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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Fearghas Kincaid
Race: Cambion // Age: 50 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Bartender
Apocrypha, Rebel
160 lbs / 187 lbs (demon form)
Face Claim
Aizawa Shouta (Boku no Hero Academia)
Appearance Extras
Due to his time spent with Ishtar, Fearghas awakened his demonic nature. He developed a demonic appearance that he can hide at will. When in this form, his long black hair turns pure white and his flesh becomes white as well. A horned headband wraps around his forehead, covering a strange third eye that is red with black ripples and nine comma-like swirls. If he breaks the headband, a strange blue-red aura appears around his head, black horns develop on his forehead, and strange red and black markings appear on his face. It looks rather reminiscent of a bearded vulture. His own dark eyes turn pale purple with ripples as well. His outfit is then covered by a white robe with six black magatama around the collar. The simple quarterstaff he carries turns to a strange, shiny jet black material and the top two feet of it contort to form a crescent moon at the top.
Fearghas only carries what appears to be a simple wooden quarterstaff with him. This quarterstaff is never far from his person and is usually leaned casually on his shoulder. This was once Ishtar's staff, which she used to help focus and manipulate her own magic. He took it as a trophy. Despite its fragile appearance, it's nigh indestructible due to its demonic nature.
Magnetic Manipulation: Fearghas can "see" magnetic fields and has learned to manipulate them. He can also generate new magnetic fields around objects that either have a very weak or no magnetic field at all.

Rejection: Fearghas is able to create a magnetic field around an object that is in opposition to his own personal magnetic field. A primarily defense technique, he uses this to at least partially deflect incoming attacks. He can cast this around multiple objects, but this becomes increasingly difficult depending on the size and number of objects.

Adoration: By generating and manipulating magnetic fields, Fearghas can draw just about anything to himself. He uses this when opponents attempt to flee before he's finished with them or when his staff is knocked away from him. He will also occasionally use it to augment his own physical attacks - adding sudden forceful magnetic attraction between his body and his opponents'.

Seeker: Ten hand-sized orbs of black metal hover behind Fearghas when he's in his demonic form. They are incredibly dense and malleable. By manipulating the magnetic fields surrounding them, he can alter their shape or use them as high-speed projectile. They have a range of approximately one-hundred feet.

Flight: Fearghas manipulates his own magnetic field and puts it in opposition with Sium's natural magnetic field. This allows him to levitate about the planet's surface. He can determine the height at which he can hover and can also use this to move himself around.

Subjugation (must have player permission to use): Fearghas can manipulate the magnetic field within a person's body and force them to bend to his will. While under the influence of this technique, the subjugated person is physically incapable of moving independently. However, this technique drains him almost completely of sillage and leaves him incredibly vulnerable afterwards. He has only used this technique twice - once against a powerful Crux Fidelis member and once against Ishtar. Both times, he passed out for a week afterwards and couldn't be disturbed by anything.

Demonic Condition: Due to the constant exposure to Ishtar's demonic energies and battling on her behalf constantly, Fearghas unknowingly activated his own demonic nature. He has physically developed far beyond what most humans are capable. He can easily match many demons or sillage-enhanced beings in terms of speed and strength, and his own sillage reserves are surprisingly large.

Accelerated Healing: Due to his demonic nature, Fearghas is able to heal remarkably quickly. Although he doesn't heal rapidly in combat, his body will automatically attempt to slow the blood flow to wounded areas until he can find a safe place to hide and heal.

Demonic Durability: Over time, Fearghas' body became capable of withstanding damage and pain far beyond what most humans can endure. Particularly when in his demonic form, he's something of a tank.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Ishtar never allowed Fearghas any weapons in battle, so he had to figure out other ways to defend himself. As a result, he has thoroughly honed himself in unarmed combat. Even when facing weapon-wielding opponents, Fearghas is generally able to hold his own with eerie precision and skill.

Combat Perception: Due to the near-constant fighting he did for eighteen years, Fearghas gradually developed the ability to understand and adapt to his opponents' fighting style. It usually takes a few attacks and isn't 100% accurate, but he succeeds more often than not. He wouldn't still be alive otherwise.
personality/fun facts
The headband serves as a limiter on his power. He rarely takes it off when he's in his demonic form, but will "shatter" it during particularly difficult battles to surprise his opponents and overpower them.

Despite his alias, Fearghas is surprisingly compassionate. His entire life, he has believed in justice and mercy. His enemies find him to be a ruthless and unforgiving bastard. But those he feels are worthy are treated with mercy and kindness. However, those who are "worthy" are few and far between - he has seen too much darkness to really believe there's much light left in this world.

