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Posted by: Hiraeth Sep 23 2016, 12:04 AM
This is an ongoing list of recurrently asked questions that may not be answered directly in the info. If you have questions you think should be added, please post them here or PM them to staff.

Are the sins purely villains?
They are embodiments of the seven deadly sins, so it should go without saying they aren't good people. Aside from that, they all have a mix of their own positive and negative traits. Nonetheless, all of them share a common hatred of the Cross and humans in general, as well as an uncanny fascination with destruction.
What exactly are the methods Crux Fidelis uses that people may disagree with?
The anathema curse is the biggest contender, seeing as it is basically mind control. Those close to Cross members don't like that they might be forced to fight against their will, or in situations where they cannot win. There is also the fact that Crux Fidelis accepts children into their ranks. Usually this only happens if the parents okay it first and they won't be sent out until they're older, but many still see it as wrong. Some people may also be suspicious of the fact that the Cross won't share some of its technology (Bellicosa and teleportation). In general, Crux Fidelis is strict about law enforcement. There is a death penalty for major crimes like first/second degree murder, rape, treason, and terrorism. Their jails aren't overly hospitable, either.
Weltschmerz don't like magic, but they're allied with the Crux Fidelis and have magic-like experiments?
They are aware that they cannot compete with magic and other supernatural abilities by using plain weapons. While they cannot directly use sillage, if they manage to make artificial "magic", they will use it as a means to an end, and to show people that they do not need to be "chosen" by sillage (which they see as a very dangerous thing to use since it carries a small chance of corrupting the user) to defend themselves.
Is it possible to set up alerts (from mentions/replies) to be sent to my e-mail?
It is. Go to My Controls > Options > Alert Settings and it should all be there.
Can non-humans join Crux Fidelis?
Yes. It used to be restricted to humans only. But over time, people have come to understand that not all inhuman races are evil/violent, so they have been mostly integrated into society, though they are bound by the same laws as humans. The Cross started allowing non-humans to enlist to keep with the times.
Can non-humans be turned into Sins?
How old are the Sins/Executioners?
Sins are 3 years old and Executioners are 2.
Do you have to be in a faction?
No, you can be freelance. It can be a little more difficult to find plots for freelancers, but if you're willing to put your character out there, you'll be fine.
When did the Ephemera Project start?
16 years ago. So 16 is the maximum age for Ephemera.
What are the races?
Whatever you feel like using. Just no cyborgs/other highly technologically advanced stuff or beings from dimensions/places outside of Sium/Alptraum. We've recently decided to disallow gods, as well
Can the Pontifex curse someone that hasn't been born yet?
Do you have a census?
No. Choose whatever faction you like. Since NPCs exist, we don't feel the need to micromanage how many boys/girls/etc. join each faction.
Can I make a character from outside of Sium?
Since we don't have any other continents documented at this time, no. More may be added later in the plot but it won't be happening for a while as we wish to focus on one setting.
Can I make the Horseman of Conquest?
Nope. Conquest and pestilence are interchangeable, and since conquest is similar to war, we chose pestilence.

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