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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Viktorea Stone
Race: Half-Leviathan, Half-Human // Age: 21 // Gender: She/Her // Orientation: Confused(Closet Panseuxal) // Occupation: Destroyer
Unsorted, No Information
120 lbs.
Face Claim
Lillian Von Phoenix
Appearance Extras
Viki reaches to a height of 5’8. She is slightly above average in height. She has a slender figure to match that as well. Her skin ranges from a lightly blended white and pink shade in the summer and spring, but very pasty pale in the winter and fall. She has canary yellow hair that falls to waist and is pin straight. It is usually styled pulled back. She has C-cup chest, an average size butt, and a small waist. If she were to have blue eyes, I guess you could say she would be the epitome of what Western societies deem as beautiful.
As for clothing, some people have mistaken Viki to be a maid of some sort, but this is simply not true. She is huge into gothic Lolita clothing, thus most of the time she wears a halter black dress that has frills at the tips with matching sleeves that start from the wrist and end at her elbows. She wears black knee-high boots. However, her most prominent item is the silver crown with a ruby in the center that sits on top of sunshine colored hair. It was given to her by her adopted father.

This is a chainsaw that runs off of steam(up to 20 posts on my end) or Viki has the blade to move via vectors.

Short Sword

Hand to Hand Combat
Sin Abilities

She's very much a defensive character.

Vector Manpiulation: manipulation of direction and magnitude of an object

•Teleport- Viki can use her magic to teleport up to two living beings two miles away from their location. She must be in contact with them and she must also be familiar with the location she is at. Therefore, places closer to home is easier for her to perform this on. The farther the location, the more strenuous it is. I need OOC permission to use this. Also, in a thread to the death expect it to be used.

•Redirect/Change Direction and Magnitude Upon Contact- Upon touching an item with her hand or body she can redirect it quickly to affect her opponent. Shot a bullet, expect it ricochet back at you as it grazes her skin. This can only be used on 1 thing at a time. Bigger the item and force/power, the harder it is to mess with it’s physics. Again, she is not actually mess with that flame you just spewed at her, she’s messing with it’s magnitude and direction. Not the spell. Therefore, upon contact with something that’ll trigger the spell she will still be harmed JUST not to it’s full affect because she’s in contact with it for less than a second.

She uses this spell much more fluidly and consistently therefore it doesn’t take much to tire her.

Ability After Bonding W/Viktor

Ishi no Sheru “Stone Shell”

This is pretty much Viki’s most difficult spell and a spell that everyone in her family inherits. And the very least, most complicated and tiring to perform. As you can guess, this consists of Viki turning someone else into a stone statue for 24 hours. Because of the duration and energy usage of this spell, it must be used carefully put into action. Viki does this by staring a person in the eyes and coming into contact with them- skin to skin. Anotherwards, don’t physically touch her until you know she’s not conscious or breathing/dead. Weapons do not count and cannot be used. Again you must be eye to eye and touching her.

•She can only use this ability on up to max. 4 non-magical humans or 2 magical humanoids. In the case of her using this ability on different species in a thread, she could use this on 1 humanoid or 2 non-magical humans. This is due to being that humans are lesser complicated creatures than the physiological structure of a humanoid. And the fact, that they use magic makes it even worse for her.
•I will only use this ability on ooc permission and of course in death-threads.
•Any damage done to you while being a statue will also carry over when you go back to your human state. You shatter to a million pieces? Consider yourself dead? Get your arm removed? Welcome to being handicapped. Your torso and legs are in half? Dead as well and you’ll be feeling that for a few seconds when you are in human state.
•If you are in the state, you will be in it for only 24 hours. No more. She can take you out of it though. Also each person she turns into stone is on their own timer. If she turns a Abigail then Angelo, they will not be released of the stone prison at the same time. Abigail will turn to normal first, then Angelo.
•You cannot speak or interact if you get the spell used on you. You also are not aware of what is happening around you. Once in human form you will only remember what happened before.
•The downside to this spell is that Viki cannot use any non-physiological magic while the 24 hours is going on once the spell is activated. Meaning, no vectors. Meaning, if for some reason the spell is activated and does not work, she is screwed. In a forum where people generally have more than physiological powers to back them up, she has to use this timely. Meaning in a thread with several people, she better have someone to back her up or it better be just a 1 on 1 thread or else using this could be death for her. An ability given to her magical human mother.

Abnormal Agility, Speed, Strength
Viki despite however, much she eats and trains will always have speed and agility capabilities that at least compare to an Olympic marathoner and gymnast. She can lift up to 500 lbs. A leviathan ability.

Inherited Ability

Consumption of Raw Flesh

Literally eating part or whole of a human organism can result in more magical/non-magical energy. This is not required of her diet, but is of course.......nice. And if you are wondering, no she cannot just stretch her mouth several feet open and swallow someone whole. A leviathan ability.

Swimming Capablities

Viki can swim at an inhuman and superhuman rate. She is not immune to water magic, however. It is only for bodies of water. A leviathan ability.

personality/fun facts
Viki is the Sin of Impulsiveness. Therefore, she's rather mental. There's no rather way, to well, describe it. Another strange feature of hers is that she is just downright paranoid.You literally could be doing nothing and she'd just want to attack you without exceptional reasoning other than that she was paranoid or scary to look at. This makes it hard to be friends or date her. This would probably mean she could possibly have Paranoid Personality Disorder.She is know to get easily starlted and as annoying as it is will scream a LOT.

