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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Augus Rainstar
“The Collector”
Augus Rainstar
Jul 10 2017, 03:58 PM
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played by Aron

give me the throne

The energy coursing through Augus' body was...pressuring. It was like his blood were sizzling. Battle continued to commence around him while few of the Crux fled and the others remained to proudly fight for their cause. After his command of dominance with the wave of drainage hampering his white-coated foes, the blonde demon held an expression of contemplation with his spear in one hand, crimson eyes staring down at his open palm. His fingers twitched slightly. Was this a taste of what it felt like to be a god?

It must have been. Augus had never absorbed an amount of energy on such scale before - it almost tempted him to attack his own comrades. Almost. Purely to see just how far such a feeling coursing through his form would take him until he met the gates of whatever underworld would await him after. Yet, no crown would await him there. No throne would be placed in his honor. No army would raise its banners at his call. No, this was not the time.

Glancing up for a moment, he saw the remaining Horsemen bare down to the staff-wielding woman. Her time was seemingly coming to an end, the feel of Silence soon to be in Cabal hands. Near it, Lavender continued to demonstrate his potential - potential that maybe he did not even realize he possessed. For he was fighting an opponent of considerable power and holding his own, even if there was some added help from the draining properties of the scales; Augus chose to continue having faith in Lavender's efforts. Uncharacteristically so, Augus' concentration lapsed. This brief empowerment made him think of the future he would gain - and the present he would burn to ashes in the process of it. The crimson gaze continued to linger down on his flexing digits. If he were to ever have power like this on a permanent basis, or perhaps even more power than what energized him currently, the seemingly intangible steps he needed to depart strongly from the Black God would become physical. The Black Sun Cabal...when he took power for himself, he would make them...

"Tchhh--!" A black, vicious blade interrupted his thoughts, piercing through his shoulder, causing red eyes to widen as redder liquid gushed out from flesh. A hiss left Augus' lips with the blade slotting through his skin, another blade pushing aggressively into his side, carving an entrance for itself with its sharpness. "K-Kah!" Lips parted as he spat out a splatter of blood from the sudden insertion, widened eyes harboring a mixture of shock and pain. A glance flicking up as another weapon shot towards his heart, Augus' spare hand gripped the sword's blade as it penetrated through his skin, halting the sword's course before it reached one of the truly vulnerable areas of his form. The sword's tip brushed along his beating, blood-pumping organ; not enough to kill a Horseman, yet enough to make him realize how close his flame was to being snuffed out. A would-be king...buried under the destruction of a forgotten ruin while serving someone else's desires...only to be killed by an act of desperation? Growling under his breath, Augus' cursed himself at how his lacking concentration had nearly taken away everything from him. The demon's ambition would have been void - if the sword had taken his heart out from his chest with its velocity.

As rubble began falling from above, the ruin starting to collapse while the malicious blades jarred his insides, powerful and demonic skin pierced by some sort of impressive power; impressive enough to have inflicted such wounds in the first place against an empowered Horseman. The power continued to drive through his veins, the empowered demon raising his blonde head with a face of disgust and frustration, his fist bursting upwards to utterly destroy a huge chunk of falling debris, the battered drops of stone raining around him like confetti. Rubble descended violently everywhere without halt; Augus gripped the blades lodged inside of him, ripping them from his form one by one, tossing them to the floor with blood dripping from his fingers and palm due to the aggravated grip he used to grasp the blades. Turning his back and beginning to walk away from the violent scene, fresh blood stained his mouth while rips showed on his clothing from the multiple stabbings. "I am leaving; finish this and return to your master." Augus grunted to his siblings - defiance laced his words. "I will return later."

Walking away, Augus drifted through the falling ruin, rubble and debris collapsing around him - though the destruction was nothing compared to the pure energy streaming inside every fiber of his body. His skin was tingling, his eyes were almost beaming; why would he need to call someone else master when he could attain such power on his own? The empowerment began healing his wounds quicker, the splits in his skin already starting to close up as the force of a tornado surged into every demonic vein. He felt as if he could kill anyone. The pressure was...riling. Why did he not have this level of power all the time? Of course, he was already among some of the strongest that lived - like his siblings - yet to what end if he could not take what he wanted without the say of others preventing it so.

