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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Aries Norwyn
Race: Cambion // Age: 21 // Gender: Male // Orientation: No Idea // Occupation: Fighter
Freelance, Wanderer
Face Claim
Eve - NieR
Appearance Extras
Left Arm is covered in tattoos he was born with.

Has several cuts across his body.
Ultimate Condition - Hardest Apostolica

Due to both his Demonic Heritage as an Aldrich, his intense training since he was a child and his innate ability to manipulate kinetic energy, Aries's physical capabilities are unnatural even for a demon. Having little no destructive abilities like most demons, his strength lies solely in his body, his experiences and his own mental resilience.

His skin is unbreakable with only a Bellicosa being able to break it. This means most bladed or 'piercing' methods of assault are typically ineffective. He is, however, susceptible to blunt force trauma - such as typical hand-to-hand blows, warhammers and the like. Even the physical force of explosions have an effect on him, despite his high resistance to most elemental attacks. Though, his body is quite durable even in the face of blunt force trauma due to his ability to manipulate kinetic energy, to the point he can survive a head on collision with a train and several other forms of trauma.

And despite having clear weaknesses, his strengths still allow him to comfortably fight anyone without much worry. His physical strength allows him to support weights up to thousands of tons, and his unaltered physical blows can leave craters in the ground and collapse some buildings upon impact.

His ability to manipulate kinetic energy allows him to 'absorb' attacks that have a physical weight to them. While he can't absorb ice if it begins to freeze him, he can absorb a portion of the 'force' of an explosion - dampening its effects on him somewhat. And the energy he absorbs, he's able to store in his body. This is easily tracked by the tattoo that covers his left arm - the more kinetic energy he stores during a fight, it slowly changes from black to gold until he expends the stored up energy. Afterwards, it returns to its normal color.

The kinetic energy he absorbs does more than make his arm glow, however. It naturally increases his own physical abilities, making him faster and stronger though it doesn't do anything to make him more durable. This allows him to exceed his naturally supersonic speed and his blows are capable of bringing down entire buildings. He can also release a portion of the kinetic energy he's stored up to release ranged impacts capable of blasting through several buildings. Upon release, there's a momentary visage of a 'Golden Crow' which has led to his nickname. Though, to regain this ranged capability, he has to absorb more kinetic energy. Which means he'd have to keep getting hit and take more damage which could, inevitably, overwhelm him.

Despite his resilience, he can only take so much damage. While he can use any stored kinetic energy to force his body to keep fighting and moving even through broken bones, the long term effects it has on him both physically and mentally make this quite dangerous. Depending on how hard he pushes himself, he could wind up in a state of constant pain which could potentially border on debilitating at times.

In terms of his combat abilities, Aries hand-to-hand skills are quite remarkable. He doesn't have a set style, but having spent his entire life from childhood being taught how to fight with only his bare hands, Aries is dangerous in a legitimate fist-fight. And since being trained by Nekros when he was War, he has only become even more dangerous.


Aries can fire lasers from his eyes. I'm not changing this. Laser eyes are cool.

Aldrich Demon

While he is a half Bird-Demon which means he'd normally have wings, he tore them off and threw them away. The only reminder of them are the scars on his shoulder blades where they once were.
personality/fun facts
Aries is a very ignorant person; despite being alive for 21 years, there's a lot he just doesn't know. From birth he was raised and taught to fight - nothing more, nothing less. As such, he was deprived of a general education and lacks most common skills and knowledge. If you were to ask him about basic types of food and where they came from, he wouldn't be able to answer. If you asked him how babies were born, he wouldn't be able to answer.

His knowledge begins and ends with things related to combat and fighting. That's the only subject he's actually well-versed and knowledgeable in. And it's something that legitimately interests him, though it could be argued that's because it's the only thing he really knows. As such, he loves a good fight and enjoys being put through his paces. If a fight isn't challenging or clearly lopsided to his favor, he won't enjoy it at all. There's a chance he may even stop fighting if it seems as though the other person is incapable of properly defending themselves against him.

