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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Lavender Niflheim
Race: Human // Age: 20 // Gender: male // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Acolyte
Black Sun Cabal, Acolyte
146 lbs
Face Claim
Juzumaru Tsunetsugu - Touken Ranbu
Appearance Extras
His left arm was cut off just below the shoulder in an intense battle between Crux Fidelis and Black Sun Cabal.

His other arm is completely covered in scars from his time in captivity as a child and also from recent fights. There are scars from deep cuts and also burn scars overlapping those. His movement is limited with this arm due to nerve damage, but through different exercises he's been able to get some use out of it. It's enough to be able to fight the every day, fresh meat hallowed that doesn't have a lot of experience.
Death Fragrance - Lavender will never be found without his chain of black and white pearls. They were given to him by a fellow Black Sun Cabal member so he could make offerings to the Black God. They are special pearls that allow him to absorb and make use of sillage when activated.

When Death Fragrance is activated, the individual pearls open up and form black flowers that give off a faint, purple glow. They float around him, and he can command them by moving his hands. Being hit by the flowers won't do anything, however, they aren't powerless.

Each flower is able to collect sillage from dead things around him. He can also absorb sillage from mindless living things like plants, though it is hardly enough to make any big attacks or a worthy offering.

When the flowers have collected silage, they can either store it or release it in the form of hot, sticky liquid that can take on several shapes, including beams, whips, or splashes.

-Lavender also has a katana he uses to kill. It isn't anything special, but he treasures it. The blade is silver, while the sheath is a plain white. He does keep some of Death Fragrance's pearls wrapped around it for it's protection though.
-For years, Lavender unknowningly repressed his sillage. Because of the power that ran through him for so long, he built up a large 'tank', for lack of a better word, to store massive amounts of sillage for him to use now that his powers have awakened.

-Now that he has unlocked his power, Lavender is much more capable with his light magic. He can still create bright flashes of light, capable of blinding foes if they don't cover their eyes. He is still able to cast illusions, and they last a bit longer than befire. A new ability he discovered was that he can create an aura around himself that grants him protection to some degree againt sillage or magic based attacks. This glowing aura diffuses these attacks, and while they will still hurt him, unless they are weak spells, they will be toned down depending on the attack.

After more training with his powers, Lavender discovered he could somewhat shape the light that makes up his aura into different shapes. He can craft it into a sword or a shield, which only does so much good when his remaining arm isn't at 100%. It still has an effect on magic, which makes it a bit mor euseful, but Lavender has found a better use for it by forming it into a new left arm hen he needs it. He can move this arm as easily as his natural one, but it takes a great deal of sillage concentration to keep its shape, so Lavender is unable to use his other powers while he has this arm.

Fang - Lavender can create a cloud of purple 'smoke' that transforms into a liquid whenever it touches a surface. This liquid is a potent poison that can have a number of effects. If it touches a normal surface it will slowly eat away at it for a few hours. If it lands on skin it will cause burning pain followed by numbness. If inhaled it can cause nausea, weakness, blurry vision, aching, and a choking feeling. If exposed for long periods of time, these effects can be deadly.

Snake Eyes - Contrary to it's name, this doesn't effect Lavender's conventional sight in the slightest. Rather it enhances his hearing and sense of smell drastically. If he focuses he can hear something a mile away perfectly. He can also boost his sense of smell to the point that he can pin point exactly what direction something is in. While he's doing this, he can't turn his head to look directly at things, but he can tell they are there.

Manifestation - Lavender is able to create snakes from anywhere on his body, and they can be any size. With enough sillage he can even create a giant, fifty foot snake. These snakes move on their own, however with whatever goal in mind Lavender gave them. If he wanted them to attack someone, they will until they are killed. If they were supposed to form a rope, they would tie themselves together.
personality/fun facts
Before, Lavender was 'calm and collected', at least on the outside. He was a swirl of emotions inside and anything but calm. However he had been conditioned into hiding any of these emotions, so he was just... blank for a lack of a better word.

After a series of events following the loss of his arm, Lavender has not only cracked, but burst open that shell. He is now open about his hatred for nearly everything around him. He openly expresses his great love for the Black God and doesn't even try to hide the sacrificial ceremonies he conducts, killing people in the open because it shouldn't be wrong if it makes his god happy.

He his much happier this way, but a lot of what he does is still fueled by rage along with his love. Most people make him angry. They have things he never did. They do things he finds annoying. They just look strange. It doesn't take much for Lavender to find someone worthy of killing. It's hard to say whether this is a form of mental healing, or if his mind has just been broken further.

But even with all od that hate, Lavender has found that some people give him another feeling. It's not the same as his love for the Black god, but it's some kind of love. He has some kind of deep feelings for the Horseman of Death, Akashi. And he adores his adopted brother Snow. And others within Black Sun Cabale are important to him to varying degrees.
Lavender was the son of two Hallowed. He never really got to know that though. He never got to learn his actual name. He didn't get the chance to learn any social skills. He was taken form his family shortly after he turned two years old. It was revenge on his parents for killing the daughter of a powerful shape shifting lion. If she couldn't have her child, they couldn't have theirs. They would have to live knowing that he would grow up and die under the control of a monster, a fate she would make sure was worse than death. Maybe his parents searched for him. The beast always led him to believe that wasn't the case though, just to make sure he never ran away.

Lavender's earliest memories aren't great ones. He spent most of his youngest days simply locked away in a corner of the lion's den somewhere in Xipilkha. When he started to get old enough to understand commands and be able to follow through with them that changed a bit.

He still spent a large amount of time locked up. He was allowed to go out, but only for one purpose. His captor paid attention to when there was activity in the forest they lived in. When she was sure there were lone travelers, she sent Lavender out as bait. He was a pathetic looking child, all skin and bone with ratty, black hair and pale skin. They all wanted to help him, and it was his duty to bring them to his "mother who needed help". He was of course just leading them to their deaths though.

It worked out well for her for eleven years. Lavender had no idea how many people he got killed, and he had grown rather numb to it. It was just the way he lived. It was the same thing all of the time. Until one night when a strange, stupid man decided to change things up. He refused to help Lavender's fake mother, choosing just to save him instead. His mother was probably dead anyway! He wasn't wrong. Lavender still persisted though, afraid of what the lion might do if he took too long. He pulled and yelled until he received a swift punch to the face that knocked him right out.

When he came to he was lying in a wagon being pulled by a horse. His head ached, and the bumpy road wasn't a big help. He looked around still, and saw the strangest thing. There was a weird place made of wood with light coming out of it. There were a lot of them actually. He was reluctant, but he was led into one of the buildings where a woman with a sweet voice promised him everything would be fine.

He went from building to building a lot after that. He didn't know his birth name, so he couldn't be returned to his parents, not that he wanted to. Instead he was placed in an orphanage, then passed from foster home to foster home. None of the families felt they could work with him. He was raised by a monster and he thought like one they claimed. He had no passion for anything, and it was useless trying to teach him how to live.

Two years passed and he was handed over to Black Sun Cabal. He didn't start out well there either. What those foster homes said was pretty true. It wasn't because he was a monster though. He was just angry. There were so many people all around him that lived in ways he had never even imagined existed. He listened to them complain or gloat, and he just got annoyed. He never showed it though.

A woman in the cult name Viveka reached out to him though, really trying to work with him. She was able to break down his barrier enough for him to tell her he was angry with people, which was apparently so bad. She shushed him and embraced him, assuring him that his anger was justified.

After that he was taught to channel his hatred into a love and service of the Black God who in turn granted him power to act on his desires towards those people he was so angry with constantly.
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