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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Corvyx Muse
Race: Demon // Age: 30 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Horseman of Death
Poena Damni, Executioner - Death - Anathema
Face Claim
Appearance Extras
[*] The scars on his neck imply he was beheaded at some point and his head was merely stitched back on.
[*] Corvyx's entire right arm is made out of black ice. While it was originally cut off at the elbow by Noire, he lost what remained during a particularly violent fight.
[*] The scar on his face tends to glow whenever he uses any of his abilities.
[*] He has a ton of markings on his arms and shoulders/chest. He doesn't know where he got them, though.
A scythe that manifested the moment Corvyx became Death. As durable as a Bellicosa, it is capable of cutting through just about anything. In addition to this, Corvyx can use it as a medium for Decay, causing any cuts from the weapon to be far more dangerous than most would normally expect.
Aspect of Death

As the Horseman of Death, Corvyx has been granted dominion over the general concept of death and everything it entails. On a surface level, he has an aura of death that he can create and expand at will, with the effective range being equivalent to a town. In its base state, it merely creates a gnawing unease -- it implants feelings of despair, loneliness, paranoia and fear in anyone that Corvyx acknowledges as an enemy. While it can be resisted by those with a particularly strong mental fortitude, prolonged exposure to it can whittle down even the most confident of people over time.

- Decay: Corvyx can cause anything he comes into physical contact with to decay. It's a slow process that's dependent upon how long he remains in contact with whatever he's decaying. Even if contact is broken, the decay will remain for a short amount of time. It manifests in the erosion, rotting and withering of whatever he was touching. The longer he remains in contact with it, the faster it goes. The only way to stop it is to be healed or purified by some type of holy magic or to amputate the affected region if possible. There's a slight passiveness to this; the longer he remains in a place, the more things seem to decay around him. While this doesn't effect people, plants and other forms of life will slowly begin to wither and die out around him.

- Madness: By manipulating his aura, Corvyx can force people to hear the voices of the dead who reside in Alptraum. Prolonged exposure to this can typically result in a state of mania in which a person may not be able to tell friend from foe, causing them to attack others in an almost mindless state. This typically wears off fairly quickly so long as they're at least 4~ meters away from Corvyx. When Corvyx uses this, his aura shrinks to 4 meters.

- Nihilism: As with Madness, Corvyx can manipulate his aura up to 4 meters to disrupt people mentally. Unlike Madness which causes people to become a threat to everyone around them and themselves, Nihilism merely causes people to give up. Things -- life -- becomes meaningless and pointless to them. They don't see any point in fighting or even trying. This is typically something Corvyx employs when he doesn't feel like fighting as it's a somewhat 'peaceful' alternative to fighting. As with Madness, so long as he moves out of the 4 meter range of them, they'll eventually regain their senses and will to live.

- Despair: A pale, decaying horse Corvyx can summon. Brimming with a dark and malevolent, Despair passively carries decay with it, spreading it with every footfall. In addition to this, it is capable of going faster than any normal horse and Corvyx can summon and dismiss it at will.

- King of the Dead: Corvyx can manipulate, summon and control both the dead and undead. From zombies, to ghouls to forcefully reanimating dead monsters, Corvyx can 'resurrect' them and bend them to his will. So long as it's undead or dead, Corvyx can display some form of dominion over it. In addition to this, outside of Sins, anything Corvyx kills stays dead.

Horseman Physiology

After becoming a Horseman, Corvyx's already supernatural physical abilities were further increased. He's become faster, stronger and even more durable, typically able to outdo even some of the strongest demons on a purely physical level. He has heightened regenerative powers to the point that, so long as he's out of combat and resting, he can heal from most things that aren't fatal in a matter of hours. His hearing is so enhanced that he can locate a person from half a mile away by their heartbeat alone. He can also control the sensitivity of his hearing and 'focus' it, allowing him to avoid damage to his ears.

