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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Cervantes D'agostino
Race: Revenant (Post-Human) // Age: 28 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: None
Freelance, Revenant
157 lbs
Face Claim
Antonio Salieri (Avenger) - Fate/Grand Order
Appearance Extras
「Dies Irae 」
An onyx sword, shaped much like a cross. The sword itself is emblazoned with dark red magical energy surrounding it, acting as a sort of aura. It is nearly unnoticeable in his base state, but grows in shape and demonic stature as he goes through his transformation states.
「Eyes of the Harrowed」
Bewitching eyes of crimson that when can perceive the souls of entities through walls. It has a range of roughly thirty meters, but every "soul image" so to speak has its own signature, making it a useful tracking tool. It's range doubles when in the "Revenant Transformation." Once the target he's marked has left the immediate vicinity for longer than an hour in passing time (or left the thread entirely), the marked signature is can no longer be located this way until their next meeting.

An ethereal transportation method, it allows Cervantes to turn his whole body into a corporeal form that can pass through physical terrain and dodge physical attacks for about a minute tops before he has to stop to regain his energy. He is however not impervious to magical effects and can be knocked out of this form through several uses of them. He can transform specific parts of his body with this effect and for thrice as long when in the "Revenant Transformation."

「Nocte Salutis」
(lit. "night of salvation") With the pact made between the demon and Cervantes, his ultimate tool has become a replication of the night he had died and felt all the agonies of the world persecute him. Using his sword as a catalyst, he can conjure a large red glowing cross in the air overhead. From it emanates the tolling of a bell and with every passing ring (~eight seconds), the nearby listeners within fifty meters are slowly driven to madness, then agony, and eventually into a catatonic state. This requires concentration and is generally used to cause chaos within cities or towns as it takes great effect on the common populace, though those who are aware of the threat of the bell face severely diminished effects and are at best slowed down or faced with an influx of negative emotions. This ability takes a different shape during the "Hunger Set" of the "Revenant Transformation."

(Requires OOC Permission to affect the any opposing characters in any of its use.)

「Revenant Transformation」
The aforementioned transformation of Cervantes from his mortal state into the warped, red visage of the demon Beliham. A mask wreathed in shadow overcomes Cervantes' face, as fabrics and armors of red overcome his body and the sword Dies Irae materializes in his hand. The transformation can happen quite ceremoniously or flash into place, at the user's discretion.

During this transformed state, Cervantes and the demon share control of the body, enhancing all of its mortal bodily functions, such as reaction time, an increased natural strength, agility, thought processing, as well as accessing upgraded versions of his regular abilities. This first state is called "Wraith Set" and the second, more ravenous form, is called the "Hunger Set."

The Wraith Set is the general transformation form that Cervantes takes, where the state of consciousness is controlled between him and the demon he's made pact with. It is hyper mobile and has greatly increased physical and magical power from Cervantes' base state. He can maintain it for just over an hour before the demon starts to edge control of the body over or becomes too exhausted to keep fighting. If the demon takes control entirely, he enters the Hunger Set.

The Hunger Set is much stronger and faster than the Wraith Set but loses much its technique and general ability, replaced with primal destruction in the form of powerful attacks and debilitating effects rather than mobility enhancing combat feats. It can be maintained for just under ten minutes, only lengthened by killing and absorbing the essence of life from slaughtered beings. It is lengthened by a minute permanently for every one killed and absorbed this way.

All abilities listed below with (*) are abilities exclusive to the Wraith Set.

All abilities listed below with (**) are abilities exclusive to the Hunger Set.

「Aura Glide」(*)
The ability of Cervantes to wrap his body in the aura that Dies Irae normally exudes, granting his body airborne safety when falling, and allowing him to cut through the air with his body with exceptional ease, making freefall descent a completely viable option.

「Instinct」(*) (**)
The ability to perceive threats through a bodily guess granting access to wonderful agility and superior combat athletics normally not accessible to Cervantes regularly. This is much of the demon at work here. He swordsmanship skills parallel that of an advanced fighter, bordering on mastership but due to Cervantes' lack of any real combat prowess naturally, its somewhat dulled.

「Battle Meditation」(*)
The ability to mentally block out interruptions outside the battle and focus inherently on the moment and time he is currently in. It is a trance-like state increasing his accuracy of attacks and deftness in blocking and dodging to an extreme, but makes his peripheral awareness very low and making it difficult to focus on any distracting sources. This can prove beneficial, or ultimately blindside him to a convenient outside encounter he hadn't planned for.

「Aura Slash/Blast」(*) (**)
A powerful emission of the deep red aura surrounding Dies Irae into powerful slash attacks at a range, or to pinpoint concussive blasts at target areas with a pointed orchestration of directed attacks, often with minor but existing delay before explosion.

