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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Nassor Osiris
Race: Demon // Age: 1011 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Chaos Agent
Poena Damni, Blade of Babylon
184 lbs
Face Claim
Ozymandias - Type-Moon
Appearance Extras
[Amulet of Rha] - A golden amulet meant to hang around Nassor's neck. It can be opened to reveal the image of a hawk with burning wings. If Nassor chants a particular incantation while holding it, a portal will open, and he will be allowed to venture to and from Alptraum. This can only be used to get in and out of Alptraum, not to port from a different place in Sium to another (I.E., from Goathaire to Ravanr); however, when exiting Alptraum, Nassor will be able exit in a place that he had once been to in his life (Meaning that if he entered Alptraum from Goathaire, he will be able to exit Alptraum to Ravanar).

[Soul Control] - Nassor is granted the very special ability to guide a dying person's soul from their body. When Nassor witnesses a person who is near death, he may help their soul peacefully pass on. This holds especially true for undead creatures. Those whose souls are cursed to remain in items or living beings may be forced out of their vassals and forced to pass on [Requires OOC permission for Undead Creatures who are being Roleplayed].

He may also be able to force a soul to remain in a vassal so that they may not die. This can be exceptionally brutal, as a person whose body is experiencing immeasurable pain may not escape from that pain. They may be doomed to continue experiencing that pain until Nassor releases them of their hold. Subsequently, Nassor can force a soul to remain in a person's body so that a person may be healed and survive, or he can force that soul to inhabit another soulless body and live on in its new vassal.

[Demon Physiology] - Among the demons, Nassor can stand as one of the strongest. His demon physiology grants him supernatural speed, strength, durability, and agility. Thus far, there doesn't seem to be any limit to his power.

[Demonic Wind Pressure] - Due to Nassor's extreme strength, he is able to condense wind into a massive amount of pressure and shoot it forward as an attack. At his apex power, he is able to demolish an entire city. However, it comes at an extreme price. If he uses this ability at his absolute limit, his body would implode, leaving him with nothing but a lifeless head. Merely using it at half his power will cause a great strain on his muscles and using this ability constantly will weaken his strength. Thus, this power isn't used often with Nassor.

[Demonic Nose] - Another passive ability of Nassor's is his demonic nose, which allows him to detect the specific smell of people and objects from their origin and even track them with this supernatural sense.

An added bonus is that he can distinguish smells between species as well. Through his nose, he can determine who is human, who is demon, who is dragon, and much more. If he had not met the species yet, he may still be able to distinguish the smell, but he will not know what species it belongs too.

Finally, a latest advantage of this sensory given to him through his transformation into the Blade of Babylon, is the ability to smell who is and who is not a sin. If a sin is near him, they will give off a particular stench that Nassor can masterfully pick up.

[Regeneration] - Another benefit towards his demon physiology is the ability to regenerate his body. Small cuts and flesh wounds can take up to a minute to heal, damage to the arteries can take up to a day, and loss of body parts can take from weeks to months. His immune system works a lot faster, however, and can destroy harmful substances inside of him before major damage can be done, weakening the effects of poison and diseases.

[Demonic Awakening] - By sapping essence from his sister, Aziza, Nassor is able to awaken the demon form that would otherwise take too much energy to summon. His body would grow to an enormous extent, with his legs transforming into a large snake tail with a long spike on the end. His skin would harden into solid scales that are nigh indestructible, and his upper body would take on a more monstrous visage.

His speed, strength, durability, and agility will experience a sharp increase, while this form will grant him a new ability known as darkness solidification.

Through the use of the darkness surrounding him, Nassor will be able to solidify the shadows into tendrils, chains, or threads to bind a target. He may also be able to shape spikes out of darkness to impale a target or create a shield out of darkness to protect from an attack. The more surrounding shadows or darkness around him, the greater the strength and length of his darkness constructs.

Blade of Babylon

[Expert Combatant] - Over his years of fighting, Nassor has come to master the art of combat. His most favorite fighting style is hand to hand, but he is just as deadly with the use of swords, knives, axes, and even bow and arrows. He understands how to read an opponent easily and discover their weaknesses through watching them. His expertise makes him a terrifying foe and a challenge to even the most skilled fighters.

[Agent of wrath] - As a Blade of Babylon, Nassor has been given the ability to draw power from his anger. The more wrathful he becomes, the more strength, durability, and speed he can summon up. However, this becomes a disadvantage if he draws on too much power. His anger may drive him to an uncontrolled and readable state, and he may not be able to distinguish between friend and foe. If this goes on for too long, his body may suffer the consequences, and he may be taken out of commission for months.