Aquakinesis & Cryokinesis

Corvyx can create, manipulate and control water and ice. When it comes to water, he can create it seemingly out of nothing. He can control the temperature, allowing him to make the liquid freezing cold or scalding hot. He can also just manipulate it in a more solid state - ice. He can use this to make constructs and other things, and he can also make 'dry ice' that creates the sensation of 'burning' upon contact. After five years, his proficiency has increased to the point he can create tidal waves of water out of thin air, flash freeze entire areas and make the air cold to the point it becomes hard to move. He's also learned how to create ice constructs from a distance, with his range being about a quarter of a mile.

Explosion Creation

Corvyx can create and manipulate powerful explosions. These are explosions are limited to whatever is in his visual range. He can generally control the actual destructive capabilities of these explosions, ranging from destroying only a door to wiping out an entire town. Because his explosions are dependent upon his eyesight, he can typically 'localize' them and create them at a target location.

Magic Glyphs

Corvyx can create a series of Magic Glyphs that have a variety of uses. From creating sigils which can allow him to and others to move faster or slow others (or himself - it has its uses), to creating barriers (or reinforcing the durability of his ice constructs when he's defending). He also has a few that can be used for healing - all in all, the glyphs are merely supportive abilities and can't really do much to damage or harm others.

Skilled Combatant

Having been trained by his mother, Corvyx is well-versed in combat. This extends to both hand-to-hand combat and the usage of his tonfas. Even still, he continues to train and do his best to improve himself. He knows he's not the best, but he can typically hold himself in most situations. After five years, he's only grown stronger -- his time as a Director, Demon Knight and now a Horseman paying off tremendously.

Presence of Mind

Corvyx has unnatural spacial awareness. It's hard for him to not notice things around him to the point that he sometimes has to focus on one thing in particular to avoid sensory overload. This is both a blessing and a curse because, when outnumbered against several opponents, it's easy for him to keep his wits about him. At the same time, if he's focusing on one thing or person in particular, it can be easy to catch him off-guard.

Fleet Footwork

Corvyx has exceptional footwork, to the point it's notable. Light on his feet, while he doesn't have super speed, he can move quickly over shot distances with enough speed to catch most off-guard. Aside from that, when combined with Presence of Mind, it's what allows him to fight multiple people at once as he can move and react quickly without fear of losing his balance or slipping.
personality/fun facts
Uncaring. Sarcastic. Unlikable.

Those are the quick and easiest ways to describe Corvyx. Focused wholly on results, he does what's asked or demanded of him with very little grievance. Due to the course his life took, he's somewhat jaded -- he doesn't really concern himself with trying to help or save Sium anymore. While he doesn't necessarily take pleasure or joy in destroying it, he also doesn't really care what happens. In his opinion, Sium is without salvation and sooner or later -- without any influence from the Horsemen or the Sins -- it'll eventually destroy itself anyway.

To say he's grown comfortable in his position as a Horseman would be something of an overstatement. He's fine with his current state of being, if only because it's better than the alternative. And this complacency typically leaves him following orders with only the occasional snark. Even then, he'll still do as he's told.

He holds a slight grudge against Apocrypha and the Monarchy for inadvertently ruining his life. Without them, he never would have wound up as an Anathema, so there's a lot of bitterness there. He acknowledges his involvement in it all, but he still feels like he was hung out to dry and borderline betrayed by the Monarchy.

And due to that betrayal, he's somewhat closed off. He doesn't really try to get to know the other Horsemen or Sins, usually choosing to just mind his own business. As such, he remains somewhat on the fringes of both groups. He's there but doesn't really interact with anyone unless they come to him.

[*] Is a chain-smoker.
[*] He still dresses the same mostly out of respect for Nero.
[*] Has had most of the scars and markings on his body from when he was only 10 years old.
Corvyx's early memories are a bit foggy in regards to his youth. His memories of his father are hazy at best, and he doesn't remember anything regarding his mother until after the age of ten. At that point, he has absolutely no memories of his father. He is however quite aware that he didn't receive any of the markings on his body or the scar on his face until after his father vanished from his life.

Ever since then, however, he spent most of his formative years glued to his mother's side. Any time he questioned his father, his mother was always quick to silence him and change the topic. As such, over time, he grew to ignore and even further his father existed at all. And when his mother fell in with Apocrypha, he was right beside her. And it was during this time, among rebels, that Corvyx began to rebel.

