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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Demon (fomerly human) // Age: 325 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Freelance, Royal Knight
Freelance, Knight
Face Claim
Albedo (Overlord)
Appearance Extras
Real name is Cecilia Valdur
[Terrex] - A war axe capable of causing shock waves when enough magic is stored into it. Currently her main weapon and can be stored via runes of her armor.

[The Radiant Sword: Novus] - An indestructible blade of great power Cecilia had stolen during her betrayal. Its origins are unknown. Grants those worthy to wield it amplified physical capabilities. Though the sword does not recognize Cecilia as its wielder and thus cannot unleash its true power, she has corrupted and can at least forcibly activate it's ability to amplify. This does tire her more easily. She keep it sheathed to her left and only uses it if necessary.

[Restraining Armor: Kaios] - Created to control the user's rage. Can also produce magic chains to restrain others or Cecilia herself. She can use this in tandem to Agni Shiwatas to create excruciatingly hot chains. The armor can be broken, though it is difficult to do so, and can regenerate through feeding off the wearer's anger. Bits of broken chain can also be fired off rather than one fully constructed, acting as bullets.
[Agni Shiwatas] - A fire type magic where it slows down and/or speeds up the molecules in any object thus producing fire or flame projections or attacks. Due to it's nature it can bypass most defenses. By touching an object Cecilia is able to heat up, cause it to burn, or even melt it depending on its properties.

Royal Knight Experience - Her time as the Royal Knight Mordred has granted her the skills of a master combatant. Proficient in using swords, axes, bows, and even in unarmed combat. Her preferred weapons are axes, however.

Berserker - Cecilia has a great thirst for battle, causing her to go ballistic if left unrestrained. Relying in instincts alone, she can slaughter whole armies within a short span of time. In this state, her strength is so monstrous she can create massive craters just by stomping the ground.

Demonic Physiology - Revived as a demon, Cecilia now has extended life and strength, speed, durability and reflexes beyond that of a regular human. As a demon, she ages at an incredibly slow rate and while she does not have immortality like some of the other knights, she regenerates at a quick rate.
personality/fun facts
Cecilia is... rather gloomy. She tends to see the glass half empty, always seeing the worst in situations. Well, at first anyway. She'll end up doing her best to avoid a bad outcome. She just can't help but hold some initial negativity.

At heart, she is a kind woman. She's friendly, yet confident enough to fight back when the situation goes sour. She's a bit of an airhead as well; often getting lost in her own thoughts when she's left on her own.

Oh, about the part when things go sour... yeah, she'll fight back. Violently. Relentlessly. Fights, battles, war... those thrill her. If presented the opportunity to fight, then's the first to have her blade bloodied. O-oh! But don't fret! She knows how to hold back, and she only truly goes berserk in a real fight. But then again, she's still got a bit of madness in her from whatever demon gave it to her, so those around her should tread carefully.

And she's quite the loving person. She treasures life. So much so that it hurts her significantly when she has to take it away. She may be forced to do it often, but it never stops feeling horrible. Therefore she values the life of her loved one (her husband) way above her own.

While she still holds her deep regret over her betrayal, even if she was not in the right state of mind, she is now more open to meeting with the other knights to help them in whatever they need, or to ask them for help with her own problems.

When around her husband... well... they're the sickeningly sweet type. The kind of couple that looks like they're always on their honeymoon phase... yeah.
Centuries ago, a young Cecilia had a dream: to become a knight and protect the innocent. The only problem was that she had no aptitude for fighting. None whatsoever. She could not defend others or herself. She was devastated. Her dream to become a knight was quickly fading.

Though that thought quickly went to the back of her mind upon meeting a young girl who she had formed a deep friendship with. They were inseparable. They told each other's secrets, fell into mischief, and deemed themselves sisters in all but blood. Lockets they had were a symbol of their bond.

After spending more than a year together, her friend had told her one more secret: she was a demon.Cecilia was dumbfounded, though it soon turned into fear as she backed away and called her friend a monster. She ran off then and there, and she never saw her friend again. Like she never even existed.

