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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.

Gwyn Rainsworth
Race: Human/Angel // Age: 258 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Asexual // Occupation: Guardian Angel
Apocrypha, guardian angel
133 lbs
Face Claim
Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man
Appearance Extras
-Gwyn doesn't have a deformed arm. Everything else is the same as his face claim.

-his white hair often gets him mistaken for an old man when seen from a distance.

-the red pentagram marking on Gwyn's face happened when he was first possessed. It is a sign of how the demons that attacked Attaris permanently corrupted him.

-looks to be around 15-17 age-wise.
Wings: Gwyn has large, spectral white-feathered wings that are typically used for flight but also enable him to create great gusts of wind. Though they are ethereal, they can be affected by magic. They are only visible when in use.

Halo: Gwyn can manifest Attaris' icy halo at will, changing his classification from angel to seraphim. While this halo is around, he has six wings (capable of propelling him at speeds in which he can reach other provinces in mere seconds) instead of two and his cold-oriented abilities have a burning quality that will not only freeze, but erode anything they come into contact with. His ability to fire angelic light also changes and now the rays will drop from the sky, appearing to come from the sun itself as he wills it.

The halo itself appears as a ring of translucent white light. It's made of ice crystals that refract and reflect light, often leading to the production of different colours and shafts of light. With it's ever-changing nature, it can often appear much bigger than it actually is.
Enhanced Durability: Gwyn can take a lot more damage than average. He also heals moderately faster.

Enhanced Mobility: Because of his supernatural disposition and dominion over wind, Gwyn is incredibly agile. He can ride the wind to heighten his speed and get pretty much anywhere he wants quickly.

Sedation: Gwyn can cause humans to instantly fall asleep by tapping them on the forehead. Requires OOC permission.

Exile: Gwyn can erase the existence of lesser demons and curses in a flash of white light, but only after they have been incapacitated. This will only be used with player permission. He must make contact with his hand to carry this out properly.

Miracle: Once per day, Gwyn can instantly heal someone of all injuries/sickness/poison, including fatal afflictions. However, he cannot revive someone that has already died and he can't use it on himself.

Light of Ruin: As an angel, Gwyn has access to a dangerous type of light magic. He can fire a large, brilliant ray of white light that consumes everything in its path. Not only will this light vaporize most things, but those looking at it can be temporarily blinded. As powerful as this attack is, it is immensely draining to use. Gwyn can only use it once per day.

He can use this light in smaller quantities, but it's much harder to control that way.

Immortality: Since taking Attaris into his body hundreds of years ago, Gwyn hasn't aged. He's also exceptionally hard to kill. While he can be hurt and put temporarily out of commission by grievous injuries, he won't die for good. The only beings that can permanently kill Gwyn are demons and his fellow angels. If he's killed by anything else, he'll eventually heal/reform without any lasting effects.

However, this can sometimes work as a double-edged sword as it gives non-angels/demons a way to "seal" Gwyn. For example, someone temporarily kills him with a blade. If that blade isn't removed, it blocks him from healing. In other words, he can't wake up until the interfering object is moved.

Winter: Since he is possessed by the governing angel of winter, Gwyn can manipulate and in most cases create snow, ice, and cold. He is unaffected by chilly temperatures (unless he becomes greatly drained), but on the flip side, he doesn't do well in hot climates. Based on his emotional state, the surrounding weather will sometimes change for the worse.

Cold Aura: Gwyn's body constantly emits an invisible but cold feeling. Those who come within 10 feet of him will notice the temperature drop by a few degrees.

Wind Manipulation: This goes hand-in-hand with Gwyn's ability to create cold. Even without his wings, he can create harsh gusts of wind to drive people back. He can also manipulate wind in a way to make it sound ominous (howling for example). This is something that mostly happens by default when he is angry or otherwise distressed.

Sheer Cold: Gwyn can freeze a limited area (20 metres in diameter) to the point all movement stops, creating the illusion that he has stopped time. He can move freely in this space, but the longer he maintains it, his human body will start turning into ice, eventually cracking. As long as he stops this ability before shattering (about twenty seconds), he'll return to normal afterward. Can only be used with OOC permission and with halo manifested.

Weaknesses: Gwyn has a glaring weakness to heat. His cold-oriented powers will almost instantly dry up in the face of boiling weather. Due to him being an angel and his affinity with light, he also has a weakness to dark/demonic powers. When hit by something of that nature, it acts like a poison. Prolonged exposure will cause him to cease functioning. Injuries taken from dark powers will take a long time to heal and most magic will be ineffective in curing them. Due to his huge weakness to demonic power, Gwyn is able to sense it so that he can avoid it if need be.

Sharing: In an effort to form bonds with people, Gwyn has learned to pass on his powers in different ways. He can imbue people with his grace (angelic essence) to give them cold/ice-oriented abilities. With this method, there is no taking the power back - or if there is, he has not discovered it. In this manner, he saved Alyssa Havenheart from death via freezing, but unknowingly cursed her into being followed by icy weather.

