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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Akashi Minamoto
Race: Demon // Age: 1 years old // Gender: Male // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Black Sun Cabal - Death
Black Sun Cabal, assassin
6'1" // 7'4" (alt form)
170 lbs
Face Claim
Touken Ranbu - Taroutachi //
07 Ghost - Zehel [alt. form]
Appearance Extras
Akashi had a scar right across his right eye from a fight gone wrong. He often wore a mask to hide his identity. The mask had blue tear mark beneath the eyes reaching up to the cheek of the mask.
✦ Tsukuyomi > Tsukuyomi is a 5 ft Japanese Katana Akashi had since his creation. The katana had a dark red blade and black cross guard with a broken chain at the butt of the cross guard. Reference image

The katana act as a conduit when he uses his death-force manipulation. For those who fight with him, the cut from the katana will not heal itself naturally and required another medium to heal it. Most common way to heal the cut is through casting a healing spell or holy energy to the cut which will allow the cut to heal itself naturally. Unfortunately, Tsukuyomi will never be able to kill a Sin. Injured them, yes but outright killing is not possible.

✦ Death Scythe Form > When Akashi shifted to his true form, his katana transformed into a scythe. The scythe has the same capabilities as it's katana form. Reference Image

✦ Wakizashi > A short sword Akashi acquired during his travel. The wakizashi act as back up weapon if the Tsukuyomi is out of reach or broken.

✦ Death-Force Manipulation > Akashi can manipulate the essence of Death and Soul as he sees fit. The Death-Force allows the demon to make something wither, rot and eventually die. Due to his limited understanding of his own power, he can only weaken and rot someone with his power. If they did not get immediate medical attention, there's the possibility of them dying, but it will take awhile though for them to reach to that level.

✦ Horseman Physiology > As a demon, Akashi is stronger, durable, and faster than normal human beings. However, as Horseman of Death, his attributes increase exponentially to the point any fatal wounds would regenerate within a few hours or some time minutes instead of days. Though it was fast, his regeneration is not as fast as Morrigan. Aside from that, the horseman is gifted with death aura, whereby he could make anyone experience how the edge of death feels.

However, due to how powerful the aura is, The Black God had Akashi surpassed the aura, only allowing a small amount to be released, just for intimidation purposes.

✦ Assassination Specialist > Being Death itself had made Akashi expert in assassination art. He knows each of human body's vital point which he utilizes to end their life. No one lives to tell the tale once Akashi set his eyes on them.

✦ Darkness Manipulation > As Death, Akashi is capable of manipulating and transforming the dark essence into solid shadows which he sometimes uses with his death-force manipulation. His manipulation is only limited by his own imagination and the strain his body could handle if he uses both abilities simultaneously.

* Shadow now has gain sentience and are able to act according to their own will. They still obeyed Akashi when commanded but now, they can think and talk. They are highly protective of their Master (Akashi).

✦ Master of Deception > Akashi is a master when it comes to stealth and disguise. His regal like appearance fool even those who are paranoid about their safety. Who would have thought such poised young man would be the assassin they were looking for? Certainly not Akashi.

✦ Despair, the Pale Horse of Death > Despair is the horse Akashi had since his creation. Despair's appearance isn't that much different than his siblings' horses with the exception of the pale colour and sickly green flame that decorated the hooves, tail, and mane. Skeletons of the horse adorned the left side of its body making it more menacing and intimidating than the other horses. Despair's speed isn't that much difference than other horses, but instead of Despair running head first and destroyed the wall like two of his siblings, the steed's touch is enough to cause a wall to crumble.

Similar to his master, Despair possessed the ability to use death essence as his own. Anything the horse touches will rot and eventually die. However, the horse is capable turning off the death touch by Akashi's command.

When summoned, the horse rose from the abyss of Akashi's shadow and dissolve into it when Despair is not needed.

