of it all made it one of the deadliest days in Sium’s history. Anarchy and chaos ran rampant with only a temporary alliance between Crux Fidelis, Apocrypha and Weltschmerz attempting to keep the peace. And while the casualties bordered on the millions across every single region, many lives were saved through the factions collective efforts. Yet, Crux Fidelis’s losses ranged in the thousands, causing rumors that the organization’s hold on Sium would wane. While this is yet to be confirmed, hushed whispers speak of betrayals on the horizon as well as audacious bids for power. At the time the Black Sun Cabal has fallen silent after the ‘successful’ Aphelion, but this has seemed to have stirred Poena Damni and more and more people are being attracted to the Tower of Joy in Xiphilkha in an attempt to regain what they lost and end their suffering.


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