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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ophelia Delcroix
Race: Demon // Age: 19 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Aracelis Hallowed
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
126 lbs.
Face Claim
Neo (RWBY)
Appearance Extras
Full Name: 'Lady Ophelia Angelique Marie-Véronique la Alestina-Genevieve de Delcroix, Baroness of Penthièvre, Elementalist Supreme, Crimson Sorceress of The Court of Magi and Heiress of House Delcroix'
Oculus Obscura
Ophelia's Bellicosa, Oculus Obscura, is her left eye. After forcibly replacing her previous eye upon its initial activation, it now serves as a permanent part of Ophelia. It's generally impossible to notice -- the only unique trait is that her left eye is pink, leading most to assume she simply has heterochromia. When fully activated, however, Oculus Obscura gives Ophelia a wide variety of visual abilities.

> Snapshot - This gives Ophelia the ability to 'capture' select targets in sight for up to ten seconds. It puts her targets in a temporary spacial stasis in which they are frozen for a set period of time; during this time, they are unable to move or utilize any abilities, but their senses remain. But, in that same vein, nothing can interact with them -- meaning that for those five seconds, they're technically invulnerable. This ability is mostly used to ambush people or in tandem with some sort of plan that may require people or things to be in a specific location or spot, meaning some form of planning tends to be involved before she uses it. (Can only be used once every 2 Ophelia-posts).

-> Deconstruct - Ophelia can analyze people, places and things to learn about them. This allows her to generally identify weaknesses or minute details that may typically go unnoticed. It works in the same way as Snapshot in that it momentarily 'freezes' the target (though only for one second) to completely analyze it and inform Ophelia of any potential weaknesses. What's unique about Deconstruct is that, unlike Snapshot, this can apply to magical abilities. Meaning she can use it to discover the weakness of a certain ability or magic. (Can only be used once every 5 Ophelia-posts. Requires OOC Permission.)

--> True Sight - When activated, Ophelia can see for up to a mile. While she's locked out of Deconstruct, Snapshot and Penance, she can essentially locate almost anyone. She can see through walls and any magical spells or techniques meant to obscure one's presence. When using True Sight, she can even 'mark' people to track them over extended distance. It's impossible to hide from True Sight, but she can't use it for a long time herself. The biggest drawback -- aside from being unable to use her other abilities -- is the fact that afterwards, she's left completely blind for up to 2-3 posts.

---> Penance - When looking into someone's eyes, Ophelia can force people to 'face their demons'. Even those who supposedly lack a conscience are susceptible to this. This can manifest in a number of ways; from trapping someone in a hellish landscape in which they're forced into a living nightmare, or it can cause intense hallucinations that play on someone's regrets or fears. (Requires OOC Permission.)

The most dangerous part of Oculus Obscura is what it does to Ophelia herself. As she's a Demon the usage of a holy weapon that's pseudo-bonded with her on a biological level is naturally caustic and poisonous to her. This results in her having bouts of intense exhaustion, physical weakness, sickness and other things. Her eyesight is slowly deteriorating, forcing her to rely on Oculus Obscura even more, which only serves to worsen whenever condition. Ophelia is very much aware of the fact that it is slowly killing her, but nevertheless she always finds a way to cover up the symptoms and keep the truth to herself.
Due to the presence of Oculus Obscura in her body, Ophelia's mastery of various elements has been extremely crippled. In her current state, she can really only manipulate the wind to any noticeable degree. She can still fling the occasional fireball, create a wall of earth or freeze something, but it's quite weaker. She mostly just manipulates the wind to fly or otherwise defend herself.

Even as a human, Ophelia always boasted a large reserve of Sillage. After becoming a Demon, this was increased. Now, her Sillage is almost constantly being drained by her Bellicosa, which is the cause of her elemental abilities being weakened to the extent they are, as she can't risk running out of Sillage.

personality/fun facts
Ophelia has begun to portray herself as a rather normal person. Gone is her immense ego and love for some of the more luxurious facets of life. Instead, she carries herself with that same confidence, but to a more subdued and bearable extent. While she still walks tall, she's grown somewhat quieter and more reserved; she no longer seeks to bring attention to herself, but rather does her best to avoid it. Drifting between anti-social and socially-awkward, she's developing something of a social anxiety. She cannot handle being around several people at once -- a paranoia has infected her that causes her to generally avoid other people.

Despite her more reigned in attitude, there is still a slight liveliness in Ophelia. She can have fun -- when her health allows it -- and she's not afraid to interact with others to a certain extent. So long as it's a scenario in which she doesn't feel like a slip of the tongue may upset her new life, she can be quite easy-going. Still, interacting with others isn't something she actively seeks to do -- if it happens, it happens. The only person Ophelia is really concerned with being around or doing anything with is naturally Aspen.

While Ophelia frequently questioned if she was capable of love, she has no doubts about her feelings for her girlfriend. Her dependency on Aspen does border on unhealthy, however. She'll typically avoid doing things if she doesn't think Aspen would approve, and she's typically thinking about her to some extent. She's afraid of doing anything to upset her, so she always tries to just play it safe. Needless to say, Ophelia has made Aspen her sole reason for living, however finite that time may be.