「Aura Blade」(*)(**)
The ability to entirely engulf Dies Irae in an unholy red aura at a length twice (Wraith) or thrice (Hunger) its base blade is created at, capable of slicing through most materials with ease and little force. Due to Hunger Set's innately devastating strength, it is analogical to say the Dies Irae cutting through a wall of wood is akin to a knife cutting through warm butter or the like. Stone takes a bit longer, but just as capable to carve as well in that stage as well.

「Noctis Salutis: Carnificina」(**)
(lit. "night of salvation: agony") The exalted state of the Noctis Salutis ability, rather than be emitted through the sword, it is released unhinged through the jaws of Cervantes' berserk state. It comes out as an almost eldritch cry, deteriorating the senses of all in the nearby area. Within fifty meters, the very essence of mortals is drained from nearby targets and kills them within mere moments. Those resisting the initial effect either through adrenaline, prior combat readiness or just raw strength feel their vitality slowly lift off, like a vacuum draining at it. Cervantes drains this life and regains his own vitality, recovers from fatigue and for each soul drained this way, gains an additional minute in Hunger Set.

(Requires OOC Permission to affect the any opposing characters in any of its use.)
personality/fun facts
☆ Skeptical
☆ Critical
☆ Prodigal
☆ Steadfast

▶ Tenacious
▶ Passionate
▶ Methodical
▶ Eccentric

★ Despairing
★ Dogmatic
★ Underhanded
★ Delusional
A man of many talents in his life, Cervantes was a savant of his trades and crafts, that which include: writing music, playing piano, mathematics and sciences, as well as other trivial activities he partook in. For most of his life, he was decently well-off, living in a small village just south of Aryoch.

After his twentieth year, a raid on the village came from over the hills. Flames spread out as far as the horizon could see, razing much of the farmland as members of the Black Sun Cabal came like bats out of hell and started capturing members of the community and sending them to a swift, ritualistic death. It was ceremonious and mortifying. Cervantes watched his mother and father slaughtered like animals, and the life of his sister strangled out of her from the throat first. The tears that welled in her eyes were the ones that fell on his cheek.

Cervantes ran far, fleeing like the craven fool he was. He held no power of these monstrous things, their power and weapons quite deftly outmatched anything that Cervantes might've been able to muster. As he ran from the hell and blood that rained that night, he came across a small travelling band. Men and women armed with weapons and crosses: the Crux Fidelis. He raised a hand to them, pleading for help... what he received was anything but.

Believing him to be an escaping remnant of the raid that took place earlier that night, the strung and nailed him to a cross in an abandoned cathedral a mile north of the town. They tortured him, branding him whilst trying to get information out of him regarding that night. Scorching brands and scars serrated his flesh, burning it and mending it only to tear it open again. This went on for hours, Cervantes having all but lost his voice to the screams of pain he'd let out throughout the night. Only images of despair filled through his head, and the question he asked himself now was: How could a night so terrible happen to me?

Finally, they decided he was of no use and sentenced him to a burning at the cross. A pyre was built at his feet and let aflame. They all watched from the pews, seeing as his voice reclaimed the room. Violent cries, pleading now for his life instead of help. He wept blood and tears, his teeth grit as howls or fear and anguish and pain, and, most importantly, the final visage that mocked his complexion...

Rage. Cervantes' final moments were consumed with a blind anger, as his voice enveloped the room along the heat of his body burning to a crisp. The last images he saw before the flames consumed him were in the glass. A vision of a demon, cloaked in red and black coming to him. It grasped his face and whispered to him, telling him he would be saved, and this pleas were heard.

And he died.

For a moment, silence passed in the cathedral. Worry between the subordinates of killing the man without truly having evidence of whether or not he had been a conspirator with the cabal or not, but having no choice but to root him just in case. Then, that moment of silence ended.

On the cross, the skin from Cervantes' abdomen and below was burnt to blackness... and it moved. His body began to slowly creep, the corpse regaining vitality. His eyes opened, and the irises had become a deep, entrancing crimson. And slowly but surely, his body was wrapped but a crimson cloth seemingly appearing from nowhere. The stained glass images of the cathedral wrapped as shadows warped around the room, sending the Crux members into a panic. They went for their weapons, but before they could reach them, the deal had been made.

Cervantes, wrapped in a visage of dark red, pulled his hands from the cross. The nails burst off the wood and the restraints disintegrated like necrosis. From the air, a black cross emblazoned with magical energy was drawn from a sheath of space. Wielded from the top like the hilt of a sword, Cervantes slaughtered everyone in the cathedral. The colored stained glass was repainted red as merciless brutality of impossible magnitude took place in the room. A small band of four Crux Fidelis underlings were turned into what is only recognizable as a combination of mixed gore and red mist, with bone chips scattered on the pews and one shattered skull left on the alter next to Cervantes' cross.

As he exited the building, the visage of red warped off his skin into thin air, as did the blade. He fell to his knees, the breath in his lungs refilling as they had before. He looked at the sky, hearing an ominous laugh chatter into the night sky. He called out to it, being met with only the words:

"We have so much work to do, child."
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