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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Morgan Le Fay
Race: Human/Faie // Age: 812 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Valor
Crux Fidelis, valor - pluviall
5 feet, 10 inches
Face Claim
Teresa, Claymore
Appearance Extras
Le Fay has two sets of wings - one larger pair originating between her shoulder blades, and another situated just above her buttocks. She generally hides them using a very small amount of Athrú, but in situations where she needs all of her magical ability pouring into her spells, they tend to make an appearance.
Pyktose - Le Fay's bellicosa, this rather unassuming amulet is a simple conglomeration of gold and green, fashioned in a state of swirls and spirals and inset in a choker of gold that hugs Le Fay's neck without a clasp. Pyktose is pretty but serves no purpose until she takes it off, normally with a toss into the air for dramatic flair. Pyktose materializes as a carbon copy of Le Fay. The two are easy to discern if you take notice of Pyktose facial expressions, which are blank and unchanging regardless of the circumstances. Pyktose is capable of copying all of Le Fay's abilities, however this requires some aspect of balance. For instance, Le Fay can use Rhéoli at full throttle while Pyktose makes use of Víss, but should both use Víss simultaneously it will only operate at half capacity for each. Every iteration of Pyktose carries with it Le Fay's thoughts and characteristics, allowing Pyktose to work completely independently as necessary - generally acting the same way Le Fay herself would. However, Pyktose is controllable from moderate distances as a decoy or talking instrument.

Mournblade - Mournblade is an enchanted sword that is rather nondescript in most uses. It is well crafted and strong, and over time and with brutal training Morgan has developed a sense for swordplay that is as natural as any of her spells, although she finds it lacks use when so many people in Sium rely more heavily on magics than arms - herself included. However, when activated with the flow of energy, Mournblade seeps to an inky black color with an intensity and completeness that is reminiscent of a solid black hole. The blade both saps up light waves and emits darkness, throwing a 0.5 mile radius into pitch black. While there is only one Mournblade, anyone who knows how to channel magical energy is capable of activating it.
Le Fay's immense history as an enchantress with the wherewithal to seek out the apprenticeship of the world's most talented sorcerers has endowed her with a myriad of spells and abilities. As a half-blooded faie of an ancient bloodline, her ability to wield magics is otherworldly. While these abilities and spells are enacted seamlessly and void of conventional wizardry tools - such as runes, a staff, or books - Le Fay still regards them as spells that she has encapsulated into her magical vocabulary, almost separate from herself.

Athrú - a simple rendition of shapeshifting that allows Le Fay to change her form into that of any living animal in Sium - so long as she is privy to its existence and shape. This includes not only conventional shifts such as mammals or birds, but any expressly non-human creatures such as that of phoenixes or dragons. Her confidence and control with these forms allows for some creative expression, such as the manipulation of size or combining characteristics from one form into that of another. This includes the propensity for adding animal characteristics to her own human shape, such as wings, or changing her skin into more protective dragon scales. The ability does allow Morgan to manipulate aspects of her own visage - such as making her wings disappear, or getting rid of wrinkles should she need to - but only within herself and typically into another state of her own being. She cannot, for example, take on the form of another humanoid.

Víss - as a powerful elementalist, Le Fay wields fire, air, earth, and water magics. Their complexity as abilities are inhibited only by her imagination in terms of their forms, and she wields them with formidable strength. Earth serves her as mainly protective, since it lacks the offensive flexibility of the other elements - it is an aspect of Víss mainly concerned with brute force in an offensive sense, although it finds itself at the most readily available alongside air since it exists in some form at all times. Le Fay is unable to conjure up earth and air, but in all her years this has never been a problem, and the availability of both may be the reason Víss leaves these two skills out of its bounds. The scorching aspects of fire and the graceful strength of water are her most favorite of things, and she loves to play with them even outside of combat. Naturally, the ability to wield fire makes Le Fay impervious to most burns.

