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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Demon // Age: 22 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: anarchist
Poena Damni, Deadly Sin - Lust
165 lbs
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Appearance Extras
- Some people may still recognize her as Ariadne Zaynesworth
Melchior - She can use Melchior in his sword form.
Demonic Energy

Freya is capable of creating and manipulating pure volatile energy that is demonic in nature. She typically utilizes this via beams, blasts and other forms of projectile attacks which are highly destructive in nature. Because of the nature of this energy, she cannot mold or shape it into any form of weaponry. It should be noted she can create the energy in her hands without firing it, using it as a way to augment her punches and other physical blows.

Dark Art Mastery

An inversion of Freya's previous skill-set as an exorcist. Having essentially consumed and altered the Grand Grimoire, the magical text has become apart of her -- the spells, abilities and knowledge contained within becoming intrinsic with her. As an Exorcist Grimoire, it contained knowledge of occult rituals and spells to properly explain their pitfalls and how to counter them -- as well as general magical knowledge that had been accumulated by the Zaynesworths over the centuries of their existence.

But now, with more nefarious intentions, Freya is utilizing the knowledge of the grimoire to its full extent. For her, the knowledge and instructions to 'undo' necromancies, possession and other ill-forms of sorcery has merely become a highly detailed guidebook on how to preform them. She can turn people into living bombs and tee the landscape in hellish ways, as well as generally causing possession and other things.

In addition to this, she can utilize magic for more basic or 'standard' acts. This ranges from creating barriers to flying and other frivolities such as creating portals between locations. It should be noted this excludes the usage of any elemental magic, meaning she isn't going to be throwing any fireballs or anything.


While far from skilled at it as it's one of her new abilities, Freya can telepathically converse with others. Though, this can generally only be done with the consent of the other party as she's not used to breaking down mental barriers and forcing her way inside of someone's mind. (OOC Permission Required.)

Lust Manipulation

Freya can manipulate, control, identify and create lust in others. Because Lust is her domain, she her influence over these emotions are quite strong to the point that she can use them to bend someone to her will. This ranges from sexual lusts to even more obscure forms -- so long as someone 'wants' it or harbors a great desire for it, she can use it against them. This can result in a slight or severe form of mind control, depending on how much lust the person harbors. And, with prolonged exposure, she can create lust inside of a person which can allow her to control them, be it towards herself, an object or another person. She can typically use this to cause people to give her access to their minds, allowing her to use her telepathy with less issue than normal. In addition to this, she can just make everyone around her hot and bothered. (OOC Permission Required.)

Supernatural Physiology

As the Sin of Lust, Freya naturally comes off as more attractive than usual. This is her latent and natural way to give her access to the minds of others. And because she's the embodiment of Lust, it can even skewer the orientations of people, to the point that those who may not normally be attracted to her will be.

In addition to this, she boasts heightened strength, speed and durability that far exceeds that of when she was a human. She can also create leathery bat-like wings which grant her the ability to fly. Despite the looks of her wings, they're quite durable to the point most weapons will harmlessly clash against them, though something like a Bellicosa or nearing the quality of one will be able to cause her wings harm. In addition to this, she can manifest a tail with a heart-shaped tip that can extend up to a yard. The tail is arguably more durable than her wings, and the flexibility allows her to control it as if it was another limb. The tip of the tail can also be used to puncture steel and cut through objects, though she has precise control over it's density and sharpness. She can utilize it as a weapon, or a simple way to show affection.

She also has a slight healing factor in which she can heal from minor cuts and scrapes in a matter of minutes, though the loss of limbs can take up to a day. This process can be expedited through the usage of her magic, though it typically leaves her vulnerable to attack.

As a Sin, she can only truly be killed by Pride. Any typically fatal blows or wounds can kill her, but she'll be able to return to Sium from Alptraum within a week's time.

Hand to Hand Proficiency

Carrying over from her time within Crux Fidelis and from her private training, Freya is skilled at hand to hand combat. She typically uses this in conjunction with some of her spells and demonic energy, making her more dangerous up close than most would expect.

Thotimus Prime

It's Lust. What do you expect?
personality/fun facts
After taking up the mantle of Lust, Ariadne has abandoned her human name and identity. Under the name Freya, the name given to her by Pride, she has wholeheartedly embraced her role as the Sin of Lust. Many of her previous traits remain the same; she is still just as extroverted as she once was, though now there is generally an ulterior motive to her actions.

Freya's goal is to plunge Sium into complete and utter depravity, and by extension, edge it towards societal collapse and destruction. This extends far past abusing people's lust for sexual pleasures, but also their various types of desires. Be it power, wealth, status or sex -- if they lust for it, she will find a way to manipulate it. And by manipulating their lusts, she pushes them towards a path of depravity which can only lead to the Curse of Orpheus, further exacerbating Sium's issues.

