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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Nimue Narcissa
Race: container - sluagh // Age: 855 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Acolyte
Black Sun Cabal, Acolyte
145 lbs
Face Claim
Jeanne d'Arc - Type-Moon
Appearance Extras
- casual wear

- summoned armour

- has a huge scar on her abdomen from being run through with Excalibur. Even regenerative magic cannot get rid of it.

- body is covered in various other scars
Excalibur - an indestructible holy greatsword that can cut through any non-enchanted weapon. Enemies looking straight at its blade will be temporarily blinded. If somehow, someone were to gaze upon it for too long, their eyes would be burned from their sockets.

The kicker to this powerful weapon is that Nimue can only wield it with good intentions lest it quickly snap in half. It's likely she'll only be able to use Excalibur after being exposed to water.

Shine: Excalibur's blade can let off dazzling flashes of light that will blind anyone in the area -unless they close their eyes.

Excalibur's Scabbard: As long as the wielder has this on their person, they will never succumb to blood loss. Immediately fatal injuries will still kill them, however.

Camelot: Nimue can invoke a translucent white barrier which surrounds her on all sides using the scabbard. It can block physical and magical attacks, but Nimue can't move from her spot or use any other abilities while said barrier is up.

Sable Chains: Starting from a choker around Nimue's neck, several black chains drape over her upper body. Their usual purpose is to seal the restless spirits she carries within her. She can also use them to fight as they cannot be broken by any known means. If she loses contact with all of her chains, a cloud of black, poisonous smoke will come bursting forth, followed by the Sluagh.

Armory of the Dead: From a pocket dimension, Nimue can call forth the weapons of her dead souls. Among this arsenal are a few enchanted weapons:

Pelleas' Jewels - a silver pendant inlaid with a large blue jewel. When she wears it, Nimue can force one person to fall in love with her and submit to her will for as long as she has it on. Requires OOC permission.

Stone of Giramphiel - a vibrant red stone that's able to absorb and redirect most types of elemental magic. It especially focuses on the breath attacks that most dragons seem to rely on, dispelling them completely upon contact with the stone.

Gloria - a golden bow that can shoot heavenly arrows which are especially effective against demons and other unholy entities.

Anodyne - a trident that bypasses armour and flesh alike, striking the victim's soul instead. Being hit by it won't hurt, but it rapidly drains vitality. If Anodyne strikes a fatal area, the afflicted will die suddenly.

Stained Armour - armour that Nimue often summons in the face of battle. It's made with demonic materials only found in Alptraum. Those clashing with the armour be it via weapon or direct physical contact will feel a slight "pull" as the hellish dimension attempts to ensnare their soul. Usually, it's just a quick distraction that one can easily get used to over the course of multiple occurrences, but staying in contact for too long will separate the victim's soul from their body, effectively killing them.
The Sluagh: Nimue has managed to subjugate an entire hoard of dead souls known as the Sluagh. She usually keeps them sealed with her sable chains, but when those chains are removed, a cloud of black, toxic smoke bursts forth, covering the area. Then rise the cries of the dead as their spirits fly from Nimue's body, crowding the sky. Many of these spirits are tangible and armed with weapons they wielded while alive, and they can steal the souls of those who are close to death to add to the hoard. Once "killed", these spirits crumble to spectral dust and flow back into Nimue's body, unable to be summoned again for a period of 24 hours.

If these spirits are killed by a holy weapon, they are gone for good. In addition. Nimue will lose much of her power if she loses all her souls, so she frequently seeks to add more, even stripping living people of their souls and enslaving them.

Ritual's Benefits: when Nimue performed the ritual that allowed her to absorb not only the sluagh, but several notable demons of Alptraum, she gained vast power. Most notable is her sillage capacity. She seems to have near endless reserves of energy to cast with (it's not actually endless -she just has a lot). In addition, her physical capabilities are a force to be reckoned with. She can move so quickly her form becomes a blur and she can easily blow apart rock with her strikes without harm to herself. Nimue's skin is also harder than one would expect by looking at her -normal weapons will not cut through it.

Spirit Physiology: As someone who's dealt with spirits for a very long time, Nimue has gained some of their atrributes: flight, standing/walking on thin air, phasing through walls, and possession (this needs OOC permission). While she's possessing someone, Nimue will leave one of her more loyal spirits in charge of her body so that she is not defenseless.

Blood Magic: Just what it sounds like. Nimue can manipulate her own and other people's blood as long it's outside the body. She can harden it, evaporate it, form it into different shapes, and control its temperature. She can also use pools of blood as portals to Alptraum and turn her body into blood, allowing attacks to pass harmlessly through her. Upon Nimue's descent, this blood manipulation replaced her control over water.