Regardless, of her negatives, Viki is very quirky person when calm. Known to make jokes, hum, and dance. She's also known to be clumsy. But seeing this side of her is rare and just difficult to see.
Viki’s backstory mainly occurs in Riparais.

Viki never met her parents. Her mother was pregnant when her father died….well disappeared. Everyone guessed that her father committed suicide of some sort. They never found the body except that the fact they found some of his clothes near a lake. He was weird anyway and didn’t have many relationships. Didn’t really matter much to most people.

Viki’s mother gave her up when she was born and after that and went into a deep depression from the death of her father. She couldn’t afford to raise Viki on her own. So Viki was sent to a local orphanage.

The orphanage was pretty low end to average in terms of scale. Viki was relatively alone all the time. She had a friend here and there, but for the most part they were adopted and they left her so, they were no longer in contact. She never got adopted because the potential adopters always thought she was hysterical. Her PPD showed up at an early age. She had an OKAY childhood when she was here.

Everything was fine until that day. Viki wasn’t very popular in school so, naturally she was teased…..a lot. Particularly by a small group of girls her age. This went on for a few years. The bullies mainly verbally abused her, but when together they would pounce on her. Most of the activity occurred afterschool as they took the same route as her for the most part to get home. Viki had an idea. She took a sharp kitchen knife from the orphanage and started to carry it with her to school. One day, she saw the leader of the girls beckon for her to come over. She was alone. Viki obligingly walked over, but nervous.
Her and this girl talked for a few minutes it was nothing mean. As all the kids left the girl then attempted to push her. This was her chance. Viki whipped out her knife and stabbed the girl multiple times in her abdomen and started to scream at her, stating she’d kill her. Viki continued and the girl blacked out from shock and blood loss. A teacher ran outside and tackled Viki. Viki was sent to a jail cell that night and the girl to some medics.

Fortunately for both girls, the physically hurt victim survived.
Word quickly got around that this had occurred and the case became controversial. Many saw from the fact that she was a child and attempted to do this at an early age she couldn’t be helped. Many also saw from the fact that she was young(11 years old) this was simply a mistake and it could be corrected.
Not wanting to be seen as ‘evil’ to others the Crux decided not to sentence her to death or imprison her to life straight away. They instead ruled for her to, well, be exorcised. If she were to die in the process it’d be fine then they would've known that she had been dangerous.

Now the Crux didn’t know of it’s affects, as she was a hybrid. They were aware of her being a hybrid, but Viki didn’t use magic yet. Everyone knew she was demonic in appearance, but they also knew she was human and thought they could in a sense “override” any demonic factors in personality, appearance, abilities etc. as she was still awfully young.

But Viki had this odd feeling she’d pretty much die if they did. She couldn’t stay. But she eventually accepted her fate and cried in her cell. Perhaps, she’d be in heaven. Maybe her father would be there and she could meet him! It’s not like she had any friends or family she knew down here.

And as she cried herself almost to sleep she’d be interrupted as someone entered the cell. He looked like her. Well, not 100%. But the pale skin, knives as teeth, and red eyes? She took his hand and they left that night.

Considering all this happened quite a while ago(while she physically looked young), a MAJORITY of people do not recognize her and should not. That’d make like zero sense.

Pitying her, this man took her back to a separate village. His name was Viktor Stone. They changed her backstory saying she wandered off from home due to having an abusive household and that was that. She was frightened at first, but began to trust this man seeing it was her only option. Both creatures had their up and downs, but they relatively got along. And thus she was raised by an ancient common demon and lived in small village for the remainder of her childhood. Her childhood remained relatively calm. Sure she was nervous and lonely at school for 99% of the time, but she adapted and played it smart.

Despite, the mysterious and very long past Viktor had and shared with Viki, they settled in a small village filled with mainly humans. For some odd reason, Viktor had managed to maintain a trust with these humans and humanoids.

She was going to be a weapon forager with her father, Viktor. She learned the craft and became knowledgeable. All was well.
Until at the age of 19, she killed someone again. She hid the body for several days. The other villagers soon found out and pointed fingers at Viktor and Viktorea.

Knowing that’d they come Viktor took the blame and Viki left as requested of her only family member. As she ran, she knew there was nothing she could do. There were too many of them with their.....weapons. She’d die if she had stayed. She needed to live for Viktor. Right? Go find somewhere new! Go live a life! But where? She could not.

She was coward in her mind. People were taking the only person that loved her away. People you couldn’t trust. People were despicable.

“Fuck humans. Fuck Viktor for not letting me die with him. Fuck the Crux. Fuck everything!”

And so she headed towards a lake. She took off her clothes….her shoes. She took a rope that she had taken without Viktor seeing her. There were plenty of those in her house. She took her bag, emptied, and placed rocks in it. After that, tied the rope to the bag and relaxed in the water. Her body struggled naturally underwater. She always knew she was a good swimmer, because she was a leviathan, but of course still needed oxygen. She wasn’t 100% demon. She was a hybrid at this phase.

“Weak. Pathetic. Stupid. Useless…….Impulsive.”

These were the words that flooded her mind as felt herself choking. She blacked out.

She would awaken on a bed. She was surrounded by demonic individuals peering at her. Not the most kind of spirits. But still. She inhaled. She exhaled. She looked around.

“Am I in hell?” the blonde would ask curiously.

“No, Tower of Babel,” Pride would state a matter of factly looking curious at her.

“Welcome Impulsive!” another demon would say.

“I-Impulsive?” Viki would repeat, “What! I am not!” she’d say as she got out of her bed and poked a finger in the man’s chest.

You can’t trust people. They are rude.
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