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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Artemisia Vamos
Race: Human (Curse) // Age: 24 (Body), 700-800 (Collective experience) // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Huntress
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Face Claim
Kiseia Koon - Tower of God
Appearance Extras
Her arms are fully tattooed, depicting black vines. These vines connect into a much larger tattoo that stretches over her entire back and depicts two mythological creatures; a serpentine, eyeless dragon strangling a massive, ancient tiger, whilst surrounded and held in place by the vines of her arms.
That aside she has a small scar under left breast, seemingly from a stab wound and another two slashing scars by her stomach and by her left outer thigh.
True Ice: True ice is not a single weapon, but rather a mass-producable armament she creates through an hybridization of her inborn Silage and its freezing-associated aspects. In essence, True Ice is either a spear or a small inwardly curved blade. Whilst unimpressive on its own in terms of durability, its offensive properties carry that of her Perpetuity/Stagnation silage... which simply means that wounds struck by these weapons will never heal. Not through regeneration, not through healing or reincarnation. They are quite literally locked in a state of self-perpetuation or stasis. True Ice does show very high compatability against fire or heat based weapons however, as it essentially negates their heat effects. [Needs OOC permission]
Masterful Duelist: A lot of things can be said about Artemisia, about how dangerous or lethal she is, but the truth of the matter is... she's rather awful at fighting large numbers! She's also fairly meh at fighting very large things like dragons, or Black God forbid flying whales (but who would believe in those anyway?). Instead her entire being is fully devoted to the hunting and bisection of humanoid entities in single combat. Anybody using conventional or unconventional techniques in a humanoid body qualifies as 'prey' to her. And as such her fighting style too is fully devoted into making these exact people miserable. Usually, the better they are at formal combat, the more experience and training they have recieved... the worse their compatability with Artemisia is, as her snake-like fighting style with blade and spear exists for the sole purpose of using their own techniques against them. The more impenetrable the defense, the more effective Artemisia's attacks become, as their alien movements slip past these types of guards with pin-point accuracy. Alas, her own defense is mainly focused on dodging, their her armaments nor her techniques support blocking. Sometimes parrying... sometimes.

Sillage:: Perpetuity: Her sillage is an oddball as far as sillage principles go, as it is an odd mix between her father's and her mother's affinities. Whilst her father called it one of 'Stasis', her mother called it one of 'Freezing', whilst Artemisia insists that 'Perpetuity' works best to label it. In essence it functions down the lines of a concept, moreso than an element. So, whilst Artemisia is fully capable of removing temperature from an area, this is done by completely halting all motion, including the flow of energy, resulting in a sheer lack of heat in her surroundings. To an outside observer this seems as if she was using ice or cold based sillage, but that is not quite true. For example, were she to use this principle on a person, she'd simply be capable of massively slowing their movement, alas completely locking them down would essentially make them immutable for that duration as no change would be imposed on them, not to mention that it would put an immense strain on her respectable, but finite sillage reserves. [Requires OOC permission]

Her most poignant and efficient use of her Sillage manifests in her ability to create uncurable wounds. A skill honed since her childhood and further refined through the memories of the countless people 'cursing' her to kill Sins and worse, she has turned this into an art in and of itself. So, even if she were to be unable to kill her targets, she could leave them with as many reminders of their encounter as she could possibly get in. [Lethal, Crippling or Disfiguring stuff would obviously need OOC permission... especially lethal. Don't wanna be caught in a perpetual loop of death and rebirth haha.]

Her last sillage trait derives mainly from her father's affinity and mainly works with the aspects of "Perpetuity" and "Persistence". In short, it makes her an immensely skilled tracker, who can quite literally 'mark' a target with a 'Stasis Mark', which she can detect over any distance, even into different worlds. Whether she can follow is a different story. [ALSO requires OOC Permission, but please be kind here.]

The Band of Menace: After 'dying', Artemisia's odd sillage appeared to have an effect on the lingering souls and affections of the people in the country, if not on the entire continent, who for some reason or another, but most likely her odd Sillage composition, chose her as their 'Eternal Vessel' to enact vengeance upon the Sins and the Executioners, those who had slaughtered so many in their time. Whilst essentially useless against anybody who isn't a Sin or an Executioner to some extent, this ability massively boosts her physical abilities in response to how many people the Sin in question has killed up to this point. That aside it evolves her detection skills into prediction skills, allowing her to pinpoint the location of rebirth for any Sin or Executioner killed by her even before it actively takes place... alas, it usually only happens about 24 hours before the rebirth, meaning there is still a possibility she won't be able to get there right away.

Lastly... if she were to get killed, she herself would respawn in the closest person damaged or hurt by the Sins or Executioners. Yes. Literally. She would burst out of them like a chestburster, only bigger. It's nasty! But it's the only way the Curse knows to sustain her 'contract'. Regardless it can take up to a week for the Curse to find a host to respawn in.
personality/fun facts
Artemisia typically has a smug, mildly condescending attitude about her, her no-nonsense disposition yielding her at least as many enemies as admirers. She has great confidence in her skills, looks and intelligence, leaving her overall demeanour relatively arrogant to an outside observer. Alas, no matter how justified it may be, this confidence is what gets her into trouble every so often, in particular when she completely overthinks very simple matters, or is incapable of admitting to even tiny mistakes as being her own fault.