Despite her declining health, Ophelia's time as a member of high society has taught her how to properly hide her condition. From faking smiles to forcing herself to bury any noticeable weakness being caused by her Bellicosa, Ophelia has every intention of making sure no one finds out about the effects her Bellicosa is having on her. This is a truth she's even hiding from Aspen -- and to this extent, she may even slip back into her more caustic and dangerous nature as a Sin. She has no intention of Aspen ever finding out to the point she's willing to kill and threaten anyone who may find out, just to make sure they keep her secret.
Ophelia was raised in the lap of luxury. Coming from a noble family who were known to produce powerful Elementalists, Ophelia was allowed to have any and everything she could have ever desired. Anything she wanted would always be a finger snap away. From a young age, she sat far above the common folk, being taught to view them as little more than plebeians who existed only for her entertainment. And entertain they did, for she commanded it.

By the age of 12, the girl had, unknowingly, forced several people to die for her entertainment. Ophelia would casually demand the most dangerous of tasked to be preformed without any thought for the safety of the person attempting the feats. From demanding people ride horses upside down, balancing on their hands, to making them fight animals twice their size with their bare hands.

She was never reprimanded for any of her actions. She was never taught the difference between right and wrong. When she did learn of the results of her actions, she felt nothing. The value of life was lost on the girl and this created a fear in her parents. They recognized their mistake, but they knew it would be impossible to fix it. Not only was the girl completely detached from any form of humanity, but she was slowly growing stronger and stronger.

As such, her parents decided to rid themselves of their mistake in the form of Penthièvre, a small city they had lordship over. They 'gave' it to Ophelia as a gift, explaining that it would be hers to 'oversee'. But while Ophelia may have been ignorant to the concept of 'humanity', she had the education expected of someone that hailed from nobility. So, she knew her parents were attempting to rid themselves of her, but she more than happy to accept.

At the age of 17, Ophelia had replaced the governor of Penthièvre, taking on the title of Baroness. With a combination of her own intelligence and her advisers, she proved to be an competent ruler. But old habits die hard. As her skill as an Elementalist grew and her 'subjects' revered her as a ruler, Ophelia merely grew more and more detached from her humanity.

And it was then that Ophelia met Lucifer. It was almost like she was in a dream of some sort, but the words Lucifer spun were music the girl's ears. With the promise of becoming a God-Queen, Ophelia followed Lucifer to Alptraum. For six months she was gone, being trained by Lucifer to fully reach the height of her ability as an Elementalist. But her advisers kept it a secret, fearing what would happen if it came out Ophelia was missing.

But, she returned as if nothing had changed. But, she was different. Her yellow eyes and fangs being a silent sign that something was wrong. Yet, Ophelia continued to act the same, putting on the same public face. But, in the back of her mind... She was waiting. Waiting for Lucifer to put her plan into actions, and the moment she could ascend to God-Queen, finally taking the throne she deserved.


After a year and a half as a Sin, growing and learning in her own unique ways, Ophelia underwent a change. While unintentional, she inevitably fell in love with her fellow sin, frequent partner in-crime and 'questionable' girlfriend, Aspen. In Ophelia's eyes, her life was completely perfect and without issue -- the time she spent with Aspen was arguably the best of her life.

Things began to go awry when Aspen suddenly vanished for several weeks, leaving Ophelia alone. And slowly she began to break down mentally -- killing various servants and even coming close to killing her own brother. Her paranoia slowly reached its peak to the point she didn't even trust any of her fellow Sins and her own powers began to backfire on her and harm her frequently.

Eventually Aspen resurfaced, visiting her at her home. Initially Ophelia was furious due to her mania, especially after learning Aspen had abandoned the Sins for Crux Fidelis. Initially feeling betrayed, Ophelia slowly began to accept Aspen's reasoning, her love and trust for Aspen winning out over her fear and paranoia. Despite the risk, Ophelia agreed to go with Aspen to Crux Fidelis to undergo the same process she did to escape her life as a Sin.

Things didn't go as smoothly for Ophelia as it did Aspen. Melchior was nowhere to be found, which threw a wrench in their plans. While Valentine could make people turn a blind eye to Ophelia as they waited for Melchior's inevitable return, when it didn't seem like that'd be happening, Ophelia made a choice.

Not wanting to disappoint Aspen or upset the new life she was trying to lead, she forced Valentine to go along with her plan. Her lie. Aspen was sent off on an asinine mission by Valentine while Ophelia was given a Bellicosa. She had enough Sillage to the point she was sure she could force it to activate, despite being a demon, so she was certain it would work. And it did... Painfully slow.

Valentine had already had her inducted into Crux Fidelis as a member of the Aracelis, so the Bellicosa did acknowledge her as its owner. But also as an enemy due to the fact she was a demon. Destroying her left eye and replacing it, Ophelia could feel the Bellicosa 'connect' itself to her. She could feel it began to almost immediately start to sap away her Sillage. She spent the next few days comatose as her body struggled to adjust to the holy presence that had become apart of her and was slowly poisoning her.

She was able to recover to a functional state before Aspen returned, and when she did, she merely said Melchior purified her while Aspen was completing her mission, which was confirmed by Valentine per Ophelia's demand. While she's aware that her Bellicosa is slowly killing her, she's more than content to let it happen so long as she's able to remain by Aspen's side in Crux Fidelis until her death.
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