Augus had to use this power before it vanished. He had nearly died during his own contemplation of such strength - the weight of his future actions pressed heavily on his amplified vessel. It would be wasted here; how could he nearly perish while wielding untold power that could not be experimented with? The man who inflicted these wounds was seemingly near-death and most likely crushed by this point - there would be no satisfaction gained on that front. Augus needed living, breathing targets with dreams to protect and things to live for. Victims that would scrap, brawl and scratch until their last breath - the true measure of power could only be tested against those who would not buckle underneath it easily.

A Horseman of the Apocalypse had frustration to vent and a temporary, blinding amount of excess power to burn. A combination that would not bode well for anyone caught in his path.

ooc: augus leaving to go burn an apo/crux base to the ground
Jul 12 2017, 09:12 AM
Wolf Demon
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played by Jageroux

"Wow, what a bitch..." Nekros muttered under his breath when he saw Eris swipe Markus out of the air, in turn saving Irene from being smacked in the back by the Hallowed. And then, on top of it, she ran off! Was she really abandoning her team like that? Absolutely shameful! His thoughts were interrupted when there was a swift movement behind him and he grabbed Ragnarok, twisting on his heel just in time to block a blow from tornado-summoning commander.

Nekros noted the sound of his fireball exploding and he was almost certain he hit Soren, but he couldn't be sure. He pushed Linette back and the sound of metal clashing with metal filled the area. A single misstep was all it took for Nekros to find his opening, his fist rising until it made contact with her stomach. The force of the uppercut sent her flying into the air until her back collided with the surface of the roof. In any other situation, he would have followed after her to end the fight... But now?

"Oh dear." He muttered when he happened to glance over his shoulder to see Soren summoning several blades. Oh dear. He remembered the pain and almost-poisonous effects Soren's bellicosa carried. He couldn't avoid this. He stood his ground and swung rapidly, attempting to deflect the onslaught of blades with as much precision as he could muster. And boy was he precise. Yet, one still managed to finesse its way past his rampant swinging, going straight through his abdomen.

He stabbed Ragnarok into the ground and leaned on it, struggling to catch his breath. Nekros really wasn't a fan of bellicosa. Looking around, he noticed the structural damage Soren had caused and Nekros sighed. "You're really awful, y'know that, right?!" He called out to the Commander who fell to the ground. Rolling his eyes, Nekros couldn't help but question if this was little more than a last ditch effort by Soren to kill everyone, including himself.

Ruin's hooves left the ground alight as Nekros rode on its back, thundering towards the fallen Commander. Nekros would always be happy to see Soren on his knees, but even more so when it made it easier for him to pull him onto the horse. Leaning to the side and reaching down, Nekros grabbed Soren's arm and pulled him across Ruin. "Morrigan, bring the girl! Akashi, grab Silence and get Lavender out of here!" Nekros ordered as Ruin swerved through the falling rubble until they were outside. The horseman took a deep breath as fresh air filled his lungs.

Looking around, Nekros noted that Augus was already gone and he thought back to his words before he left the ruins. 'I am leaving; finish this and return to your master.' Something about that statement bothered Nekros more than it perhaps should have, but before he could have put more thought into it he caught the sight of the others leaving the ruins.

At least he had his other siblings.

Let's get heated
“Violet Chevalier ”
Lord won't you save me Save me from myself Oh Lord won't you forgive me For I have lost control
Jul 12 2017, 01:01 PM
Black Sun Cabal
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played by Linn

I went too far and kissed
the ground beneath your feet
Waiting for your love, waiting for our eyes to meet
hile Lavender may have been driven, there was only so much he could do.He might have believed he could take on anyone in the room, save for the horsemen. The truth was he was way out of his league, even with Augus' aid. The girl he had been going after managed to escape him, dragging along that heretic along with her.

Lavender halted by the exit to the ruins, panting heavily as he watched the fox woman disappear into the forest. He glared after her, anger boiling inside of him. He nearly threw his blade, only his adoration for the god that gave it to him keeping him from disrespecting the weapon so. He slowly went lax and sheathed it at his side. The flowers around him returned to their bead form around his neck. He had driven the Cross whore away. That was what he told himself. He had played his part. It was something he could finish later.

There were still three left of course. They weren't his prize, but he could just as easily enjoy their demise. The horsemen were fighting, and it was surely a wondrous sight, a once in a lifetime chance. He couldn't believe he was missing out on it.

