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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Soren Kincaid
Race: Demon // Age: 25 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Asexual // Occupation: n/a
Poena Damni, Deadly Sin - Wrath
6 ft / 7'1" (alt. form)
170 lbs / 310 lbs (alt. form)
Face Claim
Hijikata Toushirou / Pyramid Head
Appearance Extras
-left arm is black-skinned, clawed, and hard enough to deflect all manners of attacks. It's a perpetual form of the "armour" ability his bellicosa granted him.

-eyes used to be blue but turned red upon becoming the sin of Wrath

-looks perpetually tired
Some time after being turned into a sin, Soren lost his bellicosa. Keeping it in the profile for past thread purposes.

Bellicosa - Kenosis:

Unlike your typical Bellicosa, Kenosis doesn't exist as a physical weapon. When Soren received his cross, it melted into a silver liquid which was then injected into his bloodstream. Now his weapon is inside of him, making it very hard to take away. It's easy to activate and hard to read, but the risk of overuse is that much greater.

This weapon is loosely based on the concept it was named after. The user empties their own desires, becoming receptive to divine will and power. They become like a weapon of God themselves in exchange for a few worldly traits. Already having been bred into a relatively cold and detached person beforehand, Soren's personality changed little after Kenosis was injected. However, he has become noticeably more focused and keen on fighting since then.

Kenosis' Abilities:

Creation - Kenosis' main ability is to create things out of a dark grey, metal-like material. Soren can make them from nothing, but that takes more sillage. He can also convert inorganic matter to this material to make things, which is less tiring, but tends to be destructive to the area he is fighting in. For little energy, he can use his blood - but for obvious reasons, that is a last resort. However, the constructs that use his blood are by far the strongest and impossible to break. They also have more of a crystalline appearance.

Armour - Soren makes his skin hard as steel to block attacks. It also keeps him from bleeding by covering open wounds while it's active. The armour causes whatever he covered to turn grey/black temporarily. The darker the colour, the stronger the armour. If it's black, chances are nothing will get through it.

Sacrifice - Because of his blood being laced with bellicosa material, it's poisonous to demons, sins, anathema, and generally anything unholy. It'll melt skin with prolonged contact contact and if it reaches the bloodstream, it's toxic enough to kill branches/most demons and heavily slow more powerful entities. Soren is part-demon, but Kenosis protects him from these effects as long as it's activated. Because of this, Soren can't go too long without fighting or he will also be poisoned.

Blessing - When Kenosis is activated, Soren becomes a great deal stronger and faster. He can perform supernatural feats such as lift a car, jump dozens of feet in the air, and run up a wall without falling.

Regeneration - While it isn't enough to benefit Soren in a combat situation, he heals at a faster pace than a regular human due to his Bellicosa being inside of him. He can regenerate any non-fatal injury over time (i.e. if he were to lose an arm, Soren would grow it back, eventually. However, it is not instantaneous).

Inception - This form no longer happens against Soren's will, but it's still difficult to control. When activated, a large, pyramid-shaped cage forms over Soren's head as he grows taller and more muscular. His clothes are most likely in tatters by this point, but his lower body will be covered by tattered beige cloth.

Soren loses a lot of things in his form, the most noticeable being his mind. Kenosis' indoctrinating power is at full force and it's difficult to think about anything other than fighting and killing the enemy. He can barely form coherent thoughts or sentences, nor can he be reasoned with unless he really tries to break through. His power of creation is replaced by an unrefined, cleaver-shaped greatsword that's roughly as long as he is tall. It has no power of its own other than being indestructible, but Soren's now uncontrollable pressure magic will be released in great bursts every time he attacks, causing rampant destruction. He loses the ability to armor himself in this form, but the strength/speed boost from Blessing is doubled and his already high tolerance for pain is heightened to the point where it seems like he doesn't feel anything at all.

This form will deactivate when he a) uses too much sillage, b) is too injured too continue, or c) the cage is broken off - however, it is difficult to break, being made out of an incredibly hard and dense material. For several weeks afterward, Soren will not be able to activate his Bellicosa.

Due to the massive collateral damage potential this form carries, Soren tries his best to keep it a secret.
Nevermore: Soren can stop the "time" of living things. It lasts 10 seconds at the most and he can only do it to those he can see. This means that he can stop the time of multiple people at once by using demon eyes. Anyone effected will be frozen in place for anywhere from one to ten seconds while Soren is free to do what he wishes. Needs OOC permission.

Demon Eyes: allows him to see in detail over great distances (roughly a kilometer away). The obvious kicker is that if he's looking far ahead, he can't tell what's going on close by.

Destruction: Mirroring his former bellicosa's ability to create, Soren is now capable of destroying anything he comes into physical contact with, ripping it apart on a subatomic level (at maximum). When he's extremely angry, whatever he touches with the intent to destroy will lose its form instantly, disappearing. If his temper is more stable, it's survivable, still ripping opponents apart but escapable if they move quickly.

