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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Marty Scurll
Race: Human // Age: Twenty Four // Gender: Male // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Rebel
Apocrypha, Rebel
229 Ibs
Face Claim
Final Fantasy- Gladiolus Amicitia
Appearance Extras
Scar across his chest.
Cain's Curse was once the name Marty had given to his magic, though now with the marking of Amon has become his weapon. At first it was a hindrance, the demon seeming to have tricked the former knight into a pact as the curse had stopped him from using his magic, his physical prowess had increased ten fold as the unstableness of his magic had been harnessed into his body with the assistance of the seals in the form of a black tattoo on the back of his hands and wrist. Like other weapons, the curse seal can be broken, and sometimes even rendered useless if nullified by the right source of magic.

Destroy Deity Physiology: Considered the source of his latent magic, the unmeasurable desire for destruction inside of Marty is akin to this Physiology. If Cain's curse is nullified, broken, or the contract between Marty and Amon is broken his magic will come in full force assisting him in taking on the Physiology of a destroyer, letting loose the ability to cause waves of destruction that his body will allow before collapse. While his level od destruction is not as high as beings higher than himself the damage he can cause would be nothing to blink twice at.

Bastion of strength: With his contract and seal Marty has strength akin to demons in his strikes. He could potentially level wooden buildings with a blow while shattering stone and rock is a yet to be seen.

Cost: As said with Cain's curse he cannot outright use his magic as it is boosting his physical prowess under the seal now that it has a buffer. Ontop of that after giving the soul of his brother to a demon, Liam often haunts Marty's mind rather it be in his dreams or when he thinks off into place. Of course, Marty enjoys seeing his brother again, but at times it can hinder his hedonistic lifestyle as images of his betrayal play through his mind.

personality/fun facts
Marty is a simple young man, only so few words can describe him, he can be immature mischievous, impulsive, and cunning. Such traits are the byproduct of an extremely odd upbringing, odd in the fact that he and his brother had been raised in different manners by moderate parents.

To his brother he was friendly, outgoing, charismatic, and even at times silly, but when around strangers he could be summed up as nervous, quiet, and reserved despite being quite the opposite when near family. It was believed that when around people he knew he was more outspoken, though now one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from who he was and who he is now as far as socialization.

At heart Marty is a cheater, but this is mostly displayed in competition. When sparring he isn’t above petty things like low blows, biting, hair pulling, and cheap shots as long as it ensures him victory. Of course, this double-dealing nature is masked by his friendly outward personality.

Outside of a competitive atmosphere Marty is little more than a hedonist, a nature grown after the demise of his protective older brother and his exodus from the lives of his parents. When the shackles of responsibility fell off, Marty took off. He took up a never ending search for the desires of life, of course, these desires came with his insurgency from the cross.

Alcohol, women, fighting, these things brought him joy, true joy, but at the end of the day they never last for him. Where he has joy, he has pain, what he did to the person who he thought cared most about him often rears ahead when he is alone but never would he admit to it.

Sadness aside, he is his own man, he doesn’t accept the help of others, he doesn’t asks for help, when opportunity arises he takes the role of the opportunist but never will he openly depend on chance, often he’ll try to force his own opportunities to come to pass.

TLDR: He’s a filthy hedonist who’s hiding a secret. At times Amon judges him more for seeming to want something to care about rather than living out the life he enjoys.
Marty and his brothers grew up in beautiful Ravanar. He was close to his family despite being in ‘sin city’ they held some values. As much a small family could.

In his late teenage years, Marty was protected by his brother mostly, his parent was selfish, careless people thus they never truly looked over their boys with all that much in the way of care outside of feedings their children and keeping them mildly clothed. When the time came, their mother had a stroke of some conscious and decided to send the pair to the cross as it seemed to be a better alternative than keeping two brats in a slum, she figured they’d be better off in fact.

When told, Marty wasn’t ready to go, but his brother Liam was more than ready and even went as far as to attempt to force the much younger Marty to move on. The two went at odds and they had a short scrap just before the Crux officers came to the city of filth to take the boys to greater pastures.