*Rhéoli - this mind-probing ability allows Le Fay to hear the thoughts at the forefront of an individual's mind, should she choose to. Not only is it a fantastic method to garner information, but in combat it allows Le Fay to anticipate movements and respond with eerie precision. The closer she is to a person (a concept that is unfortunately rather ambiguous), the deeper she is able to integrate herself into the consciousness - going so far as to implant thoughts and influence their behavior. This ability is vulnerable to the reality of consciousness - that people can still lie, not really know the truth, or purposely manipulate the thoughts there. Of course, the kicker is that to hide something is to, at least momentarily, think of it. The eyes are, as it seems, the window to the soul, such that to strangers it requires eye contact to work. However, once Le Fay builds up familiarity with them, she can infiltrate their mind without such a direct pathway.

*Iwa - the mind is fragile, and in most people extremely suggestible. Le Fay, knowing these facts exceptionally well having already mastered Rhéoli, perfected her own brand of torture. It begins with the penetrating stare of her crystalline blue eyes, slowly fading to a brilliant, citrus orange after roughly 5 seconds - quicker, if she has toyed with you before. What follows is a creation of the victim's own mind, warped into a false reality that they themselves create. Le Fay merely projects it, overloading all of their senses to make it seem real. The pain, which keeps its home in the mind anyways, is as real as any physical affliction, slowly building as the scenario plays out in the victim's consciousness. It can be so effective that victim's have lost their minds to insanity or died from exhaustion or heart attack. It is a tool perfected for interrogation, since to be under its influence tends to break individuals within seconds - seconds that feel like hours to the inflicted. Those with stronger constitutions may break free of the illusion, but almost never without some psychological consequence. In combat it is not exactly a viable tool, since it requires complete concentration without distraction on Morgan's part.

Immortality - Le Fay is invulnerable to both old age and disease, having ceased growing after reaching complete sexual maturity. While environmental effects can impact her body (such as prolonged sun exposure), ultimately Athrú would render this void anyways.

*Requires OOC permission
personality/fun facts
Severe anxiety rests as the underlying cause for most of Le Fay's character, including her more amiable aspects. Morgan is an overly dependent individual with a high propensity for forming quick, close attachments to anyone with the wherewithal to give her adequate attention. This manifests as steadfast loyalty to most, but is truly the result of centuries of abandonment and rejection. It is true, however, that Morgan has no problem going to the ends of the Earth for whoever is the current object of her affections-surely, she instigated the downfall of an entire kingdom to that end. This results in clingy behavior, and the "pedastaling" of whomever that person may be. This almost inevitably turns into some type of infatuation, even if it's not romantic. Morgan has a way of being selfless for that person, going out of her way to get them things she knows they'd like, or adopting extreme distaste for anyone that doesn't realize just how incredible this person is.

Because her standard of friendship is so high, this ultimately leads to feelings of disappointment and anxiety - while she has no problem putting that person on a pedestal, it's unlikely anyone would put her on a pedestal (and they probably shouldn't, given how unhealthy it is). And, to be fair, no one is capable of actually living up to her expectations forever. This results in periods of moodiness where Morgan feels incensed to test exactly how much she means to a person - the equivalent of not texting someone first, to see if they text you first. She can become dismissive with an air of attitude that can actually be self-ostracizing - but if someone really cares for her, they'll persist beyond that anyway...right?

Le Fay is certainly capable of having more than one friendship at a time, but there is no mistaking who she shines the spotlight on in her life once she bonds. To that person, she is extroverted and talkative - anything to keep a conversation flowing and their attention on her, coupled with a need to please and impress. Ironically, Morgan has a very hard time verbalizing these feelings, and truly thinks that a person should recognize her actions without the need for a verbal explanation.

On her own, Morgan is rather quiet but kind. She is not particularly witty, but can appreciate a good joke. Socially insecure, Morgan has a way of diminishing herself such that she doesn't inadvertently chase people off, while still wanting to be a main part of the conversation - it does seem that she is aware of how repulsing some of her traits are, and doesn't let them go full throttle until someone is already emotionally invested in her. She is cognizant of her own power, however, and while in all other means insecure, feels like she has nothing to prove in that area.

