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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Kairi Amano
Race: Eagle demon // Age: 90 years old // Gender: female // Orientation: homosexual // Occupation: Assasin
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Face Claim
Tohou Project - Konpaku Youmu
Appearance Extras
An x scar on her chest hidden underneath her clothes. She also possessed several hidden pockets underneath her skirt which contain pocket daggers and some shuriken.

Animal Form: Kairi's Eagle form

Her eyes glowed red whenever she is in bloodthirsty mode.
Kairi kept couple hundreds of shuriken under her skirt for stealth killing. They are made from light iron and Kairi herself forge those shurikens. They are black in color and had four pointed edges. Reference Image

Dual Katana
Kairi possessed two similar katana that she forges on her own. The katana had been imbued with her feather making it more durable and gift it with the ability to channel Kairi's power. She often straps both katanas on her left hip for easy access. Reference Image

Short daggers
Same as shuriken and katana, Kairi forged these weapons and usually use them when she wanted to kill someone in the long distance.

Bow and Arrows
Besides from bladed weapons, Kairi also forges her own bows and arrows. She only brings this weapon when she needs to kill someone in a very long range. Otherwise, this particular weapon is kept in her workshop within her weapon collection room.
Kairi is capable of changing her form of that an eagle. It also works in vice versa. This particular ability is useful for the assassin when she scouts an area. She could also do the partial transformation, usually changing a part of her body into her demon part.

The assassin is skilled in parkour. She had since mastered the art of parkour and it proved to be useful in eluding as well as escaping the authorities.

Air Manipulation
Due to her demonic heritage, Kairi is capable of manipulating the air around her. Her manipulation is at intermediate level at best, so, the demon would have difficulties in controlling her power at times. As of now, she could only create hurricanes, zephyrs and whirlpools.

Flight Master
Since her heritage awakens, she had practiced flying in both animal and semi-human (partial transformation). At the very least, she wouldn't crash into trees and buildings again.

Assassination Specialist
Because of her occupation, she becomes an assassination specialist. She knows where all human's vital points and often aimed at those parts when she killed them. She also knows how to kill someone with least blood possible.

Blade Master
Before she went loco, she studied and practiced sword fighting in a dojo nearby. She took the lesson quite well and become a master in short amount of time. She could wield any kind of blades but she prefers her katanas due to versatility.

As an assassin, stealth plays a major role in her mission. She could hide her presence from her victims and enemies until it was too late for them to do anything. Her stealth compliment well with her parkour skill, especially when she needs to infiltrate a high-security building.

Disguise Master
As an assassin, it is vital for Kairi to know how to disguise herself. She usually disguises herself as a courtesan, knowing the authorities wouldn't dare to harm someone as delicate as a courtesan.

As a demon, she is capable of regenerate any missing body parts by herself. However, it takes several days for the missing body part to regenerate. She will be vulnerable during the regeneration process and as such, she needs the time to rest or else the consequences will be dire for Kairi.
personality/fun facts
When she's in a fight, her bloodthirsty goes up a notch. The more blood she's drawn, the more trigger happy she becomes. Only her friends could reign this particular trait from showing too often.

The assassin is as sly as fox. She could trick someone into believing something entirely different when the truth is entirely different matters. This particular trait is useful for her when she needs to escape a heist without tipping the authorities.

It's safe to say Kairi's sanity no longer there after the torture she endured under her mother's treatment. She would break into a giggle at random time and she takes a huge interest in maiming the body with least blood as possible.

Due to her insane trait, she becomes unpredictable to many, even to her sister in arms. She could stab you with her knives or she could very well strangle someone in their sleep. A wild card through and through.

Kairi took a pleasure in inflicting pain upon others. The more her victim screams from her torture session, the happier she becomes.

Kairi valued time and as such she would either be early or on time to any occasions that happened. She hates people who are late and would usually glare at them when they come.

Kairi is an independent woman. She prefers to work alone and only seek help when one work becomes too much for her.

Despite her insanity, she is highly observant to her surrounding as well as people's behavior. It's one of her traits that help her sister in arms escaped from a crime unscathed.

Having to live alone after she killed her mother had made her resourceful. She becomes adept on cooking, repairing and cleaning. She even took forging to make her shurikens and other weapons that are not accessible for normal civilians.

Kairi love clean and crisp home, as such her house, reflects this particular trait of hers. She cannot stand messy places and would clean until it is up to her satisfaction.

☪ Kairi loves all kinds of meat, be it raw or cooked. One must not get in her way when she's on a hunt for meat otherwise there will be collateral damage on the victim part.

☪ The assassin abhorred child abuse and as such, if she finds out anyone did the despicable act, they will get a one-way ticket to death realm.

☪ She loves classical music the most since that music could calm her nerves.

☪ Kairi loves moon scenery and often climb to the highest building possible to enjoy it.
Have mercy on me

The past she'd rather forget. The thought of her past often sent her on rage and rampage. Who is she?

She is Kairi Amano, an assassin affiliated with En Passant.

House so empty, need a centerpiece

Her story began 90 years ago with a couple of eagle demons. They had fallen in love with each other and had recognized each other as their mate. Both of them made love and soon after that, Kairi was conceived. However, Kairi's father perished in the war between Eagle clan and Kairi's mother became insane from the broken bond between her and her mate.

Because of this, the mother began to abuse Kairi. She would hit, degrade, and sometimes even cause mutilated the poor child with a knife. For nearly 30 years, Kairi endured the treatment with a silent pray for anyone to save her from her mother's abuse.

Fortunately, despite her mother's insanity, she sees the reason for her child to have an education. Kairi was sent to school befit of an elitist such as them. It wasn't until she reached 32 years old, that she found a dojo nearby that teaches martial arts and sword fighting. In secret, she enrolled herself and learned all she could do in sword fighting and martial arts. Fearing her mother would catch her one day about her secret study, the girl quit after 3 years in the dojo.

Unfortunately, her life takes the turn for the worse on her birthday. Her dear mother wishes for eternal life and had decided to conduct a ritual during her birthday. Seeing as Kairi is still young in terms of demon life, her mother decides to use her as a sacrifice. The poor girl was strapped onto a table and underwent vicious cutting from her mother.

The pain was so terrible, it made her power react violently and lashed out on the mother. The mother died due to air blade piercing her heart. Unfortunately, during the torture session, Kairi broke down and became insane. The trauma she experienced from her mother's hand was so great, it shut her mind, almost permanently. Once her dear mother died, she escaped the house she once calls her home.

I'm coming at you like a dark horse

Despite her insanity, she knew she needs a place to stay, especially now that the house she once lives in was destroyed. She began to use her skill to kill people. She's often hired by rich people to assassinate their rival and that money she'd acquired from the riches were used to buy a comfortable house.

It wasn't long until an incident that forever changes her life as well as the others. During her routine assassination, she stumbled upon En Passant. After a brief conversation, she finds out it was their goal to wreak havoc in Sium with criminal activities. Being a criminal herself, wreaking havoc around the continents sounds fun and thus, Kairi decides to join the duo.

From that day on, whenever they need someone to infiltrate a building, Kairi always voluteers. Despite her insanity, she proves to be a great assassin.

The En Passant shall rise from the shadow, the people of Sium wouldn't know what hit them.
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