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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Resurrected Human // Age: 15 [Appears 10] // Gender: Male // Orientation: n o // Occupation: Freelancer
Freelance, freelancer
4'4 ft
86 lbs
Face Claim
yumeno kyusaku
Appearance Extras
He has what appears to be a tattoo of a rather creepy looking set of eyes at the back of his neck.
Flesh Manipulation
Quinn… An unfortunate child with a horrifying usage of sillage. Once simply being a weak healing ability, in which he could share with others, his rebirth during Aphelion several years ago has resulted in a large accumulation of sillage in his body, though his soul was torn and twisted from many factors, aside from the Black God’s blotting of the sun. His abilities now match his mind, once a simple child… Now mortally corrupted.

His body is able to be moulded to his will, in fact, a much more apt description would be that his mind, soul, and flesh, have been forcibly bound together by a large amount of sillage, empowered by the madness of the annual event. His flesh is completely at his disposal, a mind over matter situation indeed. His dominance over his body consists of the following:

-He can accelerate or slow cell reproduction at will, which in turn means he can grow new parts to his body if given enough time, or even a simple blob of flesh.
-He can detach or reattach say, an arm at will with no bodily repercussions [Limited to limbs considering you don’t exactly need them to live]
-His skills in regeneration are far more extreme than basic demons, overall allowing him to regenerate any cornerstone of his body if allowed the time to [Scroll down for a more indepth explanation of vitals regeneration]
-He can morph parts of his body into any shape that he desires, though this is normally limited to, say, reinforcing and strengthening bones in a leg or creating makeshift iron-calcium claws from his fingertips. He is also able to do extremes, such as forcing organs into one part of his innards, or even forming new ones from his biological functions.

[b]Vital Organs [Except the Brain][/b]
If he simply got one of his organs, say his heart, damaged, his body would immediately focus on closing up the wound. He wouldn’t be able to attack in this state until the wound has closed, but he still is able to move and communicate. It is also extremely draining for his body to go through, so sleeping appears as a more applicable choice for him than continuing any battle or activity. If the organ was removed all together, again, using a heart as an extreme example, his body goes into a shutdown mode, making his unable to move or function beyond a vegetative state, and immediately gets to restoring the organ, going in a sort of autopilot mode to string it back together. Even if the organ gets restored, he will not be able to move or awaken for a full IC week.

He is normally in a rather scary state for a short while after he awakens, not violent, but it’s very reminiscent of his insect-minded Horror form.

[b]The Brain[/b]
Even if he can survive any traumatic brain injuries he receives, it’s still a whole different ballpark than losing an organ considering how important the brain is. Now, if he were to say, get his head impaled with a steel pipe, his body would go into the same shutdown mode as if he had an organ removed, and would race quickly to reassemble any scrambled cells. But of course his body can’t fix the damage properly on the first go, so what it does is quickly bind any tissue together, and for any missing, gets to crafting more. This simply means that his head will just be scrambled for several days til his body can reassemble them to their previous state, meaning things such as his motor functions and emoting abilities will be stunted, and even after the fact, some memories may be lost.

Though, what would happen in the case of decapitation? While he doesn’t know the outcome, he can indeed survive it. If he were to get his head lopped off, in comes a long and strenuous process. His body goes into a full on hibernation mode, as enough brain tissue is hastily is created and plated with bone, flesh wrapping around and binding the neck closed, in order to keep the organs active and allow the most bare bones of function, and several small holes on his neck are formed to allow breathing. Though the process is slow, his body puts forth a slow and tedious effort to reform his head, eyes, mouth, ears, and finally finish reforming his brain. Even if he is indeed alive, and awakened from his hibernation, all of the brain matter in his skull is brand new, meaning the entirety of his identity, is lost, and that he operates on about the level of say, a young toddler, until time passes, the only evidence that he has literally lost his mind, being any scars at the decapitation point.

Curse of Aphelion
The methoding and time he was resurrected had some… Horrific, unforeseen consequences. Not only was Quinn blessed with an incredible amount of sillage, with a liquid skill in it to boot, but another thing snuck into it as well, that can only be described as a curse. Though he is rather morally and emotionally empty on the norm, sometimes he becomes a creature.. Something that is hardly recognizable as human.

