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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Amaryllis Orion
Race: Human // Age: 22 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Bookstore Owner, researcher
Freelance, Sorceress
105 lbs
Face Claim
Levy McGarden, from Fairy Tail
Appearance Extras
+ Amaryllis' style is decidedly eclectic. Her wardrobe is a conglomeration of different colors, patterns, and time periods. She has been known to wear both masculine and feminine outfits, with a special affinity for both boy jeans and dresses reminiscent of something a pixie would wear.

+ Due to being a sorceress, Amaryllis ages slowly. She looks younger than she is, and while not immortal, her natural lifespan will exceed that of a human. Her family has been known to live to about 300 years, truly only starting to show their age around 250. At that point, their last 50 years are extremely similar to normal human aging.
Amaryllis does not privy herself to many weapons. She is adequate with a bow, and can wield a dagger moderately well. The only weapon she regularly carries is a dagger named Laseroth, a magical family heirloom passed onto her from her father. It is a 5 inch dagger that she wears at her waist, inscribed with red symbols all up and down its length. Her father passed before he could confide in her their meaning.
Zodiac Empowerment: Zodiac Empowerment is a family-inherited trait that allows Amaryllis to unlock various attributes of each celestial being. The trait is far more common in the females of her family, although a male inheriting the ability is not unheard of. They each become available as an individual ages, and by 15 most members of her genetic tree have unlocked all 12 of them. In Amaryllis' case, however, she only has access to 6, a phenomena that some attribute to trauma, and others say just boils down to faulty genetics. Some zodiac powers are more useful than others, and only a select few may be used simultaneously - most of them can only be used one at a time (a itty bitty chart is below with the specific combinations - Amaryllis is fortunate that there is some compatibility within the 6 she has managed to connect with). Her own sect of the family referred to the spiritual connection between the sorceress and celestial being as a "gate", which both parties must agree to open in order for the connection to be established. This means that the sign of the zodiac may refuse to temporarily bind with the sorceress, and Amaryllis may not feel the connection take place for hours after she has requested it. However, once connected, only the sorceress may relinquish them. Regardless, forming relationships with them is the best way to insure that they respond promptly to a sorceress' needs. Although nobody knows exactly what they are, by establishing the dual-sided connection they are able to speak to one another through Amaryllis' mind. The zodiac sign manifests as simply a voice that penetrates the sorceress' thoughts, which can be overwhelming if a sign decides they don't feel like playing nice. When met with people who take an interest in astrology, Amaryllis is quick to roll her eyes and scoff at the multitude of things attributed to the beings she feels she knows well.

Aries: The cardinal fire sign, Aries' ability is easily predicted. While the two are connected, Amaryllis can both produce and manipulate fire, and is impervious to burns. To her knowledge, Aries is one of the most powerful zodiac signs, and the two are consistently on unpleasant terms. He is impulsive and rude, with a temper that can have him yelling in Amaryllis' mind within moments of making contact. She surmises that he only allows the connection because, despite what he may say, he actually enjoys the conflict. Aries is painstakingly independent, and has the strength to completely consume Amaryllis' free will if he wanted. She does not connect with him often. The only protection she has is her closeness with Aquarius, who has supposedly threatened Aries away from such antics in Amaryllis' defense.

Gemini: Known simply as "the twins", Gemini manifests as two voices prone to bickering. They have two starkly different personalities, one bubbly and charismatic, the other depressed and neurotic. To interact with them is to be terrible at decision making. They are generally useless since Amaryllis doesn't foresee herself in conflict much. Gemini renders the use of magic within a 50 foot radius unusable. This proves useful during Aphelion, when they can calm the mania in people by temporarily stripping them of their magics. Those within the radius when activated cannot use their magic for a period of 30 minutes, even after they retreat outside of it. Unfortunately, this includes Amaryllis herself, and once activated the gate to Gemini (and the others) is closed for the allotted time.

Virgo: A lot of Amaryllis' intellectual prowess is not innate. True, she has her own fondness for books and research that keeps her nose stuck in one or another for countless hours, but Virgo is as much apart of this as her own affinities for such subjects. With Virgo present, Amaryllis can read through books at an unprecedented speed, and her working memory increases exponentially, becoming practically eidetic. As soon as the gate is closed, much of the information is tucked away, unaccessible. Some trickles through, but her eidetic memory is lost. Information taken in while Virgo is present can only be accessed in its entirety while Virgo is there, although information received in Virgo's absence can be amplified by her accessed gateway. The two have an amiable time together, although it can be exceptionally awkward since Virgo is very shy and quiet. When she does make conversation, it's normally strained commentary on some imperfection or disorder - watered down and lightly sugar-coated like people tend to do when they have something bitchy to say. Still, the two spend a lot of time together, companions by virtue of Amaryllis' natural interests.

