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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Noa Orcavont
Race: Human // Age: 46 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Hallowed
Crux Fidelis, commander - temperance
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Face Claim
Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Appearance Extras
Gwyndolin: A woman with fifteen scars on her own back from whip lashings in her years of battle.
Ballista | Lectio:

Upon restoring the Lion's Ballista to it's original form, Leona gains access to a great-bow. A massive black oak bow that is magically bound to Leona and her alone. Arrows are formed from sillage pulled from the Earth and when fired the energy returns to it after a spell has been used. The dark discoloration of the bow serves as a reminder to Leona of her past and the lessons she had learned from it.

Bellicosa | Iudiciis

Leona's Bellicosa changes shape into a lion-like automaton creature who shares a mental link with her. It's seismic physical power and speed along with it's sheer size make it both a resilient foe on it's own but when fought alongside Noa, Iudiciis serves as a staunch defender to compliment Leona's trapper-esque fighting style.

Height: 12 ft
Length: 21 ft
Weight: 12 tons
II--The Lion's Ballista--II

No matter the means, if Noa were to regain her human then the corruption within her magic ceases and her sillage returns to what it once was. A magic that enhances the soul, granting enhanced physical abilities and a more precise control over the Earth. This allows for safer and more controlled manipulation of the Earth without recklessly eating at it's sillage foundations, however it has cost her the physiological strength and endurance of her accursed form.

||--Fighting Style--||

Leona's fighting style had evolved with her experiences. When she was younger, she utilized a high mobility based style of hand to foot combat which mainly utilized fast kicks and took advantage of her magically enhanced strength. As Noa, using her head in battle was nearly impossible and so she adopted a juggernaut like style using remnants of her previous style combined with beastly movements with abhorrent amounts of aggression, yet was tremendously slower than her younger human counter-part. Now as the Lion's Ballista, Noa, now dubbed, Leona has become a very cerebral combatant. Although she is still capable of tremendous feats of superhuman strength, she does not rely on it as much as in her youth aside from using it to create distance for a very trapper-esque style of fighting

|| -- Bow Mastery -- ||

Ever since her youth, Leona's weapon of choice had always been a bow an arrow of some kind. Whether it was a short-bow of her former mobile style or the sheer range and power of her great bow, it's safe to say that her archery skills are at supernatural levels.

________________________FORMER ABILITIES________________________

II--The Lion's Tragedy--II

The Lion's Tragedy is a corrupted version of the Lion's Ballister, which is the ability to manipulate sacred energies that have a high affinity for the earth. Being corrupted, the sacred energies that once acted as a firm and solid foundation for altering the earth, buffing Noa, and creating new forms of minerals is now focused on the dark, destructive side of the earth element which damages, destroys and consumes everything it comes across. This ability is extremely volatile and is difficult to control so the threat of Noa hurting herself in the wake of her own power is always present.

Enhanced Endurance: Noa's transformation has made her far more tolerant to pain when its inflicted on her. This is linked with her magic, The Lion's Tragedy, and therefore she becomes even more endurant the stronger her magic becomes. This ability can not be turned off.

Enhanced Strength: Noa's transformation has made her capable of defying the weight limitations of her race. This is linked with her magic, The Lion's Tragedy, and therefore she becomes physically stronger as her magic evolves. This ability cannot be turned off.

personality/fun facts
Prior to her transformation, Noa normally maintained a mostly professional demeanor during her time as a noble human. While her cold exterior and professional attitude may have turned people away, Noa was not anti-social, as she always valued her friendships that she made mostly because she had so few of them due to her busy life.

Noa is intelligent but she had a habit of allowing herself to be lost in the "heat" of the battle. As a noble, Noa is arrogant to a fault but is very much aware of her haughty attitude but she sees it necessary to have such confidence to lead others to her standard of living. Despite this, Noa has no interest in fame or personal glory and would rather keep her family name a secret.

Following her transformation, Noa retains most of her personality traits but becomes ruthless, narcissistic and far more apathetic being. She is plagued with murderous tendencies and does her very best to herself from killing. In an attempt to do so, Noa focuses most of her time and effort in finding a way to be human again and obsesses on the concept of rebirth in order to keep her mind focus enough for the task.

Upon Noa's transformation into Leona, she still bares the Festerhilde name but not as a symbol of her nobility but as a reminder of the shadows in her past that she has learned not to let define who she was.

Regaining her reserved nature, Noa has far better control over her mind and emotions than she ever did. Although not as uptight as she used to be, seeing being a soldier as a bit easier then being an actual, honest noble, Noa is still quite dutiful and contemplative. Essentially, Leona became a wiser and humbler version of her younger, more angsty self.
Once the "Lord" and sole survivor of an esteemed family, Leonidas was tasked with maintaining and growing the legacy of the Festerhilde through the use of magic passed down to her from a bloodline of demon hunters and nobles.

That all came to an end when the Festerhilde "Lord" had to face her greatest challenge yet against a treacherous butler who usurped and corrupted the sacred energies born of the Festerhilde's lineage. The two fought, however the traitor was far too powerful and so then, with her last breath, the Festerhilde called upon Edgar, a Lion spirit and had it consume part of her soul in return for power.

The result was a massive cataclysm that brought both Leonidas and the traitor down into the earth. That should have been the end, however Edgar did not wish to perish. Therefore, he took full control of an unconscious Festerhilde and with it he bit into the flesh of the traitor.

In doing so, Edgar consumed the dark magic within the butler and added to his own corrupting both Leonidas and Edgar in the process before allowing his conscious to be fused with Leonidas' to complete the gruesome transformation. Now all that was left was for this new being to rest for the next twenty-years.

On one rainy day, two adventurers found themselves digging for treasure until they eventually came across the Festerhilde's body.
Once air had touched her face, she awakened, famished and so she pounced on the two and tore them apart to devour their flesh in a blind rage. Once she realized what she had done, Leonidas having Edgar's memories implanted with her had realized what she had become. A roar of sheer rage and despair echoed with the thunder clap for on that day, Leonidas was dead.

In time, Noa would gain the means to be purified by an unlikely ally and with her human body restored and her magic now at it's complete form, Noa; now Leona, travels out as a member of the Holy Crux in her efforts to find and purify others who had been afflicted by Orpheus' curse. In five years time, Noa continued to work with the Crux as hard as she could. Learning the politics within the Crux and keeping her past self a secret from all as well as gathering enough power and notoriety to eventually be recommended as a candidate for the spot of Commander.
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