An extension of this ability, Soren can warp the air in specific areas, causing explosions. Nothing nuclear, but they can still get to the level where city blocks will be wiped out. The range of these explosions are as far as he can see. With the use of his demon eyes, he can attack from great distances. This ability does not work on other sins, and of course, requires OOC permission for atomization.

Silverblood: A remnant of the bellicosa he hosted for a decade, Soren's blood has silver-coloured pin-points mixed in, giving it a "sparkly" appearance. What this signifies is that his blood is highly poisonous to other demons. If his blood gets on a demon, sin, or other unholy creature, it'll start burning them like acid. If it reaches their bloodstream, it'll typically kill them within minutes, causing bleeding from all orifices, blockage and darkening of veins, and in extreme causes, ripping apart their bodies from the inside out as silver spikes start to form from their blood.

Demonic Body: Being personally strengthened by Pride and made into a full-blooded demon, Soren's physical traits heightened substantially. Able to lift an obscene amount of weight, shatter steel, and move frighteningly quickly, he's unarguably superior to humans. Most blatant is his reaction time, which was already above average before he was turned. Sometimes it seems like he's predicting movements before they've even been made. It can act as a double-edged sword, however, as Soren's body moves faster than his mind. Someone greatly skilled in combat might be able to extort that.

Hellstorm: a distinct magical pressure surrounds Soren when in combat, extending to forty feet around him. Not only does it make the air "heavy" -causing movement/breathing problems, it transfers his emotions (typically anger). The angrier he gets, the angrier his opponents will get (though not to the same extent). More often than not, this'll cause them to make mistakes. All these effects are relative to Soren's wrath. It can feel like a slight downward pressure or it can feel like a waterfall crashing down on one's head.

Through continued exposure, the area of affect is corrupted by the pressure. Reality starts to bend and the surroundings look more like Alptraum. Using his superiority as a sin, Soren can then throw at his opponents the illusions of Alptraum and drag them down into the realm itself if he so chooses. Once he's left Sium, the area that was corrupted goes back to normal aside from physical damages etc.

Undying: Regenerates in Alptraum upon death. Can only be permanently killed by Pride.

Empowerment: The negative emotions of others, particularly those that represent Soren or his branches (anger, hatred, spite, regret, the desire to take vengeance, impatience, and even self-loathing) give Soren energy which allows him to fight for longer and ignore injuries.

High Pain Threshold: He can shove superficial pain to the back of his mind to continue fighting when others might succumb. The downside is that he is reckless because of it.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Soren is well-versed in hand-to-hand. He doesn't follow a strict style, but has used brutal and unexpected tactics. More than anything, he follows his instincts.

Weapon Experience: During his time in the Cross, Soren trained with many melee weapons, so he could hold his own if forced to use something like a sword, baton, etc. The weapon type he is most used to, however, is the polearm. Soren has little experience with long-range weapons.
personality/fun facts
-immature in some ways, unnervingly mature in others. Most unfamiliar "social" situations, Soren doesn't know how to deal with, so he'll be very dismissive/pretend he isn't there -but he can easily adapt to most any kind of danger, taking note of any notable enemy movements/perceived weaknesses with relative ease. He has absolutely no problem exploiting any and all mistakes -there's no such thing as fair in a fight. He isn't prone to panicking even in the most harrowing of situations. If anything, he'll just get angry/frustrated.

-needs to be entertained or doing something useful 24/7.

-doesn't care about ideals. Soren doesn't have many of his own, either. The world is the way it is, and he thinks that those who try to go against the flow are stupid and need to grow up. He's usually pretty boring to talk to because there are so few things he gives a shit about.

-he's plenty negative. Soren always assumes the worst outcome. That way, he's never disappointed.

-doesn't love specific foods like most people do. Eating is for fuel, not something a sensible person does when they're bored.

-he isn't a sensitive person. Insults aimed at him will most likely be brushed off. On the other hand, Soren's very critical of himself and others. Has no problem verbally questioning strange/overly dramatic people and situations. It's "nonsense". He'll point out things he sees as stupid/unnecessary in the most blunt and uncaring way possible - and while he's stunted in some departments, he knows exactly what he's doing in this case. Any ego-strokers out there are probably going to hate him.

-has a bad habit of not finishing the job if he sees his opponent as pathetic. It's his way of insulting them. Despite his ruthless exterior, Soren rarely aims to outright kill his opponents outside of desperate situations/fights he deems as "fun", figuring it would be more beneficial to take them prisoner.

-judgmental. He finds lazy/stupid people and their wasted potential sickening. He doesn't care what their reasons are. Useless people should just die and cease their drain on resources, or stay out of the way at the very least.

-respects the law as it gives him his purpose. That doesn't mean he always follows it though. He's fairly hypocritical, in other words.

-Soren refuses to drink alcohol or take drugs. He sees no point in it and doesn't want to be compromised in any way. He doesn't seek to escape reality, no matter how miserable he is. There's also a nagging possibility in the back of his mind: "what if I try it and like it?", so he blatantly refuses to try new things in most cases because they're unnecessary and he's Chastity for a reason.

