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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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 Lexicon & General Knowledge
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This is a glossary of terms you will need to be familiar with to competently take part in the roleplay here. In the below post we'll also outline the basic info about Sium, like technology, weather, religion, etc. We will try to keep everything as concise as possible.

Sillage: this world's name for magical power. It is what allows spellcasters to use their magic. It can also be contained within objects, creating things like enchanted weapons that work even for people who can't use magic on their own. Some people are born with a lot of sillage, and some are born with none. As long as a person has sillage to begin with, they can train themselves to use more, though this can be a lengthy process. However, people born with sillage must be careful to not overuse it as extreme depletion of the magical essence often results in death. Sillage is responsible for many of the recent technological advances in Sium, such as mobile communications and teleportation.

Entelechy: also known as ETC. ETC is a combat-enhancing drug that comes in pill and liquid form. Only one pill is needed to give its user the full effects for fifteen minutes. They are granted superhuman strength, focus, healing, and immunity to pain/fatigue. This will often allow them to surprise their foes and fight on the same level as most mages and supernatural creatures. Using it often comes at the cost of ripping muscles/tendons, etc. and generally messing up the user's body as it has been pushed past its limit. Using more than one dosage/pill is out of the question. While it will grant the user more power, they will die within a minute of taking the drug. ETC requires a lot of rare and expensive ingredients for a comparatively small yield. Because of this, it is currently only available to Weltschmerz and very rich consumers.

Anathema: once word of a great atrocity reaches the ears of the Pontifex, it is said the one who caused it will be cursed. This curse is enacted by those that serve the Cross, who will unthinkingly and mercilessly attack an Anathema the second they see one - even without prior knowledge of them being cursed. A blue-white light comes over their eyes and their bodies are compelled by a greater force. They do not have a choice in the matter. The Anathema curse cannot be removed by any known magic, so the carrier is hunted for the rest of their days. Those in Crux Fidelis cannot resist its effects either - the only way out is for them to renounce the Pontifex and their Bellicosa, and this usually results in them becoming Anathema themselves. note: you must talk to staff before making a character anathema.

Aphelion: Thought to be a random annual occurrence, Aphelion is anything but. Orchestrated by none other than Orpheus himself, under the guise of the Black Sun Cabal's 'Black God', the vengeful god uses the cultists' sacrifices to 'fuel' Aphelion. Every year, as the cult is more successful, Aphelion grows longer. It is now estimated to potentially last for 18 hours. The blackening of the Sun caused by Orpheus results in the Curse of Hunger, which is latent in all Sillage users, to activate. This results in a majority of Sium being driven to madness and violence, the sudden burst of power consuming most, with the Cross being wholly spared due to their Bellicosa as well as a few members of Apocrypha due to their demon contracts. For obvious reasons, a lot of fighting and law breaking in general takes place during the Aphelion. By the time Aphelion is over, the number of fatalities tend to be quite high and it is without a doubt the most deadliest 'natural' event in Sium.

Bellicosa: these are the holy weapons that are given to all combat-oriented Crux Fidelis members. Before a Bellicosa is assigned to an owner, it exists as a small, plain silver cross. When one of these crosses is given to someone capable of using a Bellicosa, it changes shape into a weapon that suits the user, bestowing them with powers that can either be used through the weapon itself, or sometimes, the user's own body. A Bellicosa will never revert to its cross form. Even if its user betrays the Pontifex, the weapon will explode and mark the traitor in retaliation, disappearing afterwards. If the user dies, the weapon fades and dies with them. Otherwise, these weapons seem to be nigh-indestructible. They don't seem to be in limited quantity, either. While these weapons are powerful in the right hands, they need to be used with consideration to the large amount of sillage they take from their wielders to function. Like with magic, overusing a Bellicosa can result in death. Although Bellicosa use sillage, people will not fall into depravity by using them. note: a Bellicosa in its cross form will not change shape or activate in any way for someone that isn't loyal to the Pontifex, so stealing them isn't viable.

Ephermera: Ephemerae are artificial humans created by Weltschmerz. They are blessed with advanced regeneration and above average physical capabilities. Because they are made from the DNA of both humans and supernatural creatures, they often have powers as well (i.e. a dragon-themed Ephemera might breathe fire). Their existence is kept strictly confidential due to the questionable nature of their creation. If an Ephemera tried to cut its ties with Weltschmerz or tell someone the truth, it would be hunted down and terminated.