The two had butted heads time and time again and the years hadn’t been kind to either boy. Where the brother grew more stern, responsible and loyal to the cross, Marty had found himself coming out of his shell so to say. He had become more outgoing, more selfish, somewhat reflective of his parents, but more so he sought out to find the finer things in life.

Soon, these two changes in personalities would come to blows. In short, Marty did not respect the cross, nor did he want to continue serving under it. When Liam questioned Marty’s loyalty in their downtime words had turned into blows and blows turned into Marty’s inevitable defeat as his brother was a better fighter. In the end, Liam had tried to speak to his brother, complimenting his attempt, but criticising his style and life choices.

After the battle, Marty had found himself on his knees at the better knight’s feet. Liam placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder and offered him two choices: reform his ways and become more productive within the cross or remain in mediocrity and inevitably be further demoted.

Fed up, tired, and at a loss, Marty would smile to himself and give his brother an answer, the only choice that made the most sense to him. Without a word, he dealt h an uppercut that mattered between Liam's legs. Just as the formerly victorious male fell to the ground writhing in pain Marty embraced him on the way down. The last of his bashfulness and signs of the boy he was faded away as a new more masochistic nature arose.

He hated what he had become, he was a symbol of the cross, the perfect pawn, but no more. Marty would free this brother of his, from the blinders Crux had put over his eyes and slaughtered him with the assistance of what felt like violent, latent, magic so his soul could be free from all of the torments and lies.

The magic seemed to have arisen as Marty violently battered Liam, the force of each punch seemed to have more and more force behind it.
In the end, there was blood, so vibrant, it made his white uniform finally look appealing on him.

Of course, after murdering his brother he had realized what he had done, he had finally unlocked his magic! And with this magic came a grave reality… He had to give it a name! There were a few he liked, but ultimately he decided to call it Cain’s Curse given Cain killed Abel and all~ It was perfect. Still with this great joy came the burden of having to bury poor Liam outside of their home, city. He had put the remains in a shallow grave just on the outskirts before hightailing it out of there.

Without much to his name he had found himself able to restart a new without his brother’s influence, yes, he had wasted years of his life under the cross, but no more. He was free and loyal only to himself now. Alittle nuts, but that was a given.

While traveling and keeping a low profile he had heard of Apocrypha through the grapevine in his homestead, with research he had learned who they were and what they stood for and after more digging he had realized that perhaps he had more in common with them than he did Crux!

Crux to him now was nothing more than a cult, they brainwashed and made people, good people, turn into mindless pawns and he didn’t want that for him or his brother. Liam was a good man, and he was still alive! Be it the definition of alive was now stressed and contorted to Marty at this point. Dear Liam was alive in his heart and that was what mattered most. Perhaps killing him brought him new peace after all, no more lying to himself about the good he did~

Gaining admittance to Apocrypha was an interesting process, he was a defector, but given what he had done previously obviously his loyal would come to question. But ultimately he was accepted with this abilities and resolve getting him through the door.

Marty enjoyed this way of life much more than he did his former one and made contact with a demon of all things! Making a contract with him not long after he joined. Amon was said to be an interesting demon, the body of wolf tail of a serpent, body of man head of a bird, it was always a toss-up with the demon how he would appear to those who summoned him.

Amon was said to be a demon of great knowledge and with this knowledge, Marty sought a way to use it to learn more about magic, though only in doing so he was more promised the ability to control the destructive force within him.

The contract would settle for a typical price: His soul, though with some bartering instead, he offered the essence of his deceased brother since his being likely didn't cross plains yet and so they agreed, Liam would be plucked from the afterlife and given to Amon and in return Amon would turn Cain's curse into something beneficial to Marty in the form of seals. Black seals took his wrist and the backs of his hands, it was odd but he felt stable with them.

Amon may not have boosted his power, but he did give him enough ability to uplift Sium from the grip of the cross and do his brother proud more or less. Though he would take up the finer things in life along the way.
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