Still, all of this is a recipe for disaster. Overt acts of rejection or abandonment are a trigger of rage for Le Fay, and in those moments she simply isn't capable of self control. This fury boils beyond a point of no return and is unleashed in a torrent of raw magical energy, wherein she cannot separate friend from foe and will openly attack just about anything that moves with reckless abandon. Those who know this are typically reduced to walking on egg shells around her, which can have the inadvertent effect of making Le Fay question whether they really like her at all and starting the cycle all over again.
Le Fay's ultimate heritage is a mystery. She was born just a couple years before Arthur and then Lucien after him, supposedly to a servant that died during childbirth. Morgan spent her earliest years as one of the boys' playmates, although her place as a relative outsider was always apparent. She was not called to any power of almost mythological proportions, and instead went out to pave a path for herself. Le Fay sought out a powerful sorceress, and spent much of her adolescence learning elemental magic and the shapeshifting techniques she now employs.

When word reached her of political shifts in power, Morgan returned to Ishgar, now with the skill to garner more respect and attention from her contemporaries as a military asset. Lucien - Lancelot's - growth peaked her attention almost right away, and Morgan fell head-over-heels in love with him. These were feelings that would never be returned. The persistent personality that had led her on her journey to learn various magics kept her at Lucien's side for years, always seeking his approval but being too shy to voice her love directly. After they fucked it pretty much sealed the deal in terms of her infatuation.

Morgan followed Lancelot for a couple of centuries, never killing but doing whatever she could to help Lucien out in her odd way of thinking - whether by making excuses on his behalf or helping strike down people who would do him harm. Oddly, for centuries, Le Fay never really cared about the other women he fucked, rationalizing it in her own mind that they were just sexual partners and that she was the object of his true affections - or at least she would be eventually. It was a powerful delusion.

Morgan grew restless. She had always been a woman of skill, and while following Lucien around could be stimulating in a variety of ways, she left him for a couple of decades to pursue the scholarship of a sorcerer in the far east of Sium - in part to try and become a better help to him. When word reached her of the state of Ishgar and the newfound Vextra monarchy, Morgan returned to the kingdom, set out to investigate the rumors from the sorcerer grapevine that a white-haired drifter had been imprisoned in the castle below.

Most memories of her had been stricken from any record (not that there had been anything substantial to begin with), and her immortal age meant that most anyone that knew her before departing was already dead. She integrated herself with the new kingdom hierarchy, quickly making close friends with Celestine in her pursuit to free Lucien from his crystal captivity. The two were fast friends, but Morgan truly believed that if she could only release the object of her love, he would return her affections as well.

Using her power, Morgan manipulated any pawn she could play. She was the voice Carmine succumbed to in a fit of lunacy over time, and she gently and...not so gently...shoved him towards Zerne (whose dishonest intentions were known to her, although she always kept that to herself) who would lead him to Caliburn. She was the voice in Celestine's head that had her have Carmine killed. It was her that learned the summoning spell that brought Grimalkin to assault the kingdom. The downfall of it all was carefully orchestrated, and in the end Lucien was freed.

When Lucien still didn't return her affections after all of her work, Le Fay flew into her first fit of pure rage. While, surely, most of the damage to the kingdom was done by the explosion following Grimalkin's entrance into the castle - it'd be naive to think that she didn't have something to do with that too. In her rage there was certainly friendly fire - although exactly what side she was on is still a mystery.

Morgan still isn't sure how she survived, since in her emotional release most of her memory of the event was obliterated as well. Her anger became a little seed inside of her as she searched for another purpose, eventually finding it in the Crux. The hierarchy and natural comradeship drew her in, and without another purpose, she dedicated herself to their cause.

In time Morgan became the Valor of Pluviall alongside Griffith, and became close friends with the new Commander of Kindness, Seraphiel. Shortly after this time Morgan met Lucien once more amidst his own crises, and while her fragile psyche is...well, fragile, it has perhaps found some peace in that respects. Among the Crux is a tumultuous battle of loyalty and morality - having never had any biases towards any species, Morgan finds the current political climate alarming, and recognizes that it may not be too far into the future that she herself experiences the bias and prejudice of humans against their non-human counterparts - even if she shares half of her blood with them.
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