[Wrath Conversion] - As Blade of Babylon, Nassor is given two methods of converting others to wrath's agents. The first is a passive that he can barely control. For those that decide to battle Nassor, the longer they are locked in combat with him, the more wrathful they will become.

Those that are not demons will go through a demonification process. Their eyes will turn red, their schlera will go black, and their body would begin to morph into that of a demon. Soon, their wrath would become uncontrollable. They will lose all sense of what is right or wrong, and they will merely seek out vengeance. If they manage to overcome their rage, they will develop remain sentient and with their own free will. If not, their vengeance will eat them away, and they will not stop until all who did them wrong are brought to a swift end. Essentially, they will become mindless soldiers of wrath [Requires OOC Permission].

The second method of conversion is a forceful demonification. By placing his hands on the subject's forehead, Nassor can force them to fall deep into their wrath and transform into a demon. They will also receive an unimaginable amount of pain as well. It may hurt them so much to the point where they will want to die. If they fail to fight their rage, they will become a mindless soldier of wrath. [Also requires OOC permission].

Through this process, even non-sentient beings like animals can be converted to demons.

Demons take longer to corrupt. Whereas a human may require up to minutes, a demon conversion may take an entire day. Those that cannot fight their rage and are turned into mindless soldiers of wrath will be under the full control of Nassor. They will be forced to follow his orders. However, the cardinal sin of wrath's orders will always matter more than Nassor's.
personality/fun facts
The word narcissistic does not do Nassor justice. He is a man that believes in one truth: he is perfect, and everyone else around him is imperfect. Those that walk above him are not fit to be there, and those that walk below him should walk even lower. He thinks every part of him is marvelous, fantastic, and amazing. The pure image of perfection is what he calls himself, and he is not afraid to say it in front of others.

Sometimes, he may even talk in third person, referring to himself as "the great me," just so that people are reminded of how marvelous he really is. At times, he may refuse to call himself a demon, instead preferring the term "Demon-God." There is no one that he thinks is stronger than himself and he would sooner test his strength on anyone who thinks them better. Even those that are far weaker than him cannot escape his wrath, as he believes that there are even bugs that deserve to be squashed for their annoyance.

Despite this nature, there is someone that he believes deserves even more of affection and admittance to perfection than him. This person is his beloved sister, Aziza. He sees her as a perfection in beauty that can rival his perfection in strength, thus he would allow her to stand on the same pedestal as he does at any time. He also feels the same for any that he would call a family member, as those with the same blood as him or who have a deep connection with him, he would consider apart of him, thus they have perfection in and of themselves. Although, their perfection is not a true perfection like his' or Aziza's, so he would only treat them half as nicely.

One thing that Nassor absolutely loves is wine and battle. Sometimes, if the two mixed, he would be the most satisfied demon. For as long as over 800 years, Nassor had been locked in battle, fighting off both demons and humans for the safety of his family. Because of all the blood he shed, he came to enjoy brutally decapitating enemies with his bare hands. Punching enemies, stabbing enemies and even getting hit by enemies brought unbridled pleasure to him. Even today, as the world around him becomes more and more dangerous for demons, he cannot turn away from a fight. His pride and pleasure both hold tight grasps on him when involving battle.

For wine, understanding his enjoyment of it is pretty simple, he just likes the taste. Years of drinking had allowed him to develop a tolerance, so he no longer drinks to get drunk. His sole satisfaction lies in his indulgent of it. Wine tastes delicious to him, thus he will drink as much as he wants, and if anyone spills his wine, they will experience a reckoning. Part of the reason he enjoys wine is that it makes him feel empowering. To drink such a delicious substance that very few can enjoy allows him to feel like a king, and he would rather drink it in front of a peasant while laughing in their faces if he could.

Once again, despite his narcissistic attitude, he is capable of feeling love for others, much like he is capable of feeling anger, regret, and sadness. Even though he sees himself as perfection, he may shed a tear for a loss or feel great passion for a love. In fact, it is because he is so passionate that he feels no shame in letting his feelings flow. Living such a long life has made him more susceptible to his emotions, and he would hate himself forever if he did not speak his mind when he wanted or cried when he needed. Weakness for him is not showing his emotions, but being afraid to show his emotions. Thus, when he sees a man or a woman cry for their loved ones or out of their own frustration, he is not ashamed of feeling a bit of pride in them.

