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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Jack Kaczmar
Race: half-elf (demon-contracted) // Age: 30 // Gender: female // Orientation: homosexual // Occupation: Figurehead
Apocrypha, Demon Knight
6 foot, 1 inch
190 lbs
Face Claim
Badou Nails
Appearance Extras
[*] The eye that is hidden by the patch is a dark void-looking eye, with whorls of circles within it. These circles are various shades of red, and drift here and there within the eye itself.

[*] There is a deep scar along Jack's throat, horizontally.

[*] There's a blotch-shaped birthmark on her right palm.

[*] Jack's calf is entirely covered and marred with thick scar tissue; this is a count of the times she's died, which increased exponentially at the hands of Welts.
[*] A deep welting scar runs around her neck, though it looks more like a burn scar than anything else. This is the result of her body being damaged so many times by the explosive collar while she was in captivity.

OTHYNNBLADE - A large, black-hilted axe that Jack has made in honor of the Arch Demon she has formed a contract with. Like all of Jack's weapons, when her hands are on Othynnblade, it is embued with an extra layer of serrated, cutting ice.

CROSSBOW - Like the label says. Other than her sillage use, this is Jack's only long-range weapon. She doesn't tend to use it so much, but carries it for the sake of convenience. Note: Jack's crossbow bolts do not have ice on them, as they are not touching her body.

DAGGERS (3) - Short-range use. The daggers have prongs on them that point back towards the handle, meaning that if they enter the body, they cause more damage going out than they do in.

GARROTE - Jack isn't stealthy, but the Garrote comes in handy if people try to get her guard down and get the jump on her. Easier to use than her hands, in a lot of cases.


A damning deal with Othynn, a great and terrible Arch-Demon, has left Jack powerful beyond her wildest imaginings.

Calling himself the "Demon King", Othynn gave her enhanced strength, fitting for a warrior such as herself. Jack is capable of withstanding damage that would kill another being, and while she is still killable, it is a definite challenge to do so.

Othynn, being a demon that deals with the valor of warriors and the battlefield, has given Jack the ability to boost the strength of those that she fights with. Jack can call upon her bond with Othynn and those she fights alongside will find their speed, agility, and strength raised to three-fourths of her level. They are not as durable as she is, but they are more than capable of taking and giving hits. (OOC permission will be gained before ability is used.)

Jack's eye is missing, replaced by a physical marker of her deal with Othynn. If Jack removes the patch and closes her other, functioning, eye, she is capable of 'focusing' the red rings in the darkness, which enables her to see eight times better than the usual human can. Jack can see things up to 3 kilometers away if she focuses in this way--she calls it Hawk's Eye.

Othynn is an arch-demon that deals in the ways of warfare, and he has granted Jack a fearsome boon: she can call upon their bond to send herself into a furious berserk state, dealing out massive damage and capable of ripping things apart with her bare hands. The activation of this ability is immediately noticeable, as Jack's eye bursts and begins to glow in alternating shades of red. Her functioning, human, eye is also knocked out as well, with two great dark pits opening in her face (essentially). While in this Berserk state, Jack is incredibly, incredibly hard to stop, with the ability to take damage that would normally kill her and keep running with little problem. However,
once the ability wears off Jack immediately sustains all damage inflicted on her during the battle--at once. This usually kills her, and as such, she is hesitant to use it--she comes back from death, but dying is still unpleasant.

Othynn's final ability is Retrocognition. If Jack touches a person, she can 'see' into their soul, discerning their history and key points of their past. She can pick up on the history of an object by touching it, as well. She witnesses all events from the point of view of the thing she touches--if she uses this on a sword, she can see the sword being used throughout history. If she uses it on a person, she sees the past through their eyes, getting the truth of events. (OOC permission will be gained before Retrocognition is used in a way that effects other characters).