Libra: The scales, Libra is the harbinger of justice. She is strict but fair, with a sense of right or wrong that is far too black and white for the gray realities of the mortal world. Libra is clear-sighted, and in her presence Amaryllis can see through illusions and deceptions. She can tell when someone is lying, although the speaker must truly know it's a lie in order for it to be detected, and she cannot automatically ascertain what the truth actually is. Furthermore, she is able to detect otherworldly beings that may otherwise be invisible, such as ghosts, spirits, or demons. Libra often passes swift judgments on people, indicating to Amaryllis how she feels about a person. It's not certain whether this is because Libra actually has a good sense about people, or if there isn't much basis about them whatsoever. It's quite possible that she's just paranoid, since she always seems to assume the worst in others. She's certainly been known to be wrong before, and so Amaryllis takes such assertions with a grain of salt.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a diligent companion, and takes it upon herself to keep track of important things like people's birthdays and death-days and what kind of flowers people like best. This zodiac sign is the kindest, which can actually prove to be an annoyance to the sorceress, who finds Capricorn's level of politeness to manifest as fakeness. She is the cardinal earth sign, and as such her presence allows Amaryllis to manipulate such things. She can cause plants to grow or die, and with Capricorn's help she knows all there is to know about them - such as which ones are good to eat, or what combinations make the best healing salves. Her abilities also extend into manipulating dirt and mud, which she can then hurl in giant, hardened chunks. Amaryllis does not have control over things like rocks or ore.

Aquarius: When it comes to Amaryllis' relationships with the signs, she is closest to Aquarius. They have similar personalities, including traits like independence, open-mindedness, and a favorance of being brutally honest with both others and each other. In fact, since Aquarius can only be heard by Amaryllis, she is more likely to simply say what needs to be said without regard for social context or blowback. Amaryllis trusts Aquarius' judgment on many things, and the time they spend together rivals that of Virgo's. As the water-bearer, Aquarius' abilities hover around being able to manipulate the element. Amaryllis may control it however she wishes, even slowing the molecules enough to freeze it, or doing the opposite until it boils into steam. She cannot create water, but this is rarely a problem since it's just as easy to pull it straight from the air.

Potential Combinations: Below are the combinations that may currently be used. Unlike when using only one, the gates between them may not be kept open indefinitely, since to use two is to use twice the magic.

Libra x Virgo
Aquarius x Capricorn
personality/fun facts
Much of Amaryllis' personality is a contradiction that can be exceedingly difficult to know on any intimate level. She can be mischievous, with a streak of pranks and general tomfoolery that her parents always attributed to a need for attention. This is in part true, although it can more correctly be narrowed down to an overarching sense of boredom. Amaryllis has a need to be consistently stimulated, which is mostly satisfied amongst her countless books and experiments - sometimes they just don't cut it on their own. Most of the pranks are harmless, although unforeseen consequences may be common.

Nosy, Amaryllis has a need to know exactly what's going on, and can come across as pestering to those that incorrectly attribute it to a need for control, rather than the innate desire to protect. In spite of her childish antics, those that know her more admirably refer to her as the 'Mom Friend', who has a very clear pack mentality (she will also respond to the name "Oreo", to those that know to use it). Her bookstore is always open to friends, and she is the type of reliable person that would drag herself out of bed at three in the morning to hold your hair back after a wild night out - but not without a hefty amount of disdain for at least a few days thereafter. On the flipside, though, those who are not a part of what she subconsciously considers her "pack" can find themselves conveniently overlooked if they were ever in need - Amaryllis has a thing about staying out of business that isn't really hers.

In an everyday context, Amaryllis has no problem commanding a space with her confident voice. Easily looked over because of her short stature, should she feel ignored Amaryllis is not above causing a pretty hefty scene in order to turn the conversation back in her direction (throwing pottery and catching people's clothes on fire, just to name a couple examples). Amaryllis' brash attitude, however, is little reminiscent of her post-traumatic stress disorder. She has difficulty sleeping due to flashbacks and nightmares, and has a fear of the dark that she fights to overcome each evening. Even loud noises that are unexpected can make her unnerved, and sudden, unexpected ones can have a paralyzing effect. For these reasons, Amaryllis contents herself amongst the battles in her books, and does her best to avoid true conflict at all costs.

Needless to say, Amaryllis' vulnerabilities make it difficult to open up, and those trying to get to know her more intimately may be frustrated to find a very secure, guarded, weaponized wall in their way that deflects their advances with self-deprecating jokes or ill-aimed insults. Amaryllis sabotages romantic relationships, reasons stemming from deep-rooted insecurities that drive her towards a series of self-fulfilling, destructive prophecies. As a platonic companion, Amaryllis is a force of extreme empathy, blunt honesty, and care - things people say they like until she insults them with her well-intentioned opinions. People in Amaryllis' inner circle must have a great deal of patience, despite the fact that she herself has very little.
Amaryllis' father spent most of his day roaming the corners of the continent in search for artifacts and magical weapons, with a love for the adventure and changing landscapes. Her mother was a researcher for the Crux, using her various abilities to aid the organization. Amaryllis lived a comfortable life in the upper class, taken care of by various caretakers as a child before she became largely independent in her teen years. Her parents rotated in and out of her life, although she never doubted that they truly loved and cared for her. Simply, they were good people, just not very good parents. Ultimately, her father would die on one of his excursions, and her mother during some mission mandated by the Crux. Amaryllis took the money left behind to invest in her store, where she both works and lives alongside her lazy white cat (reminiscent of a Turkish Angora) named Taka. She is officially unaffiliated, but has a strong distaste for the Crux, and partial in Apocrypha's favor.
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