Angels: While angels were created by Orpheus, they are genuine symbols of good in the world. They oppose demons to keep some form of balance in the world. However, sometimes, for one reason or another, they turn their back on the duties they will become fallen. In the current situation, even serving Orpheus, their creator, leads to them falling.

Facts About Sium
Sium is a world that is very similar to Earth weather, nature, and geography-wise. There is one known continent at the moment, surrounded by oceans. If others exist, they are too far away to be reached by most means or they are too well hidden. From the barren tundra of Seracier to the tropics of Xipilkha, many climates are accounted for on this vast landmass.

Language: for the sake of the roleplay, you can assume that everyone in Sium speaks the same language.

Fauna: Sium has many of the same kinds of animals that Earth does and more. Supernatural creatures have become a norm and there are still species that are yet to be discovered. Pretty much anything sentient is playable.

Sex: Sium has few laws regarding the prospect of sex, aside from those referring to rape. The daughters of wealthy families can be married off as early as 14 and are then expected to be mothers by 16. Otherwise, parents typically expect their daughters to remain virgins until 18 years of age, at which point their sexual activity is no longer to be questioned. There are others who hold firm to the concept of maturity; if those involved in intimacy are mature enough to handle the possible repercussions of intercourse, then they are free to do so.

Transportation: in most places, simple contraptions like horse-drawn carriages and boats are the most common ways of getting around other than walking and horseback. Train stations are popping up, so they can be an option for long trips. Cars and airships exist, but they are very expensive so you will typically only see rich people operating them - and they require licensing. Teleportation devices exist in every city, but only members of the Cross may use them, and even then, their use has to be okayed by someone ranked Commander or higher before they will work.

Military recruitment: Crux Fidelis has recruited children as early as 7 years of age. They are almost never sent into battle, but they train until they reach the legal combat age of 15. Under circumstances of extreme emergency, the youngest are called in to fight. Many military families send their children off to be paged and squired at a young age, so common members of the population are unlucky to get recruited before the age of 15.

Weaponry: the most common types of weapons seen are swords and crossbows. Firearms exist in rather simple forms, most being black powder weapons similar to those seen during the early 19th century. Despite their existence, they don’t see widespread use, mainly because of their many flaws, they are prone to jamming and misfire, and just blatantly cease functioning if they get wet, but the power of the bullet is still devastating. Automatic weapons are a no-go. Other than that, almost any medieval/renaissance weapon you can imagine probably exists here.

The Bellicosa and magic weapons are on a whole different level from everything else. While only Crux members can get their hands on the former, the use of magical/enchanted weapons has been rising. If you know someone that can do it for you, or better yet, can do it yourself, it's easy to get your hands on them. However, a Bellicosa in the right hands is usually more than enough to overpower and even break magic weapons, unless they're been enchanted by a very skilled mage.

Communications: The printing press has been invented, and papers are sent out weekly from various locations to all major cities on the continent. The closest thing they have to magazines are the gossip sections within those weekly papers. Papers are sold at vendors in the cities, rather than being delivered. In addition, MCDs (mobile communications devices - not McDonald's) were recently invented in Gaothaire. A fusion of magic and technology, it is primarily being used for long-distance communication. Researchers have even developed small, portable versions of it for verbal and written communication between individuals - making the telegraph obsolete.

Government: 50 years ago, a corrupt monarchy was rebelled against and abolished by the forefathers of Crux Fidelis. Now that organization acts as the government. Most people are thankful to them for freeing the world of that tyranny while others are inclined to disagree with their methods. There still exist noble families - they just don't hold as much control over the country as they used to.

Drinking age: the legal drinking age in all the provinces is 17. However, in most cases it’s acceptable to drink in a private residence as early as 12. Unless you're in a strictly regulated place like Caersewiella, most barkeeps will serve you as long as you look somewhat mature, caring more about money than the law.

Hair/eye colour: It is not uncommon for someone to have blue, white, or any other colour of hair in Sium. The same goes for eye and skin color although blue/purple/unnaturally coloured skin might come across as odd. The only thing that'll get people discriminated against in this category is having red eyes. People with red eyes are said to bring misfortune. It's an old superstition, and it has never been proven, but some people still believe in it and may even refuse to do business with red-eyed individuals. On the other hand, people born with blue eyes are automatically seen as good people.

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