If certain conditions are met, a crimson red cloak wraps around his body, appearing to be tied together by a single purple pearl with what seems to be a slitted pupil within it, giving the illusion of an eye. His hair becomes completely white, skin paling, little white wings with reddish tips sprouting from his skull joined with two slightly larger white wings appearing stationary, floating behind his back but somehow functioning just as well as any real wings, and most disturbing of all, his normal facial features vanish, being replaced by a single, large, red eye.

What are these conditions exactly? A list would be in order:
`Rarely, Aphelion itself
`Being forced to overprocess information
`Being overwhelmed with emotions
`Self Preservation

Quinn, while in this state, is hardly the same person. He no longer speaks, only making clicking and squeaking noises, his body moving hauntingly, reminiscent of a puppet or plastic doll. Any sudden movements release a loud snapping noise, which is enough to curdle any sane person’s blood with disturbance.

“What is it about this form that is terrible or dangerous?” You may ask, and I shall answer. The easiest way to explain this is, when a person is but a baby, it has no skills in empathy. This state is called the Id, the base instincts, the self preservationism. That is what this form is, a physical manifestation of Quinn’s untamed, raw instincts. To this frame of mind, the only world is their world, any anything it may happen upon, it will do whatever it wishes with it. This is what it calls, “playing”.

It has the mind of a child, but the body of a beast. Under the red coverings is an unknown chaos, full of red, staring eyes. It would appear the entirety of his body between the head and crotch has vanished, but it has really just become pure energy. The flesh is still there, simply in a different form for the duration of this creature’s awareness. It can use all abilities that Quinn can use, but the manipulation over flesh has tripled in malleability, being that it can form tentacles, hands, needles, etc. with it’s own body.

In order to break Quinn from this state, the simplest way would be to stab his eyeball. Yes, rather violent and it would cause Quinn great pain, but if blood is spewing from it, the boy definitely will be coming out of it soon. The second method would be to wait it out; it isn’t always interested in unintentionally doing something harmful, but since there’s no way to reason with it, you’re better off treating it as a child and keep the concept of boundaries vague if it isn’t actually hurting you, since resistance will encourage more elaborate action.

Once he has come out of it, he is in a rather sluggish, depressive state for a few days til complete recovery, since it’s very taxing for his body to assume this form.

Mind Segmentation
Since his entire body, down to flesh and bones, are fueled by sillage, he can have offhand control over his flesh when it isn’t even connected to him. He does this by fragmenting his mind into the separated flesh to allow it to move and behave with his will. However the more he does this, the more “unintelligent” he becomes, til he’s broken down to his Id’s level of consciousness. The pieces of his mind behave like he would, except that they cannot physically talk and only have small, basic bodies [Eyes, feet, etc.]. They behave much like a hivemind in conjunction with Quinn, being able to supply him information or even assist him in combat. If they are killed, the segment of mind just comes back to Quinn in the form of a headache.

Though these segments can do much more than simply watch or listen…

[User permission required]
By making the segment of his mind enter a target, whether it be through an open wound, the mouth or eyes, or less savory methods, the creature breaks apart and the pieces race towards the brain. If not somehow killed or removed before then, the microscopic pieces remain in the brain until further instructions given by Quinn. In this vulnerable position, Quinn can do three things:
~Directly have a grip over the person’s physical functions, such as consciousness or muscle movement; he can’t actually stop someone’s heart or really kill them, just incapacitate them as he wishes.
~Create a direct pathway of mental communication. By manipulating the shreds of his mind, he can implant his thoughts and ideas into another person’s head in order to manipulate them, or just use it as a way to speak to someone. It’s at a degree that one could call it mind control, but it’s more making it seem like the victim’s idea by drowning out any objections, than Quinn actually taking their will away. A healthy, strong conviction towards the opposite can cancel his influence.
~Toy with their emotions. Quinn has a lack of emotions, and he wishes to learn more about them. However his methoding is.. Strange. He can trigger strong emotions in others by making the shreds of his mind directly interfere with the brain’s emotional functions, in an attempt to feel them as well. The degree of the turn on varies greatly, but what’s normally triggered is the extremes of emotion.
personality/fun facts
Quinn is a highly inquisitive being, speaking and portraying himself in an almost perfect way… Disturbingly perfect. He doesn’t scream, he doesn’t cry, he doesn’t have meltdowns… Nothing. His personality is so collected and calm that it’s hard to even call him a real person, even if he is still indeed human. The process in which he was resurrected has removed a vast majority of his mental limits, including most of his emotions, so this would of course mean he acts very inappropriately in many situations. He can’t understand other people’s plights and woes, though has an underlying wish to learn it. He isn’t broken to the point of emotional loss, it’s more like his mind has formed a thick wall around those more human aspects of himself, hidden deep within the darkness of his mind.
Quinn was once a normal boy, living in the wilds of Xipilkha in a wooden cottage with his mother. His mother wished to practice her magics in secrecy, since her skills would be greatly frowned upon by family members. She wanted nothing more but to completely bring her beloved husband back, so they could all be a happy family once more. His mother failed, time after time, only barely bringing creatures back from the inanimate forms they took upon death.

