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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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 Poena Damni
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overview & history
(lit. pain of loss) The Sins are powerful curses in human form that feed off of and are empowered by negative emotions such as pain and sadness. These emotions also attract them. They were created by the Black God in year 1039 for the purpose of using them them as soldiers, but they overpowered and forced him to free them. Now they operate as a loosely organized group whose unspoken leader is Pride (also known as Lucifer), a Sin with seemingly limitless power and an ego to match it.

Almost as soon as they were released, the Sins sowed destruction in any way they could. This caused the Cross to focus their efforts on finding and killing the Sins. However, they soon found that it was difficult to get rid of them. All the Sins are immortal and will disappear upon death, regenerating a week after they are killed. However, they will be condemned to Alptraum for the week they are dead, wandering arid plains in spirit form. A little known fact: Sins can die permanently, but only by Pride's hand. She can also create new Sins or turn people into them if she finds someone who has suitable traits to become one. As of late, Pride has developed a penchant for turning rather than creating, leading to most of the Poena Damni being comprised of human-based sins. Currently, the only original Cardinals are Gluttony, and Lucifer herself. As for branches, the balance is unknown as they tend to appear or be replaced frequently.

Poena Damni's only directive is to destroy and indulge. Since the Cross has impeded this directive repeatedly, the Sins hate members of that faction especially and seem to target them more than anyone else.

For nearly two years, the sins fulfilled this directive beautifully. Yet as they went out into the world and experienced daily life, many grew soft. When Pride caught on, she started cracking down and taking on challenges that demanded her troops prove their usefulness as well as show the world that they are to be feared. Many sins, including the cardinal, Greed, were killed by Lucifer herself the second they failed her. Their grisly deaths served as examples, and with that, the sins had once again become a valid threat. Whether their loyalty is true or a product of obligation differs from sin to sin.

Pride's methods of motivating the sins were shown to be effective when the Black Sun Cabal sent their horsemen to take the Tower of Joy. These executioners did put up a good fight, managing to (temporarily) kill Wrath, Greed, and Sloth. However, the sins, as a collective, eventually prevailed, the aftermath being the death of Famine and subsequent defeat of the three remaining horsemen. Moments later, Pride managed to subdue the Black God and resurrect the fallen sins, making the whole ordeal seem like a pointless endeavor for the cult. She wasted no time in taking control of the aspects of the apocalypse. She ripped Akashi's Death aspect from his body and cast him aside for his poor performance during the battle. Umbra (War) and Noire (Pestilence) on the other hand, proved worthy combatants Pride fancied making use of in the future. And so, they were given a chance: have their aspect ripped away in the same manner as their fallen brother, or be subjugated and henceforth serve Poena Damni without question.

Later, Pride would make an announcement to the entirety of Poena Damni: she had absorbed Orpheus' divine power and become God. However, she would soon fall dormant in order to control the vast output of extra power. Before this happened, Pride tasked her sins with hiding in plain sight. They were to travel Sium and lie in wait, subtly manipulating humankind toward chaos, but this time, they were not to draw attention to themselves. In line with that goal, she changed each and every sin's physical appearance so that the notorious ones would not be recognized. With that, it seemed as though the sins had suddenly disappeared. Within months, many citizens were lulled into a false sense of security. Their despair would be all the more potent and empowering when Pride woke from her slumber and struck again.

Once Lucifer woke up, the glamours faded without warning. Several sins were recognized and these sightings have caused a stir. Is it superstition, or are they really back?

HQ location: the "Tower of Babel" in Alptraum

Cardinals - The threat Crux Fidelis is most focused on would be the Seven Deadly Sins. Each one of them represents a specific cardinal/deadly sin, and they take direct orders from Lucifer. These sins are far more powerful than their Branch counterparts, able to keep up with even the Cross' commanders. Pride/Lucifer acts as the leader and is rumoured to rival the Pontifex in terms of ability.

