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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Kassiel Sozun
Race: Incubus // Age: 297 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Whore of Babylon
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Face Claim
Appearance Extras
Incubus Physiology

► Kassiel's natural aura makes him seem more desirable to those around him. It will make it seem right to see him in a positive, and slightly romantic manner. He becomes more desirable to others the longer he is near them. Trying to dislike him will feel wrong while they are near him, but the aura wears off if he isn't around.

► His voice has the ability to influence those who hear it. This works better on people who either have a very good impression of him or are under the afects of his aura. This doesn't force others to obey him, but makes his suggestions seem like the best course of action.

► Kassiel is able to feast off of the sexual energy of others simply by placing a hand on them during or immediately after intercourse. He doesn't have to be the partner of the person in order to do this. Using their energy allows him to regain all his stamina and heal all non-fatal wounds. It takes a very short amount of time to replenish his energy this way, but the downside would be finding someone to feast off of.

► He is able to project himself into the dreams of beings he knows or knows of, but there is a catch. Many dreams he projects himself into can become nightmarish in a sexual manner. A small example of that would be a giant Manticore at full mast wrecking havoc on the dreamscape while attempting to breed with the person having the dream. The nightmares are only limited by the sleeping person's imagination.

► He can freely change between his incubus and more human-esque forms. He doesn't have many physical changes when he enters his incubus form. He grows wings, horns, and a tail in this form. His bat-like wings are completely black with a span of 20 feet. His horns are black in color with darkened red tips. They stand up about a foot from his head and are slightly curved with extremely pointed edges. His tail is nearly 5 feet long with a sharp tip. It is black with a darkened red tip.

In this form the strength of his enhanced abilities quadruples, the range and speed of his aura doubles, and the strength of his influence is greater than normal.

► With OOC Permission, he has the ability to control the mind and body of any amount of characters simply by kissing them. Their obedience will make them die for him if he so wished it. He can make them do anything that is physically possible for them. Those enslaved by his kiss can be knocked out of it if they are hit on the head fairly hard.

General Demonic Abilities

► He has enhanced speed, durability, strength, and agility, but they are enhanced in slightly different ways. He can run near 100mph in short bursts, but can keep a steady speed of 70mph if he wishes. He has acrobatic agility and is as flexible as the best contortionists. His strength isn't very grand, allowing him only to carry up to thrice his weight, but it is greater than it would normally be. His skin is thicker than most and it takes more hits for him to get injured, but he is very susceptible to pain and can feel every injury without being able to ignore them.

► His body is able to regenerate most of his wounds. Scratches and surface would take a small amount of time regenerate while larger wounds can take days. He is able to regrow limbs after a few weeks. This doesn't make him invulnerable. If he is badly wounded then there is a high chance he may die before healing.


► If any of his saliva, tears, sweat, or blood get into someone else's mouth, an open wound, or any other opening on another living being's body, then their minds will become clouded with intense desire for everyone and everything around them. They gain crave satisfaction from all aspects of their lives. This doesn't force anyone to do or act a certain way, but will invade their mind with unnecessary and mostly sexy thoughts that they don't have to act upon. People by this are also easier to influence. The affected people can become carriers and spread this disease through their blood, sweat, saliva, or tears.

Once the affects wear off those affected will go into a state of withdrawal, with the first few symptoms being muscle aches, headaches, and irritability. A few hours after those affects they will begin sweating and start having depressive thoughts. A few more hours later then they will get extremely nauseous and vomit. Throughout the entire withdrawal process they will feel an intense need to gain the original disease. The entire process takes nearly 15 hours, but the entire disease is out of their body after that.

► His hands glow and give off small, electronic pulses. If he touches someone with his hand then they will feel a very uncomfortable sensation coursing throughout their whole body. The uncomfortable sensation will build up in their stomach, and their entire body will feel jolts of pleasure whenever they have physical contact with another living being, no matter the type. While affected by this the person's mind will also find everyone and everything around it extremely attractive. The only ways to relieve themselves of the feeling would be to "get off" so to speak, or wait a few hour with the extremely uncomfortable feeling. He is able to charge up this pulse and affect everyone within 50 feet around him, but it is physically draining to do so. If he uses the charged variation, then he will be unable to continue using any powers, even his aura, until he either rests or feasts off someone else's energy.
personality/fun facts
Kassiel grew to be a bit self absorbed. He surrounded himself with people who saw him as a deity, which did wonders on his self esteem. His overall self confidence was brought down maybe a notch when he was maimed by pride, but for the most part he still acts the same.

He has a love-hate relationship with others. He loves feasting off their desires, but hates seeing them happy. He loves watching people cower in misery, but he is a generous god so he can't do it on his own. If he sees any act of violence, verbal or not, then he will watch with a bright smile on his face.

The failure of others is something that is hilarious to him, but he will get extremely embarrassed and hostile if he noticeably messes anything up. He can't handle not being perfect and will get baffled if he isn't showered in compliments.

Kassiel will whine an unnecessary amount if he is doing something he feels is beneath him. He forgets he isn't an actual god and acts as though he is. He keeps his head held high and acts as a cheerful, loving deity; he even refers to himself as one.

- Wants the world to adore him, which includes pride. He assumes to get her adoration he must actually do his job and corrupt others and make them all sorts of depraved.
Kassiel's life was nothing special. He was a pretty average incubus who lived off of sex, which was normal for his kind. He went through an array of partners, but otherwise did nothing noteworthy for a long while. On his 50th birthday, he decided to throw a massive party that, by using a gracious amount of power, turned into a drunken orgy. When the party ended he asked himself why he didn't party all the time? It fulfilled his hunger and kept him entertained, so there was literally no reason for him to not.

He began throwing parties every few days, occasionally with the turnout being massive like the first one. Some of the people around him stayed near, just to experience the euphoria of the mid-party orgies. After a few years he didn't even bother disguising the orgies as parties. He invited the same people to his drunken orgies, and most of the time they brought friends. Those friends, in turn, brought friends to the next one. His orgy was ever-expanding, and even when people left for good the numbers didn't dwindle.

Within 80 years, the orgy parties changed. It was on par with a minuscule cult, and he was their deity of worship. They had to get drunk and have sex to appease their god, and in return he gave them happiness.

He spent more than 150 years just being the god of a small cult. Their deviant nature never gained them proper numbers to do more than have orgies, but they did have enough members for the orgies to commence without him initiating them or being near. They assumed he was an actual god and any act of sexual deviancy would reach him. He didn't care to tell them that he was just an incubus. He adored his title as a god, so he kept quiet.

Kassiel's status as the god of a small cult gained him the attention of Pride. She wanted him to join her team for some reason he didn't care for, but he was highly against it. He did his best to fight her, but it more so ended up a one sided maiming. He was subdued and given the title "Whore of Babylon", and he was pretty scared to go against her again so he just accepted it. He was sure he could corrupt others, so the job shouldn't have been too hard for him.
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