Lavender thought he would be turning around to see the remaining commander's utter annihilation. While that was more or less the case... He was also met with utter horror. Blades were spread all across the room, and he witnessed as one pierced right into Augus' chest. Lavender could only stare as his blood ran cold. He had honestly never imagined a scenario in which Augus would actually get injured. His mind stopped working entirely, to the point that he didn't even see a few of those flying swords were even heading towards him.

His god was looking after him of course. Lavender was blessed by a large chunk of the ceiling falling down just inches in front of him, just in time to block the swords. Lavender blinked, but otherwise showed no reaction at all. He just stared at the rock's surface.

He heard a lot of noise, and he vaguely put together that the place was falling apart when more rubble began to fall around him. He looked around slowly. He noticed Augus leaving, Nekros upon his horse, that black haired heathen joining him there... He supposed he should have left, and he took slow steps to turn around toward the exit. Something felt quite off, and that was when he looked down and saw one of those swords embedded in his left leg. Oh... so he hadn't been entirely protected...

Lavender reached to pull the sword from his leg. Nothing happened when he did that though. He couldn't grab it. Confused, he looked to see what was going on. He saw nothing. His left arm was entirely gone, a clean cut from another sword having severed it. His eyes went lower and sure enough he saw his missing arm there.

His head was swirling for a moment, and he took a few dizzy steps before completely collapsing.


“The Green Witch, Pestilence”
Jul 12 2017, 10:06 PM
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played by Sqwhirl

Ah. Resilience, normally a trait she would adore, but now? Now she wished nothing but pain for this wretch, not only did she have the nerve to speak down on her own, she had the audacity to step before the horsemen with her banter. She knew what she'd do, this one was her's she'd become a demon whether she liked it or not. She'd become something to be feared and she would love it. As her gaze shifted she was slighted by Akashi, death feeling she was in the way of her target. Flames continued to leap off her body as she recalled her weapon, the staff hitting her arm and forcing the flames away from her with a wave of sillage. Energy felt to be brimming from her body, she was still clearly upset arcs of flames erupting from parts of her body reminiscent of the sun's surface.The green hoops sizzling as they faded mere inches off her body, screaming their very existence away. Akashi's blade aimed at her hip, her eyes locked on her face, that stupid face that told her she wanted to fight.

Ugh, she enjoyed it, she enjoyed the potential she saw in her, the willpower she had and even though her legs trembled and rocked before Akashi had even met her with his blade. "You're weak." She whispered, her voice seemed frail, a moment of weakness perhaps? She could easily kill the girl here, but she did not wish it. With a quick movement, her palm would fly towards the girls forehead quicker than Soren on Nekros. Gripping her face and forcing her backwards into the ground, Morrigan would send licks of flames from her elbow, her arm jumping and shaking as she contained her might. She merely sighed, her arm resting on his knee as she crouched next to the girl. "You don't understand how lucky you are." she uttered, a pressure from her brother's enemy, something just felt off and by the time she had seen the blades she moved without a second thought. She was knelt inbetween Irene and the violent man, the blades sinking into her skin without any means of stopped them. There must have been three of them directly through her center mass and a number of them that had skinned her on their way to the ruin's structure.

The woman dripped blood from her hip, her shoulder and one in her torso, horizontally installed in her lower ribs. Blood streamed from her body, cuts on her cheeks, above her brow and gashes and open wounds decorated her pale complexion. Crimson mouths gaping, writhing and moving as they burned, an acidic feeling feeling her open skin as the man's weapon burned her. She refused to show pain, to shake, to speak or cry, she simply breathed as the burning intensified and she felt her very blood was catching fire. "If only you understood the wounds i've obtained from people like you. If you could see how weak you were in my would have never stood before us." her arms dropped, some of the wounds had already began to close as the last trickles of blood dripped to the pool at her knees, soaking her garments as she rose to her feet. She reached around herself, ripping blades from her own body with subtle gestures as the ruins caved in around her, a jet of green flames forming on her right hand side, before vanishing, giving birth to her white stead.

Plague was decorated in red markings, tattoos stained the horse down to the dancing mane of white flames as it bucked and neighed, stretching it's legs after so long. Morrigan heeded her brother's words, summoning vines to raise the girl from the ground and place her on the back of the horse. Morrigan was not far behind as she tapped it's side and he was off, running through the falling debris with ease, literally unphased by the crumbling building.

"Let's hurry back, i need to wash these clothes." she said uncharacteristically, she seemed done emotionally, just tired mentally and a bit worn from the sillage used to rush her recovery. Whatever, she'd be back soon and then this would all be over.