Goals & Duties: - Like any other sin, the Cardinals have one overall purpose, and that is to spread chaos across all of Sium. The Deadly Sins are even more dangerous in their disruptive abilities and destructive behaviors. Lead by Pride, their goal is to demolish the lives of those in Sium as quickly as possible and become even stronger from the sin that follows. At times they will lead branches into large battles to devastate regions of Sium.

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - These are the very same executioners that once served the Black God with utmost loyalty. Now that their God has been taken in by Pride, so too have they (or their aspects, if they refuse to comply). Their loyalties are undoubtedly questionable, and so they've been personally enchanted by Pride. This servitude spell serves two purposes: One, any cardinal sin can hone in on a horseman's presence with ease, led to them much in the same manner they would be led to someone that bears their respective sin. Two, the horsemen can be given a "penalty" at any time, leading to immediate full-body pain and loss of mobility upon any cardinal's mental command. This is typically used only when needed, as the sins tend to realize that these powerful beings are useful and eventually need to be officially integrated.

Goals & Duties: - Horsemen bear similar duties to the rest of the sins, but it's obvious that they're still on trial. Needless to say, they are expected to perform exceptionally - after all, they can be replaced at any time. As Pride is more concerned with her overarching goal and commanding the sins she deems more worthy of her attention, she's left Wrath in charge of commanding the horsemen and breaking them in. This is due in part to his apparent loyalty along with the irony of them all having been forced into Poena Damni. Unless Lucifer requests otherwise, the horsemen report to Soren or in some cases - other available cardinals.

Demons of Babylon - Demons that were defeated and subjugated by Lucifer. After coming under her control, she bestowed upon them the power to corrupt. This allows them to turn other entities into demons that align with the Sin they serve under. As demons, they can naturally fight, but not all of them are required to. Some can take more insidious or less direct methods to corrupt others, giving them the potential to avoid combat entirely.

Goals & Duties: - Their duties are quite simple - corrupt. From humans, to animals to anything with 'life'. Their methods are their own and can range from violent to passive - the only thing that matters is that they pursue their objective to the best of their abilities.

Other Positions
Branches - Aside from the Deadly Sins, there exist other Sins called Branches. They aren't as powerful as the seven, but they have their own unique abilities and retain the sins namesake immortality. They represent relatively minor sins such as Deceit and Neglect and they run wild just as the other Sins do.

Goals & Duties: - Branches tend to fall under the loose control of whatever Cardinal sin they "branch out" from. For example, the Branch of Adultery would commonly be seen under Lust's charge. This all depends on the respective Cardinal's personality, of course. Some of them don't care to bark orders, and so, their Branches are allowed to run amok - which coincides with Pride's goal and to that end, is overlooked.

Branches lead relatively carefree lives as they do not bear the heavy expectations that the seven do. They may be given specific tasks by a Cardinal at any time, but there is little structure or consequences for their actions.

Servants - Some Sins have partners that they work with who have yet to be transformed into Branches by Pride. These beings are bound to a Sin in some way, and thus pledge loyalty to Poena Damni.

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Post below to reserve a spot. Reserves last one week. We don't have any set positions for branches since there are so many, but you should still reserve them in case someone has the same idea as you.

Deadly Sins
Death: Corvyx Muse
Famine: Open
War: Umbra Vien
Pestilence: Noire Rose

Demons of Babylon
Glory of Babylon: Servant of Pride (npc)
Contempt of Babylon: Open (Servant of Envy)
Hunger of Babylon: Thanikos (Servant of Gluttony)
Whore of Babylon: open (Servant of Lust)
Blade of Babylon: Eosphoros (Servant of Wrath)
Scavenger of Babylon: Lycaon (Servant of Greed)
Lethargy of Babylon: open (Servant of Sloth)
Apotheosis: Rhaevyn Ramwryn
Hatred: Lilith
Exploitation: Riatha Crown
Vengeance: Dagmar Solsdottir
Violence: Magdelyn Kane
Anarchy: Freya

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