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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Riatha Crown
Race: Phoenix // Age: 191 (562) // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Lust
Poena Damni, sin of lust
Face Claim
Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Appearance Extras
As a phoenix, Riatha doesn't really age after reaching complete maturity (although her body can be acted upon, such as acquiring more wrinkles during her lifetimes in the sun).

Although she has wings in her human form, she cannot use them to fly because of her human bone density. They are mostly decorative, although they could theoretically be used to block attacks and increase her leaping distance.
Conscripta - Conscripta is a set of golden jewelry that appears to be little more than decorative when not in use - a thin golden necklace and pair of golden earrings. Conscripta is enchanted, and while she is wearing the full set it absorbs and repels any sillage-based offensive attack. The repelled force is typically weaker than the original casting, and this seems to scale with some consistency - the more powerful the attack, the weaker the rebuttal is in comparison, whereas a very weak attack will be amplified to a similar intensity. Riatha maintains complete control over the ability until she expends it in whatever manner it was thrown at her - if the original castor expelled the attack through their hands, so does Riatha. Conscripta can withhold up to three abilities for a maximum period of 15 minutes. Moreover, Riatha cannot control which abilities Conscripta chooses to absorb, and so an onslaught of multiple attacks at once can yield randomized results.
Regeneration and Self-Detonation - As a phoenix, Riatha is impervious to disease and most wounds. She can almost immediately regenerate superficial injuries, and can even regrow lost limbs within a few days. Her blood clots faster than normal, allowing her to bounce back from the immediate ramifications of internal injuries rather quickly. On the flip side, Riatha is capable of completely obliterating and reforming her own body. It comes along with the pain you'd expect from an exploding body, wherein blood, limbs, and guts are strewn all around. Riatha herself, however, is reduced to brilliant orange dust that can travel for miles before it comes back together in her former physiology. Only a fraction of the dust has to survive in order for this process to reach completion.

Shapeshift - Riatha's natural form is a fiery bird that stands around 15 feet tall, although she can manipulate her size into a far smaller version - and is considerably light to allow for flying, of course. She is covered in brilliant red and orange feathers, each coated in their own flame that she can control the temperature of. At will her body can range from merely warm to 3,000 degrees fahrenheit, where the red flames turn blue and white. Her eyes are the same crimson red as in her human form, with long decorative tail feathers and sharp talons. Injuries sustained as a human will follow into this form, if they haven't healed already.

Flame - She would be a poor excuse for a phoenix if Riatha could not manipulate fire. The ability is mostly self-explanatory. Riatha can create it, and change into different forms, heats, and shapes. As such, she is also immune to burns.

Psychic Persuasion+ - Unlike her predecessor, Riatha's version of lusty control is far more chaotic and reckless. This ability is two-fold. For one, Riatha can lower the inhibitions of people around her, which can ultimately have countless consequences depending on exactly what those inhibitions are. In a crowded bar of intoxicated patrons, for example, this could become either a bloody scene of violence or a sex show. As a follow-up maneuver, it also causes people to unknowingly become more suggestible to Riatha's wishes. It takes a real show of introspection for people coming out of her control to realize that ideas that they thought were their own, were not. Meaning, Riatha generally walks around the world doing whatever she wants. In addition, Riatha is almost impervious to psychological attacks - her mind is very hard to penetrate.

Aura of Aphrodite+ Riatha's aura varies in intensity, but remains active at all times. This ability inexplicably draws people in to her, and if that individual's perceptions of Riatha are anything beyond complete disgust, it will create a sense of lust or adoration depending on the strength of the aura she is emitting. Among those with intense distaste for the vixen, it can create a sense of rage aimed at no one in particular. After taking on the position of Lust, Riatha's physical features became enhanced, and include certain additions. If none of her other charms succeed, the sin's saliva is an irresistible aphrodisiac that brings anyone she kisses under her complete control - it's so powerful that she has seen it override an individual's instinct to avoid self-injury, or protect their own children.

Rebirth* - When fatally wounded, Riatha combusts into hot, inky black ashes that give birth to her next life. She does not go through an egg phase, and instead can be immediately seen as a baby bird. Riatha maintains all of her other abilities, but only progressively gets to know how to use them all again. If she were to be killed shortly after re-emerging from the ashes, it's likely that she would permanently remain so, making this her most vulnerable moments. She is born without her memories, although around age 10 or so they start to creep back to her in fleeting visions that slowly begin to makeup entire stories. The further back a life was, the less she tends to remember (not including extremely important moments, which come back quickly and readily). Since these memories aren't available until well into childhood, her upbringing tends to have the most influence on her personality and life path.

*Irrelevant currently, as a branch of sin
+Requires OOC permission
personality/fun facts
With no real empathy for death, Riatha has a very skewed sense of life. Sadistic, death means little to her, and she has no qualms about using people to her own advantage even if it leaves them in a state of complete disrepair. Still, she is methodical, and has the superficial charm of someone who knows you attract far more bees with honey. Her voice is alluring, and she utilizes a titillating chuckle that can turn the most hardened criminal into a puddle of melted butter. Underneath it all is a beast of savagery, locked behind the facade of a woman making her way in a world where connections with others is necessary - for business, of course. Territorial, Riatha is possessive of the people she employs, coming across as a watchful mother who views their mistreatment as a personal offense that will not stand to go unpunished. Most of Riatha's revenge is patient, covert, just as hidden as the caged wild thing that drives her into the bed of countless men and women. Still, Riatha is capable of forming somewhat genuine connections with others, although this is typically due to practicality and the mere passage of time over any type of emotional outreach.

Upon taking up the torch for the former Lust, Riatha has managed to...let looser. While still the savage capsule of a sentient being with very little empathy for others, Riatha now finds great enjoyment in actively partaking in the complete abandon she inflicts on others - whether it be sex or partying until the sun comes up amongst strangers turned vessels of lust and adoration.
As an immortal being of antiquity, Riatha has memories stretching back from well before even the foundation of sillage in Sium. Her ancestors were a clan of omnivorous phoenixes that preyed on humans - like all beasts did in that era, despite being able to camouflage themselves amongst them (a tactic that made them that much easier to prey on). They existed on the outskirts of humanity's trials, living with the idea that their kind would outlive them all - that the politics of the current era would merely be a blip on their infinite lifespans. With the change of times, Riatha adapted to fit the current climate. Her flock splintered, and ultimately she began preying on humanity in a completely different way.

Adopted by a pair of generous people at the beginning of her current life, Riatha left them as soon as she was old enough, founding a ring of prostitutes in Ravanar just after the Crux Fidelis toppled the previous monarchy. It was after this that she was approached by Pride, and taken on as the Branch of Exploitation. The interaction strengthened her abilities and granted her her gifts of persuasion - but truthfully that was only a strengthening of something she was already doing. The organization flourished in the city of sin, and in the modern day Riatha still employs men and women all over Sium.

Five years ago, Riatha took on the position of Lust, a great sort of promotion in her own eyes. Taking Pride's directive to lay low with ease, she has managed to flourish across the various party scenes of Sium as an active participant instead of a resource for sexual partners. She left her business in the hands of a trusted confidant while traipsing around Sium, and has now returned to once again be a part of its leadership.


Flying Hoe Boat: Yes
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