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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.

Ava Rhys
Race: Sin // Age: 24 // Gender: She/Her // Orientation: Bi, but with a femme preference. // Occupation: Damned Researcher
Poena Damni, Deadly sin - greed
110 lbs
Face Claim
Elphelt Valentine, Guilty Gear
Appearance Extras
While she has successfully healed most of her more noticeable scars, Ava is nonetheless missing her right eye, and has started to use an enchanted glass eye as a substitute.

Regardless of her outfit, she is prone to carry around a large leather satchel with her wherever she goes, one of her few mementos from her time as a mortal. I mean sure having the bag monogrammed with her name might impede any stealth missions but hey, at least it’s less likely to get stolen that way.
Mask of Avarice (Destroyed): Former imitation bellicose, capable of sensing one's deepest desire, and visualizing sillage.

Oculus Avaritia: Her right eye has been replaced with an artifact created to help assist in combat-related tasks. With OoC permission, upon witnessing the use of an ability, she is able to use said ability as her own. It is subject to all of its standard limitations and weaknesses, and only a single ability can be retained at a time. Any physical abilities are significantly weakened due to her lack of strength, and she is incapable of properly utilizing powers that rely on shapeshifting. Innate, passive traits such as immortality or increased durability cannot be copied.
Unnatural Prodigy: Having extraordinary abilities as a mage even while mortal, her abilities with Sillage have grown exponentially upon her rebirth as a Deadly Sin. She is generally capable of most standard usages of magic, such as conjuring flame or manipulating objects around her. She particularly excels in matters of spells relating to the human form, whether simple acts of healing, or even the most forbidden varieties of necromancy. Lacking in physical ability, she relies on spirits and corpses to do her fighting for her, warping their original forms to better suit the situation.

Into the Vault: The embodiment of Greed, a large part of Ava’s time is spent hoarding texts and samples gathered from across the continent, for her personal usage. As such, she possesses the unique ability to store these items in a virtually infinite space. This space can be accessed through the opening of any room or container.

The Temptation of Mortals: Like all sins, Ava feeds off the negative sentiments and desires of mortals. She gains particular strength and nourishment from the greed of individuals, and will often foster this desire, even if it means imparting part of her precious collection to another.

Immortal Sin: Like all of the Deadly Sins, Ava can only be killed by Pride, and otherwise gets to lounge around in Alptraum for a week. While certainly capable of healing at a level beyond that of most mortals, major wounds tend to persist until extended recovery in Alptraum.

Illusions and Disguises: Bound to her female form by her contract with Pride, the success of Ava’s contract in her mortal life has left her with a liability as a Sin. Whether a limitation of the contract that granted her her female form, or a further manifestation of her greed in relation to the prize she has so long coveted, she has found her abilities in shapeshifting nonexistent, and her illusionary abilities lacking in comparison to the other Sins. Nevertheless, over the years developed a skill at covering scars with makeup that would put many costume artists to shame.
personality/fun facts
* Greedy
* Flirtatious
* Curious
* Playful
* Hoarder
* Stubborn
* Dedicated
* Learned
* Enthusiastic
* Mildly Sadistic
* Coward
* Determined
* Airheaded
* Filthy Rich
* Actually just kinda dumb. Well learned, but dumb.

Having spent most of her life neglecting all else in the pursuit of one small subsection of a small subfield of an already highly specialized research topic, upon achieving her goals, the floodgates opened. Friendship, romance, knowledge, play, fashion, family. Everything that she had neglected so long is now something she desires to hoard until it loses her interest. She’s found a particular interest in accumulating demonic contracts; even the most simple and harmless of them still represent a tangible bond that she has achieved, and given the often immaterial nature of that which she covets, such a contract is invaluable.

Incredibly frail.
Lack of physical strength.
Kind of a idiot.
For most of her life, Ava Rhys lived as the eldest son of the noble Rhys family. Though her family’s power had waned following the civil war, their willingness to renounce the monarchy and support Crux Fidelis in their claim to power resulted in the Rhys family retaining much of their wealth. Having originally risen to power through their skillful use of Sillage against the demonic threat, the family had found a new purpose, and it soon became customary for the able-bodied children of the family, upon their graduation from one of the continent’s academies, to enter into service of Crux Fidelis.

Extraordinarily gifted in matters of Silage, Ava soon found herself attending one of Ripsiarias’ top academies. There, she became obsessed with the use of Sillage to change the human form, and became almost fanatical in her pursuit of knowledge. Curses could be broken, spells could be undone, even Anathema could be removed upon death. What she sought was something truly irreversible by mortal means, that which could reshape a god’s creation. When her experiments moved from work with cadavers to live subjects, she turned to that closest at hand, burning and mangling her flesh in a variety of botched experiments.

Nonetheless, while she failed to attain her goals, her research was, in the eyes of academy and in the Cross, incredibly fruitful, and she soon secured a position as a researcher for Crux Fidelis. Granted the resources and connections she could only dream of, the fervor with which she approached her work only doubled. And yet, the more she discovered, the more her hunger grew. Facing discharge or even Anathema if she was discovered, she soon began to extend her research into the realm of heresy. With whatever funds she could muster, she sought the secrets of Weltschmerz, the teachings of the Black Sun, and the demonic contacts of Apocrypha. As her experiments continued and her health deteriorated, she was approached with an offer by the sworn enemy of all humanity. In exchange for the body she sought, she would enter into the eternal service of Pride, mightiest of the Deadly Sins. Whether a replacement for Hael or simply her vessel, Ava assumed the role of Greed. And although her wish was finally fulfilled, her hunger only grew, desiring that knowledge which she had so long neglected, the experiences which she had forsaken, the possessions she had discarded.
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