Then one fateful day as she was playing out in the fields without her parent's supervision, she was abducted by bandits and intended to sell her to slavery. She could never forget the expressions of utter defeat she saw from the other prisoners as they were shipped off.

It didn't sit right with her. It was not right whatsoever. The girl who should have first thought badly of the situation was instead enraged, and burning. Burning so much she melted the metal below her and fell off the carriage. Surprised, she took this chance to fight the bandits and win back their prisoner's freedom.

Unfortunately, it didn't take very long for them to down her. Her inexperience proved to be her downfall. They left her to die' finding her no longer worth the trouble. It was both saddening and horrifying to her; feeling your senses numb and blood pool on the ground. This was death, and it was embracing her.

And then, she woke up. Her eyes scanned the abandoned yet peaceful house she has taken residence in. Surprised, she inspected her body to find the holes on her clothes on where she was stabbed and the blood that had dried. However, her body was without any wounds. She had been fully healed with no scar tissue in sight.

And on to her right lay her former friend, still and with a content smile on her face. She had exchanged her own life for Cecilia's, and the revived girl could do only nothing but cry and apologize the the dead body profusely.

The day after it was said that on a trail lay dead a notorious bandit group. Parts of their body burned or scratched. Cecilia showed them no mercy. The human turned demon would then use her new life to once again strive to become a knight.

With her enhanced abilities she was able to rise through the ranks, though she hid her demonic side as much as possible in fear of being mistaken for a malevolent being. Her prowess caught the attention of the queen of their kingdom, and soon she was enlisted as one of her knights of the round table Gaining the name "Mordred". It was, to her, the greatest honor.

Mordred served her queen dutifully, and almost fanatically so that that was all she did. She rarely spoke with her fellow knights and would return to her quarters if she wasn't needed. She focused solely on her job.

There was only one time she had defied her queen,and it was the day she was sent on a mission to rid of a demon that had been slowly nearing the kingdom. Locating the demon atop nearby mountains, she engaged it in combat. Seemingly gaining the upper hand, she readied to deal the final blow, but was stopped when she was given an offer: kill the other knights of the round table and be granted a wish to revive a loved one.

Just as she was about to call the demon's farce, a familiar figure was briefly shown to her.

Her mission was to report her success in eliminating the demon, and during the night, she would assassinate her comrades. Do so and she would be reunited with her dear friend. Of course, it wasn't successful. She had underestimated the other knights and after a long battle, was defeated. Interrogating her, they discovered a minor mind control spell that passively influenced her and broke it, though soon as they did, she fled.

Cecilia felt an overwhelming amount of shame, and she saw to it to place herself in exile. Becoming a mercenary for hire, dealing with jobs to put money on the table and earn her keep. Her time as one was rather short when she was personally hired to be a bodyguard to a wealthy family who had a particularly large amount of enemies. Tasked with protecting the expansive estate, Cecilia worked diligently to guard her clients, stationing there for several decades.

And then, one day, it was attacked by a dragon...

She had fought the beast valiantly and managed to drive it off, but not for the reason she had thought. She would encounter this very same dragon on more than several occasions, causing her to question these strange occurrences. Never had she expected that the beast would take human form in order to court her.

An oddity, it was, but years later she was by his side with a ring on her finger and a child on the way. For once, she was thrilled for her new life. The world had given her a second chance and she would willingly take it. But like before, tragedy would befall the knight. A battle would be incited that would separate her from her husband permanently, and her grief stricken body would cause her to miscarry.

Cecilia was once more lost and broken. She Walked Sium to exterminate threats. She needed to distract herself. She couldn't just remain still as everyone and everything moved on. She didn't have the will to end herself either; it was either out of fear or pride that she couldn't.

In recent years she would encounter the other knights, the daughter of the queen she once served, and even the husband she once thought dead. Now began the time of her recovery. While her hope was slowly being restored, she would be fully prepared to protect those that she cared for. She will not fail this time. This time, she will succeed. She's more or less accepted the fact that she was Mordred once more.
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