✦ Death Form > As horseman of Death, Akashi is capable of turning into his true self, a skeleton figure with dark blue robes wielding a scythe. In this form, all human emotions he felt in his human form will be stripped, and he will feel nothing, just like death should be. Akashi rarely uses this form, unless he truly needs it. He wishes to keep his true form as secret as possible.
personality/fun facts

Akashi is an independent individual, preferring to do things on his own rather than asking for help unless if such things are too much for the horseman to handle.

The horseman of death is loyal to a fault. Once he pledges his loyalty, he will never betray them, no matter the reasons.

As an assassin, he has to be alert at all times. Without it, he would be noticed by his victim or his enemies immediately.

The assassin is highly disciplined in the way he organizes his time. He would never spend the time doing something useless and instead, he would sharpen his skills as well as train the acolytes he deems worthy of.

Being an assassin made the horseman of death adaptable to any kind of situation. He could be cornered for all he cared, he'll always find a way to escape or make the best of the situation.

Akashi is highly observant to his surroundings. He has to, especially when he's on a mission or scouting an area for any recruit he could possible inducted. It's one of the traits that help Akashi numerous time during a mission or a scout.

Akashi is an aloof creature, preferring to be distant to everyone, be it his siblings, the recruits or anyone else for that matter.

He took pleasure in inflicting pain those he deemed his enemies or a stain to his boots. His torture method is often horrific and those who experienced it will not get out alive or sane.

He's ruthless when it comes to killing his victims. He wouldn't spare anyone if he ever gets his sight on them. Heck, he even killed their family should they saw the horseman of death during the time the killing takes place.

Never ever pissed off Akashi. He can be scary when pissed off. His vindictive streak will make him torture someone to the point of insanity or death. It's not wise to tip off someone who could kill without giving a second thought.

Akashi is highly possessive towards anything and anyone he considers his possession. He will kill those who dare harm or break his possession. He might not show it but he valued his comrades, even Augus despite his ninety-foot tall ego stick in his ass.
Fun Facts

✦ Akashi can usually be found perching on top of any tall building in Sium. He likes to survey his surrounding each time he goes to a new state.

✦ Those who Akashi target can never escape his sight. He will make sure to leave them dead or at least heavily injured.

✦ He has a low-key crush on Lavender, even if he doesn't know what those feelings are.

✦ The horseman of death likes to listen to classical music when he has the time. Despite being born a year before, Akashi adapt to the technology that has been invented today, despite their primitive form.

✦ He's awkward around those who are cute and cuddly. If someone demands a hug (Morrigan usually does), he'll more likely either flee or just hug awkwardly and then flee. He is not good with emotion to be honest.
The moment Akashi was born, Akashi was nothing more than a tall terrifying skeletal figure with a wicked scythe that could cut anyone to pieces with one slash. The emergence of Horseman of Death caused the weak-willed cultists to die from the powerful death aura Akashi emitted. The Black God, however, did not deter from the powerful aura Akashi had released. Instead, He walked to the skeletal figure and give him a human form. The skeletal figure shrunk in size and a handsome prince like male took the place of the skeletal figure. The scythe Akashi was holding had also shrunk in size, taking the form of a five-foot katana.

The Black God had given the task to the horseman of death to kill those who opposed him and Black Sun Cabal. As the God was his creator, Akashi immediately accepted the task. For a month after his creation, he’d completed whatever mission given by the elusive Black God. He had sworn to himself that he'll remain faithful to his Lord and Creator until the end of time. After using that month he had to get himself accustomed to his human form, the Black God sent Akashi on a trip around Sium, bringing death to deserters and traitors of Black Sun Cabal.

Of course, being a member of Black Sun Cabal, killing is not the only task he had to do. He’d also travel all over Sium recruiting humans into the Cabal. His princely appearance and the offer of immortality usually swayed them into joining. Akashi knew humans are terrified of death and living forever seems like a paradise compared to dying somewhere in a ditch, not knowing what will happen to their body or soul.

It never ceases to amuse Akashi of how much gullible and narrow-minded these humans are.

Since then, he becomes the Lord's sword in darkness, the one who strike others within the shadow. What will become of Sium? Who knows, only time will tell.
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