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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Griffith Vale
Race: Wererabbit // Age: 24 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Valor
Crux Fidelis, Valor - Pluviall
6'1 (Human) 6'1 by 10' (Rabbit)
165 lbs (Human)/ (325) Rabbit
Face Claim
Painkiller B-Hero Warz
Appearance Extras
He has two big rabbit ears that are the same color as his hair.
Bellicosa- Jabberwock: In its sealed state, it takes the form of a black, leather choker around Griffith's neck. However, when it transforms it turns into a fauchard, a polearm with a curved blade on the end. It is rather plain with its only notable traits is its red shaft and a strange crack going from the tip of its blade straight down the middle. However, that crack is not just a defect; it's Jabberwock's mouth. The blade opens up to reveal several rows of razor sharp teeth and a snake-like tongue. It tends to bite things.

It has two abilities. Its first ability is to be able to change its length and able to twist and turn like a serpentine creature. Its second ability is that it is able to eat sillage based abilities, however, there are exceptions. It cannot eat things that it cannot physically touch such as vibrations or illusions nor can it eat non-sillage based attacks, even if they were influenced by sillage, such as heat magic melting stone. It also has a really strong bite.

The devoured sillage is stored though no one really knows what happens when it reaches max capacity.
Air Pressure Magic: He has the ability to manipulate air pressure. This allows him to enhance close combat attacks by compressing air pressure around various parts of his body or weapon and release it. This could also allow him some small bursts of speed. He can also send missiles of air pressure towards someone, which will create concussive blasts.

He can create zones of different pressure ranging from making people lose oxygen and make them short of breath to downright crushing them. (Requires OOC permission)

This compressed air can even be used to create powerful barriers as well.

Clone Magic: Griffith has the ability to create clones of himself. These clones share his thoughts and emotions and can perform actions that he desires them to do. They can even use magic, but these clones are weaker than him and the more he creates, the weaker they become. They also become dumber.

Wererabbit Physiology- As a wererabbit, his physical attributes are above other species, but he has exceptional leg strength, which allows him to move at incredibly high speeds. increased jumping capabilities, and enhanced kicking strength. Along with this, he is equipped with enhanced hearing, smell, and night vision.

Agility and Dexterity: Two of Griffith's greatest strengths are his agility and dexterity. His body moves the way he wants it to without ever needing to think; it is simply pure animalistic instinct.

Prey Instinct- He has the instincts of prey, allowing him the ability to sense danger as long it is directed towards him or involves him.

Regeneration: As a wererabbit, he has the ability to regenerate wounds though compared to the rest of his kind though it will not be able to regenerate lost limbs and he is not capable of fighting and regenerating at the same time.
personality/fun facts
He is a cheerful, silly person. Despite his position, he almost takes very little seriously and just likes to go with the flow. Even though he does actively those who oppose The Crux, he is far more lenient than the rest of his peers.

Many find him annoying, mostly because he just does not shut up. He has a motor mouth and it would not be the first time that it got him in trouble. It is especially noticeable when he is nervous or flustered and he'll realize that he won't shut up, which will make him even more nervous, thus creating a constant cycle.

He has an immense hate for slavers and poachers and especially strong hate for the nobles.

He really doesn't like carrots.
There was once a race of Wererabbits, once. Most of them were hunted to near extinction due to unhinged nobles, slavers, and poachers hunting Griffith's people. Wererabbits were sought after due to their durable, yet luxuriously soft fur, which was prized by the nobles as a symbol of status and wealth due to the insane price. Sometimes, they took them alive to sell them as pets, which would leave them in a life of constant abuse.

Griffith's parents met a similar fate; his father was shot dead and his mother was captured to be sold as a slave, only to die from repeated physical abuse much later. For most of his life, he had stayed with the few remaining Wererabbits though that did not last long either. They were gunned down and he nearly faced the barrel of a rifle until he was rescued by the Crux.

There was nowhere to go and perhaps out of the grace of the Crux, he was recruited. For better or for worse he had spent his childhood around other orphans that were picked up, training though instructors had noticed that Griffith was a cut above the rest. He was strong for his age and picked up combat far quicker than his peers. It was evident in their eyes that he would have the talent to go high in the ranks.

As a Hallowed he made a name for himself. There were many who did not know his name or his epithet, The Blood Hare. This was a man who fought followed his orders and brought hell to the Crux's enemies.

One day, he was sent on a mission to act as a bodyguard to some nobleman. The nobleman had many attempts on his life and was to be escorted to a meeting between the Crux and him. Things were fine at first, but then he realized something; the nobleman was wearing a coat made of wererabbit fur. It sent him into a rage that he never had felt before and if it were not for interference by other Crux members, he surely would have slaughtered him without a second thought.

It was not a question that he was about to be punished though he was given a second chance. Griffith partook in the Valor Program in order to seek forgiveness for the people who had given him so much to him and took the hellish training with a grin on his face.

When he turned eighteen-years-old, he became one of the youngest Valors in Crux Fidelis' history. Six years later, he is still a Valor and works for the better of Sium and the Crux.
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