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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Keres // Age: 1,042 // Gender: Female // Orientation: N/A // Occupation: Nomad
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When Phanuel came into existence among the other angels, she felt nothing but hope. Her halo shone bright and she became a beacon even among her kin; her very presence was enough to inspire confidence and bring about a feeling of serenity and peace. And for years, she was a stalwart defender of Humanity -- acting as a Guardian Angel to those who called upon her.

She was a staunch defender of the weak and defenseless, relying on her fellow Angels to assist her in battling the demonic threat that plagued Sium. The battles between the opposing forces became a regular occurrence, but Phanuel remained a bastion of hope for those around her. Even as her own hope began to wane; a simple question leading to her inevitable death:


Phaneul never questioned anything prior to this point. But as she stood in the wreckage of a burning village, staring down at a dying child, she pondered their question. A question to which she had no answer; a question to which she could find no answer. Posing the question to her kin resulted in strange looks and hushed words; gossip spread throughout their realm of her shaken resolve.

And slowly, she was slowly began to be viewed as less than -- the dishonor and disgrace she had brought upon herself even causing those she was closest with to view her differently. And the questions never went away; they were a constant. No matter what she did -- what victories she was apart of or what crushing defeats she was on the receiving end of, the question was constantly there:


Why had Orpheus created angels and demons? Why did he see fit to pit them in an eternal and endless battle of night and day? Why did he create humans if they were nothing more than prey for demons? In her search for answers, she only found hollowness. There was no real purpose for anything; no greater goal for them to pursue. Angels would continue to die, and more would rise to take their place. Demons would continue to die, and more would rise to take their place.

It was a loop that she could only rationalize existed to serve as entertainment for Orpheus, the God of Sium and the creator of everything. And in that moment, she felt nothing but complete and utter contempt. Her hope was crushed and was instead replaced only with contempt; a contempt that demanded she rebel against Orpheus himself.

Her rebellion was short-lived, however. Despite sullying her hands with the blood of her kin and destroying a portion of their realm, Phanuel found herself defeated. And no matter what was done to her, she remained alive. Dismembered yet still alive, Phanuel found herself being cast down to the pits of Alptraum.

And she spent a century in the depths of Alptraum, slowly recovering -- her once holy essence becoming tainted by the realm of demons. The unholy realm was caustic to her and combined with her contempt and hatred, she soon began to change. Into something different... Something...


Her once pure white wings became a mixture of violet and black, unseemly and unsightly to view, the decrepit nature of them bordering on putrid. Her golden, celestial blood became darkened to a shade of midnight and borderline toxic. And soon, her magic began to change.

Still in a state of dismemberment, she waited patiently until the demons who frequently feasted upon her body returned. Without arms and limbs, and unable to die due to divine providence, she had been forced to suffer a lifetime of endless torment -- to have her flesh ripped from her and consumed by demons endlessly. Every part that was torn from her eventually came back, but never her arms. And as those who so frequently feasted on her returned, she lashed out.

Her magic tore them asunder and slowly, she used their remains to create new, abominable limbs that were stitched together by her magic. And soon, she began to rampage through Alptraum - killing and consuming demon after demon as she fell deeper and deeper into depravity until she was little more than a mockery of an angel.

To say she had been corrupted would be an understatement; she had become the corruption. The more demons she slaughtered, abusing the curse Orpheus had placed on her to be unable to die, the stronger she became. And soon, she shed her physical form and became little more than a spectra -- her unholy visage being more than enough to strike fear in any she came across.

Soon, she left Alptraum and returned to Sium. This was still a time before the introduction of Sillage, and Phanuel's presence and influence was beyond caustic. Everywhere she went, she sowed death and destruction indiscriminately. Nothing was safe from her; no human, demon, angel or anything in between. In time, she began to be referred to as 'Apollyona', a word which, in the old tongue -- before Sium's language advanced and grew into its current state -- meant 'The Destroyer'. A fitting title for what she had become, and soon she adopted it as her name.

Taking a vessel, she took the body of a human who didn't fear her, but rather revered her. She didn't question the woman's intentions or motives, but when the woman offered herself up to her, Apollyona didn't hesitate to take her body for her own -- consuming the woman's soul just so she would forever be a part of her.

And now with a physical form and capable of remaining in Sium for extended periods of time, Apollyona continued to be a force of evil upon Sium. Village after village and town after town, she killed and destroyed all she came across. Her motive was simple -- to spit in the face of Orpheus and the childish game he seemed to be playing. She would destroy all of his toys until there was nothing left.

But soon, that wasn't enough for her. She wanted more; her plans becoming emboldened slowly as she became more and more ambitious. She began to stop indiscriminately killing everyone and everything, choosing to take on another method of approach.

Utilizing the harmless appearance of her vessel, she began to sow seeds of discord and strife among people -- turning brother on brother, child on parent. All it took was a single whisper for her to cause a chain reaction which led only to destruction. And only then did she feel what she assumed Orpheus felt; the joy and pleasure of toying with and manipulating others, pushing them towards their own doom, served to elate her.

It was more intoxicating than any human drug.

And that became what she wanted -- that constant feeling of superiority. Lording over humans and manipulating them wasn't enough, however. Not when she knew there was still one above her -- Orpheus. For all she knew, she was still acting according to his designs. But that wouldn't do.

The only way to 'fix' this would be to kill Orpheus.

Once he died, she would become the new God of Sium. But killing a God wasn't a simple task; she was no fool. And so, she began to take far more risks and become even bolder. Humans weren't the only ones who could be manipulated, after all. They weren't the only ones who could be corrupted.

Soon, she began to extend her reach to angels -- dark whispers while in her spectral form steadily pulling them towards their fall. From deepening their obsessions for peace and justice, to a whole slew of things. Anything that was exploitable, Apollyna found and abused. And those that resisted her influence, she harvested -- killing them and taking both their souls and holy essence to use to create her 'Lynchpin' - a weapon she surmised would be capable of killing Orpheus.

But, it would still be a lonesome task and one not easily accomplished. After all, deicide wasn't regularly accomplished. So for the past few years, she continued to prey upon angels -- pushing them towards their fall before bringing them under her wings -- further corrupting them until they were like her.

And she knew that, in time, she would be able to kill Orpheus and usurp the Throne of God. All she needed was patience; and with the warring factions drawing attention away from her, despite the various genocides she'd single-handedly carried out marking her as an Anathema, she still continues to operate in the shadows. Steadily biding her time until the moment would present itself.
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