-Soren has no respect for Apocrypha, believing their struggle to be futile and childish. He doesn't understand how they join the Cross knowing exactly what they are getting into only to turn tail when the going gets rough. Because he can't understand a rebel's way of thinking, he hates them and has become known for spitefully hunting them down even if they're of little note.

-He has a somewhat similar opinion of Black Sun cultists, thinking that they are pathetic for being brainwashed and relying on a false prophet (more hypocrisy). It's notable that he gets particularly excited at the prospect of fighting one of their executioners, however. This is due to previous run-ins with War and Death -both of which managed to threaten his life which in some twisted sense is insanely fun for Soren.

-he hates one-sided fights, however. If it's completely in his favour, he doesn't even want to bother because if there's no challenge, it's boring. Like kicking a puppy. Same with vice-versa -if he knows he can't win, he doesn't see a point in trying. He's stubborn, so he'll still fight back, but he hates every second of it. It makes him borderline suicidal.

-He's pretty good at reading people (or making assumptions about them based on how they look/act/etc.). However, it doesn't make him sympathetic for them. More than anything, he uses this supposed perceptiveness to take people apart.

-Soren doesn't do compassion, like, at all. He will always take the quickest route to getting work done, uncaring of collateral damage or what other people think about his methods. To him, this is efficient.

-he's overconfident and by extension, reckless. He assumes that if his horrible reputation and status as a Commander doesn't serve to deter aggressors, his Bellicosa will.

-buried under that cold, bloodthirsty exterior, Soren's greatest fault is his jealousy. While he'll likely never admit it to anyone, he hates his circumstances -that due to a little bad luck, he has to live a life full of constant stress, hatred, and fighting. He's convinced he's too self-aware to ever be happy. He's jealous of normal people who are somehow able to connect with others, find something worth living for, and live happy lives. Why does it have to be him? Why can't he be like them? Why does he care? It's not like he wants to live a boring life like that.

He's pretty mixed up.
Born with an unusually high quantity of sillage, Soren didn't have much of a childhood. He lived in Apri City with his mother until he was handed over to Crux Fidelis at age seven because of repeated disturbances caused by his innate pressure magic. At the time, he was unable to control it and any spikes in emotion would create blasts of force that more often than not, caused property damage and/or hurt someone.

After Soren was given to the Cross, he grew up in the Crux Fidelis headquarters in Caersewiella. Much of his time was taken up by physical training, but his mentors also taught him to control his magic. Most of the people involved with his guidance were cold and harsh, and he was raised as a weapon rather than a person.

Soren was rebellious at first. He tried to escape Caersewiella many times but never got far. Though he was bitter and jealous of how most people didn't have to do what he did, he eventually gave up and accepted what his life had become. To him the fact that he couldn't change it meant it was fate.

His advancement went smoothly after that as he poured his anger and indignation into his training. He received his Bellicosa when he was 14. He was confused when the cross melted into a silver liquid rather than forming a weapon, fearing that he was incompatible. Seconds later however, it shot into the veins of his right arm and spread throughout his body. Soren was sick for weeks afterward as the liquefied holy weapon tested his body and mind - it obviously didn't like the idea of inhabiting someone so young. Luckily, it eventually chose to accept him. After many accidents where he activated the weapon without knowing -frustratingly similar to his earlier predicament with his innate magic, he finally figured out the trick behind it and became an asset to the Cross.

When he first started going out on actual missions, Soren had what seemed like unlimited bad luck. Terrible things happened to him and those around him due to things like idealism, hesitation, and unfortunate circumstances in general. He developed an exceedingly negative attitude and attempted to distance himself from everyone so that he wouldn't have to lose anymore. If he didn't care about anything, he couldn't be hurt. He convinced himself that emotions and connections to other people would only drag him down. Over time, Soren became more and more detached. He loved fighting, hurting others, and even being hurt, but had little interest in anything else.

Being that Soren was somewhat of a bitter and ill-mannered person, the higher ups found it hard to place him into a virtue position when the time came, but they soon found he fit the vacant role of Chastity due to his lack of interest in other people and other worldly things. It also helped that his most prevalent mentor, Elysia Mirharai, was the previous Chastity and recommended (re: forced) him into the spot. It was when Soren was 21 that he assumed the position. Many disagreed with making someone so young a Commander, but his worth as a weapon by that point was undeniable, and while he might have gone off on his own from time to time, he was obedient to a fault.

By that point, Soren was more than strong enough to leave the Cross on his own, but he had no wish to. Fighting and serving Crux Fidelis had become his normal. Even knowing that he could at least see his family did nothing for him - they had thrown him away, and honestly, he didn't care about that chapter of his life anymore.

Soren recently learned that he's part demon. It's a small part (not even half), but he's still disgusted and enraged by it. His Bellicosa is anti-demon in nature and no longer accepts him, so this "awakening" has caused serious problems with his position in the Cross. Not only that, it's slowly poisoning him to death. Numerous mistakes have made his condition obvious to others and now it's rumoured that he's on his last legs.

--recently has his bellicosa back, but I haven't actually finished the thread for it yet so I'll add it in later

--turned into wrath via the hell or high waters event
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