The young mage, on the other hand, showed promise in the arts of healing. Though he could only do simple acts, healing scratches and only making broken bones more bearable, he was performing these at the young age of six. His mother was simply astounded with his skills, wanting nothing more than her child to succeed and become strong in his gifts.

During a hunting trip when he was eight, a strange shadow caught the child’s eye, which enticed him to go off on his own, bow in hand. He saw it, a black rabbit with red eyes, staring him down…

His mother called out to him frantically, soon happening upon his footprints in the mud, following them and calling out for her child, frantically screaming for him. And then there it was, the boy’s body, lying in the mud with a rather well dressed figure hanging over him.

“You’ve forced me to do this, Madeline. Cease your necromancy and return home.” The deep voiced man had spoken to her, calm and cool despite having just killed a child.

“You truly think I would return… With you doing this?! What have you done to my baby?!” His mother, face soaked with tears, dipped to her knees and shoveled the still body of her child into her arms.

“I’ve torn his soul from his body. Your father told me it would be enough t-”

“SHUT UP! I am NOT coming back! I am not returning, EVER! You lot have taken ENOUGH FROM ME!” The frantic woman carried her deceased child off into the woods, sobbing profusely.

This time she had a body. She was going mad with grief and sorrow, working day and night to try to bring her child back. Spell after spell, ritual after ritual, she truly tried harder and harder each time, going to darker and darker measures to bring him back. The year drew closer and closer to it’s close… Until…

Aphelion. That is it! That could be used to bring him back, indeed! It would amplify her sillage... The woman carefully plotted, despite her deteriorating mental state, likely from the Curse of Hunger or simply her grief, she brewed potions, planned transmutation circles and runestones, and most disgustingly of all, kidnapped three children around the boy’s age.

“It will be over soon… I promise to you all…”

She stayed in the highest, unobstructed place she could find in the forest, for several days, awaiting the dark day… And so it came. The Curse of Hunger aroused in the children did make them antsy, but she had made them drink a light paralyzing poison before so they couldn’t run or destroy the circle. She felt the madness the blackened sun offered, but her drive to bring her child back took majority.

She got to performing the ritual, the circle glowing with a reddish light as the woman struggled to keep it together, the children squirming so slightly as their sillage was literally siphoned from their bodies. It was working, it was working…

Then something seemed off; over her child’s body, instead of a ray of light, something more close in appearance to an eye floated over him, imbuing him with sillage. It wasn’t of her concern at the moment. She was far too focused trying to bring him back to see it was too much, and something was wrong with it.

It soon was taking sillage from she herself, which was indeed confusing, but it was too late to stop it. His body glowed with a reddish tint, a claw coming up from his chest, coated in red eyes, to yank a little ball of light down from an unknown tear in the sky, dragging it down to the boy’s body.

It had taken almost the entirety of Aphelion, but the ritual was finished. The woman was overjoyed, she brought someone she loved back, she had done it! She ran to her boy, laughing maniacally from happiness, only for a tendril to strike her chest. The boy’s body slowly rose, almost creepily like a puppet on strings, in which his mother was horrified and confused, the dark red form sliding from her chest as she plopped down, transitioning into death.

Quinn, or well, the creature he became, forced himself a few feet off the ground with his tendrils, looking around confused with a single red eye, cracking noises abundant as he moved, soon seeing the children. A strange urge struck him, the urge to… Play.

Tentacles made of his own body wrapped around the children… And lets just say.. They did not bode well with it.

Days later, the boy woke up once more, but this time with a sensible mind intact… Though… He could not feel. Not an issue for him at all, no no, though those who he encountered constantly appeared afraid or disturbed by him as he did strange actions…

He has lived a total of 7 years in this state, unaware of his past before then, his body having not caught up with his age.
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