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In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Vulcan Alborn
Race: Co-hon // Age: 90 years // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Bodyguard
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Face Claim
Heroic Spirit Emiya (archer) of TYPE MOON
Appearance Extras
There are scars all over his body. They are remains of nearly every wound he has ever possessed. He also has some killer tattoos on his upper right arm.

+ when he doesn't fight, he wears either a tux or a white shirt and jeans. It depends on the occasion.
Vulcan is an archer. So it's only suitable that he has a bow. However, Vulcan's bow is unique. Through the tattoos on his arm, he can summon the bow within a moment's notice. It is a spiritual item that is connected to him. If Vulcan is incapacitated, the bow disappears.

Serpentes is an energy bow that works off of spiritual energies. It can be used until the bow's source has been depleted. From there, the bow has to recharge ( this takes about two posts or so ). With this being said, Serpentes doesn't really have any ammo. Vulcan doesnt have to carry arrows and shit like a normal archer.

The bow has a key ability when using it's own energies. If an arrow makes contact with the enemy, Vulcan can activate an ability that 'constricts' the enemy's lifeforce and body. The damage can vary depending on how many arrows hit. One arrow can causes severe pain in the chest and pain in moving. The more arrows that are lodged into the enemy, the harder it is to move and breathe. It feels like someone is tearing at your life force. ( this requires occ permission )

Serpentes causes extreme pain, but it does not kill unless the actual arrow strikes an important artery. The effects of the arrows will still remain- even if the arrows are dislodged. However, the effects will stop when Vulcan puts away his bow.

The only type of arrow compatible with Serpentes. Similar to Vulcan's bow, these arrows can be summoned as well. However, he's limited to a few of these. Not only because they require a certain amount of spiritual energy, but they cause a ton of damage. And it's not the safe kind.

After charging on of these arrows, the arrow unleashes a fiery explosion wherever it hits. It's a hell storm, and it's coverage is vast. Vulcan only uses this when he's fed up with someone's shit. He cannot use these in heavily civilized areas, or in combat where the his allies are close to the enemy. Vulcan only uses these in extreme cases.

After using this arrow, he has to wait a little while to use another one (four posts give or take).

Two swords that Vulcan uses to fight people. When he's not far away to use his boy, he's up close and personal. Unlike most Archers, Vulcan is super skilled with his blades. Dont fuck with him kay?

These two blades are indestructible, as long as Vulcan is alive. If Vulcan is incapacitated the blades will disappear, similar to his bow.
A co-hon is an evil spirit who had died a horrific death in another life and was never given a proper burial. These spirits wish to continue to the afterlife, but are instead revived and are forced to exist for all eternity. Along with this, they are plagued with the ability to bestow bad luck onto anyone around them, unless they are appeased.

A Co-Hon is considered a demonic and undead humanoid. This gives Vulcan traits from both racial families. He has a increased strength and speed, and has the body density of the average demon. However, he does not possess a demon's healing abilities. As an undead spirit, Vulcan can turn invisible whenever he pleases, and he can sense beings with a 'spirit'. But he cannot classify spirits. He can, however, sense how strong a spirit is.

Co-Hons are hybrid humanoids that can bestow bad luck onto anyone around the, unless they are appeased or calm. Depending on the severity of Vulcan's agitation, he can release an aura that can give anyone nearby bad luck. The effects are instantaneous, and the amount of bad luck is determined by his emotions. If he's slightly annoyed, your luck will only dip a little. If he's super pissed off, consider your luck nonexistent.

The effects of the aura go away when Vulcan is calm again. However, it does tend to resurface when he gets mad again- whether your in range or not. The curse lasts for a few days. To use this ability, the writer must require occ permission.

The curse does not work on those whom Vulcan has marked- or those who have proved to be friends with him.

Vulcan is a cursed spirit. He has been forced to exist for all eternity. Death is one luxury that Vulcan does not have. Any wound inflicted onto Vulcan.. even if it's a sword through the heart.. cannot kill Vulcan. If the Co-hon is forced into a fatal state, his spirit forces him to stay alive. In other words: it's a endless cycle of pain until someone comes along and helps him.

The extent of wounds depends on the type of wounds. Fire and Cold/Ice tend to slow him down, but they do not pierce his skin (unless he has preexisting wounds). The most efficient way to hurt Vulcan is with blades or with your bare hands.

+ special cases may vary when it comes to the ice / fire wounds. If someone forms a spear with ice it'll penetrate Vulcan.. because it's a blade.

This may prove to be an exception if Vulcan is sapped of his sillage. Vulcan will be placed into a near death state until his physical body- or spirit- is exposed to sillage.

Vulcan can create copies of himself, or illusions to throw off the enemy. This requires spiritual energies to use. Vulcan must be able to see where he's casting the illusions. They can interact with items and such. However, if you attack them they will disappear. However, touching them wont hurt them.

As a spirit, Co-Hons can leave 'imprints' of themselves onto others. This allows Vulcan to know where these marked individuals are, and can even talk to the telepathically if his link is strong enough. He can also tell you if the linked individual is alive, in danger, or even injured. The link can be countered if someone purposely tampers with his connection.