He's not the most talkative man, but he frequently begins to hum or softly sing without realizing it.

He tries to minimize collateral damage, but is a firm believer that casualties are acceptable if the end leads to significant benefit for the greater good.

He takes a certain sadistic pleasure in toying with his opponents. It's why he strives to be as efficient as possible, to avoid indulging in what he considers a perverse desire.
Fearghas was born and raised in a small village not far from Plona City. Unbeknownst to him, he was the bastard child of his mother and a peacock demon by the name of Freyr Aldrich. To hide this fact, she immediately married the man Fearghas would grow up calling father. His father worked within Plona and, like most of the residents, worked too hard for too little. He constantly struggled just to keep a roof over their head - much less food on the table - but Fearghas has nothing but fond memories of his time there. His family was always in good spirits and he did his best to contribute. No matter where he was or what he was doing, you could always hear Fearghas singing a random tune - usually made up on the spot. Coupled with his handsome looks and soothing voice, he was well liked in the town.

Unfortunately for him, it also drew the attention of a powerful demoness named Ishtar. Ishtar was known for traveling the land, choosing for herself lovers to keep her amused. For as long as she was amused, her lovers enjoyed great prosperity and happiness. However, the instant she tired of them, their lives came crashing down around them in horrific and terrifying ways.

As she wandered through Plona seeking her next victim, Ishtar heard a soothing and hypnotic voice singing. Entranced, she searched all over town until she found the source - a young Fearghas, barely 18 years old. His dark hair, fair skin, and sharp features captivated her and she declared him the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen. She followed him around the rest of the day, curious about the life he lived and the city where he dwelt.

Upon seeing his home, she was outraged - such an impoverished hovel was no place for "her little songbird." She immediately went about doing anything and everything she could to improve his situation. Through manipulation and outright violence, she eventually secured him better wages and better living quarters. Somewhere in her twisted mind, she had drawn the conclusion that these "gifts" would make him love her the moment she revealed herself to him.

Things...didn't go quite according to her plan. Horrified and appalled, Fearghas immediately wished she'd take back everything she'd made possible for him. The very idea of cheating one's way out of poverty disgusted him. His rejection infuriated the demoness. In her rage, she obliterated much of Fearghas' village and killed his family. Fearghas managed to escape the destruction and fled far north, to the icy reaches of Seracier. He eventually settled in Apri City and did odd jobs for the various traveling shows that passed through Apri.

However, the tragedy had left its mark on Fearghas. He was no longer quite so carefree or open with anyone. He hardened his heart and there was little light in his eyes or joy in his voice. His stern expression and brusque way of speaking earned him the nickname Kova amongst his associates and he didn't bother correcting them.

After about a year, he met a local girl named Freja. And suddenly, it was as if the world was set right-side up once more. She was witty and bright and kind - everything he hadn't realized he desperately craved. Despite his misgivings, he began to court her in earnest. The more time he spent with her, the softer his heart became once more.

Eventually, he won her over and they married in the spring of his 21st year. Freja soon became pregnant and bore him a healthy baby boy. When Fearghas held that small boy in his rough callused hands, everything finally fell into place in his heart. He laid beside Freja, cradling her and their son in his arms, and for the first time in years he sang. It was a simple lullaby - one his mother used to sing to him and his siblings - but there was a peace and happiness clearly evident in his voice.

They named the child Soren, for he was born with a very stern look on his face. The next several years were peaceful and good for Fearghas. He began to believe that he was finally free, that he could truly begin to live again. He began to participate in some of the shows, lending his vocal talents to help bring in revenue for the travellers. His only concern in those days was figuring out how to help Soren learn to control the magic that manifested early in the boy's life.

Of course, all good things come to an end - sometimes a rather screeching halt. Fearghas awakened in the early hours one morning. He wasn't certain what had dragged him from slumber. He simply knew that icy fear gripped his heart. Slipping quietly out of bed so as not to disturb Freja, he left the room and went to check on his son. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. There she was, larger than life - the demoness Ishtar who had destroyed his life. She hovered beside Soren's sleeping form, a strange staff waving back and forth over him.

Quietly, Fearghas demanded she step away from his son. His voice trembled slightly as he did, but he would not back down. Ishtar turned to him, a twisted sneer on her face. She told him she had sworn to find him. That she would lay waste to anything that might keep him from her. And if she could not have him, none could. Fear tightened its grip on Fearghas' heart. He couldn't bear to think of a world where Freja and Soren didn't exist. He couldn't let that happen. As Ishtar prepared to strike a killing blow, Fearghas offered to leave with her. He would submit to her utterly, serve her, and would stay by her side until his dying breath. He would think of no other, look at no other, belong to no other. In exchange, she must spare his son and wife and leave them in peace for all their lives.

