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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Succubus (Demon) // Age: 56 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Woman of the Night
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140 lbs
Face Claim
Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade - Monogatari Series
Appearance Extras
When she drinks blood, her veins tend to darken a bit, becoming more visible in the contact area.
Nodachi - Well crafted, absolutely stolen and capable of meeting most weapons in combat for a while. It's mostly just for intimidation, as she only taught herself a little bit over the last twenty years. But it's still a rather durable, good weapon. Coating it in her blood is fairly easy too.
Allure:: This ability of hers is essentially similar to the pheromones a venus fly trap exudes, only it mainly targets humans, demons and similarly wired species. Mind you, not every demon would be attracted to this... the further their hormonal output deviates from that of a human, the less effective it would get. Regardless, this ability in essence grants her a very alluring, pleasant smell that serves as a strong aphrodisiac to those inhaling it. This doesn't go so far as to coerce them into doing anything, but it very much makes them... eager, to participate in certain types of interaction. Individual interpretations as to 'how' vary, obviously. [Well, I think I left it quite open, but if somebody really doesn't wanna feel aroused, just tell me. OOC permission etc.]

Body Modification:: She is capable of slightly altering her physical features, allowing her to appear anywhere between twenty and sixty years old. It also allows her to assume masculine over feminine features, although she cannot replicate their hormonal functions. This is largely tied to her hunting methods, as being only capable of attracting a specific kind of prey is very inefficient. Due to Lucifer's subjucation she is also capable of transmuting humans into demons through the act of sharing blood with them. This has to occur after she injects herself with the anti-toxin, so as to avoid killing the infected humans instead of transforming them. Her blood is transferred over in a similar manner to how she sucks it out of them.

Leech of Love:: Her skin carries several properties, most of which are related to blood. The most prevalent is that she 'eats' through her skin. Meaning that on contact she is capable of attaching to a person and sucking their blood out through their skin. The more contact between each person's skin exists with hers, the faster the process... although at her fastest, she can do so in roughly twelve seconds.

Another aspect of her skin is that it outputs a very strong stimulant, which interacts with nerves on touch. In short, making skin contact with her feels extremely good, creating sexual stimulus that is usually meant to accompany the act of sucking blood. This is, in part a shared experience, meaning she too would be afflicted by this stimulant, if she decides to output it. The stimulant is strong enough to practically negate any discomfort or pain that would occur through having one's blood sucked.

Lastly, she is capable of ejecting blood through her skin as an aerosol, both her own and that of others. This is primarily a defensive mechanism, to create a cloud of blood.

Black Blood:: An ability inherited from her mother, her blood is extremely toxic. Ingestion would cause extremely fast paced degeneration of cells, as it quite literally eats through cells of other organic beings. This derives partly from her blood being a digestive system to her, directly tied to her stomach, but also in part to a defensive mechanism inherent to her and her mother's species. As an aerosol, both touching and inhaling would be akin to running into an acid mist, wherein inhalation would dissolve the lungs, mucosa and other internal organs at a very rapid pace. She herself is fully immune to its effects, as well as that of other acids or degenerative toxins.

Leeche's Tongue:: Well... to put it simply, she has an extremely long tongue, roughly four times her own body's length (ergo around 20 feet) Said tongue is capable of striking insanely fast, moving at several times the speed of sound... wherein it would possess similar qualities to her skin. Except that it sucks blood much, much faster when latching onto something, being capable of draining people of all their blood within roughly five seconds, if she strikes a patch of skin. It also shares all other aspects with her skin and can be used like a normal tongue all the same.

Anti-toxin:: This is produced in glands behind her teeth and is capable of counter-acting the degenerative properties of her Black Blood. Biting a person is sufficient to inject a dose. There are also minor regenerative properties to it that will restore the damage caused by decomposition... this also applies to her own body, although injecting it into her bloodstream would temporarily disable her Black Blood.

