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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Moriavatu Aldrich
Race: Eagle Demon // Age: 913 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: None
Freelance, unemployed
Face Claim
Vlad III (aka Lancer of "Black") - Fate/Apocrypha
Appearance Extras
There are red tattoo-like chains wrapped around his body, connecting to blue bands around his neck, wrists, and ankles.
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Supernatural Condition – Even with his bindings, Moriavatu is physically superior to most mortal beings. He can withstand building-leveling damage, travel vast distances without stopping or tiring, can shatter brick with minimal damage to himself, and is unnaturally fast and agile, even for a demon. He knows the exact limits of his power, with and without bindings, and has total control over how he uses it.

Supernatural Senses – Moriavatu is capable of seeing and hearing things miles away as clearly as a few feet away, track movement mortal eyes normally can’t, can track even the barest scent across great distances, can differentiate each individual taste in anything he consumes, and can feel the slightest vibrations in the air and ground.

Supernatural Healing – There is very little Moriavatu cannot heal himself from. So long as his heart and brain remain intact, he can recover from the most grievous injuries in a matter of months with no trace of the injuries. The only exception is damaged caused by holy weapons, such as Bellicosa. While he can heal from these, it can take years to do so and he will always bear a scar from it.

Iron Will – Moriavatu has incredible willpower. He is focused and determined, making it difficult to divert his attention or force him into submission by mental means. He is not easily tempted or seduced and those who try often find themselves in his thrall before long.

Soaring Eagle – Though he cannot revert to his original form, Moriavatu can still manifest a large pair of eagle’s wings on his back which grant him high-speed flight and gliding. These wings are made of highly condensed air – making them as solid as flesh and bone, yet still light enough to not weigh him down.

Aerial Combat Mastery – Few, if any, can best Moriavatu in the air. Hundreds of years of experience combined with a natural affinity to the skies set him apart in terms of moving and fighting through the realm he once claimed lordship over.

Eagle’s Cry – Moriavatu is still capable of producing a screech similar to an eagle’s. It is capable of pushing back people and objects 10 feet and can cause severe pain or damage to anyone within a 50-foot radius. Unfortunately, this includes him. He has temporarily deafened himself on several occasions using this technique.

Aerial Adaptation – Moriavatu can survive in extreme high or low air pressure and high wind friction with little effect to his body or senses. He also is incapable of feeling vertigo or a fear of heights.

Primordial Sky Manipulation – Moriavatu is capable of shaping and manipulating the skies, bending them to his will. While he doesn’t have the control he once did, he is still a force of nature wrapped in human flesh.

Twister – Moriavatu can create small tornadoes that move roughly of 50 miles per hour. He has no control over the path these tornadoes.

Downdraft – Moriavatu can produce wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour in any direction of his choosing within a 10-foot radius, usually straight down on his opponents. He usually sustains some damage when doing this, as he’s always in the range of the blast.

Razor Wind – By swiping at an opponent, Moriavatu can use the air to damage them. He is capable of slicing through wood, bricks, and metal with concentration and repeated attacks. Anything softer than that can be severely damaged by two or three attacks.

Eagle’s Claws – A variation of Razor Wind, Moriavatu manipulates the air around his fingertips to produce razor-sharp claws.

Stormy Skies – Moriavatu can significantly worsen poor weather conditions, using the winds in the atmosphere to bring more rain and thunderclouds or increasing the wind in snowy weather to blizzard speeds. He can also do the reverse, causing the winds to die down or send the clouds flying on their dreary way.

Breath – Moriavatu can suck in most of the available air in an enclosed space for a short period of time, depriving his opponents of breath. This can usually last no more than 1-2 minutes and he generally uses it to prepare his Microburst or Eagle’s Cry.

Microburst – To counter the self-damaging effects of Eagle’s Cry, Moriavatu learned to perform a silent version of the technique. As there is no auditory component taking away strength, Microburst is capable of pushing back people and objects 20 feet in a 5-foot arc in front of him. It can cause structural damage to doors and walls if he focuses the attack on a smaller area, able to shrink the arc to 1-foot.
personality/fun facts

-Hair-trigger temper

He has a strong sense of personal independence and will submit to no one, save Orpheus.

He's incredibly sadistic and very creative in how he expresses that sadism.

The blue and red markings on his body are the manifestation of the powerful magic that binds him to his human form. So long as the chains and bands remain, he cannot revert to his demon form.

The markings also severely limit his strength, though he still possesses most of the same abilities he did prior to his binding.
Moriavatu was conceived during a blood-crazed orgy honoring Orpheus, part of an abhorrent ritual meant to bring forth a mighty servant for the dark god. His parents were two powerful bird demons, but neither would have said they were worthy of bearing this servant. When they discovered the pregnancy, they were thrilled.

However, it was an unusual pregnancy - even for a bird demon. Unlike most of his kind, Moriavatu was actually born of an egg. As his egg grew, his mother eventually split completely in two. Her body simply could not grow to accommodate the egg, nor could she push it out. Covered in the gore of her corpse, the egg soon cracked and Moriavatu broke through to this world. He was an eagle the size of a baby elephant, with jet-black feathers, golden beak and claws, and icy blue eyes.