To that extent, Aries is quite honorable during a fight. He doesn't believe in cheap shots or deriding anyone he's fighting, but he does fight to win. Very rarely will he ever hold back and he expects whoever he's fighting to treat him with the same courtesy.

Due to his lack of any real social etiquette, he's typically bad in social situations. He knows enough to be respectful or amicable, but he's generally bad at reading moods or just knowing what's 'right' and 'wrong' in terms of interacting with others. Half the time the bad manners he may display are out of ignorance and not even intentional.

[*] His ability to read is barely passable at best. He can barely write.
[*] Stole Hel's motorcycle that Freyr had made for her by Onyx Faust. Aries doesn't know Freyr technically paid for it, but even if he did he'd probably still keep it.
[*] Is apparently allergic to shirts. Will frequently wear jackets, however. Tends to keep a pair of goggles on him for when he's riding his motorcycle, however.
[*] Is directionally challenged.
[*] Has a love for fruits but hates candy, cake and other pastries.
[*] Despite the fact he hates the fact he's an Aldrich, he's still fond of birds.
[*] Isn't really a cat person but thinks dogs are alright. He can appreciate cats from a distance, pretty much.
[*] Can sometimes be found in the Fighting Pits of Ravanar.
Yet another bastard son of Freyr Aldrich, Aries has never known his father or any of his family. There is very little he knows about his mother other than the fact she was once involved with the Black Sun Cabal. How she came across Freyr Aldrich or the extent of their relationship is not something Aries is privy of nor is he even remotely interested finding out.

From the moment Aries was conceived, his intended use as a weapon of the Black God was apparent - his fate set in stone. Everything revolving his existence was spun into a convoluted lie spread about by a particular sect of the cult. The claims were tall and grandiose, which was exactly as they were intended. Rumors spread that he was the child of the Black God - having come into existence at the end of a ritual involving a virgin sacrifice.

The thought of some sort of Demi-God walking among them - living proof of the existence of their God - bolstered the Cult's morale. It reinvigorated them, though the truth was far less impressive. There was no ritual involved in Aries's birth or conception; he was conceived by what may have very well been little more than a one-night-stand and he was born in the dump known as Plona on a stormy night in a barn.

It was a truth that very few people knew but they all dedicated themselves to preserving the lie they had concocted. His mother vanished, never playing a part in his life, while he was raised as a living weapon. Growing up, he knew no kindness, love or compassion - he was only taught to fight. Fight for the Black God, his father. It was his duty as a good son, after all.

And for years he did. The world he grew up in was cold and he quickly learned that his only value was to kill anyone that opposed the Black God and to serve as a walking false idol for the cultists to worship and be invigorated by. While others saw him as some sort of Demi-God, he was aware of the truth. It was something he learned during his early teen years - the truth of his existence.

He was no Demi-God, just another bastard son of a bastard demon. The truth was crushing and almost capable of destroying every ounce of self-worth he had. His arrogance and confidence had almost evaporated, but those around him who knew the truth kept pushing him. He had to maintain the lie as he grew; even if he wasn't the son of the Black God, he was still an Aldrich.

It was more than being the son of Freyr Aldrich, but rather he was the grandson of Moriavatu Aldrich. That gave him the potential to perhaps one day amount to something at the very least. And so Aries pressed on - maintaining his status as a fake Demi-God while silently striving to live up to the standards and expectations created by both his father and grandfather.

But it was never enough. No matter how many battles he won, how hard he trained or the suffering he endured, it was never enough. His successes weren't enough and his losses were unacceptable. 'As expected of someone who carries the blood of Moriavatu', 'You may not be the child of our God but you are an Aldrich - live up to your name', Your grandfather would be ashamed by such a display of weakness - it was always the same. Over time, his self-worth began to naturally deteriorate - his mind becoming muddled with self-doubt, self-loathing and an unbridled hatred.

No matter what he wouldn't be good enough. His successes were undermined by the fact that those who knew the truth saw him as 'just an Aldrich' while others who believed the lie didn't care because he was 'just a Demi-God'. There was only an 'Aldrich' or a 'Demi-God' - there was no Aries. It was a painful realization to come to - that no one really respected him or the blood, sweat and tears he poured into everything.

