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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Solencia Paris
Race: Angel // Age: 19 years old // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bi-sexual // Occupation: Freelance - Book Shop Clerk | Princess
Freelance, Bookshop Clerk
5ft 9in
Face Claim
Tifa Lockhart
Appearance Extras
Now an angel, Solencia takes a great deal of pride in her wings and the very holiness that comes from gaining a second chance at life.
Blade of Ariel (sword) - The weapon left behind by her mother. An angel's blade that was crafted within the fires of the very sun itself. It shines with a brilliant light that makes the blade seem as if it is made of fire. From the blade radiates an intense amount of heat that allows it to melt even the metal it comes in contact with.

Castiel's Chains - chains that shoot out from Solencia's body. Wrapped in a vibrant yellow light and stronger than steal, these things are useful when tying down your enemy. Crafted by angels these chains burn any demons (Besides PD members) that they come in contact with as they were created to purify the evil of this world.
Regeneration - Thanks to her inheritance of genetics from her mother, Solencia's body is able to repair itself nearly instantly now since having died and come back as a pure-blooded angel, but that doesn't mean she can't feel pain though the damage isn't nearly as permanent as before.

Angelic Fireball Girl - As her mother was an angel, Solencia is very much her daughter. She inherited the woman's power over the manipulation of fire and it has only grown since coming back from the dead as an angel. Not that she is very good at using it because lack of training will do that. She tends to burn herself a lot when trying to make even the simplest of flames. These abilities are also drawn upon from her emotions, so it is not uncommon for her to scorch the lands around her when throwing a tantrum.

Healing - Sol is capable of healing the wounds of those around her. Though this skill is far from refined it certainly comes in hand when trying to keep those she cares about alive. The ability is quite taxing on her body though and often exhausts her to a point of passing out. The more severe the wound the higher the chance of this.

Embodiment of light - Now this skill is far from normal even by Sium's standards. Sol is capable of completely transforming herself into light and moving from place to place. It is a form of teleportation that just seems to come naturally to her. Though if someone touches that ball of light they will get severely burned.

Hot to the Touch - Sol naturally radiates heat. When she doesn't keep her abilities in check she is capable of severely harming someone on contact with her skin. Most of the time her body just feels somewhat feverish.

Enhanced Physical Being - Due to her angelic existance, Solencia is much stronger and faster than an average human. She is also able to withstand damage far better than most, but is far from indestructible. She also holds an abnormally high tolerance for pain. Though outside of that she is extremely sensitive to the touch of another person and even ticklish in some areas.

Basic Combat Skills - Rather her lack of them. Solencia just enjoys using her brute strength and swinging her sword around recklessly. She lacks basic training, but hopes to learn someday. She's very good at figuring out strategy though!
personality/fun facts
- Friendly
- Honest
- Loyal
- Forgiving
- Curious
- Optimistic
- Creative
- Passionate
- Loving/Vulnerable
- Eager to Learn
- Witty
- Kind

- Scatterbrained
- Reckless
- Impulsive
- An Emotional Whirlwind
- Abrasive
- Bratty
- Irresponsible
- Destructive
- Stubborn
- Blunt
- Know it all
- Tactless
- Insecure
- Clingy

Fun Facts:
- She enjoys reading.
- Her favorite hobby is nagging Roux.
- She likes soft and cute things.
- Enjoys swimming too much for someone that can't swin.
- Hates most people and clothing.
- Used to have a pollen allergy, now its gone but she still hates flowers.
- Too independent for her own good. She often ends up in lots of situations full of trouble.
- Enjoys running off on her own. Those are the best kind of adventures.
- Special skill: Pissing off the person who gives no fucks.
- Terrible at following basic instructions.
She was apparently a princess, news that she had very little knowledge of beyond a few stories her father once told her when she was small. It really made no sense considering the fact that Solencia didn't grow up anywhere near the way an ideal ruler should.

She was born the daughter of Prince Edgar Allesandro Martin Lusorio de Parishma Paris, second in line as a member of monarchy removed by the members of Crux Fidelis. His father slain and his brother among those giving birth to a rebellion, the Paris monarchy was in danger. Rather than fight, Edgar ran away at the age of twenty.

Her father became a demon hunter at the age of twenty-one, acting as an assistant to a family of hunters who went by Zaynesworth. This career choice was the best option for him as it allowed him to coexist with those of Crux Fidelis without much issue while remaining in hiding. At twenty-nine he married a beautiful woman, an angel by the name of Ariel. She was once a guardian of mortals, but threw away her duties for her lover. They were quite happy together and after more than a decade of peaceful marriage they would welcome a beautiful baby girl into the world.

It was after Solencia's birth that the rebellion and her father's past finally caught up to the little family. At this point she was only four years old. Crux Fidelis found out about her father's lineage and during a fight for freedom her father was slaughtered along with his fellow demon hunters, a young couple from the Zaynesworth family. Ariel took her child and ran to the town of Xonan where she would raise her daughter until Solencia was seven years old.

Her mother mysteriously disappeared one day. The angel no longer able to stay away from the world that she once labeled as her home. The young child was left all alone at that point. She was then taken by strange men and sold away to become a child soldier, or so that was the intention. Once in the hands of Crux Fidelis Solencia's heritage came to light and the girl was quickly labeled as a traitor.

She was locked away in a room for eleven years, only ever taken out to play the role of bait when trying to get members of Apocrypha. Though she was moved around quite frequently she couldn't say that her life was miserable. Her uncle held ties with members of Crux, some of which that were caregivers for the young princess. She was provided with simple comforts, like a decent bed and clothing. She had plenty of books to read and pleasant meals. It wasn't an ideal life, but she was content considering the fact that she was still able to live, but it was lonely.

As her eighteenth birthday approached strange things happened in the world of Sium. Strange things that actually would have a big affect on Solencia's life. Destruction spontaineously rained down upon the place that she had learned to call her home. Guards were killed and several injured before a figure came crashing through her door. An annoying man with a stupidly cute face came rushing into her life.

Roux Zaynesworth, a brat from Apocrypha kidnapped her from her safe prison cell and gave her something she didn't entirely understand, freedom. Solencia absolutely hates and adores him for that fact. She has since been placed among the rebel group for the past year about as useless as possible, she has learned to thrive on causing trouble. Mostly because it is just fun. Roux has been stuck playing guard dog, and Sol is learning how to make use of the gifts she inherited from her parents. A contract with the Arch-demon Horus and those pointless wings that her mother gifted her with.

Life changed after she ended up dating. Falling in love can change a lot of things, but the fact that Sol was killed by the Horseman of Pestilence should be enough proof of how change can affect a person. Following her death she came back to Sium due to her heritage as an angel's child. She is now confused and uncertain of what has happened to her, but she has these strange feelings that tell her she knows more than her brain is revealing at this point. She just wants to figure out who she is and what happened to her. Until that time comes she has taken to working at a book shop in Riparias where the owner seemed to know her pretty well.
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