Bones Spikes: Nimue can generate lengthy bone spikes from her body to impale foes who get too close. This is another ability of hers that got corrupted after her trial -it used to be vegetation magic.

Immortal: she's immune to the effects of aging and conventional disease.

Weaknesses: Being exposed to water seems to weaken and purify Nimue to some extent. Light rain will usually just annoy her, but being thrown into a body of water or having a large amount dumped on her at once will put Nimue in great pain and eventually incapacitate her. Waking up afterwards, her personality will be "off" as she struggles between her old self and who she's become. Nimue's current self always wins without fail and comes back after a few days.

Hitting her hard enough where her scar from Excalibur is located can cause pain to and potentially incapacitate Nimue.
personality/fun facts
- has a hard time grasping intense emotions due to losing most understanding of them upon falling into the blood river. "Love" is something she'll likely never get, and if someone managed to make her feel that way...well, that'd be dangerous, because she wouldn't like it. Though Nimue would never admit it, she's somewhat jealous of humans who can feel happy this way, which is why she makes fun of them and discounts such feelings to unnecessary weaknesses.

- has a strong sense of entitlement. Nimue believes she is owed something by the world. She doesn't know what that is and is barely aware that she even is entitled, but she definitely hates those who've lived a peaceful life that contrasts her own. More than anything, she delights in breaking down the safe little walls certain people surround themselves with, rattling off what she believes to be harsh truths and often even showing these truths in person. It's a practical learning experience.

- tries to at least act cordial with other members of Black Sun. When it comes to actual respect, however -it has to be earned. As of now, Nimue respects the horsemen (wherever they may be) by default and outright reveres the Black God. He's the most impressive being she's ever laid eyes on, and she can't control him. In a twisted way, it's the closest Nimue's ever come to loving someone.

- sometimes sees "potential" in certain people, much like the person she gave Excalibur to many years ago. This is rarely a good thing, however. More than anything, she seeks to corrupt and twist these individuals. Nowadays, Nimue feels spite and a desire for control when she sees someone impressive. She might even obsess over them, losing her composure when they defy her or try to leave. She's quite possessive, in other words.

- despises anything affiliated with Poena Damni and regularly hunts them down to pump them for information on Orpheus' disappearance.

- holds a particular dislike for humans, looking down on them and finding enjoyment in manipulating them in a cruel and personal manner. In this vein, Nimue thinks Weltschmerz is absolutely hilarious and doesn't pose an actual threat. She can't possibly take powerless humans seriously.

- likes to keep busy, because when she's left bored and alone with her thoughts, Nimue tends to get depressed and angry.

- likes fighting, but feels most opponents are below her. She'll still fight weaker people if they're stupid enough to get in her way, but she goes about it in a dismissive manner and never fails to express her disappointment.

- fairly creepy at times, seeking to scare and disturb. She gets good reactions out of it, and likes to return the dramatic dialogue.

- due to her background, Nimue has innate knowledge of magic and its foundations and could prove to be a good teacher if there was something in it for her.
Nimue started her existence as a water sprite during the dark ages of Sium. She knew not the circumstances of her own creation, but her purpose was ingrained: pass on the divine sword, Excalibur. When she found someone worthy, she was to bestow the blade upon them. Using Excalibur's power, that person would change the future for the better.

Nimue lived in the forest-ringed lake that had been born with her, quietly observing the humans who visited. She was always looking for that person. Sometimes, she interacted with humans because she was lonely. Despite the fact that she was obviously not human, she wasn't aggressive towards them as other supernatural entities seemed to be. Sometimes, she performed small miracles to help them and eventually amassed a fanfare who would call her various names, the most common moniker being "Lady of the Lake".

When her chosen finally visited the lake, she knew that was the person from the very start -without knowing anything but their face. Their presence shook her very core, and she was so awe-stricken, the most she could do was hold Excalibur out of the water for them to take. She didn't even show her face.

After her purpose was expended, Nimue was at a loss. She eventually chose to leave her lake and toyed with the people of a nearby kingdom. She knew that place was ruled by the one who'd taken Excalibur. She wanted to see them. She wanted to see the result of such an indomitable presence wielding her holy sword. Yet no matter what she told herself, Nimue couldn't gather the courage to approach that person. Instead, she found companionship in various residents of the kingdom she'd chosen to live in for the time being. (gonna add to this part if anyone wants a slice)

Years later, Nimue bore the duty of taking her chosen to the "Heaven" humans believed in at the time. Somehow, it was much easier to look upon the hero when they were dead. As a water sprite, she could open portals in water. Any water would do to travel to desired locations, but she was sure her lake was special and led to heaven. Unbeknownst to Nimue, her absence had allowed the lake to be tainted by demons. She managed to open her portal, but it led them into Alptraum. Surely, Heaven couldn't look like this. Perhaps it was a test. Once they fully crossed over, Heaven's light would reveal itself.