Physical abilities:: Being a child to an Incubus and a Bloodsucking Demon, she is stronger and more durable than even a peak ability human, capable of crushing skulls, or tearing off limbs if she needs to. Alas, on the supernatural scale it is still nothing all that out of the ordinary. Her speed on the other hand moves in territories of its own, as both her species appear to be very much focused on flight over fight. She can easily outpace most to all other demonic species, with the exception of those who move in very high supersonic territories. She can still keep up with them though, just running away is out of the question with those.
personality/fun facts
Shamhat is primarily driven by her emotions, being an indulget creature that tries to avoid conflict if at all possible. This contrasts heavily with her predatory nature, as feeding on people is something that, whilst pleasing to them, always puts them in danger. Meaning those who experience it may not be keen on doing it again, due to fear for their life.

She understands this notion, caring a lot about her own life as well. But even then she needs to eat and wishes to satisfy her cravings. It is part of the deep affection she holds for Lilac, as the notion of not having to fear a person's death at her hands is something that just puts her mind at ease. Beyond that she simply feels... safe around Lust. The Sin exhudes an aura of strength and confidence that simply gives her the re-assurance that she wouldn't be killed in her presence.

Beyond that she tends to act kindly, teasing people for their ticks and tendencies, but never blaming them for such things, often even embracing them as lovable traits. Success in life is equivalent with certainly to her. Certainty that she will not be betrayed, certainty that she can be of help to them, certainty that she can please them and make them happy.

She wants to have a home to return to, a lover to embrace and nurture her. In this sense Shamhat is perhaps a bit dependant, reliant even... but to a predator like her having her basic needs covered is the very image of happiness. Not having to worry about tomorrow just seems like a wonderful thing to her. And a loved one... a loved one who'll never die. That is truly, absolute bliss. She couldn't picture a more wonderful situation if she tried.

So all in all, she's not really aggressive at all. In fact she tends to fear and shy away from conflict. She's make excuses before she fights, will try at all cost to avoid conflict... but alas, it can not always be avoided. In such cases she fights with the vicious zeal of a cornered animal trying to stay alive. She does value it a lot. Shamhat has a fondness for children, as a matter of principle rejecting them as food sources. But she's always got some candy or simple toys around to give to orphans or kids living on the streets if she runs into them. She just finds them sweet, with a lot of potential for becoming decent people... yet.

Shamhat indulges in conversation, drink and food quite generously, although she more often than not grows very tired of food and drink, very quickly. This mostly stands in relation to her inability to actually satisfy hunger or thirst with them, as it's purely a sensational thing to her. But alas, it's still something she does.

In part due to her nature and in part due to just liking it, she is a stickler for touching and being touched. She wants physical closeness to people she adores or loves and finds a lot of secuirty and self-affirmation in being touched by others. It simply puts her at ease, in part because it gives power to her and in part because she just... considers it an act of trust.
Born as the union between an incubus and a type of bloodsucking demon, reminiscent of but not too closely linked to vampires, Shamhat's early life was one of being taught how to survive as one of her kind. Her father was the one to teach her for the most part, as her mother was a more... whimsical, fleeting creature by comparison. Somebody who would run, run endlessly, just to feel the wind brush against her face.

Needless to say, having no clear means and being technically hunted by authorities, she had a tough early life, only alleviated by her mostly human appearance. She could eat and sleep regularly, assuming she found prey that accepted her. At some point her father too deemed her capable of surviving on her own and left her life fully. Bestial, yes... but natural by their standards.

Shamhat simply continued her life in this manner, occasionally engaging in short relationships with demons, humans or other sentient humanoids. But... well, most of them were either unable or unwilling to really satiate her. Her hunger and need for blood was very different from that of many other species. It essentially combined hunger with lust, into a drive near impossible to withstand.

For this same reason she trained it, carefully making sure she could engage in it without excessive drinking. It was around her... fifty-third birthday that she ran into Lucifer. It didn't take him exactly long to make her submit, considering she very much enjoyed living. Yet more importantly he endowed her with an important... trait. This trait was supposed to aid the one who should truly change her life. Lilac, or Lust... a person who not only was compatible with her, but who also granted her... some semblance of relief. She was somebody she could be useful to, somebody she could live and eat with without hesitation or worry. She was truly... a savior in her empty life of repetitive loss. She just wanted stability... something to give her back-up, to tell her that being like she was, was indeed fine...

And Lilac gave that to her... which she would forever be thankful for.
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