Vulcan only uses his imprints on those he truly cares about. And that.. doesn't happen often.

this ability requires occ permission.

Vulcan is a master strategist. He has a natural knack for observing the enemy. He has a scary way of figuring out one's strengths and weaknesses with little effort. But he doesn't share this information. He only exploits it. However, he's not 100% watching for flaws all the time. He only figures this shit out when he's bored, or if the situation calls for it.
personality/fun facts
+ Vulcan is a super reserved individual. He doesn't feel the need to emotionally express himself unless it's absolutely needed.

+ Vulcan has a very dry sense of humor. There are playful jabs here and there, but most of the time he's pretty chill.

+ He's super helpful when he feels like it. He really doesn't see a point in existing for himself. So, you know, he goes out of his way to help interesting people.

+ Speaking of interesting people, Vulcan often finds himself 'collecting' acquaintances. He doesn't give a flying fuck if you hate him or not. The more people you know, the better. Plus it's entertaining at times.

+ Vulcan often visits these friends. Most of the time it's uninvited or by chance. Don't worry, he'll bring some wine or some shit. Even though Vulcan can be dull, he's actually somewhat decent company. He listens, he talks, and he doesn't give a damn about those he doesn't know.

+ Vulcan likes to do stuff when he's bored. He'll gladly take on a random task from a random person.. as long as it's not sketchy or something. Vulcan may be an evil spirit but he doesn't crave chaos.

+ Vulcan has a high tolerance to pain. However, there are events where things hurt like a bitch. I mean, come on. Getting your heart ripped out sucks.

+ Vulcan often distances himself from others on an emotional level. He's immortal and cursed, and he doesn't want to burden others with his friendship. He's also protecting himself from getting attached to others.

+ Vulcan is surprisingly skilled at making tea or doing household chores. You may find Vulcan doing laundry or so shit when he's bored.

+ Eating and drinking is optional to him. Its not like starvation is going to kill him. However, he will eat food if someone offers it to him. Unless it's some shit cooking, he'll pass.

+ Vulcan has a "don't fuck me with, I do't fuck with you" mentality. He wont fight you unless he feels threatened, or if your fucking with one of his friends. Not cool bro, not cool..

+ half of the time he has a deathwish. He cant die, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

+ He has lost his sense of good and bad judgement. All he wants to do is have something to do. He'll do stuff.. as long as it isn't sketchy or affects his friendos

+ He's super pissy when mad. He hates unleashing his bad luck aura.

+ Vulcan has a very high pain threshold. He can take just about anything.. with the exception of the "really bad" stuff. Because of this, Vulcan is pretty reckless with his physical health. He's unafraid to get hit if it means protecting someone.

+ If he learns you have something to do with Cyrus your as good as dead.

+ Building off of this, if your in Vulcan's way, chances are your also dead.

+ When Vulcan gets attached to someone or something, he's super protective and hates to leave the person out of his site. He's super paranoid that something bad will happen to them. Who can blame him after what happened to his family?
+ Vulcan was born into a family of bounty hunters. The Alborns were a well known for there ability to finish any mission with 100% success. They were dangerous. Which made Vulcan dangerous.

+ Vulcan's early years were filled with training and strategy. He had a younger brother three years after he was born. From there.. most of his early years were pretty fucking dull. He had accepted he'd kill people for a living.

+ Vulcan often shadowed his father during jobs around the age of nine and ten. It wasn't the prettiest thing to watch, but it helped Vulcan grow accustomed to the family's tactics. By the time he was fourteen he didn't flinch at the sight of his own blood.

+ Vulcan shadowed his father until the age of 17, which he then was able to start contracts and jobs of his own.

+ For many years, he did what an Alborn bounty hunter did best: hunt and kill for money. Vulcan did not have a love for the job. However, he did feel obligated to his family to do the best.. to be the best. By the time he was 20 years old, he'd made a name for himself as one of the strongest Alborn bounty hunters to exist.

+ At the age of 22, Vulcan picked up a contract to kill some bitch named Cyrus. Vulcan didn't ask any questions. He did what he was told to do and killed the man. It was a short fight, clearly because Cyrus hadn't seen him coming. Vulcan came out victorious and with his payment.

+ Not to long after, he met a woman and fell in love. The weight of his family responsibilities faded and he got married and started a family. It was a happy life, and it lasted six years..

+ ....Oh hey, it's Cyrus again. The cursed knight vowed to get his vengeance on Vulcan, and he did that just. The man attacked Vulcan's home late and night and made the bounty hunter watch as he slaughtered his family. It was slow.. and it was gruesome.. and Vulcan was defeated. Vulcan swore he'd get his revenge, but he did not live to settle the score. Cyrus mangled his body and left him to die alone with his slaughtered family before him.

+ From there, Vulcan's spirit wished to move on to the afterlife. However, he was denied. Since Vulcan wanted revenge, and never received a proper burial, Vulcan was reformed as a Co-Hon. It was a rude awakening, and Vulcan was forced to live on..

+ for the last sixty years he's been traveling Sium as a Co-Hon. He tried various ways of killing himself, but nothing worked. So, he picked up the profession of being a bodyguard because he's worth nothing. Or, well, that's what he tells himself.
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