She guided her chosen through various trials, but light never came. As they were crossing a river of blood, the soul became so warped that it turned into a demon. Enraged and feeling betrayed, the powerful demon killed Nimue with a sheathed Excalibur and tossed her body -with the weapon still embedded- into the river.

While scabbard's extreme closeness kept her from dying, the river seared away everything that made Nimue a fairy. Purity and corruption clashed with the end result being nothingness, both sides having cancelled each other out. She emerged from the lake a blood-coated being that was neither human nor monster, inhabited by a soul that was eroded beyond all recognition. Largely emotionless, Nimue wandered Alptraum for some time.

Given Nimue's surroundings, she was often forced to fight in order to survive. Instinctively using her magic, she found everything had changed. No longer did she have dominion over water or plant life -it had been replaced with contrasting blood and bone. Even knowing her Excalibur was a direct counter to most of Alptraum's demons, she never attempted to unsheathe it. Somewhere in her mind, she felt that the blade rejected her. Something was wrong with her. She cared for nothing. She didn't even know why she fought: surely dying would be better than this stagnant existence.

Over time, hatred bloomed. She had lots of time to reflect on events of the past, after all. Why, after all she'd given for them, existing only for them, did her chosen betray her? Sure, they had been turned into a demon, but these things happened as a result of prior corruption. One could not become a demon if they didn't have the negative emotions for it. Why couldn't that person control themselves? Why did they hate her?

Eventually, Nimue finally came to want something. Retribution. Answers. And not just from her chosen -she wanted others to feel her pain and understand it. Her grudge went way back - she even wanted to see God and his angels fall for denying her entrance to Heaven all those years ago. All she really wanted, in hindsight, was to carve out a seal of vengeance on the world she'd grown to hate so much. After she was satisfied -after she was empty again- she wanted to disappear.

However, she needed more power. Nimue continued her journey through Alptraum and was eventually able to convene with the demons there. She learned of a ritual that could be used to absorb souls to increase one's own fighting power. As luck would have it, Nimue was very much a blank slate and was a perfect fit to become a container. The methods and materials needed for this technique were the definition of beyond the pale, and when it was done, she had gained many enemies. Most of the spirits she absorbed were merely dead souls -many came willingly, feeling that living within Nimue was better than endlessly wandering Alptraum's hellish expanse. However, she also took the lives of living demons for herself, breaking them down into raw power and consuming them to increase her own.

Needless to say, she needed to leave Alptraum. It worked out well, because after that, Nimue surely had the power to take down her first target: Ishgar. However, many years had passed in a blur. Her concept of time was as twisted as the rest of her, and she was dismayed to see that everything had changed. The kingdom was no more. The reign of demons was long over. It almost seemed...peaceful. It wasn't something Nimue could easily accept, and so she acted in her own way. At the very least, the present-day humans were more malleable and trusting, enabling her to manipulate them to her benefit. Her dabbling caused others to commit horrendous acts, and eventually, she was cursed by the pontifex as an Anathema. Not one for making friends with the self-righteous law enforcement of Sium, Nimue didn't mind her sentence one bit. At least she didn't need to go to drastic measures to goad those lapdogs on -they started running right to her!

Eventually, Nimue was approached by members of the Black Sun Cabal. She found that their interests aligned with hers to some extent and decided to extend her services to them. At first, her goal was to take the cult over or destroy it once they'd expended their usefulness -she'd never been one to work with others, after all. Eventually, however, she found that wouldn't be possible. The Black God wasn't a faker -he was a true God. Not to mention the executioners. Nimue wasn't sure she could even defeat them if things came to that. For the first time in a long time, she was among people who could stand on equal ground with her. It caused Nimue to become nostalgic and maybe even a little attached.

And so Nimue decided to stay with the Cabal and aid in their collective goal that was sure to end in destruction.

Since Orpheus' disappearance, Nimue has become noticeably more unhinged. She's developed an intense hatred of sins and pursues them in order to figure out the whereabouts of her God. So far, she's been unsuccessful. She fraternizes with the cult even less so than she used to, not recognizing anything other than the Black God and his horsemen as acceptable leaders. She can often be found hunting in Alptraum, but there are times she checks in with the cult to reaffirm her position there. She won't let go of it, because she's going to be the hero that brings God back.
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