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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Soleil Fleischer
Race: Executioner // Age: 2 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Homosexual // Occupation: Horseman of Famine
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137 lbs
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Appearance Extras
RAVENOUS, Soleil's steed. A great black and gold horse with green eyes, Ravenous possess wicked curved teeth and ribs that jut from its coat. Ravenous emits an aura that (OOC permission required for effects on PC) rapidly speeds up the metabolism of anyone in its vicinity that is not Soleil, causing intense effects as if one is starving and dying, and as a result, a long enough span of time in the presence of Ravenous results in the body literally eating itself and withering away to nothing but skin and bones.

SONG & DANCE, a pair of hook swords that serves as Soleil's primary weapon. Cuts made with either blade are extraordinarily painful, moreso than a regular blade, thanks to Soleil embuing them with a form of her own famine corruption. With OOC permission (for PCs), cuts that these blades make will begin to waste the body away as if it were starving, atrophying muscle and sinking in the skin.

Soleil also has some knives for short-range combat, and a pair of brass knuckles.

She has claws that can be retracted or extended, thanks to her cat-like configuration.
FEAST FOR CROWS is one of Soleil's more horrific abilities. The woman is capable of amplifying the 'hunger' of those around her, giving them a compulsion to eat. What they hunger for, however, is not food. It is instead flesh, the flesh of other people; Soleil often leaves entire buildings full of half-devoured corpses and her sacrifices to Orpheus often involve cannibalism circles. (OOC permission is required before using this on a PC).

╞ Soleil is capable of growing vulture's wings from her back at any time as she needs them. She is capable of flying at intense speeds, though she flies fastest when she is pursuing prey.

╞ Soleil is immune to poison in all its forms; her body absorbs it and uses it to fuel her endless hunger. Despite this endless hunger, Soleil does not actually need to ever eat or drink.

FLESH WARFARE actively contorts Soleil's body at will. The woman can manipulate her body to pass a blade through it without harm, or she can split her throat open and display little 'teeth' within it to rip into someone's body. Soleil can mold her body to become a weapon--be it fusing her hands together into a blade or sharpening a hand into a sword. She cannot elongate her body unnaturally-- she cannot, for example, extend a hand out several feet by elongating her arm. These flesh weapons hit like real weapons would, and cause just as much bodily harm. Soleil's personal favorite move is to use her large and small intestines as bladed grappling ropes, warping her own flesh so that her organs have small 'thorns' on them, and then using this to wrench her opponent to the ground.

╞ Soleil emanates the same metabolism-boosting aura that Ravenous does (OOC permission required for effects). Being in her presence when Soleil has the aura 'active' means that a person will, eventually, die as their body devours itself. She can use this to kill plants and destroy the land around her.

╞ Soleil can regenerate herself instantaneously, though the process is rather gruesome as it appears in the form of large tumors and growths of her flesh exploding out of the wounds, only to reform over the rest of her.

╞ As an Executioner, Soleil has enhanced physiology which makes her stronger, faster, and more durable than humans. She is incredibly tough. Those who benefit from Famine are often scavengers, so Soleil gains a boost of speed if she is going after a wounded foe (OOC permission).

╞ Half of starvation is suffering, and the other half is a peaceful drift as a person dies from their body shutting down. To reflect this, Soleil has a rarely-used ability (with OOC permission). She can nullify the pain of another's wounds. This doesn't mean that the wound is healed, however--starvation and famine kills, after all, but she can ease the pain of someone, should she choose to.

╞ A famine does not just ravage people, but also the landscape around it. Therefore, Soleil is capable of manipulating the land around her; she can form a wall of rock up out of the ground or collapse a building. She cannot create new matter, only alter what already exists around her.

╞ Famine effects flesh; Soleil can warp and twist the flesh of others (OOC permission required). She can give them tumors, enlarge their limbs to weigh them down, shrink arms, or choke them with their own large intestine--to name a few of the possibilities at her fingertips.

╞ Soleil has an exemplary sense of balance, and is incredibly hard to knock off her feet. She is also extremely nimble and agile.

╞ It's not actually important but yes, she can purr.
personality/fun facts
- Has loyalty only to Orpheus. While the other Horsemen are her siblings, in a sense, Soleil has no real desire to grow close to them or know them too well. They are like her, and as such, she knows them superficially as much as she wants to.

-Rather surprisingly, Soleil has a sense of compassion. It's the main reason she uses her one particular ability that numbs pain. She has that slim rope of 'huh, maybe this person doesn't deserve suffering'.

-Soleil enjoys being worshiped. She is not seen as high as Orpheus, of course, but she is regaled by some, and she really does relish it. On the inverse of this, Soleil has come to see herself as something to be feared. She can make the land die underfoot. She can shear a woman or man in half with her own flesh, made to be a weapon. Soleil is not proud, per se, because insults or nonbelievers do not actually upset her at all. Instead, she is just...aware of herself, and loves to be flattered.

-Likes to read romance novels in her spare time. It's something that Soleil keeps to herself, but she finds the books very predictable, yet fun.

-Intense personality but she's also socially self-conscious in a sense. If she doesn't know how to handle a situation she'll just play it off like it's no big deal even when it can be a big deal. It's just how she is. People who don't impress her get blown off too.

-Thinks that her other Horsemen need to get their shit together.

-Likes to assume the absolute worst of people. She's been objectified due to her appearance a whole lot and has just sort of assumed that most humans are scumfuck perverts, backstabbers, that kind of thing. Amusingly enough, she now sees the Black Sun Cabal as the only honest people around, because they're at least open about what they're doing.

-Wants to take a woman on a date of all the places that she's ravaged with her powers. A little visit to this beachhead that's been warped and left unlivable, that sort of thing. An artist needs to show off their work, after all!

-Is a cannibal. That's really the only thing she eats--other human creatures. Truth be told, Soleil is just...compelled to do so, and she's probably capable of eating other things, but part of her nature as Famine pushes her to scavenge in that way. After killing someone, she usually eats them.

-It's pretty hard to get under her skin. Soleil isn't easy to insult or fuck with. She doesn't care about upsetting people (for the most part) and really has no qualms about telling someone they're acting like a damn fool right to their face.

-Views finishing off a weak opponent as a mercy kill. If you're not strong enough to win that fight, then you're probably just better off dead.

-Really, really loves breaking the rules and fucking with Crux Fidelis. So much. She likes to rip apart Aracelis crews and then make their captain watch as she wastes away their crew. It's fun. Crux Fidelis is so uptight, and Soleil really likes causing them new horrors. She'll hunt their members down and it's very rare for her to extend her compassion towards these spoilsports.

-Still, she doesn't needlessly start fights, if only because she finds it tedious to do so when she doesn't want to fight. If she's in the battling mood, though, everything's game.
In the beginning, she was flesh. Nameless, formless, writhing on the ground. She was nothing, save for self-aware. She was given shape, brought to life, and breathed the first breath through a still-forming respiratory system.

The plants underneath her withered slowly; they did not die as if diseased, but as if they had been starved, whittled from lack of sun.

Her first few days of existence were spent learning herself; the way she could make the land ripple, the alterations to flesh. Then she learned the way that people screamed when she wasted their flesh with her aura. Learned the way Ravenous crunched humans under its feet.

Learned how good it felt to sacrifice. Sure, the other Horsemen were...interesting, and Soleil didn't care too much for them, but she was one of Orpheus' chosen, and she felt glory in that.
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