And even when he reached out to the Black God for answers, he was met with silence. It wouldn't be wrong to say he had begun to despise both the Black Sun Cabal and the Black God himself. No matter what he sacrificed it wasn't good enough - he'd never be able to measure up to the impossible standards set before him and even if he did, he doubted he'd be treated with any form of respect.

It wasn't even long before people within the cult began to despise him - a pit of jealously forming in them towards him. He heard the whispers, the sounds of their joy when he failed and their silent wishes for him to fail. It was strange; for years he had tried to be a beacon and false idol for the cultists but that had slowly resulted in him becoming a target for their derision and spite.

And he felt so wholly out of place. But the fact of the matter was, leaving the Cabal wasn't an option. His childhood was one that bordered on slavery, with the only thing he'd been taught was how to fight, follow orders and keep up the act. He was woefully uneducated and he knew he wouldn't be able to survive on his own in Sium. He lacked the abilities and skills to ever hope to function normally in society.

So he stayed in the cult, surrounded by people he hated. Soon, the title of 'Demi-God' was almost used derisively towards him - as if people knew he wasn't really a child of the Black God. He wasn't even sure what had prompted his fall from grace but it only worsened when the Horsemen were created. They were the true children of Orpheus - the true children of the Black God.

They were everything he wasn't and that was when he began to feel the envy so many had once held towards him. And with the Horsemen taking the spotlight, Aries was content with falling into irrelevancy. He had gone from a golden child, to despised to simply forgotten. And that was how he preferred things to be.

The people who had concocted the lie regarding his birth and conception? The ones whose treated him like a dog or prized pet taught only to fight? One by one he got rid of them, feeling some sense of justice as if he was taking vengeance for the life that was stolen from him. Every opportunity most people had was denied him, and all that was left was someone ignorant to the world with a skill-set that limited his ability to even function, properly.

But with the Horsemen came an opportunity - two, to be exact. Even if he was envious towards him, Aries didn't resist the opportunity to be trained by Nekros, the Horseman of War at the time. Despite their age difference, Nekros's intrinsic skill as the True Demon of War allowed the Horseman to teach him and refine his combat abilities. And in addition to this, it allowed Aries to ultimately become involved with Ikarus.

Not long after the Half-Breed seized control of the criminal underbelly of Ravanar, the man became involved with the Black Sun Cabal - providing them with their very own contracted Sky Pirates. And sharing a similar background, it wasn't hard for Aries and Ikarus to form a mutual respect for one another. One that saw Aries becoming deeply ingratiated in the man's criminal enterprise; even if Aries lacked the intelligence of most people, he was intimidating.

And when dealing with criminals, that was almost always enough. While Aries never really got deeply involved with Ikarus's Sky Pirates, when the Half-Breed was out gallivanting around Sium, Aries typically kept an eye on the gangs under Ikarus's control. It was his way of helping out someone he considered to be a friend, while at the same time allowing him to begin trying to accumulate some form of usable skills.

A year later, Aries has drifted away from the Black Sun Cabal, though very few people have even noticed. It's not something he minds in particular, because being ignored and forgotten is typically better than being actively mocked and despised. He'll typically hang around Ravanar - keeping an eye on things for Ikarus when the man is out. And when that's not necessary, he typically just travels Sium on his own accord - attempting to learn and develop whatever life skills and common knowledge he was deprived of while growing up.

Aries has no intention of trying to measure up to his father nor his grandfather, and he's not really concerned with anyone else's expectations of him other than his own. He doesn't care about being a 'Demi-God' or an 'Aldrich' - he only cares about 'Aries' and who he ultimately is. His rejection of his connection to the Aldrichs has extended to the point he's even torn off his own wings and thrown them away. He wasn't an Aldrich, he was Aries.

And after a while, he adopted Ikarus's surname, Norwyn, signifying their brotherhood. He's begun to make a name for himself throughout Sium among the underground fighting circles.
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