From the moment he emerged from his egg, he was ravenous. He temporarily solved his hunger problem by promptly devouring his father whole. From there, he proceeded to eat his way across the landscape of Sium for the next 200 years. Human, demon, animal – all were prey to Moriavatu’s hunger. As he ate, his body grew exponentially. Where he went, desolation and terror was all that he left behind.

This destruction seemed to delight Orpheus. The god would sometimes direct the demon's steps, sending messages via burning bushes or bizarre prophetic dreams. It was never direct, but the signs taught Moriavatu to master his power. By the time he had fully matured, he dwarfed nearly every creature on the face of Sium both in size and power. A single beat of his wings could summon monstrous winds, his cries could level mountains or cause the ground to quake uncontrollably, and his wings could block the light of the sun.

Few dared face him, for it was clear luck or a higher power seemed to favor him. For this, Moriavatu was utterly devoted to his god. Having reached his full size and strength, Moriavatu was now the mighty servant his parents' faith had hoped for. To mark the next step, the god sent a final sign to Moriavatu. He was to seek out a large, two-headed spear forged in the depths of Alptraum, with powerful enchantments woven into it by a long-dead priest.

Although he found it odd, Moriavatu was not one to deny a gift from his god and sought out the spear. On the peak of a large mountain, he found what he sought. He picked up the spear from the altar that had been its resting place, which caused the demon to shrink and fold in on himself until he was a tall pale human. It was like being squeezed into clothes that were about 10 sizes too small. He immediately hated the sensation and went to drop the spear. But a sudden vision stayed his hand.

In this vision, Moriavatu saw himself in this new form, surrounded by demons and half-demons that looked remarkably like him as he walked among the rest of Sium’s populace. There were festivals, blood sacrifices, countless scores of people worshipping Orpheus. Where he and the spear went, darkness followed. The demon was struck by the beauty of it all. It was clear to Moriavatu what his next move was.

His duty was to bring glory and praise to Orpheus, by any means necessary. He must exalt all that the god represented and he must do it among the people. There were rituals to perform, sacrifices to be made – and children to father. This would be last time he would receive guidance from his god. Moriavatu assumed his god believed he could accomplish all that he had seen when left to his own devices.

Proud of what he perceived to be the god's confidence, Moriavatu swore he would do all he had been commanded. And from that moment until the accursed Eleftherios arrived, that was exactly what he did. He walked the face of Sium, stopping for decades or even centuries in various regions to raise up followers for his god. Where he went, his control became absolute. He was aggressive, territorial, and proud – an unfortunate combination for any who tried crossing him.

His followers called him “Aldrich,” which means high priest. He liked the sound of it, though some mistook it for his surname. However, it was fortunate for his children that this mistake was made. When he would leave an area, any children he fathered and their mothers would be left mostly untouched – such was the fear his name inspired.

Of course, his children still had to deal with him. Moriavatu was not a terribly kind father. He swung between saintly patience and hellish impatience at the drop of a hat. When he was patient, his family was comfortable and he would indulge them to no end. But the moment the switch flipped, life became hell – sometimes quite literally. If he wasn’t physically beating his family for trivial slights, he was psychologically torturing them in increasingly creative and wild ways.

This generally left his children twisted, chaotic, and vicious, but exceedingly loyal and obedient – just as he wanted them to be. But Moriavatu did have his favorites among his offspring. These he kept close to him, taking them with him when he moved from region to region. He tended to torture them slightly less than the rest, if only because they usually amused him more without the added torment.

But all of this came screeching to a halt with the arrival of Eleftherios. Moriavatu had never seen another presence like Eleftherios and he immediately despised it. This interloper, this fiend swept into his god’s territory and interfered with Moriavatu’s great work. Worse, it left behind some of its own essence for the stupid humans to use as a defense against the darkness Moriavatu was helping to spread.

His work and faith made Moriavatu one of the first targets in the human uprising. Many of his own followers found themselves able to use sillage. Several of the most powerful among them banded together and went toe-to-toe with Moriavatu. The battle decimated the mountain he'd found his spear upon and scarred the land for centuries to come. But in the end, Moriavatu was finally defeated and bound into his human form. The humans did not kill him, for they wanted him to suffer as they had suffered under his rule.

He was forced to watch as his weapon was stolen and the humans slowly slaughtered his family. Within the span of two centuries, humans dominated the landscape. Moriavatu raged against his bindings, but there was initially little he could do to break the magic that kept him powerless. Yet it seemed his god was not done him just yet. Nearly 50 years ago, Moriavatu felt the chains that bound him loosen.

He was eventually able to free himself from the prison he’d been kept in and emerged from the sands of Sonorax Desert in a whirlwind. He was still trapped in human form, but that didn’t matter. He would fix that soon enough. He has but one goal in mind – find his weapon, find his god, and be restored to his true form so he may bring vengeance down upon those who dared defy him and dared to harm his family.
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