He would frequently strike out on his own in search of adventure, sometimes being gone for weeks on end before returning with a slew of injuries. His mother would be overbearing, but he'd always embark on his own - intent on discovering as much of the world and forming his own opinions as possible. Corvyx was always aware it stressed his mother out, so at times he'd actually just stick around to not cause her too much trouble. Most of the time, he only ventured out on his own when he knew she'd be busy or preoccupied with something else.

However, the more frequent his run-ins with the Black Sun Cabal became, the more he begins to remember his father. It's something he hasn't shared with his mother, and he knows the secret to his father's disappearance and the markings and scars on him lie within the cult. And now he searches for the bits of his past that is missing, as well more information regarding his father while acting as a vigilante member of Apocrypha.

Eventually, Corvyx gained a name for himself as Blackfrost. He spent a lot of time as Blackbird's second in command. And, in spite of his attitude, results can't be argued with. With several successful completed assignments and missions, as well as a recommendation from Blackbird, Corvyx soon found himself as the Director of Xipilkha.

Timeskip Update

As the Director of Xipilkha, Corvyx mostly focused on doing his job and exploring his past. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was ‘wrong’ with him – that his life was… Wrong. After a year of the position, he found the answer to the unshakeable feeling in the depths of the Badlands. There, he found himself. What he found wasn’t something he liked, but also something he wouldn’t speak about. Taking the necessary actions to ensure his next death would be his last, Corvyx simply moved on with his life.

After a year as a Director, Corvyx caught wind of Roux’s desire to retire. Knowing the Monarchy wouldn’t necessarily be willing to let an Arch-Demon ‘resign’, Corvyx opted to help Roux escape the life he’d been trapped in. While it was difficult to pull off, Corvyx managed to help Roux in faking his death. And to keep the monarchy from looking too deep into Roux’s apparent death, Corvyx merely replaced him as a Demon Knight.

He was more than capable and managed proved himself worthy to Anubis, though it was more for show. Afterwards, Corvyx merely did what was asked or expected of him. Things went bad during a mission in Zhyphire, however. What was supposed to be a routine meeting turned out to be a trap. Fighting his way through the ambush, things quickly spiraled out of Corvyx’s control as he wound up having to fight against dozens of Crux Fidelis forces. A destroyed city, airship, dozens of Crux Fidelis and almost a hundred civilian casualties later, Corvyx managed to escape to safety.

This incident led to Corvyx being Anathema’d, however. In addition to this, the number of civilian casualties resulted in him being ostracized by even his peers. Opinions of him only grew worse and worse as time went on – he did as he was told without question. His most egregious and infamous offense was when he was ordered to destroy a Crux Fidelis compound that had seen an increase in activity. What he – and his superiors – were unaware of was that the compound had been receiving recently conscripted individuals.

Following his orders, Corvyx attacked the base – and while there were Hallowed who fought back, what he found amidst all the carnage and destruction were children. The realization of what had occurred – what he’d done – was numbing. And when the full details came out, he accepted his fate. Apocrypha couldn’t condone his actions – as such, it was said he acted on his own volition. Allowing himself to be painted as a monster, Corvyx made no attempt to try and explain himself or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

However, things went awry when -- to distance themselves from his actions -- Apocrypha turned on him. Painted as a rogue rebel, he was soon being hunted by both Apocrypha, Crux Fidelis and Weltschmerz. Naturally, even Anubis took action and crippled him -- the demon's loyalty to the monarchy being unwavering. Eventually Apocrypha caught up to him and he found himself beaten and left to die. And in that moment of dying, he was approached with an offer.

His life didn't have to end in that moment. And he soon found himself making a decision he had made centuries ago. Waking up in Alptraum, Corvyx was immediately aware of what he had become and what was expected of him. He had accepted the offer of a Sin to become the new Horseman of Death.

While it took him some time, Corvyx slowly but surely adjusted to his new life. Two years have passed and he's fully accepted his new role to play, showing very little issue with it.
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