In addition to this, Freya is both possessive and obsessive by nature. Her own insecurities and fears of being alone are what led to her falling prey to the Tower of Babylon, which thus led her to become the Sin of Lust. As such, it's not uncommon for her to become dangerously possessive of those close to her. She has tendencies to be controlling and manipulative even towards those she claims to bear good will towards.

- She actively strives to do her best as a member of Poena Damni, wanting nothing more than to prove her worth to Pride as a Deadly Sin. She views her fellow Sins as her family, and she'll go to the ends of Sium to ensure she doesn't lose her new family.

- Legitimately hates being referred to as Ariadne; a select few can get away with it, though she notably hates it. Ever since becoming a Sin, she's done her best to destroy any and all ties to her past life as a human. Or rather, she chooses to not to acknowledge her past too much -- there's still people she's somewhat attached to, after all.
For several years the Zaynesworth Family had been a well-known family of Exorcists and Demon Hunters. It wasn't just a family profession for them, it was a legitimate way of life. From birth, a Zaynesworth is considered to be 'destined' to follow the life of an exorcist. It's not just their job - it's their duty.

For years humans were plagued by demons until the blessing of Sillage was given to them. But, even before then, the very first Zaynesworths fought against the reality they inhabited - from taming and befriending magical beasts to making pacts with angels. It has always been in their nature to combat the demonic and paranormal scourges that plague Sium.

And when Ariadne was born, there was no doubt that she'd follow in the footsteps of her forefathers. From a young age she displayed an innate physical aptitude that was expected from a Zaynesworth. And at the age of five she was already undergoing formal training under the guidance of her parents. While Roux was sickly and not as physically capable, Ariadne had proved to be the exact opposite.

The days of her youth were spent physically training as well as expanding her knowledge of Sium. By the age of ten she was more than capable of naming dozens of supernatural creatures as well as their typical weaknesses. But it was also around this time that her life was upended.

A betrayal to her family saw she and her brother orphaned. And while Roux was sent off to Riparias where he would be safe, Ariadne continued her studies as an exorcist. Not only because did she truly believe it was her calling and duty in life, but also because she wanted to get to bottom of the events that resulted in the death of her parents.

For years she traveled and studied, being taken care of by a family friend. It wasn't until she was 16 that she struck out on her own, her family heirloom at her side. She spent the following years doing her duty as an exorcist while looking into the death of her parents. It wasn't until she was 19 that she actually found a solid lead and pursued it to the outskirts of Dohmnall.

There, she encountered a foe who claimed to have extensive knowledge of the plot to eradicate her family. But it wasn't something they were particularly forthcoming about. After an extensive battle, Ariadne was given another lead but at the cost of a curse that threatened to turn her into the very thing her family had sworn to eradicate.

Falling unconscious, she awoke several weeks later in Gaothaire. With a flower sprouting from her eye and an arm encased in metal, her former caretaker explained to her the position she was in. By the time he found her the curse had extended from her left arm all the way up to her forearm, and by the time the progress of the curse could be halted it had reached her elbow.

And if the gauntlet was to be removed, then the curse would continue to 'consume' her which would be tracked by the petals in her eye. Once they were all gone, she would become a demon.

This was what prompted her to join Crux Fidelis. Not only did their goals innately align with her own, but it also provided her with the means to track down the source of her curse as a way to rid herself of it and avoid a particularly unfortunate fate. And with her goal being so wholly personal, her lack of true loyalty saw her being unable to use her Bellicosa for a long time.

But, as she fought more and more in the name of the Cross, she developed a legitimate loyalty and dedication to their cause. This was made evident when she was finally able to activate her Bellicosa. Now, she fights beneath the banner of Crux Fidelis, not only for herself, but for all of Sium.

After a mission with Mana Nightroad in Xoanan went awry, Ariadne wound up in Alptraum alongside her fellow Hallowed. Invited into the Tower of Babylon, they soon began to descend into the abyss, unknowing the fate that would await them. For Ariadne, the pressure and weight of her emotions, desires and fears resulted in her becoming the ideal candidate for Lust. Her promiscuous nature and past, as well as her desire to not be alone, resulted in her at the feet of Pride -- begging for something she couldn't properly convey.

And as she arose as a Sin, Ariadne knew she had found her calling. She had found a place where she belonged; a home with a family, which was all she ever wanted. Still, her powers were raw and untamed, a far cry from the abilities of an exorcist she once had.

Set loose upon the denizens of Alptraum, Ariadne was given several days to acclimate to her powers and new existence. And as she returned to the Tower of Babylon, her appearance changed yet somewhat familiar, she presented herself before Pride, proudly wearing the title of Lust. And it was this moment that she received a new name - Freya.

She would plunge the world into the pits of depravity, manipulating the lusts and desires of mankind to draw forth the Curse of Orpheus and send the world spiraling towards destruction.
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