He has also formed a "contract" with a woman named Skye Mikslav. In exchange for her company, Gwyn had her inherit a variety of his abilities. He can help her fight by lending even more power, but must be careful to not overload her. He can only form one contract at a time.
personality/fun facts
Positive: allocentric, appreciative, earnest, genuine, idealistic, intuitive, patient, reflective, trusting

Negative: aimless, airy, astigmatic, disobedient, distracted, easily discouraged, erratic, fanciful, hesitant, ignorant, irresponsible, meddlesome, shy

-he's been called things like "Jack Frost" and "Old Man Winter" because he seems to bring the cold with him. He doesn't actually cause winter itself however.

-Gwyn is gullible. It doesn't help that he doesn't understand sarcasm.

-he's ignorant. There are a lot of human emotions and practices he does not understand. He often forgets how weak the average human is.

-often carries a worldly energy. Gwyn often finds himself listening to other people's problems as he seems to attract those that are hurting. His responses aren't always satisfactory.

-on the surface, he seems to be a kind and polite young man, but a lot of that is acting to get people to like him. He has a genuine soft spot for children though. It might be because most kids like snow and won't get angry with him for causing it.

-Gwyn doesn't want anyone to know he is an angel and will go to great lengths to conceal it, even murdering those who find out if he can't trust them. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it is easy to gain his trust.

-he'll always offer to help people if they look like they need it and he'll throw himself into dangerous confrontations that have nothing to do with him without hesitation. This apparent selflessness is not just a product of kindness, however, but self-destructive tendencies. He sees himself as a good actor. He saves people because it gives him purpose and makes him feel better. But he's not sure if he actually cares about them. He doesn't understand that it's common for people to not care about those they don't know personally.

-doesn't need to eat or sleep. If he wanted to, he could eat endlessly but since he doesn't get hungry, it doesn't serve a purpose. He only sleeps if he is severely injured or overuses his powers.

-Gwyn spaces out a lot.

-often feels a longing to return "home". He doesn't know whether this home is Heaven or Empyrean.

Hundreds of years ago, Gwyn was born in Empyrean to the rich and prestigious Rainsworth family. His life went as one might guess - everything he could want or need was provided for him. He was mostly happy, but often felt that something was missing. He had nothing to strive for. He wasn't living, just existing.

That all changed on his fifteenth birthday. He had asked to go to the ground to see the rest of Sium. Reluctantly, his parents agreed and sent him down to Sium with two household servants.

Gwyn was enthralled by what seemed like a different world. At some point, his wonder caused him to wander way off course and get lost while they were in Seracier. Freezing, he took refuge in a forest - Lachrys to be exact. Unbeknownst to Gwyn, there had been a battle between angels and demons in that forest.

He eventually came across the battlefield. The ground was bloodstained and littered with demon corpses. At the centre of the gory scene lay a dying angel. It called out to Gwyn, introducing itself as Attaris, the governing angel of winter and asked the boy for permission to possess him so it could heal. In exchange it would save him from freezing to death, and it would only control him in dire situations. Left with no other option, he eventually agreed. There was a flash of blinding white light and Gwyn was filled with angelic power. After that, he could no longer feel the cold. He also inherited all of the angel's memories, which came close to overwhelming him.

After that, he wasn't the same. The world around him appeared superficial. The peace brought about by Crux Fidelis was controlled and false. The fighting that happened between intelligent races seemed pointless to him. He felt as though he had no purpose. The reason for this shift was Attaris. The angel had been corrupted by the demonic attacks and could not return to heaven. It no longer had orders to follow or a purpose, and worse yet was that their two personalities had begun to merge.

Gwyn never ended up returning to his family, not finding he could identify with them or their way of life anymore. Attaris had never told him of how time passes differently for angels, so when Gwyn finally got curious enough to visit Empyrean, he didn't realize that two-hundred years had passed. Everyone he had ever known was gone. Since his consciousness had been merged with that of Attaris, he didn't even have the angel's voice in his head anymore. He was alone.

A lot of time passed and as Gwyn became more "human-like", he started to crave attention. He tried to blend in with humans, but his cold-oriented powers made it difficult as he was often accompanied by cold temperatures and snowstorms. It didn't help that he never kept with the times. Being mostly alone for hundreds of years sapped whatever social skills he had. Since Gwyn's powers were hard to ignore, he passed them off as magic whenever asked. Still, they often got him into trouble and he found himself being shunned no matter where he went.

Gwyn recently formed a "contract" with a woman named Skye Mikslav. Thanks to the mark of corruption across his left eye, he was mistakenly pulled into one of Apocrypha's infamous demon summoning rituals. When he arrived, he was greeted by the sight of a demon attacking Skye. He wasted no time in smiting the demon and healing her. Possibly delirious from trauma, Skye mistook him for her dead son. Gwyn knew that his human parents were long-dead and quickly informed her that she was mistaken. Still, they agreed to form a contract. He didn't want her to try summoning another demon. He wanted a purpose. Even if it meant he had to be surrounded by demons, he wanted to help instead of wandering in loneliness. So in exchange for a purpose and her company, Gwyn gave Skye access to his powers and joined Apocrypha.

While he isn't exactly devoted to Apocrypha, Gwyn is completely loyal to Skye, acting as her guardian angel. If she seeks to go up against Crux or the Sins, he will back her.
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