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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ofelia Kaczmar
Race: Human // Age: 77 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Director - Zhyphire
Apocrypha, Director - zhyphire
Face Claim
Demon King - Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Appearance Extras
[x] Only shows her demonic horns when directly using the abilities her contract grants her.

[x] Small little brand on the inside of her thigh.
Ofelia wields a shotgun-styled weapon: double-barreled with short-range capacity. Since the gun does not operate traditionally, it holds no weakness to water and can be used in conditions where traditional guns would be non-functional.

Ofelia possesses a bow and arrow, and she can imbue the arrows with the powers of corrosive darkness (OOC permission required for Ofelia to double this darkness with her Shadow Puppetry ability; see the ability Shadow 'Bullets' for more)

Ofelia's other weapon is a two-handed sword. This sword has nothing special about it, other than it being especially resilient.

While not a traditional weapon, Ofelia has a large amount of allies with other old nobility families; the Kaczmar name means something. She has a great deal of money to her name, and contacts throughout all of Sium. Ofelia's charisma and her politician's manner have left her with allies who support her when she is is cornered. However, Ofelia is incapable of bribing Crux Fidelis and Welts; her name means something to some, but to these factions, it makes her a threat. Ofelia can only really pull these strings with those who believe in her and her family, and she cannot be particularly open or bold about it, but she can use her supporters.
Ofelia has contracted with the demon known as Malkai. A demon of shadows and the void, Malkai has given Ofelia the following powers:

Shadow Puppetry: Ofelia can manipulate and move shadows at will. If the shadow is within her line of sight, she can bring it to action. Shadows can leave the objects they are cast upon and attack a person standing in the immediate radius of the shadow; within five feet of the shadow's cast, a person is able to be struck.

Shadow 'Bullets' Ofelia's shotgun does not fire using traditional methods. Instead, it shoots 'buckshot' of darkness; anyone who has one of these penetrate their bod will experience a great searing pain, and the darkness will corrode away at the skin, claiming their body in shadows. Ofelia can then use her shadow puppetry to manipulate the body (with OOC permission). She can also do this with arrows.

Lightswallow extinguishes all light that is not natural. If the sun is out, then the sun will not be dampened. If, however, Ofelia is standing by a fire, the fire will be swallowed whole. This does not effect other abilities and is canceled out by any character driven ability that creates light, but will still work on things that are not the sun.

Voidstar Ofelia can blast the void from her palms. If this ability contacts any holy being such as an angel or nephilim, it will do double the damage and cause third-degree burns. Typically, with something that is not holy, Ofelia will cause intense pain and burning to the flesh.

Inhuman strength and speed - Ofelia moves faster than humans are capable of, thanks to her contract with the demon. Since it is not an archdemon, however, she cannot outpace a demon knight or other such creature. (Tldr; Ofelia is fast and strong, but she is not going to be as fast as/strong as a Canon character would be.)

Non-Sillage - Ofelia does not utilize Sillage itself; her powers come from her demon contract.

Eternal Youth - As long as Ofelia is contracted, she will remain young and beautiful.
personality/fun facts
Sweet, yet stern. Very politically savvy and very good at negotiating for what she wants; has an iron will underneath a soft and silky exterior. Does not like to make open threats, and will instead heavily veil them for her own comfort. It is, to Ofelia, a folly to make her true intentions known, and thus her actual plans can be hard to spot behind a half-dozen false trails.

Ofelia knows sacrifice. She has had to harden her heart to one of her children, after all; there is very little she won't do to gain what she feels is best for the future of her family. Ofelia tells herself that she feels no guilt over it. That she has never made a mistake. That she's never accidentally damned a child to a lifetime of blood and suffering for the good of a name.

Believes fully in the support of Josephine for the throne, but has no problem in (entirely believably) faking support for any of the other contenders.

A false skin over true flesh. Ofelia is built up on lies; the truth of her is hard to discern through the deliberate shield of lies and half-truths. What can be said to be true is that Ofelia loves her family, that she loves Apocrypha, and she is slightly enamored with a position of power.

Ofelia has killed, and will continue to do so. Her will is steely in this regard; anyone who stays in the way of her ultimate goal is seen as a target that she must kill. It's nothing personal. Ofelia is incredibly good at separating the personal from the impersonal; it is personal to cut open her cheating, abusive, rapist husband's throat while he begs--it is impersonal to throw a knife into the skull of someone who is not doing their job properly. Killing is easy, for Ofelia. The harder she is pushed, the more she unravels. The more brutality leaks between her fingertips.

(Ultimately, she regrets doing what she has done. She cannot get the image of a small child's tear-wide eyes out of her mind; she cannot forget the pride in a teenager's voice: "I ripped 'is fuckin' neck out, ma!"

All for a name. What has she done?)

Born to one of the heirs of the old monarchy, Ofelia was thrust from birth into a cutthroat world of political negotiation. She grew up with her position known: royalty. Heir. One of the many in line for the throne.

Rivals were watched, and Ofelia learned well; use beauty, use a pretty face, use sex appeal--do what she had to. Be ready with a blade, though, because they were always looking for weakness.

And so Ofelia was alive when the old kingdom fell; her own father was slaughtered before her eyes. She ran. She and others, they ran, and she was there when Apocrypha became what it is, and she ripped the throat out of a Hallowed man with her bare fucking teeth when he tried to hurt her.

Aeron, her husband, said he loved her; he was a sweet fellow, with a bright smile. Ofelia fell for him, and her children came along--twins, triplets, triplets. Aeron was a good man, Ofelia told herself, even as she began to raise one of her children to die for the rest. Sometimes, Ofelia fell asleep in a drunken haze to forget the viciousness in Aeron, or the lost look in her second child's eyes.

One day, a woman came to her with a little bundle in her arms, and confessed: Aeron had forced himself upon her, and here was a child, a half-elf with Aeron's eyes and his smile. Ofelia took the girl in silently and that night she slit her husband's throat.

Ofelia was a natural choice for a Director of Apocrypha, really. Personal drama aside, she's done her job well. She carries a legitimate claim to the throne, and defends it valiantly. It's easy for her to pretend that she regrets nothing; a second skin.

Her charisma makes her speeches about needing to kill Crux Fidelis even more passionate and interesting.
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