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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Athena Godguard
Race: Demon (Former Human) // Age: 22 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Omnisexual // Occupation: "Whore of Babylon"
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Face Claim
Caenis - Fate/Grand Order
Appearance Extras
Athena's tattoos tend to glow in response to her levels of lust, as well as during the use of her abilities.
Sunlight Heart - A family heirloom, if not THE family heirloom, of the Godguard family. Passed down from generation to generation until finally falling into the possession of Athena. Forged from blessed metals Sunlight Heart's form changes to reflect its new owner's style and personality. Sunlight Heart's form for Athena is actually very unique in that it actually transforms between different forms. For ease of travel and transport one form of Athena's Sunlight Heart is a small bracelet worn on her right wrist made of white gold and silver. In its weapon form, for Athena at least, Sunlight Heart takes the form of a large lance that stands roughly two heads taller than Athena herself. Since her conversion into a demon Sunlight Heart has changed itself once more, converting itself from a weapon forged from divine metals to one of more tainted, demonic materials in order to prevent itself from unintentionally harming its owner. In addition to changing its own alignment, for lack of better terms, Sunlight Heart has also enhanced itself to provide new abilities to Athena upon its use, mostly involving the use of Silage in the form of energy manipulation. Sunlight Heart has become able to convert Silage into pure energy and release it in various forms from itself ranging from bursts of energy for additional propulsion to expanding energy from its spear head to lengthen its blade or create a pseudo spear head around the original of larger size.
Enhanced Physical Attributes - Originally, despite only having been a normal human, Athena had trained hard and diligently in her upbringing as a demon hunter in order to hold her own against her prey. This put her on a higher platform than a normal human in terms of her physical abilities. Since being converted into a demon these already enhanced abilities have been pushed further, making her physically more advanced than even a basic demon. This includes having enhanced her already increased strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

Hunter's Combat - Carrying over from her days as a demon hunter Athena is an extremely capable combatant in the forms of weapon based and hand-to-hand combat.

Healing Factor - Having become a demon Athena has developed a rather impressive healing factor. Capable of healing cuts and bruises almost instantly and broken bones in minutes. Athena is even able to reattach severed limbs within a day. This healing factor can even be enhanced based on her demonic nature, seeming to speed up her healing processes when engaged in sexual or lustful acts.

Demonic Domination - Initially an ability Athena made extensive use of during her career as an exorcist and demon hunter, now modified to fit her new demonic nature. In an almost dominatrix like manner Athena is able to command her fellow demons of lower rank, demanding unquestionable obedience from them. (Requires OOC Permission on Player Characters)

Demonic Summoning - Carrying over from her time as a demon hunter Athena possesses the ability to house demons she herself has defeated into her personal possessions, typically her Sunlight Heart or her other metal or jewel based accessories, and summon them later on in a more purified state. Of course now that she has become a demon herself the demons she houses are no longer purified and are simply summoned as they were before they were defeated, albeit under her complete authority.

Demonic Conversion - Having become a Babylon, rather than just a normal demon, Athena has gained the ability to corrupt and convert living creatures into lesser demons. In Athena's case when converting people, animals or even plants into demons they become similar to herself, adopting abilities based off of lust and sex and, for the creatures that had them before being converted, they tend to lose any kind of sexual compasses or morals they originally held. (Requires OOC Permission on Player Characters)

Physical Manipulation - In order to go along with her new role as a demon of lust, Athena has been granted the ability to alter her own physical body however she wants. Often enough used as an additional tool in her goals of converting others into sexual demons of lust as well. Or just to spice up her own sex life.
personality/fun facts
A Babylon demon of Lust, Athena lacks most, if not all, of her former morals as well as her former sexual compass. Most, if not all, former forms of sexual taboo are no longer off the table for her. Her senses of family and loyalty have become the most twisted and corrupted aspects of her, having become more of a sense of pure lust towards her mistress and elder sister figure. Of course this doesn't mean she is no longer as protective, or even overly protective, of her elder sister figure as she was when they were both humans. Instead it simply means that, in addition to wanting to protect and nurture her elder sister she wants to screw the literal hell out of her. In addition to this twisted sense of love Athena has also become more of a commanding presence since her transformation into a Babylon, almost as if having become a dominatrix of sorts. Fragments of her human persona still remain within Athena, combining with the new demonic aspects of her personality to create the "new" Athena. She's still a lively, active young woman with an abundance of tomboyish tendencies.
Born to the "Godguard Family", a group that took this name literally for generations upon generations as self proclaimed protectors in the name of the divine. As the generations passed the Godguard family members took up work as exorcists and demon hunters, passing the professions from parent to child generation after generation. Each child was taught the lifestyle, expected to be the next to take up the mantel. Eventually the lineage would find its way into the Cruz Fidelis organization, becoming a staple bloodline for the organization through its development. A member of the Godguard family standing to fill one of the positions of the Heavenly Virtues for generations. Eventually this line of heavenly Godguard members would come to a head with Athena's mother.

Since she was developed enough to begin her conditioning Athena was raised with the sole purpose of filling her mother's position among the Heavenly Virtues as well as becoming the epitome of demon hunters and exorcists of the Godguard bloodline. Because of this goal of her parents Athena was raised alongside other children of demon hunting familys in order to absorb and learn as many additional techniques and styles than just those that were passed down her family line. This was how the young girl came to meet Ariadne Zaynesworth of the Zaynesworth family. Due to the nature of their relationship, being close as friends and rivals since their young ages, the two formed a strong bond with each other. One that would eventually serve useful for Ariadne upon the deaths of her own parents. Athena's family ended up taking the young girl in and as such the two became adopted sisters. The concept of Ariadne being adopted soon flowed away and the girl was quickly considered to be Athena's older sister by Athena herself.

As the two grew together as siblings, women and demon hunters they would eventually find themselves joining Crux Fidelis together, only being separated by the organization itself and which assignments each on of them received, with Athena working her way up from the lowest ranks of the organization. The two would keep in touch however, at Athena's insistance, until Ariadne stopped communicating with her suddenly. Worried, and with only her sister's final letter to go off of, Athena made it her mission to find her sister and, at the very least, make sure she was ok. Her hunt would bring her to the Tower of Babylon, just shortly after her sister had thrown herself to the Sin of Pride and became the Sin of Lust. The fear from the possibility that her sister could have been dead, the longing to share her love with her sister for as long as they could, caused Athena to offer herself to Pride as well. The normally conservative woman becoming something almost completely opposite to herself with Pride having turned her into the Babylon of Lust.
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