Ishtar considered his offer. For a terrifying moment, Fearghas thought she would reject it as he had rejected her in years past. However, she eventually agreed to his terms and drew up a contract to bind him to her. He signed it without hesitation. She asked what he wanted her to call him, since from this moment forward Fearghas was dead to the world. He considered it a moment, then offered her his nickname Kova. Ishtar was pleased by the sound of it. They left his family sleeping in their beds without so much as a note to say goodbye.

He spent the next 18 years in Ishtar's service, primarily battling her enemies for her entertainment. Through her, he learned how to fight efficiently and brutally. He also developed the ability to manipulate sillage, showing a remarkable talent for altering the magnetic fields around him. It was Ishtar's own specialty and she gleefully trained him. He was by far the most fascinating pet she'd ever taken, for none had ever shown any talent like this. In her service, he became known as Kova the Ruthless - and people ran at the sight of him. He eventually developed a second "evolved" form that was truly demonic. It mimicked Ishtar's own appearance, which delighted her to no end.

During his time, he naturally encountered members of Crux Fidelis - always in his demonic form. Many times, they tried to capture him and Ishtar. Each time, the two managed to escape. Fearghas thought little of it at first. It was simply part of life with Ishtar. But in the last few years of his time with her, he began to come across rumors of a powerful Crux member - a Virtue, one of their highest ranks. The more he heard, the angrier he became - for the rumors appeared to be about his own son. And for all the terrible things Fearghas had done with Ishtar, it enraged him to think that his own son - his serious little Soren - had grown into a monster.

Eventually, Fearghas was able to witness the horror firsthand as Soren attacked a village where there was suspected Poena Damni activity. The destruction he wrought was terrible to behold - but Ishtar found it beautiful. That, perhaps, was the final straw for Fearghas. He simply couldn't abide her continued existence any longer. When they were long gone from the area, he challenged her to battle him for his freedom. She laughed him off at first, but that didn't stop him from firing the first shot.

Their battle raged for several days across the southern quadrant of Sium - leaving a swath of destruction in their wake, like a scar on the land. But Fearghas wouldn't give up. He would either break his contract or die trying. In the end, he was able to gain the upper hand - the headband that had been a part of his attire for so long broke and he felt a surge of power. Unbeknownst to him, the headband had acted as a limiter on his strength. At some point, he had grown powerful enough to stop relying on Ishtar to supply him with sillage in battle - and she had feared what would happen if he ever realized this. This battle proved her fears correct. As she began to tire, he was able to tap into further wellsprings and turn the tide.

He left her dead in a pool of her own blood and took her staff as his own. He now had a singular purpose in life - to save his son from Crux Fidelis by any means possible. To that end, he reverted to his original human appearance and began to blend back into society. He soon fell in with Apocrypha, using contacts with them ever since in an attempt to get closer to Soren.

He did finally manage to encounter his oldest son, quite by accident. Their initial meeting was disastrous, to say the least. They quickly came to blows and Fearghas narrowly managed to defeat Soren - the elder Kincaid hadn't anticipated Soren's strength, ruthlessness, and utter indifference towards their kinship.

Some time later, Soren tracked Fearghas down again - hungry for a rematch and his father's blood. With the aid of his younger son, Lumasi, Fearghas was able to triumph once more. It was a turning point in the relationship. Just not the one Fearghas wanted. He saw little of his oldest after that.

For a while he tried to seek out Soren, but his son always seemed to just elude him. And then the chaos in Xipilkha happened. Fearghas lost track of Soren entirely after that. Not even Lumasi's network of informants and spies could find him.

Eventually, Fearghas decided to wait. His oldest didn't wish to be found, so he would be patient. He turned his focus to the family he could interact with, introducing Lumasi to Freya. It went about as well as Fearghas could expect - a lot of thrown crockery, amongst other things. With time and patience, the three of them settled down together. Fearghas stepped back from his work in Apocrypha, choosing to settle into a civilian job as a bartender. He still does work occasionally for Apocrypha, but he's striven to limit his activity in the group - he's starting to feel his age. And he no longer needs their resources to search for Soren.

For the first time since Ishtar appeared in Plona, Fearghas had a family. They were happy, healthy, and mostly safe. But Fearghas knows it can't last - not until Soren is here with them.
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