Her lesser deal with a Draugr demon has left Jack in a rather interesting spot. Due to the nature of a Draugr, Jack possesses Resurrective Immortality; one can strike her down, but she will rise again, eventually piecing herself together regardless of the damage done to her body. She will remain in the state of being "dead" for a longer time depending on the amount of damage done to her, and this does not prevent her from taking damage, but it does render her without the ability to truly die.

In addition, Jack is immune to the effects of the cold. This includes all attempts to chill her body to any temperature--the sole exception to the rule of "if she takes enough damage to kill her, she dies". Jack can withstand freezing temperatures for hours on end with zero negative effects. Powers based in Ice will still deal physical damage to her, but she will not take any temperature-related/cooling/flash-freeze effects from any of them.

The Draugr demon gave Jack the ability to embue any weapon with ice. Any weapon that comes into her hands becomes a weapon of the cold, emanating chill and slicing ice particles into the flesh of those she fights against. These ice edges are serrated and highly uneven.

Due to her natural Sillage ability, Jack is capable of summoning small, area-contained ice storms due to her contract with Draugr. This sends shards of ice flying through the air, and freezes the environment around her. When outdoors, it effects a three-meter radius; when indoors, it fills the room she's in and goes no further, meaning a hallway is safe if one can get out of the room and into a hall.

HUMAN ABILITY: COLD CALLER -- Jack's only ranged skill. Jack is capable of summoning shards of ice from the air, essentially weaponizing the airborne moisture in several areas. If the air is dry, Jack will call upon the water table underfoot, which results in the ice coming up from beneath. Either way, Jack summons large, solid spear-shards of frozen water and weaponizes them, capable of throwing them at her opponents. Due to Jack's pact with Othynn, she can throw these spears as far as her changed eye can see, as the ice follows the trajectory of her changed eye and her body will act to throw the ice.

BATTLE SKILL: Raised since childhood to be a defender for her sister, ready to die for the Kaczmar family, Jack fights like a seasoned soldier. She has also grown use to her sillage and demonic-based abilities, with a mastery of all of them.

INSTINCT: Jack may not be the smartest tool in the shed, so to speak, but her instinct is strong. It's hard to trick her when she suspects something is wrong, but if one can keep her from suspecting...

CHARISMA: Girl's just got natural charisma, most of the time. People may not like her because she's an abrasive jackass, sure, but she's a charismatic abrasive jackass.

personality/fun facts
Fun Facts:
[*] Jack has no compunctions or anxieties about her personal strengths. She knows she's strong.

[*] Jack does not fear discovery anymore. She ventures where she pleases in her region, with no regard for who may control the land she steps on. Jack tends to avoid actually setting foot in Caersewiella. The reasons for this should be immediately obvious. However, she will, on rare occasions, venture there for business-related purposes, usually with some form of disguise.

[*] Jack's not the smartest person around. This can't be overstated: she is a bit of an idiot, and tends to pick up on things only after a few failures. It's why her tasks have been simple: Protect your sister and the like.

[*] If asked her name, Jack will cite her full name and use it to flaunt her ties to the Monarchy. Jack goes by JACK KARYON to the public; her actual last name of Kaczmar is deliberately withheld as it ties her immediately to the old regime.

[*] Jack likes cats. She currently owns four of them.

[*] Jack's dreams are of nothing but cold steel and pain and the sensation of her body being rent apart. Alptraum is nothing to her, nothing compared to what she has endured previously. Perhaps due to her contract, Jack has dreams of Alptraum on a near-nightly basis.

[*] Jack has become one with suicidal overconfidence. She has no fear of death or pain. She has no hesitation. Death is nothing, now; she embraces the reality of her situation and knows she will simply come back to life when the deed is done. Jack is a brutal executioner, and though she cares greatly for her own, she has no qualms about ripping a man or woman apart in order to reach her goal. She has become the blood-hungry thing of her long-gone nightmares. Jack is slowly turning into a battle-hungry, bloodthirsty, death-seeking animalistic berserker due to her contract with Othynn. She is unaware of this at the current time.

