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In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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 Timeskip and You, + general updates
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a restart
The long-awaited 5-year timeskip is here! Members old and new will be wondering "where does this leave me?", and so we've put together some guidelines to keep the whole ordeal from descending into chaos.

Below this guide, we've got a summarized list of updates. While you don't need to reread the rules/face claim/general info threads, the updated premise and factions are a mandatory read to ensure your revisions can be accepted quickly.

On the topic of revisions, we'll be requiring everyone to put all their characters through the notification thread for re-approval. It might seem daunting, but it is absolutely necessary as five years have gone by in-character. The setting has changed, and so we expect that most characters will follow the trend to some degree.

  • first off, tell us if you are dropping any characters. This will greatly streamline the process.

  • we ask that you submit one character at a time. Once your first has been accepted, you can submit another one. Repeat the cycle until your characters are all active.

  • please submit your canon characters first. After that point, order doesn't matter.

  • all positions and face claims will stay where they are unless changed with revision. However, characters that still have yet to be revised by august 24th will be cleared without notice as it's clear interest has waned. You can resubmit them at a later date when you have more time. With this in mind, we recommend that you revise your existing characters before creating new ones.

  • on the note of face claims, timeskip changes are free for human characters as many of you will want to change your character's appearance to reflect their age. After that, they will be subject to the rule of one free face change within a month of creation.

  • if your character was made recently and you want to make like they were created after the timeskip to keep them the way they are, you can do this with some minor history tweaks to reflect the new world state (in some cases). Just know that this option invalidates any threads you did, and you still do have to submit so that the character is accounted for.

  • those reading the sin thread will see a liberty taken in Soren managing the horsemen. This is something we'd like to implement in rare cases. We call them "influential roles". While, yes, most canons have influence by default, we've noticed that it's rarely taken into account IC perhaps due to certain canons not necessarily being played with the qualities of a leader/fearsome person. Or it might be lack of ongoing consequences/the fact that the faction leaders are not available to casual threading. Either way, we figure that by giving certain characters specific tasks, depth and risk will be added to plots. While we won't have a roster for these influential roles, you can take one if you see an opening and your role doesn't overwrite pre-existing lore. There are some prerequisites. One, the character has to be developed and somewhat long-standing (roughly 3 months or older, depending on post count). We can't have important positions being suddenly vacated by flaky people. Two, the character has to be a good fit for the role. A timid character will not be in charge of giving orders, basically. Hope this makes sense!

  • one more point I'd like to add is encouraging the use of plotters from now on. That board has been steadily declining in favour of the free-form-plotting discord channel. Maybe it's easier, but it's been observed as a no-win situation as the unused plotting board makes the site look unwelcoming and most heat of the moment threads spawned from freeform are just that - random, without weight or goal, and dropped in a matter of rounds. We will likely be repurposing the freeform channel into an interest check where you can post thread ideas and recruit other characters to join. Simply posting "who wants to thread with xxx" will not suffice as it implies that the other person must do all the plotting.
notable updates
Without further ado, here are the actual updates!

  • premise - the prologue is the same since it's need to know. Same goes for the first two paragraphs of "over 200 years later" section. The following 4 paragraphs are what y'all need to read and catch up on.

  • timeline - has been updated with all the event summaries of 1041/42. This isn't a crucial read, but it is recommended if you're looking for inspiration when it comes to your revisions.

  • notification thread - we've added a template to ensure faction and rank are being stated, along with a section where you can list your preferred contact method after recently learning that many people don't appreciate DMs through the server.

  • faction threads - the original faction thread has been archived as we found it weird having them described in 2 different places. Now, if you need to brush up on your faction knowledge, simply go to their respective claim thread where all relevant information will be listed. This time around, you'll want to read them all as each thread has been heavily edited to reflect the new world state. On top of that, some new canon positions have been added/switched around.

  • lexicon - has been slightly updated, adding in a note about aphelion no longer occurring since the black god's disappearance and reiterating the ephemera's explosive powers as we forgot to do this before.

  • rules - we've strengthened our 18+ rule to be a "no exception" policy. Reason being, we find it inappropriate for a minor to be privy to mature-rated threads and while, yes, they can easily bypass the age verification to read such material anyway, we don't want to be seen as the sort of site that condones it, and we don't want to have to censor ourselves for the sake of one person. There's no point listing a site as 18+ if it's not going to be enforced. Staff will be talking to the known underaged members later on, and we sincerely apologize for misleading anyone.

    In addition, we've decided to disallow original art from this point on. Yes, some people pay for commissions, but others don't and this can (and on one of my previous sites, has) lead to artists coming onto the site to demand takedowns. We'd rather not deal with it at all, so we're now strictly sticking to face claims from named and published series. This obviously does not affect any currently active characters - just putting it out there for future reference.

    Other than that, not much has changed about our rules other than me trimming out the overly "common sense" ones. We want to show that we trust our members to know the basic rules of etiquette.

  • face claims - we've changed fc rules. Now you may only claim one face at a time and you can only renew once. This is to prevent people from sitting on claims for months on end without using them. In addition, we're cracking down on random face changes. Every character is entitled to 1 change within a month of creation in the case that you're not feeling it. After that, there are no changes without IC reasoning because it really makes threads confusing when this happens.

  • npc list - We've added a thread for important npcs for the site. There are brief decriptions of their past and the roles they now have in Sium.

  • Locations have been added, changed and more are still being updated and revamped! For example: in Seracier, Frostmire acts as a rally-point and home for monster hunters while Aurora has become something of a hot-spot due to the increase in traffic its received after a mysterious artifact was found in the area. In Pluviall, Venesa is a thriving hub of mercenaries, sellswords and others who wish to sell their services to the highest bidder, but it is also the new home of the Weltschmerz's Enforcer base. In Riparias, Weltschmerz has been pushed out completely and it is a city where humans and supernatural entities mingle freely and happily.

As we are technically in a state of revamp until the new skin is up, we're open to feedback on these changes and suggestions for others. Just DM a staff member. While we aren't likely to jump on every suggestion that comes up, it might give us ideas and helps nonetheless.

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