Finally, Nassor is a demon that is always easy to anger. It does not take much to set him off and incur his rage. However, he has learned when to turn on and off his temper. In situations where anger may be his downfall, he may revert to patience and tranquility. However, in moments where anger is the only emotion that he deems fit, he will call upon a wrath that is strong enough to shake the heavens and split the earth.
Nassor's name was not Nassor in the beginning. At the very moment of his birth, he was called Osiris. Made by the hands of Orpheus, Osiris was given tremendous power and an unbridled rage. His strength was impressive, as even at a younger age of 5 he could rip apart an average demon with his bare hands. The boy believed that there was none as strong as he.

Towards the beginning, he was thrown into Sium alone. However, he quickly found solace in three other individuals. This first was Seth, a demon youth the same as him who had a weak, frail body but an unmeasurable intelligence. Next was Isis, whose beauty rose so high that all others failed to meet in comparison. And finally Nephthys, who also had a beauty, though not equal to Isis, but still firm and gracious.

Together, they joined each other and promised to always be there for one another. They called themselves siblings and made a vow to love as though they were an actual family. In the dangerous world where demons ate demons, and demons ate humans, they only had themselves to protect.

Most of the dirty work of the family fell to Osiris. He hunted and killed animals for food and fought off any demon or human that attacked them. Since Osiris had incredible power even for a child, his role in keeping his family safe was heavy. This was especially true in protecting Isis. His first youngest sister had an amazing gift that could increase a demon's power and make them unbeatable. Many demons saw her as valuable and tried their best to capture her, but Osiris would always fight them off.

Seth's job was much simpler, yet even tougher. He provided strategic analysis. What to do, where to go, and when to do it all fell within the parameters of insight Seth would make. Isis had a talent for agriculture, thus her job was growing their food so that they would not starve. Nephthys, sadly, had no clear use for the siblings to utilize, thus she merely followed everyone else's lead.

Over the years together, the siblings grew to have great respect for each other, even though they had many conflicts. Their love was strong, and Osiris thought that it would remain strong forever. However, that was not the case.

While Osiris was not paying attention, Seth developed a deep love for Isis, but Isis did not return those sentiments. Her main focus fell to Osiris, and a deep jealousy in Seth grew. Nephthys developed feelings for Seth and started obsessing over him at every little chance she got. Osiris was too blind to see the looming emotions everyone had over each other, thus he failed to predict the calamity that would happen next.

Seth, in all of his genius, plotted to use Nephthys to kill Osiris. Nephthys had a special ability that sapped away the powers of an individual (Very opposite to Isis). She charmed Osiris in the name of Seth and attempted to end his life. However, Osiris was much stronger than she predicted, and he quickly got the upper hand.

It took little effort for Osiris to discover Seth's plan and confront him for it. Seth admitted to his misdeeds, however, refused to apologize. He attacked Osiris with all of his might in hopes of killing his competition for Isis' love.

The battle that Osiris raged with Seth tore Osiris' heart apart, for he loved his brother more than anything else, the same as he loved his sister Nephthys. Their betrayal placed a deep knife wound in him.

Unfortunately, even after Osiris defeated Seth and was given the choice to kill his brother... Osiris allowed Seth to live.

Seth ran from Osiris, threatened to be killed by Osiris' hands if he was ever seen again. Nephthys, whose love for Seth could never die, followed the traitor and left Osiris and Isis alone. After that, Osiris decided that he would only live his life for two people, himself and Isis. Everyone else he would rather see burn than care for.

It remained that way for 500 years. Osiris and Isis eventually develop new names. Osiris became Nassor Osiris, and Isis became Aziza Isis. They traveled all across Sium doing whatever they wanted with whoever they wanted and whenever they wanted. They indulged only in themselves, and anyone who they so happened to wish to include. However, even that eventually became stodgy.

Soon, Nassor began turning his attention to other women. As he had given all the affection he could towards Aziza, he began expressing more of his love towards lesser lovers. His eyes quickly fell away from Aziza, which allowed her to abandon Nassor and slip away from him forever.

For 200 years, Nassor was alone. With the only person who had a place in his heart gone, he rarely had any will to live. He got into countless battles and allowed his anger to explode on anyone he met, yet he did not die. Nassor experienced true sorrow that not many could understand: loneliness, and he wished for this pain to end.

Eventually, he crossed paths with the one person that would change his life. This person's name was Lucifer. She challenged the demon to battle, knowing exactly how strong he was, and defeated him easily. Immediately upon his loss, she forced him to serve under her as an agent of wrath. Nassor was given the title of Blade of Babylon and the task of corrupting the world. He absolutely hated having to take orders from such a despicable female like Lucifer, but he no longer cared for his pride.

He accepted Lucifer's subjugation and decided to live for chaos. After experiencing what it felt like to truly be alone, his heart became bitter, and he wanted nothing more than to see this world burn as he stood over the ashes.
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