[*] It is likely known by higher-ups in Apocrypha that Jack is exceptionally good at being a weapon that is pointed at a place and told "rip it the fuck up". She does, with little to no hesitation. It is also likely known that Jack does not like anyone who is tied with the old monarchy that is not her own family, and even then, she views the monarchy as a failing thing that needs to change. However, this is attributed to her years of captivity.

[*] Jack does not know how to react to displays of basic kindness at this point; she also does not entirely understand the concept of romantic love--or anything, really, at this point. Her brain is addled, and Jack is currently still recovering from the constant trauma of captivity. The woman will crumple and break, however, if she is shown simple human kindnesses.

[*] It is not lost on Jack that a large chunk of Welts' Sillage-related developments have been built up on her own back, from her own flesh, her own blood. Once, this would have filled her with rage. Now it just fills her with a deep despair.

Interestingly enough, Jack is a rather coarse-speaking jokester of a young woman, as if she has not allowed the gravity of her situation to really sink in. The young woman isn't aloof, cold, or standoffish; she's friendly, even if there's a bit of animal wariness to her (which makes sense, given her life on the run).

She's not the most trusting person around, and she's kind of a dumbass, but Jack has a genial air about her and seems genuinely rather nice and sweet. She's got a reputation for helping people who need it, and there's a simpleness about her that can put folks at ease because there's really never a doubt of Jack being able to double-cross or backstab. She just ... seems to lack the intellectual ability to do so.

At least most times. Thing is, Jack's been carrying a secret for most of her life, and while she typically isn't good at lying or spinning falsehoods to people, when it comes to a select few topics, the sort of things that she's been told to guard all her life, yeah. She's able to lie about it--and very, very smoothly. Essentially, Jack can't get up to trickery without a lot of preparation. Can't lie about every day mundane bullshit, but more important things she can.

She's got charisma, but she's also immature and jokey and more concerned with making people laugh than she is a lot of things. She can come off almost flighty at times, and can often appear to not know what the fuck is going on.

Jack, however, has a more intellectual side, even if she's had to hide it over the years. It's not a deliberate intellect, but it's more driven by her instincts. She won't enter a room if she thinks it's trapped, she won't go with someone she's just met to a private place, that sort of business. She's got the animal-smarts and they're strong in her. Jack lacks the strength for high-concept long-game bullshit, but she's excellent at momentary survival tactics, even if they won't work int he long run.

She takes her family incredibly seriously; since she was a child, she was told to be ready to die for her older twin sister. She was ready to--but now she's not capable of dying, so she'll give her life for others as she has to. Sacrifice is super easy when she knows she'll come back eventually. Not that big a deal.

Most importantly of all, however...

Due to her repeated deaths, and the agony of each regeneration, Jack has begun to warp a bit; she takes a rather dark joy in killing that she didn't before. She's more aggressive in combat. She can feel every death, and the pain resonates within her. It hurts, and Jack has begun to notice a quickness to fight that she lacked in her earlier years, but given her slow-churning mind, she hasn't quite grasped that her newfound aggression and zeal for combat and instinctual snarling is due to what happens when she dies. It isn't fun, dying and coming back.

And in time, it'll take its toll even more.

"Once," Jack was told by her mother, "The Kaczmar name meant something."

Back in the days where Sium was ruled by a Monarchy, the Kaczmar family held a great deal of important lands. They were rich enough, important enough, to have a great deal of influence within the system. Their name was important; the wrath of a Kaczmar often meant a great deal of misfortune for the offender. Perhaps some members grew corrupt--common history says of course they did, while the personal stories that Jack learned from the mouth of her mother said that they never did, that they were upright and moral members of society.

Regardless, the vast majority of the Kaczmar family tree was pruned when the Crux took their place.

Ofelia Kaczmar, the current matriarch, was only an infant when she was rushed to safety by a mother who knew the worst was coming. Ofelia Kaczmar, Jack's mother, grew up on the bitter grounds of defeat, the awareness that if she made a false move she would be seized and dashed apart. To prevent the untimely demise of a family line, Ofelia quietly extended her feelers, and it was an Elf man who she managed to settle down with.