In short, she's a bit of a stubborn mule as well. Instead of admitting an error or mistake she'd just blush in embarassment, then in anger and ultimately in outrage as she'd try to justify her rather obvious mistake, no matter the circumstances. Alas, it has to do with her rather... responsible nature. She does not think that she can allow herself to make mistakes. Too many people's hopes and emotions dwell within her to allow for something so...flawed.

As a human turned into a living curse by the animosity and malice of the 'Damaged' her relationship with other humans, including those whose memories she shares is strained at best. It's a love-hate relationship, as Artemisia wants to be rid of them as much as she wants to help them. Alas, she'd never admit to actually wanting to help, to anyone who asks she's really just trying to rid herself of a persistent problem that has prevented her from living or dying like a normal person for a while now.

She regards the her targets, so the Sins and the Executioners with a fairly cold, professional attitude. Alas, she still practically embodies the pride and hatred of the people damaged by the Sins/Executioners throughout the decades. As such her calculating professionalism is oftentimes expressed in the most sadistic, demeaning manner possible. Fully aware that she cannot permanently kill Sins, she is instead out to permanently injure, cripple and humiliate them. If vengeance cannot be complete, it should at least be satisfying to those who forced her into this weird-arse contract.

Her professional pride demands at least that much of her. She had to keep up a certain air of respectful business after all, as an assassin and a huntress both. Not like she'd ever gotten better prey... so she might as well show her good faith for her many contractor's good will and incessant support.
Artemisia was born in Seracier, in a small hut somewhere between Mt. Glaucia and Lachrys. Her parents, who both practised very unique Silage branches, had chosen this area as their permanent residence, due to the... isolation it presented them with. Being among the only human beings actually capable of surviving in this area with ease, Mt. Glaucia was simply too attractive a resort to reconsider.

Needless to say, Artemisia's childhood was primarily focused on training. Silage-control, hunting and manouvering dangerous areas... these were her main foci at the time. Thus she learnt to balance the dangerous cliffs and grates of Mt. Glaucia when she was barely six years old, and could erase temperatures' impact onto her body's fully even at this young age.

What she did not know was that her parents had both been professional hitmen for the Crux Fidelis, Weltschmerz and even the Black Sun Cabal at one point. In fact, her father occasionally still moved out to do an odd job here or there, mainly if they needed the money for some necessities or small luxuries. In this way he also attracted the attention of the Black Sun Cabal however, leading a few cultists and what was presumed to be an Executioner into the area.

The idea was simple. The Cabal wanted the couple to work exclusively and readily for it and nobody else. The parents, not partial to this sort of coerced allegiance did not approve! Yet instead of things escalating in violent conflict right off the bat, the Cabal members withdrew... for now. Alas, Aiden and Secilia, her beloved parents, knew very well that they'd be back... thus they turned half of the mountain into a big fuck-off trap over the next months.

Artemisia was around twenty-two years old at the time, and had almost fully developed and refined her sillage skills by now. Her father had called her focus rather 'nasty' whereas her mother'd considered her specialization quite 'smart'. Either way, Artemisia thought of it was 'functional', which pretty much united her parents' views in one quite simple term.

Eventually the Executioner and the cultists came back. Whilst the cultists themselves proved easy enough to kill by the small family, aside from two or three of them, the Executioner was a whole different story. Physically superior and blessed with incredible silage skills, it first killed her father, then her mother... and ultimately struck down Artemisia herself, imapling her on what seemed to be a large, flaming sword.

Her life should have ended then and there, really... but Artemisia found a way to at least delay her death. Locking her wounds in a stasis bubble to prevent them from worsening or her body from ceasing its functions. Still, she could not move. She just felt the cold of Mt. Glaucier enveloping her... the cold... and then the voices. Dozens, hundreds of voices that called for one thing and one thing only.






An impossible wish, urged on by impossible desires and wills... wills that fueled her, filled her... and changed her. Where first there was one, now there were many. She had a full recollection of her past, of her wounds... but they were naught but scars. Instead her head was filled with voices, voices craving the death of those who had killed her family... and others. A contract... an assassination contract. And it seemed that she didn't get to start small either.

Alas, a job was a job, just as her parents had told her. Thus, Artemisia simply moved on... the abilities she discovered within her Curse-like nature were quite peculiar, yet so specialized that she largely dismissed them at usual when not engaging her true Nemesis. Instead she spent her time hunting down and butchering smaller Sins, over and over again, until the poor wretched were little more than sliced up balls of continuously re-incarnating, oozing flesh.

It was the closest thing to a kill she could achieve... and her father had always told her to take jobs seriously. Thus... she did!
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