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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ereshkigal Waldstein
Race: artificial human // Age: 12 (appears 18) // Gender: female // Orientation: heterosexual // Occupation: enforcer - Venesa
Weltschmerz, Enforcer - Venesa
145 lbs
Face Claim
2B from NieR: Automata
Appearance Extras
March of the Swallow - A long white katana that can cut through most objects. The only thing it can't cut is a Bellicosa.
Enforcer Physiology - Ereshkigal is physically stronger and faster than the average human and houses a skill particular to herself. Advanced regeneration allows her to heal from wounds quickly.

Time Manipulation

Ereshkigal's ability involves the use of accelerating and slowing the time on herself or an object or attack immediately near her. Ereshkigal cannot travel to the future or the past, nor can she view events of the past. Her ability simply boils down to a fast forward and slow down button on an object within her reach.

Accel: Ereshkigal can fast forward her own time to increase her speed dramatically . By doing this, she is able to dodge incoming attacks that she normally would have been hit by or close gaps to reach her opponent quickly and easily. While time-sped up, she's only a little slower than Ishtar, moving at a max of high hypersonic plus speed. She can increase the rate of time an ally moves so that they can move faster, but once she redirects the sped time back onto herself, the ally returns to a normal speed. She can decrease the length of time an object takes to hit a target as well.

Stall: Ereshkigal can slow herself or her surroundings. When she slows herself, her movements reach a near standstill, helping in playing possum or the such. Ereshkigal's slow radius reaches about 15 feet in front of her, slowing objects within that range around her so that she may move around it. She may also slow the length of time it takes for an attack to reach her, thus consequently slowing down the target's time as well. (requires OOC permission to slow a person down).

Pause - With her training mostly completed, Ereshkigal has gained the ability to stop the time of any one person. The person frozen in time will be unable to move. (requires OOC permission) The person is able to move again if something so much as bumps into them. Ereshkigal can only freeze one person in time at a time.

Anti-Sillage: As with the rest of the Enforcers, Ereshkigal has anti-sillage capabilities in her time manipulation kit. Any sillage based attack directed at her is stopped and frozen in place before rewinding towards the caster and made such that it "totally didn't happen"

Precognition: Ereshkigal can predict attacks one time per battle. Any more and she risks destroying her core and the rest of her body. She cannot precog distant attacks aimed at her, as she must be consciously aware of the decisions in the attacks first.
personality/fun facts
>The Enforcers

>Noisy things

The second oldest Enforcer. Quiet, cold, studious, and modest. Plans three extra steps in advance. Wears a blindfold most of the time to supposedly give the opponent a handicap in fighting her. Ishtar picked her clothes. Naturally.

There are only a few people she will open up to completely, those being her sisters and a very small few others. Unlike previously, she will see to it that missions are completed with as few hitches as possible, placing her and by extension, Weltschmerz's goals above all else.
In 1035, life was created, and Ereshkigal descended upon the Weltshmerz labs. And yet, when she breathed life, she found the events surrounding her all the more strange. Who am I? What am I doing here? These were the only questions she could answer. As she woke, her first words uttered were "My name is Ereshkigal. You have named me, and thus I serve you." Such strangeness existed in the world, and from the start, Ereshkigal realized the heavy burden she would have to bear.

Her abilities weren't too visible at first. In fact, no one was certain what her ability was. She didn't seem to accel in manipulating gravities or found any remnant of powers within her. However, when she was placed in practical training, they found that Ereshkigal could dodge even bullets. They were still unsure of how, so they continued to test the young creation until they determined that she could manipulate the time around her to her liking. With that knowledge in mind, they began specialized training for Ereshkigal when she reached the age of 5.

During her training, she met Ishtar, a fellow enforcer who seemed to be doing jobs here and there and, like Ereshkigal, tried to keep her identity a secret. Ereshkigal took Ishtar seriously when she told her to call Ishtar a "big sister" and really only ever seemed to open up to her. After all, she was the first enforcer that approached Ereshkigal. And she certainly wouldn't be the last.

And soon, Aligheri came. And once it did, Ereshkigal found herself separated from Ishtar. Disappointed, but not surprised, she continued her work in the watery town of Riparias, where she would dutifully do her job. And perhaps try to find a way to meet Ishtar from time to time. Mostly for what Ereshkigal describes as "damage control"

Post Hell or High Waters, Ereshkigal was constantly training to overcome her shortcomings. Feeling guilt wash over her after what had happened to Soren, she knew she couldn't make it up to Ishtar, and so as to punish herself, she made sure to isolate herself in her room much more often, training in her focus and her reflexes. However, being a shut-in wasn't healthy for the girl, and soon she found herself slowly losing sanity of being alone so that she made it a habit to sneak out.

And when she did, she would make frequent trips to visit her younger sister Tiamat, taking her to explore the world that Tiamat never knew was so vast. It just so happened that on one of those days as she was scouting for places to visit, she noticed the dark clouds gathering above Xipilkha. And as soon as it arrived, it dispersed. While there seemed to be nothing of note at first, only that after what seemed to be mass destruction and peace that encompassed the land, Ereshkigal only had an even worse feeling of what was to come.

In the time of five years, Weltschmerz's reputation has faltered along with that of Crux. And yet despite this, Ereshkigal constantly remained loyal to the group and her creator. If anything she began to enforce Weltschmerz's ideology more, distancing herself from the bonds she made with those in Apocrypha in favor of vanquishing those with an affinity for sillage. Those who have met her recently only describe a hard, cold gaze, near devoid of emotions.
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