Now, one might be led to believe that Jack was the firstborn--this would be false. She is the second, the latter half of non-identical twins. She was meant to be a spare, and nothing more than a spare. Nothing more than a second-in-command, a 'never-better-than'.

As a little girl, Jack was trained only somewhat in democracy; her actual role was meant as an attack dog for her sister. She was taught how to write and read, but not how to create grand plans beyond the instinctual level. She learned how to strategise in the battlefield. How to move units. How to give a good speech. But she was never taught how to walk well among the upper crust.

While both Jack and her twin had a natural affinity for Sillage, Jack's affinity proved to edge out her sister's, and she was given double the training--while she was allowed to be her own person (and a slightly dumb person at that), Jack was also slowly moulded into the ideal bodyguard for her sister--who the Kaczmar loyalists, hiding in quiet places, in dark corners and low alleys, called the hope for their family.

Which is why, when the family was attacked and more blood spilled, Jack did not hesitate to fling herself into the fray and display her abilities. With axe and sillage, Jack left a bloody path through the men and women who sought to bring her family down; she then fled with the survivors from Seracier down to Zhyphire.

Once the family had re-settled, Ofelia revealed Apocrypha's existence to her children--all the ones who had managed not to die on the rapid flight. They were told that they were part of the organization by rights--and Ofelia revealed her own demonic contract, which had saved the lives of some of the family as they traveled.

However, Jack's older twin had sustained heavy injuries during a fight on the run--regular bandits, lowly scum, had managed to wound her quite gravely. Jack watched, worried, wondered if she'd survive. Her twin made it through by the skin of her teeth and Jack was quick to enter into her own contract soon after, in order to protect her; Sillage amplified by work with a Draugr, Jack continued her protective quest--but she also took up cover as a blacksmith.

Along the way, Jack herself performed several back-room deals to keep some people quiet about the family's flight-trail, and this has left her bitter and mistrustful of women with particularly strong positions.

Her deal with Othynn came about through Jack's reflection on her family.

So many of them, she realized, had been wiped out by those with a blind hate towards the old regime. Jack rationalized it to herself: they had no proof of Kaczmar misdeeds besides those that had been fabricated (or so it was claimed by loyalists) by the Crux. Her sister had nearly died of infection.

Jack's journey into Alptraum itself was motivated simply by a desire to track something down, something that could help her get vengeance protect her sister. She thought of the humiliation she had endured to make sure nobody could track her family, and she thought of the fates of many of her younger sisters--dead, gone.

So she came upon Othynn in those pits. The All-Father (as he called himself) had his loyalties; he'd been cursed there, pinned in Alptraum, but he knew how to manipulate and how to get what he wanted. Jack's stay in the dead-realm came to an end when she left with a contract forged with an Arch-Demon.

Her position as a Demon Knight followed soon afterward.

Jack remains in Zhyphire, a berserker in plain sight, her work as a blacksmith keeping money flowing in to the family.


Unfortunately, nothing ever lasts long.

Jack, full of valor and fire, engaged with Crux Fidelis dogs. This was a trap, and by the end of the fight, two things had become agonizingly clear; Jack had been set up, and Othynn was not the ally he had presented himself as. Pinned to a wall by a pipe, Jack writhed in pain and howled her defeat, only to be told what was to come.

Sourdeval Duchamps, Head of Sillage Studies, wanted her.

Apocrypha was shaken by what happened, then: Jack was reported missing, abducted. Jack herself spent the better part of three years hidden away in a research base for Welts, her immortal state abused and manipulated. Sourdeval tested all sorts of things on Jack's flesh, and even loaned her out to other departments to test weapons: she was kept in line with an explosive collar that would kill her the moment she flared up any of her powers.

When she was released, it was with one condition: there was an explosive device implanted within her, and if she failed to do as told, she would explode--the danger of it was not the damage to herself, but the damage to others. It's been enough to keep Jack as in line as she can be kept, though she has begun to try and find a way to get the explosive out of her.

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