Irene Hensley
“Demon in Chains”
I've got a feelin' that wants to take control
Irene Hensley
Jul 13 2017, 02:50 PM
Pure Blood Demon
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played by Digit


Within a mere second, everything had been turned upside down for Irene. The demon swore she could have blocked Death's strike, but Irene was only a second to slow. Death's sword sunk into Irene's right hip, causing the demon to counter with a block to minimize the damage. However, Silence had drained her of sillage energy, along with the departed famine aura. With this in mind, Irene's block did not work as well. Death's blade ripped through her belt, skin, muscles, and almost to the bone. This was trouble for the commander. Without her sillage to self-heal, her right leg would be rendered useless. As for silence, Irene's belt would fall onto the stone floor, along with Silence in her spare katana's holster. Irene's priorities shifted back to the staff. She had to keep it safe!

To aid the demon in her defenses, Irene was ambidextrous when it came to parts of her body. Irene used her sword to draw death's blade from her hip, followed by the commander shifting all of her weight onto the left leg. From there, she made sure she stood over the staff..

Irene's attempts to protect the staff caused her to be caught off guard by Morrigan's forehead grab. With nearly as much force as before, Irene's entire body fell back down onto the ground. Irene felt a disturbing stir in her ribcage. Whatever had been bruised before was now either fractured or entirely destroyed. Due to this, a few specs of blood shot from her mouth, indicating that internal damage had been delt. However, Irene did not scream in agony or even remotely grunt. The adrenaline in her body was still pulsing.

From there, everything began to grow fuzzy. Whatever damage her ribs and hip took must have been serious. Her body told her to rest, screaming at her shut her eyes and give up this fight. No fight was over unless Irene came out dead or victorious.

The next thing Irene knew, a large amount of vines came from the ground and hauled her body upwards onto a white steed. The amount of movement sent Irene's head into a whirlwind. Perhaps it was internal bleeding or her hip wound, but Irene could not function any longer. Against her will, the demon was forced into unconsciousness as Irene was taken away.

I have failed.. Irene's thoughts were nothing whispers in her head. I have failed my duties..

Akashi Minamoto
Shall I accompany you on your journey to death?
Akashi Minamoto
Jul 14 2017, 11:21 AM
Black Sun Cabal
Executioner - Death
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played by Yuki

He watched from the corner of his eyes the crux lady collapsed, Silence and her katana fell out of her grasp. He was about to pick them up when the blades from the other Crux struck Akashi's exposed back. Four of them pierced his spine and two of them is in his shoulder. Blood flows from the wounds and the Death had to stab the ground with his katana just to stop himself from falling. The injuries were painful but it was nothing the Death couldn't handle. He shakily stood up and just in time for him to hear Nekros bark out command to get Silence and Lavender out of the ruins.

He didn't see Morrigan being turned into pincushion by the blades nor did he see the female horseman incapacitated the crux lady and had her wrapped in her vines. He did however noticed when she called upon her stead. Akashi give a stiff nod and decide to get this over with. Using his shadows, he pulled out all the blades thay had been on his back. He grunted slightly but did not show an ounce of pained expression.

The wounds began to close off and Akashi was glad the pain had disappeared. Akashi took the Silence off the ground and summon Despair, his faithful companion. The horse rose from Akashi's shadow and neigh in responds to his summon. The horse itself was intimidating, with it's pale skin, sickly green flames on hooves, mane and tail as well as half part of it consist of skeletons.

Akashi mounted Despair and almost immediately depart to where he had last seen Lavender. The surrounding temple had collapsed from the blades the other Crux had unleashed. However, it was none of his concern right now. His concern was the acolyte of his. The horseman of death scanned the area and found him near the entrance of the temple.

There, he saw Lavender lay there unconscious with a missing arm. Akashi dismounted the horse and almost immediately went to Lavender's side. The horseman of death picked him up and carried the young acolyte bridal style.

"You have done well, youngling." He whispered before re-mounting his companion. Akashi took one last look on the temple and left the place, with Silence and Lavender on tow. He had secured the staff on his back while his katana had been sheathed to it's scabbard.

It's done.

The Black God will be pleased with their success.

That the Death is certain.
The end is neigh @Hiraeth

it's tearing up my heart when i'm with you, but when we are apart, i feel it too
by xion of sonder

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